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Outdoor Pool Bathroom

Hello hello friends!  Outdoor pool bathroom!  Let’s do this. :)  A few weeks ago when I shared pictures of a summer party we hosted for my husband’s firm I mentioned our outdoor pool bathroom.  Remember how my husband thought that because of that bathroom, nobody would go inside during the party and I was a crazy person for cleaning like a crazy person?  We all know how that ended. ;)   After that post I received a lot of requests to see our pool bathroom.  Since I aim to please (and love my blog readers!) I braved the scorching summer heat and took some pictures for you.

Here are a few pics of the back of part of our house so you can see where the bathroom is located.
A section of our house juts out and the pool bathroom is located on the other side.
You can see the little path you take in-between the overgrown plants.  This section of plants still needs some work.  On the list. ;)
If you follow the path around to the side of the house you’ll see our little outdoor shower.
Just past the shower there are two doors on the side of our house.  The first door by the window is the pool bathroom.  The second door opens up to a small storage space for pool toys.  Which is going to make a great before and after post some day because it’s an absolute disaster right now.  :)
Come inside!  It’s a TINY bathroom.
We love having lots of kids over to swim, but I have wood floors inside my house.  I knew I wouldn’t want wet kids running back and forth, in and out of our house on a daily basis (especially my own three!) so when we designed the house I made sure to add a small outdoor bathroom close to the pool.
Our plan was to not spend too much on this bathroom so we had picked out a piece of granite that was a remnant (a piece leftover from another project) from the store we bought all of our counter top material from.  It wasn’t my absolute favorite, but it was a great price and I wasn’t too worried about what our outdoor pool bathroom looked like.  When it was time to use it, the owner of the store called and said they had accidentally sold it to someone else and that he would just give me a piece of quartz left over from two of our other bathrooms and not charge me for it because we had ordered so much quartz from him for inside our house.  Score!  That was a happy day.  Suddenly with my new quartz countertop I decided this little outdoor pool bathroom needed to be pretty after all. ;)  {This quartz is called “Cambria Torquay.”  It’s hard to see in this picture but it’s white with soft gray veins.  We also used it in our office/guest bathroom and my son’s bathroom – still need to take pics of those bathrooms at some point!}
I wish I knew this cabinet color because I love it!  It was actually a mix of white and a couple of the grays we used inside our house.  I told my painter I wanted a really light gray and he kept mixing and adding white until I said “that’s it!”
These square tiles were simple and inexpensive.  I just wanted something that wasn’t too slippery and had gray tones.
The other side of the bathroom!  Told you it was small. :)
The paint I chose for this room is a pretty green/blue with gray tones called “Sea Salt” by Sherwin Williams.
We added a built-in cabinet above the toilet for storage.
It was empty when I took this picture because I was washing all of the pool towels and I took everything out to wipe it down.  It usually holds pool towels, sunscreen and toilet paper.
I also wanted a place to hang wet pool towels to dry so I had my carpenter make a simple white wood piece (I told him to just copy the top piece of the custom mirror he built for this room) and then we hung some pool towel hooks!  (Hooks are from Restoration Hardware and are the same hooks we used inside our mudroom lockers.)
Our favorite striped towels!  These were a splurge and go with our backyard pillows.  They are so long and soft!  Sometimes when they aren’t outside I hang them in this bathroom.  In the summer they are usually out on the lounge chairs and we hang the kids smaller wet pool towels here.
This room was tricky to photograph because it’s so small.  I ended up with lots of lovely pictures like this with me in them.  Ha!  :)
Seriously squished myself to death in the corner to get this shot.  Told you all I love you. ;)  I can’t remember where I got my light fixture from!  If I find the info. (I’m sure it’s written down somewhere!) I’ll add it to this post.  And like I mentioned before, I had the mirror frame custom made.
This summer I just added a couple of my $2 glass jars and some simple flowers like I used to decorate my powder bathroom.
That’s it!  Our outdoor pool bathroom.  My kids use this every day when they are outside whether they are swimming or just playing in the yard.  It’s hands down our most used bathroom and I’m so happy we added it in the plans!  If you are building or adding a pool to your yard I’d highly recommend also adding a small outside bathroom.

