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Good-bye Summer!

Just like that.. our summer has come to an end.  Well.. except for the fact that we still need to ride bikes and have a pillow fight.  I take our summer to do list seriously and don’t stop until all items have been checked off.

So this next weekend will be busy. ;)

Before we move on with all things Fall on the blog (so excited for September!) I’m sharing some random pics I found on my camera from the past few months.  My farewell to summer!  I’m sad to see it end.

And also not. :)

I was so excited to plant Crape Myrtle trees when we built our house and was even more excited this summer to see this one taking off like it did.  Love it!
I could stare out my window at it all day long.
Plus it matched our pink flamingo perfectly. :)  Somehow our pink flamingo made its way into almost every backyard picture I took this summer.
I’ve always been a fan of neutral spaces with a fun pop of color. :)
Some pics from the yard..

{Outdoor Entertaining area pics/sources}


{Outdoor Firepit details/sources here.}

Always a treat to sit poolside with this one.
After spending the past 2 1/2 years planning, designing, planting and decorating our back yard it felt nice to actually just enjoy it this summer.  :)

{Treehouse post}

My kids had a blast at my parent’s house this summer too!
Archery lessons with grandpa.
And we loved our trip to SLC for the 4th.
Ad enjoyed a fun theatre camp this summer with friends.  And played all sorts of interesting characters. :)

{green tank/jeans/shoes/necklace/purse}

And we even managed to sneak in a few date nights.  Bonus!
Beach days are always a hit.

{Formal Living room pics/sources}

Some afternoons were spent at home reading and playing.
And having picnics in the yard.


Or playing hide and seek.  This closet is always a favorite hiding spot. (Searched for this girl for over 20 minutes before finding her buried in the pillows!)

{Kitchen pics/sources}

My husband started cooking a bit this summer.
One night I walked into the kitchen and there he was.  In my Anthro apron.  The one I bought just to look cute in my kitchen.  It cracked me up!  We were both laughing.  I don’t quite know what got into him.
But I’ll take it.
To end our summer this last weekend we took the kids to their first drive-in movie.
We loaded up with pillows, blankets, pj’s, snacks and our favorite emoji pillows. :)
Love this crew.
This past week we’ve been busy getting ready for school to start.  I may have gone a bit crazy with the girls’ school supplies.  They get lockers this year for the first time so we got some fun things to decorate them with.  When we got home from supply shopping I said..

“So.. can I organize your binders and supplies and decorate your lockers?”

 “No mom.. we’ll do it.”

“Please?  Just a little…?  Just some of it?”


“C’mon.. just the pencil boxes?”



Such a bummer.  I want to go back to school too.  Just so I can organize some school supplies. :)
{Ad’s new plaid tie belt dress/Kole’s clothes here/El didn’t want to wear new clothes or let me touch her hair.. definitely in Jr. High. ;)}

And just like that.. 7th, 5th and 1st grade!  I was so excited to pick them up from school.  They all had great first days although Kole said that “recess wasn’t long enough and there was a girl in his class who didn’t do her manners.”  Ha!  I so love 6 year olds. :)

Good-bye summer 2016!  Thanks for all the memories.

Now bring on the football.


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xoxo, Erin
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46 thoughts on “Good-bye Summer!

  1. Good-bye summer, Hello fall! Yikes!! Summer really went to quickly this year! I too like to reminisce through summer pictures, and yours are the cutest ever! Your home is absoultely gorgeous, Erin! I love every inch of it. You never disappoint on any of your posts. I always look forward to them. Even though Florida summers are very hot and humid and will linger on up to Dec., sometimes, I too am ready for fall! Can’t wait to see your fall decorating. You give me so much inspiration!

    1. Thank you sweet Nancie! You always have the kindest things to say. I’m so happy you liked this post! San Diego is the same too.. we will have warm weather for a couple more months, but I just pull out my pumpkin spice candle and pretend! :) Fall decorating! Can’t wait. :) xo

  2. My youngest is starting high school this year. For the past few years she has let me help her get organized for school, but not much this year. Boooo! Instead, she and I cleaned and re-organized the staff lounge at school- filling the cupboards with practical things like cups and plates, but also spoiling them with hot chocolate, hot tea, popcorn, granola bars, mints, gum, etc! The staff works so hard…they deserve a treat!! and I got to use my organizing skills a different way this school year! Enjoy your last weekend of Summer!

