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Friday Fashion/Favorites.. on a Sunday

Happy weekend everyone!  What a week!  I had this post half way done and was planning on finishing it Thursday, until my 12 year old accidentally put her water bottle in her new backpack without the lid on tight right before dance and spilled the whole thing.  All over everything in her bag!  Her new binders, books, notepads, homework, etc.  You guys it was SO much water!  I felt awful for her.  All of her new book covers she had spent hours decorating.. everything was ruined and she was of course in tears.  SO!  I spent half the evening drying papers and books with my blow dryer while my husband stayed up until midnight with her to get her mostly dry homework done.

Plus earlier that evening I hit an all time low and burned a frozen pizza.  Just popped that baby in the oven and didn’t turn on the timer.  I was running around helping kids with homework, cleaning, and getting ready to fly out the door for back to school night when I started to smell something not quite right..

That’s just a small indication of how our week went.  Ha!  School has begun!  Thank goodness for a three day recovery weekend.  And for fun favorites I have to share with you today!  They are cheering me up immensely.  :)

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Let’s start with my favorite, shall we?  I splurged on a new bag for Fall.  The one I originally ordered from the Nordstrom sale sold out so fast.  They sent me an e-mail a few weeks after the sale saying that it wasn’t coming.  At first I was so bummed.  Until I found this Rebecca Minkoff Satchel.  LOVE!  Definitely a splurge.  Definitely worth it.  I know I’ll use this for years.

This is a pic of the back of it.  I love the tassels!  It’s so simple.  Both classy and casual so I can dress it up or down.  I got this almond color, but it comes in other colors and I equally love the vintage pink and the sandstone.  I had a hard time choosing, but knew the almond would work better with most of my clothes.  Love this purse!  Burned frozen pizza is just a distant memory. ;)
Stocked up on one of my favorite hair products.  Moroccan Oil.. I couldn’t wear my hair straight in this city without it!  It’s a little pricey but this size of bottle lasts SO long and it really is the best.  I put some on after I blow dry my hair and it just smooths it right out and helps so much with humidity.
This cute bag came with it and was a fun surprise!
So many of my close friends have birthdays in August!  So does my husband so it was a busy birthday month.  A lot of times for my friends’ birthdays I just round up some of my favorite things.  My favorite chocolates, my favorite mascara, and cute folders for paper organization.  Love it!  The only problem with this type of gift giving is that I have to really resist the urge to just keep it all for myself. ;)
Ok!  Sharing some fun clothes.  Love this new v-neck sweater from BR.  It comes in so many fun colors and will be perfect for cooler days.  Wearing it with my favorite new boots from the Nordstrom sale!
And did you notice the fun necklace I’m wearing that’s perfect for all v-neck tops!?  I had seen these monogramed pendant necklaces in Anthro and thought they were so cute.
Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 12.32.08 AM
But I didn’t buy one at first.  Then I came home and for a week every time I’d put something on I’d think.. “wouldn’t that monogrammed necklace look cute with this outfit?”  That’s when you know you need to go back and just buy it.

So I did.

And I picked up a couple for Christmas gifts too.  Because I’m determined to have my shopping done early this year.  And because I really love this necklace.  I bought an E for my name, but a last name initial would be fun.  I have a bracelet I’ve worn for years with a “K” on it for my favorite boys (Kenny and Kole) and that’s fun too.  Initials for the win!  I’m a fan. :)
Love it with v-necks, but you can make the necklace longer or shorter so I also wore it this week with this Gap sweater and it worked.  It looks cute with everything!
Speaking of Gap, the last time I was there I don’t know what came over me but I wanted to buy everything denim!  For some reason all of the denim clothes were really speaking to me.  So I tried them all on.  Because when something is speaking to you, you don’t want to be rude and just walk by.  Manners first.  Rule one of shopping. :)  This embroidered denim shirt came home with me.
Love it with my new boots!  And I know!  It looks so.. western.  And I have to admit that I am not a country music fan.  Although I adore the song “Who I Am (Rosemary’s Grandaughter).”  I can’t listen to that song without crying!  And I had been listening to it (and tearing up) earlier in the week.
So maybe that’s why I went on a western denim shopping spree?  (Cute tucked in or out!)  But look at all of the cute denim tops they have right now!  It’s making a come back this year.
Also cute with my gray booties and maroon (hard to see the true color in this pic!) boyfriend jeans from the Nordstrom sale.