Well! This tour was a great way to officially end the summer.  Now I’m off to get out my pumpkin spice candle!  And put it in the outdoor pool bathroom.

Because like it or not, we’ll be swimming around here through November.


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xoxo, Erin
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51 thoughts on “Outdoor Pool Bathroom

  1. Love it! Every small inch of it :) I’ve been looking for blue glass jars for ever! May I asked where you purchased them? What a steal at $2! Thanks sweet friend!

  2. I have said it on Instagram and I will say it again here! Your house just keeps getting better. You have truly thought of everything! It is fabulous! I could move right in with my toothbrush. I cannot wait to see what you show us next :)

  3. How brilliant are you to add an outdoor bathroom to your house plans! Completely, in my humble opinion. And that outdoor shower! Such smart thinking. I think the bathroom is gorgeous. I really like the color you used on the wall. Very cool that you got a counter for the sink that works so well for you. The tiles are beautiful. Such a lot of smart ideas squeezed into one area. Like I said, brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Do you lock this bathroom when not in use? For some reason the thought that an intruder could hide in there popped into my mind. I certainly do see why you need this room..very clean and appealing!

  5. Another gorgeous space Erin…small or not! What a great idea to add this bathroom for all the time spent outdoors. You are brilliant!

  6. Where did you get the shutters? They are so pretty!! Also, do you have a shower in the bathroo? Yes or no, what are your thoughts about that for an outside pool bathroom? I think I’d love one…

    1. Hi Susan! We ordered all of our plantation shutters from a friend in Utah who sells them. We have an outdoor shower! It’s just not in the bathroom. If you look at the post again I showed a couple of pictures of it at the beginning. Perfect for the kids to rinse off sand before they swim or to rinse off after. :) xo

  7. Thank you for posting about your outdoor bathroom Erin! I totally appreciate how you reply to our comments and aim to please :-). Your bathroom is so pretty and could be an indoor bathroom. Your house is such an ideal home construction project. Everything seems to be thought out. I think I’m like you when you mentioned that building a pool scared you in the beginning and you would have rather concentrated on building the main part of your house first and add the pool later. It’s good your husband talked you through doing the pool at the same time. I can say it’s probably going to be harder now to add an outdoor bathroom for us with a shower if we’re going to add a pool in the future. I can’t imagine all the plumbing that will need to be added for something like this now that our house is already built. One thing that I’d like to add is it would be nice if you have a little sign on the bathroom and storage door, just to distinguish which is which. Of course, it’s only useful for guests and not so much your own kids. I just bet you’ll be able to find cute signs somewhere that would go perfectly there. Thank you again for sharing. I’m a bit jealous that you’ll still get to do more swimming through November.

    1. Debbie that is SUCH a fun idea! Love it! I hadn’t thought about that before but that would look really cute on those two doors! Thank you! If I ever get around to it I’ll make sure to share a picture of it just for you. :) I know.. it’s always so much harder to add things later! I’m glad my husband convinced me to do the pool when we built because now it’s DONE and we can enjoy it. Hard at the time to remember so many details, but worth it in the end! And yes! Plumbing can be a nightmare. Thank you for your sweet comments! You always make me smile. :) xo

  8. Hi Erin!
    The pool bathroom turned out so nice! I’m considering the same Quartz for my sons bathroom. Are you happy with it? Would also love any details on your tile floor – have been looking for something similar for so long.