    1. Jill what a fun idea! LOVE that! Oh my word.. high school for your youngest!? They grow up too fast. I hope it’s a great year for both of you! xo

  3. Oh such a fantastic post, Erin! I adore seeing the photos you’ve taken. Your house pictures are always so crisp and clear with beautiful subjects. :) That crepe myrtle is gorgeous, too! Sounds and looks like you had a fantastic summer. One filled with lots of happy memories. I have to ask…do you ever go swimming? I know you are the main photographer for the family, but do wonder if you get out there, too. Oh and I giggled when I saw your husband in that great apron. What a guy to just get in there and start cooking. I know it’s not your favorite activity and it’s always nice to let someone else have the honors. Your house always looks amazing. Lived in definitely, but beautiful as well. Have a great day! Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! I do swim! My kids were in the pool sometimes 3 times a day this summer! So I would usually swim one time with them and then just watch the rest. And I don’t usually get in when they have friends over because they are all playing and splashing. That’s usually when I pull out my camera and keep myself entertained. ;) I know.. Kenny cooking was the best this summer. I’m secretly hoping he keeps that one up.. apron and all. ;) Enjoy your day cutie! xo

  4. I’ve never seen California. I hope to one day. It looks so beautiful!
    I love your back yard, too, and that beautiful outdoor fireplace area.

  5. You did indeed have a wonderful summer. I thank you for sharing it with us. What exciting times are ahead of you, with school starting and the approach of Autumn. Can’t wait to read and see all the adventures that await you and your lovely family.

    P.S. Why not make a pencil box of your very own , no one is too old for an attractive pencil container!

    1. Thank you so much Barbara! So kind of you! I couldn’t agree more about the pencil box and think I might have to go get me one. Today! :) xo

  6. What a great summer you had! My daughter is so excited to have a locker this year too. We get to go organize/decorate it today. I am loving all the magnetic locker stuff out now…hello wallpaper?!?!

  7. Looks like your family had a GREAT summer! We’re on our last week before heading back next Tuesday. I have to laugh because like you, I want to organize my kid’s school supplies soooo bad, haha (but they won’t let me either). Our oldest went off to college a few weeks ago, we all know the bummer that is BUT, there is a bright side that only an organizer & planner could appreciate…planning her dorm room (the workings to maximize the use of her tiny space, she did her own decorating which was fabulous)! I was in heaven all summer searching and plotting and I feel it took the edge off of my impending loss of our firstborn. Keep that in mind, you’ll be there in a blink of an eye. Happy Fall.

    1. Oh my word.. Jill! Love it! That is totally a silver lining in the dark looming cloud of college! I’m so happy that organizing made it easier for you.. it does that for me a lot too. :) I’m sure it has been hard having her gone. When El turns 18 I’m calling you! Have the tissues ready. ;) xo

  8. As you know I hate to see summer go. Although, like you said, our Summer’s linger her in CA. When I look at the pictures of the kids it’s hard to believe how big they are. The days really are long and the years short. Ready for fall and then, soon Christmas! :) love all the pictures and recap. xo

    1. I know Cathy! Still summer in so many ways here, but come September I’ll be lighting my pumpkin spice candle and pretending. ;) Bring on Christmas is right! This time of year is too much fun. :) Enjoy your warm days for a couple more months! xo

  9. Erin,
    Oh how I love your photos!! I always love to see new pictures of your beautiful home and family. Your covered patio is one of my favorites – I love all the blues and sea glass accent colors in your pillows and accessories. I cracked up seeing Kenny in your apron, cooking in the kitchen!! Your in-ground trampoline is one of the best ideas ever, along with the curvy sidewalk for bicycles and skateboards in the backyard. The swimming pool looks so refreshing and inviting!! I just love all things about your home!! Thank you so much for sharing!!
    Jane Carden

  10. It’s so hard to believe that summer is ending! Love that you’re intent on finishing your Summer to-do list, seems like so much fun! For my hubby and I, September always seem to be our most hectic month of the year. Just filled to the brim with fun plans and this year is no different. Looking forward to welcoming Fall!

  11. Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful pictures with us! LOVED the picture of Kenny wearing your apron! My 13 year old daughter, who will start 8th grade in a little over a week, didn’t even want to go clothes shopping. She told me that all of her clothes from last year still fit, so she didn’t need any new ones. I did buy her a few skirts and some socks :-) She won’t let me touch her hair either, unless it’s to braid it. I hope all of your kiddo’s have a fabulous school year!

    1. Oh my word Shari.. I’m so happy to hear that your daughter is the same way! She sounds JUST like El. They are definitely getting more and more independent! Thanks for your sweet comment! Happy back to school to you and your crew! :) xo

  12. Looks like a perfect summer!!! Love it all! Ours was hectic with some fun and some hard times too. I may have cried my way thru June. :) we moved in May so it was an adjustment…however I still don’t want summer to end! I’m not ready for schedules… Maybe I’ll change my mind when it’s here, we start in 7 days.