Another denim that I had to have.  These jogger pants!  Oh my word.. couldn’t love them more.  Cute fit and so comfortable.
And they have pockets!  Which I love.  I’d order the green too if I didn’t already have a similar pair.  I always gravitate towards clothes like this because secretly I wish I could live in my pajamas all day and pants like this feel like I’m pulling it off.  My shirt is an older one out of stock (similar here) and my shoes are almost sold out too.  But I adore these similar gray peep toe booties and am picking them up while they are on sale!
Wearing them a different way with my white sweater.
Ok.. last western purchase!  For now. :)  I couldn’t pass up this darling denim shirt dress.  Just really comfortable and a very flattering fit.  I like that it’s a bit longer – looks so cute with tall boots.  I liked it even better on me than on the hanger which is rare!  I tell you.. it was speaking to me!  :)  Fun with my new purse and necklace too.

The best part is that so many stores are having major Labor Day weekend sales so everything I just shared is all marked down.  Yea!  40% off at Gap and Banana Republic and Nordstrom has some fun things on sale too.  Below are pics of things I just shared and a few things I’m snatching during the sale!  I guess denim isn’t the only thing speaking to me.. ;)

Today was a bit cooler (5 degrees but we’ll take it!) and it made me so excited for Fall decorating!  I’m hoping to get started on my Halloween porch soon.  It probably won’t be a lot different than last year, although my son wants it “spookier” so I’ll have to try.
Last year I went with a more “happy spooky” approach you can read more about here.  It didn’t quite cut it with my 6 year old.  So this year I’m letting him help pick a few things out.  I found several spider web options and let him choose his favorite.
Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 12.47.11 AM
He picked this one.  It’s from Pottery Barn and it’s huge!  I said.. “Pottery Barn.. huh.. good choice buddy.” :)
Right now it’s sitting in my mudroom still in the box.  :)
I adore Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids Fall/Halloween Decor.  They go for that whole “happy spooky” look that seems to be right up my alley.  They are both doing their “Buy More Save More” sales for the weekend so I’m debating picking up these lanterns I’ve had my eyes on forever.  Wouldn’t they look happy/spooky on my porch too?  :)

But before Fall decor begins here on the blog I made some major progress in the picture taking department last week and can’t wait to show you!  Pool bathroom is first on the list.  So many of you asked to see it so it’s coming soon!  To a blog near you. :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!  I hope you are able to rest, shop some fun sales, and order out.  That sums up my agenda.

Because burned frozen pizza is for the birds.


xoxo, Erin
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25 thoughts on “Friday Fashion/Favorites.. on a Sunday

  1. What a happy surprise when I started reading my blogs this morning! Yay for a Sunday morning version of your Friday Favorites. Sounds like you had quite the week with your sweet daughter’s waterlogged backpack and extra crispy pizza. Big hugs to you both. Sounds like you were able to comfort everyone after those incidents. Would you believe my younger daughter had a wasp fly into her shirt (unbeknownst to her) and sting her twice during her first week of school? Her friends were so confused when she burst into tears at lunch that day. Ugh sometimes the first week can be such a tough one. Your new clothes look great. You look great in those denim items. Like they were made for you! :) I am a fan of country music (and believe you should look up Tim Mc Graw’s song, Humble and Kind and listen to that). I think you might like it as well. Also Dan and Shay’s From the Ground Up. Just sayin’. Anyway, Loved the post and your neat looking E pendant. Always so fun to read up on what you all have been up to. Thanks for sharing and here’s hoping week 2 goes a lot smoother! Hugs!

    1. Oh Jeanne! Your sweet daughter! That’s awful! Poor thing. I know.. sometimes that first week doesn’t always go as planned. I think (I hope!) week two will be much better around here. And btw.. my husband LOVES country music. I’m sure he’s a fan of all of those songs! He has been trying to convert me for years. ha! I’ll listen to them for you. ;) Thanks cutie! Enjoy the long weekend! xo

  2. I have that Rebecca Minkoff purse too- it’s one of the few purses I’ve ever paid full price for and I love it! It’s the perfect size and so easy to carry. You will love it!

