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Summer Home Showcase (spruced up family room!)

Summer Home Tour Image
Today I’m sharing my family room spruced up for summer as part of a Summer Home Tour Showcase hosted by my sweet friend Kelley Nan.  So much fun!  If you are visiting from my friend Bree’s blog (Z Design at Home) welcome!  I’m so very happy you are here and hope you’ll put your feet up and stay a while.  :)
I’ve shared my family room many times before throughout the seasons and to be honest, not a lot has changed.  I go a bit crazy with Fall, Christmas and even Spring decor, but Summer?  That’s usually a season when I focus more on if it’s a pool day or a beach day and when I need to re-stock the popsicles. :)

That said, I do like to add a few simple changes here and there to welcome such a fun time of year when I get to spend more time with my kids.
The main change to this space that I’m so excited about is my new Farmers Market sign!  Oh my word.  Love this so much.  You might remember that my previous sign in this space above my TV was shorter and said “SKI LIFT.”  Personal meaning because we love to snow ski and many of mine and my husband’s first dates were on the slopes, but the sign never felt right during the Spring and Summer months.
I reached out to darling Kristy at the Painted Nest who made my Sunny Side Up sign for my office and asked her to make me a custom sign for my family room.  I knew the exact size I wanted (this baby is 5 feet long to fit in over 6 feet of space) and I knew exactly what I wanted it to say.  My mom and I love Farmers Markets.  That’s kind of our thing.  We always talk about getting together and going to Farmers Markets.  Really what’s more fun in the Spring and Summer time?  Not much.  I had the exact same sign made for her too. Just a tad smaller. :)  I also knew I wanted an arrow on it.  That’s special to me because of my dad.  I’ll explain why at some point. :)  Kristy has beautiful signs that she often re-stocks and she can also custom make anything you want!  She is really affordable and does a beautiful job.  I couldn’t love this sign more!  You can find her on etsy here or on Instagram here.
OK.  Another fun new addition that I’ve mentioned before is my faux fiddle leaf fig.  As you all know I’ve killed more real leaf fig plants in this corner than I care to recall.  This baby looks good every single day with NO work whatsoever.  Clearly the type of plant I need to own.  It was a bit of a splurge, but when you take into account the rate I was going through real plants it’s safe to say this was a sound investment. :)  Still looking for a pot for it to make it look a bit more authentic.  Also still planning on writing my epic Pinterest winning post: How to Kill a Fiddle Leaf Fig in 5 Easy Steps. ;)  If you’re feeling my pain, you can buy your own miracle plant here.
I especially love all of the coral throughout my house during the Spring and Summer.  It’s such a happy color!  This shelf has a few favorite pics of my kids (that’s Kole in the sunglasses.. the girls used to dress him up in their things daily!), a favorite vintage wood tray and some newish vases from Anthropologie.
I really love the patterns on these vases and the neutral tan color and vibe they give off feels like summer to me.  There are four different vases and I want them all!  But I settled on these two.  Coral tray is from West Elm.  I have West Elm trays all over my house. :)
June in coastal San Diego is kind of funny because it’s actually our coolest month of the year.  (65 degrees instead of 70.. will we ever survive?) ;)  Right when everyone is trying to beat the heat, we get daily cloud cover.  “June Gloom” is what we all call it.  After sunshine year round it’s a nice change, I just wish it happened during October or November so I could drink hot chocolate when the rest of the country does.  All that said, I add extra comfy throws around our family room during May and June.
My San Diego Vibes (fun find at a local market!) brings it all home for me.  (You can find my frames here.)  Then I just added a new plant.  This plant is real.  Not sure how long he’ll be with us.
I always keep our coffee table clutter free because we really live in this space and it’s usually covered in the kids’ toys or my magazines and laptop or my husband’s briefcase.  My only table decor is this simple large white tray (on sale right now!), my favorite flowers, this fun little striped box (you know I couldn’t resist that one!) and my favorite coffee table book – Bright Bazaar.  LOVE flipping through this book.  It’s full of color and decor inspiration.  Pretty sure I’ve gone through it over 50 times and each time I take away something new.
My mantel feels like my coffee table to me.. better left uncluttered.  I love all things decor, but when I have too much in one space I feel like I can’t breathe!  For me, less is more.  And it’s easier to keep clean. :)
Which is why I also kept my console table simple for summer with just a couple of pictures of my kids.
View of the kitchen.  Love the added pop of blue my new accent table adds!  It was supposed to go outside but when I set it there it just sort of said “I belong here.. please don’t move me.”  I really didn’t have a choice.  Plus it’s so handy to have a place to set a drink or book next to the couch.
So that’s it!  I hope you enjoyed the tour of our family room spruced up for summer!
I also added a few Summer touches to our powder bathroom that I was going to share, but I’ll have to save that for another post since I get chatty late at night and this post is already a novel.  So come back!  I can’t guarantee less chattiness, but the bathroom looks really pretty. ;)

** Sources for this room are below – just click on each picture!  (Affiliate links used.)  Also you can find all of my house paint colors here.