    1. Thank you Kim! LOVE that Quartz! It’s what I have in Kole’s bathroom too and it looks so good with his gray cabinets! I’m really happy with it. I wish I had tile info. for you! Unfortunately I picked that out quickly in the store and didn’t even think about writing down what it was called. xo

  9. Such a cute bathroom, Erin! You had me until you mentioned swimming until November! November in Chicago could easily mean slipper socks and hot cocoa! :( Enjoy it for all your ‘friends’ in the Midwest!

    1. Thanks Laurie! I’m sure the cold gets old, but I’m always so jealous of cold weather in November! I want to be in slipper socks drinking hot cocoa! Some years we are swimming on Thanksgiving day and the turkey just doesn’t taste the same. ;) We need to do a house swap that time of year for a few days! You can warm up and I can get my cold fix. :) xo

  10. That was so smart of you to add this outdoor bathroom, Erin! Not only does it save your wood floors, but it also minimizes handprints on the doors as kiddos troop in and out!

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  11. This is gorgeous ! I love every post although I rarely have time to comment always but I love everything about your style & house! (Even the Morrocan Oil post the other day made me laugh – I’m addicted to it & can’t decide if i love how it makes my hair feel or SMELL the best!!?? :-) )

    Love seeing this because we are staring an indoor bathroom remodel soon & I picked out SW Sea Salt so I love seeing this on the walls to get an idea. Love it!

    Have a great weekend! I’m in NC so it’s warm here , too in November sometimes but usually sweater & bonfire weather :) How I do envy some swimming until Thanksgiving , though! :)

    1. Hi Cindi! I’m so glad you took a minute to say hi! Sounds like we have a lot in common.. I love the smell of Moroccan Oil too! It’s just the best. And I love that you picked out Sea Salt. Such a pretty color! I love it for a bathroom. Thank you so much for your sweet words! It was so nice to “meet” you. :) Enjoy your weekend! xo

  12. Erin, it’s perfect!! Love the counter tops (#score) and I really love how cleaned and simple it is!! And those beach towels are perfect!!! Thanks for sharing it with us:))

  13. Erin, I found you on Instagram and I can’t stop looking at your pics again and again! Since my last vacation in the USA I absolutely fell in love with the american deco style in general, and I do my best to realize this in my home in germany. Your house is absolutely amazing and your style is such an inspiration. Love your blog!

  14. Just curious if the outdoor bathroom has AC? I love the idea of having an outdoor bathroom even without a pool! Such a great idea for kids outside playing or even for when we have company over and we’re on the back patio.

    1. Robin it really is! My kids use it so much when they are just outside playing! No AC. There is a window and our temps never get THAT hot. Plus the kids and friends are in and out so the door stays open during the day a lot. :) xo

  15. Erin, Love your style! This bathroom is so light & bright! Would you mind sharing the name of the tile and/or store you purchased the floor tile from? Thanks!

    1. Thank you Michelle! I’m not sure if you can still get this tile, but here is the info! Hope it helps. :)

      Manf: Alfalux – Olimpia Series – Color Clay.

  16. Love it! Beautiful! I stumbled upon your post when researching info on pool baths! Can you tell me what the dimensions are for your outdoor bathroom? We are building and didn’t initially put one in our plans. I am rethinking that decision!

  17. Hi there! Love this post! We are installing a pool & bathroom soon and I was curious, do you have AC in your outdoor bathroom?

    1. Hi Christina! Thank you! We don’t! Our weather is pretty mild here in San Diego on the coast and there are a lot of homes that don’t have AC! We do have it in our home but didn’t put it in the pool bath. :)

      1. Erin – I was just wondering this too on the AC aspect, but what about heat or do you winterize it at all? Not sure what the weather is like in San Diego that time of the year. My other question is on the size of this bathroom. I am trying to figure on out for our project while including a shower, but was curious to the size you have for just the toilet and vanity. Looks great!

  18. Great outdoor bathroom! Can you tell me the size of the vanity? also what the dimensions are of the outdoor bathroom. Thanks!

  19. Great bathroom!!! Can you tell me the dimensions? We are looking to do something very similar, thank you!!


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