    1. Also, I left a pot on the stove once and then promptly forgot and the food burnt onto the pot so bad it wouldn’t come off and I felt so bad because I probably could’ve burnt my house down. We all do it!

      1. Margo you made me feel better! I’ve burned so many things.. but a frozen pizza!? There isn’t much easier to “cook” than that. Ha! :) Thanks cutie! And you sold me on the lanterns! Buying them. :) xo

  3. OMGee, Erin! You are a carbon copy of me last week! My husband was out cleaning the garage (let’s be honest here, he was actually trying to make room for his NEW Toyota Highlander), and called me out to help him put the bikes up. Without thinking I went right out to help him. As he came down the ladder he said to me “Someone is frying bacon, it smells so good”! “OMG, that was me I said”! I ran the courtyard to the main house, loosing one of my flip flops, and my two adorable dogs greated me at the door shaking and barking like crazy! I open the door and the whole house was full of smoke, and the smoke detectors were going off. Of course, the bacon was fried to a crisp! We were lucky the fire department didn’t show up! So much for that yummy spinach salad I was making for dinner! After this episode, I decided to go shopping to calm down! I spent way to much money, but now we are even. He got a SUV, I’ve got some gorgeous clothes for fall! I’m not quite done yet with the Labor Day sales upon us! Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Erin!

    1. Nancie!! Oh my word.. I was dying reading your comment! K.. that was worse than my pizza. ;) So happy your house was safe and you got some good retail therapy out of it! You made my day! :) Thanks cutie! xo

  4. What a day you had Erin!! So sad about the backpack spill but what a sweet mom you are to blow dry all those papers!! I’m impressed! The burning the frozen pizza is totally something I would do, you’re my cooking twin…lol! Love you’re cute new outfits and that anthro necklace?? MUST HAVE!

    1. Thanks cutie! Oh my word.. I actually thought of you with the burned pizza! Ha! I knew you’d understand. :) Thanks Shauna! Getting so excited for you and all you have coming up! It’s going to be a FUN wild ride. And remember I’m just a phone call away for free therapy anytime you need it. ;) xo

  5. Just so you know, I always click to Nordstrom and BR from your site, even if I’m not reading your site, so you get the rstyle credit. I feel like that should win me the award for best reader. I love the denim dress, just ordered it. Did you get the petite version? Would you consider adding the sizes on stuff for reference?

    1. Julia! Oh my word.. that means so much to me that you would do that! Thank you! I’m so touched. Best reader award hands down! :) I can definitely start adding sizes if that helps! That denim dress was the regular version (I didn’t order this one on-line and didn’t see petite or tall in the store). I’m wearing an XS. It runs true to size.. maybe a tad on the big side so order down if you’re in-between sizes if you’re getting the regular. Thanks again Julia! So sweet of you! xo

      1. Well I figure I like most of the clothes you post. We have a similar style, except I hate y
        Turquoise and coral ( on me), and I don’t have time to shop appropriately, so I appreciate your finds. It’s only fair you get credit for shopping for me. And yes, sizes for reference will help me, I do t know about anyone else, I think we are close to the same size and body shape. You are a bit thinner though.

  6. Poor sweet girl. . I feel so bad for her.
    On a happy note I just ordered the gap sweaters in 3 different colors! !!!
    Tomorrow is back to school for us ☺

  7. I can’t wait to see for the post on the outdoor bathroom and shower. Love the new Labor Day purchases on you. I love the necklace! An Anthropologie store is opening in a few months in our town so I hope they’ll have it when it opens. I’m sorry for the water spill in the backpack. That even happens to adults. Mine is usually the lunch with a little juice and the lid wasn’t closed tightly enough. My whole lunch bag/purse reeks as soon as I get to work which is never a good start of a workday. Water is a much better choice for a spill in my book. :-)

  8. Cute purse. Nordstrom has some seriously good purses! Sorry to hear about the homework! Must have been a mess, poor girl! Will have to try the Moroccan oil for my hair. I am a huge coconut oil fan but recently started using Moroccan oil on my cuticles and it works wonders.

  9. Love your blog and your great fall finds. I checked the boots out on Nordstrom are the boots you bought in bark or grey? I couldn’t tell from pic

    Also I am have been looking for a front door where can I purchase that one?

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