If you are new to my blog, here are a few other spaces in our home you might want to check out.  (Most of which have a “summer look” all year long). :)





OK!  On to the next person on the tour!  Be sure to visit my friend Kelley’s stunning home.  She is such a talent!  Also be sure to stop by the rest of the blogs participating in the tour.  Inspiration galore!  Happy summer sprucing everyone!  :)

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xoxo, Erin
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52 thoughts on “Summer Home Showcase (spruced up family room!)

  1. Oh so pretty, Erin! I know I’ve seen your living room/kitchen combo many times, but each time it’s beautiful and there is always something new to look at or notice. I adore the addition of the coral. Perfect for where you live! The shade you’ve chosen is lovely. Those new vases are a wonderful addition and I adore the basket on your mantel full of books! Your space looks so cozy and inviting. June Gloom, I remember those days well. Then the heat will be on again! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  2. Oh man, I forgot to say how much I adore the Farmers Market sign above the tv. You add neat items to help showcase the love you feel for your family. I’m sure this is why your home is so cozy and welcoming. :)

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! Cozy is always a big priority for me for sure. :) So happy you like it all! Hope your day is a great one. xo

  3. Your home is the most beautiful home I have ever seen. I love everything about it and your decorating choices are so perfect. I get such joy out of just seeing your photos so I can just imagine how wonderful it must be to wake up in this home everyday. Thanks for sharing.

    1. What a sweet thing to say Becky! Thank you so much. I’m so happy you like it! It has been a labor of love and yes.. I do love waking up in it every day. :) xo

  4. Love the Farmer’s Market sign! Can I ask what the tile surrounding your fireplace is? It’s gorgeous! (Sorry, I know you’re probably getting tired of all my comments. Lol!)

    1. I’ve loved hearing from you Joanna! My fireplace tile is the same as my kitchen backsplash – carrara marble subway tiles. :) xo

  5. Erin, this room is so beautiful! You have such a happy and bright family home! I love your summer touches and those corals are absolutely perfect in your fabulous home! Tam xo

  6. How crazy that June is your coolest month!! Maybe you need to come visit the beach cottage again to warm up ;) I think this is the first time I ever noticed your family room chandelier! Where has it been hiding girl?? Or, have I been blind. LOVE it! I’d say your home is summer perfection! Always my fave!

    1. I know right!? I’m craving your beach cottage right about now but at least I have my pink flamingo in my pool to take me back there every day! Ha! Best memories. :) Thanks so much cutie! xo

  7. Erin this is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Your family room is so bright and open yet so warm and cozy. I LOVE all of the pops of coral! It really livens up the space! LOVE IT ALL girlfriend! XOXO

  8. Erin, I love it all and that coral is PERFECT! I have been eyeing that fig for my sitting room- seeing how it looks in this room may just push me into pulling the trigger ;) Thank you so much for joining this fun hop! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Kelley! I have to say that I love having a plant that always looks good and I can’t kill! ;) Loved being a part of your fun tour cutie! xo

  9. Hi–love the way your rooms look. Will you please post how you covered you books in such fun paper. Thank you, Diane

    1. Hi Diane! Thank you! I didn’t cover them in paper. They are just old vintage children’s books turned around so the brown paper side shows. :) xo

  10. Love it all Erin! Especially love your new sign!! I can see how special it is to you! Wish I could come and visit you in this happy place all dressed up for summer sweet friend:) Xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Jessica! Yes! All the bedrooms are a work in progress and will be coming at some point! And there are other spaces I just haven’t got around to taking pics of yet. :) xo

  11. Erin, you have done a beautiful job adding summer to your home! Every detail is so perfect. I think coral is the most gorgeous compliment to gray and white…so glad you chose to use it! xoxo

  12. Hi Erin! Your home is beautiful. I “borrow” so many decor ideas from you. ; )
    I love the coral clock in your shelf. Can I ask you were it is from?

  13. I have said this before, but I really love your style/taste. I have a few questions. Where in your home did you put the vintage wood oval tray from PB? Next, where did you find the glass lamp/shade that sits on your console table? Lastly, where are your wire baskets from that you have underneath your coffee table? BTW, I received my RH coffee and console table and love them! Also, do you think a white wooden tray would work on my coffee table with a brown leather sofa and cream area rug and toss pillows? All of my millwork is white and we have light gray walls and dark hardwood floors. I haven’t added any color to my home, yet. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Shari! Thank you so much! Are you talking about the long vintage bowl? If that’s the one you mean it’s on my bookshelf. The glass lamp on my console was from Shades of Light (I think!). The wire baskets were from Pottery Barn but they don’t sell them anymore. YEA that you got the same coffee ad console table! I love them too of course. :) And yes! I think a white wooden tray would work perfectly with your room! Sounds absolutely beautiful! xo

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  15. I just love this space!! Beautifully done! Where did you purchase that neat wooden basket on the shelf above the clock? Or better yet, do you know the brand?! Thanks!!

  16. Hi Erin! I have truly enjoyed watching your new house become a home so personalized for your family. Would you mind sharing where you got the mirror above your mantle?

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