    Love your posts, have a great fall!

    1. Oh no Lynnsey! That makes me so sad to think of you crying for half of your summer! I’ve had seasons in my life like that too.. I hope you are over the worst of it and getting settled in your new location! Moving is always such an adjustment. And I know.. schedules are hard, but I feel like we were all ready for a little more structure this year. Although now the homework is already rolling in and I’m thinking maybe I want to go back to summer after all! ;) Thanks cutie! xo

  13. That Crape Myrtle tree is absolutely gorgeous! I can’t believe I have not heard of them! We are going to be moving into a new house that is being build next year – so suddenly, I am paying attention to things like this. we will not get much landscaping in our new home. Do you know if this tree is hard to take care of? I absolutely LOVE the color!!!

    1. Isn’t it beautiful Courtney!? They are my all time favorite tree! I planted 2 in our backyard (pink and purple) and a few white ones in the front. None of them look as good as this one! I don’t think they are too difficult, but this one is obviously getting more shade/water.. whatever it needs because it has taken off better than my other tress.. although they look good too. Just not as big and full yet. Definitely ask your local nursery if they do well in your area! Congrats on your new home! So exciting! :) xo

  14. Your family is so cute and looks like a wrap to a fabulous summer! The hubs in the apron…HILARIOUS! But maybe I should get one for mine since he’s always splattering on himself when he cooks. Bye bye summer, hello fall!!

    1. Oh my word.. Kenny was cracking me up! If you get your husband one don’t tell him it was my idea. Kenny was like “I can’t believe you posted those pictures of me in your apron!” Ha ha.. :) xo

  15. I loved seeing the pictures of your backyard! Everything about it just speaks paradise to me, just beautiful. I wish the crepe myrtle trees can live in our area because they are gorgeous! It reminds me of crab apple trees from our area except without the apples and flowers only in the Spring. I’m curious if all your kiddos know how to swim and if you had them take lessons before you built your pool. Do you close up your pool after the summer by winterizing and covering it up? I know there’s no winter there but it gets cold, right?

    1. Hi Debbie! Thank you so much! I know.. those crape myrtle trees just take my breath away! Yes.. my kids are good little swimmers. I had my girls in lessons for years when they were young before we had the pool. Kole took lessons for one year when he was 3 and we were building (I was so nervous about him and the pool!) and when we moved in he didn’t know how to swim. I am RELIGIOUS about keeping the cover on it when we aren’t swimming. But after a couple years of being in this house and swimming so often he has learned how to swim just by watching my girls. I might put him in lessons again at some point to work on technique, but he can swim now and jumps off the side and is like a little fish. :) In the winter we keep the cover on the pool all the time. That’s only from about November to February here. :) xo

  16. Erin,
    I’ve been reading your blog for about a year (was looking for some organizing tips and found you, thanks for Google:)) but somehow I’ve never written a comment – something to change from now on! You and your family are amazing and I’m always happy to read your posts. When I need some inspiration, laugh or peace I know I’ll get it here:) Reading this post helped me to relax again – I’m gonna start tomorrow with my 1st graders in school! I have 25 wonderful kids in my class so I’m very excited and nervous at the same time. I definitely need something to organize to feel better,lol.
    Have a successful school year and waiting to read your next post:)
    Tünde from Hungary

    1. Tunde! It made me so happy to hear from you! Thank you for reaching out! I’m thrilled you enjoy my blog. Your sweet comment made my day! So much fun that you teach 1st grade! I taught first for a year too and loved it. That’s Kole’s age and they are so adorable. Busy! But adorable. :) I hope you had a great first week! Organization always makes me feel better too. :) Thanks again for your sweet words Tunde! xo

  17. Love your pictures! I am sad to see my kids going back to school, but also ready for routine! I love your summer to do list. How do you work your “late overs”? What time do they go home? I want to do that with my 10 year old because sleepovers just make everybody tired and crabby in my opinion.

    1. I agree Alisa! I’m not a huge fan of sleep overs. We usually let the kids stay up with friends until around 10:00 so it feels fun and a later night than usual. Then everyone goes home and sleeps in their own bed. The best! :) Thank you! xo

  18. love love love your house! you seriously have the best decorating style. i am curious, is your patio area stamped concrete, or bricks?
    happy fall!

  19. Thank you so much for sharing all of these fun summer pictures!! It’s amazing how quickly summer flew by!! On the east coast, we are going back to school on Tuesday. I think the kids are ready…I am too!!

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