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Fall decor – in and out!

Well!  Feeling like we need a happy little distraction today from all things election.  Let’s talk decor shall we?  See.. we’re in a happy place already. ;)  In September I shared my family room decorated for Fall along with a few decorating tips that work for any season.  Then I sort of left you all hanging and didn’t share anything else.. ha!  To be honest, I didn’t go all out with Fall decor this year.  Our Better Homes and Gardens photoshoot was early Fall so I was more focused on making sure my kitchen was organized and ready for that.  For a few weeks my house was comical!  I had Fall in the family room, Spring in the kitchen, and Summer decor everywhere else. :)  By the time I took Summer stuff down we were well into Fall and I just wanted to keep things simple.  Here are a few Fall touches I added but never got around to sharing…

{affiliate links used}entry-console-table

My entry console table got a little Fall refresh!  Very similar to how I had it last year.  Good news for some of you!  My white mirrored entry cabinet is back in stock!  It was sold out for so long and I get asked about it all the time.  You can get it here.  :)
I kept my kitchen really simple this Fall and only made a few small changes.  I mostly just kept things neutral like my family room.
And added a few pumpkins here and there.
The only new addition is the small dough bowl in my pop out window holding apples.
I didn’t get a picture of my butler’s pantry this year, but it looks very similar to how I styled it last year.  So here is a picture from last year. :)
Mini white pumpkins always end up in my bowls.
Simple faux apple branches (similar here) in a favorite vase and some Target pumpkins made my kitchen nook feel festive.
I love opening our nook french doors in the late afternoon!  We get such a nice breeze this time of year and the flies aren’t out like they are in the summer.
My powder bathroom got a two second makeover.  My favorite candle and hand soap made this room smell heavenly so that made up for the fact that I didn’t do much to decorate.  At least in my book.  Which is the only book that matters in this house. ;)
I only added one small pumpkin to our hall shelf..
and some of the acorns my kids’ picked up last year.  It doesn’t take much to change the feel of your home for the season!  (Hall shelf details and sources here.)
My mudroom also stayed the same as last year.
Mostly clear and clean because we are walking through this room back and forth from the house to the car at least 30 times a day.  I’ve somehow become a taxi driver between the hours of 2:00 and 9:00 pm and I’m still not sure how I feel about it!  The good thing is that now with this new time change, I can drive and drop off and pick up in my pj’s and it’s too dark for anyone to see.  I LOVE “falling back.”  Dark and pj’s on by 5:00!
Today I started slowly taking down the Fall decor which means my coral pillows and accessories get the boot!  I snapped this pic before I had my staff take these pillows to our upstairs attic.  And by “staff” I mean my 12, 10 and 6 year old. :)  They are in charge of moving my decor up and down the stairs each season.
I couldn’t wait one more day for 3 reasons!  1 – I just LOVE Christmas decor and want it up as long as possible.  2 – I’m in nine Christmas home tours on my blog this year so I need to get hoping!  Nine because I LOVE Christmas decor and maybe because I can’t say no and have a death wish.  I was joking with my husband telling him I’m going to have to decorate our garage to keep up with the Christmas home tour madness so don’t be surprise if you see my car sprinkled with tinsel this year and a whole post all about it. ;)  and 3 – my pumpkins were looking sad and were on their way out.
Until next year mini white pumpkins!  Time to transform the house into our own winter wonderland!  Eekkk!!  I’m excited.  :)


I’ve had several questions lately about what I’m doing for my stair garland this year since the past two years I’ve used real garland.  And the past two years I’ve complained about the mess of my real garland.  Last year I swore never again!


This year (and for years to come I’m sure) I’ll be using this beautiful faux lit Magnolia garland I ordered from PB.  I love Magnolia leaves and these look so good in person!  Just beautiful.  PB has sold out of the 8′ but still has some of the 5′ in stock!  Another option I considered and love is PB’s Eucalyptus garland.  I love the look of green garland!  You can always add pops of red with berries or ribbon, or just keep it green and simple.  I’ll show you what it looks like on my stairs soon!


{pom pom knitted throws/stag/merry/santa’s sleigh/hamilton plaid/red trellis}

I also got out all of my PB Christmas pillows today to take stock.  I’m worried I don’t have enough.. what do you think?  Ha!  LOVE them all!  (Btw.. PB is doing their buy more save more sale right now.. great time to do some gift shopping!  Or add another pillow to your collection.  You know.. if you’re in desperate need of one or two more like I am..)  ;)


Good-bye Fall decor!

Bring on the RED.


xoxo, Erin
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40 thoughts on “Fall decor – in and out!

  1. Awwww, so sad to see the fall go. I completely understand, but it’s still sad. Too bad you can’t wait until Thanksgiving. I really liked the placement of your pumpkins all throughout the house. I have to ask…do you ever forget something? And as you are moving about the house see it and think shoot…missed it?! I always seem to forget one thing after Christmas season, no matter how carefully I look around. But thankfully, the kids are old enough to send them to put it up. Staff…I like it! Seriously though, your house looks amazing every season and I always look forward to seeing how you decorate it. I feel for you regarding taxi-ing. This is my life as well. But it is worth it, right? Right?? :) Have an awesome day!

    1. Yeah.. love my staff! :) Ha! They are worth it! Most days. ;) I’ve never been able to wait on Christmas decor until after Thanksgiving… we all just get too excited and I want the Christmas decor up as long as possible! Plus I love eating turkey by the lights of the tree. :) Thanks Jeanne! Hope you’re having a good day so far! xo

  2. Hi Erin,

    Love all the simple and classic decorations you have chosen. Your home feels lovely. I do have a question though. To the right of the kitchen sink, the one with the window in front, why does the back splash does not go all the way to the end of the wall? or it’s just the picture? I see that the other end, to the left of the stove, does go all the way to the end of the wall. Just curious. I am choosing back splash to remodel my kitchen and have seen so many lately that that caught my eye. Thanks!

    1. Hi Lilly! Thank you! My backsplash wraps around and stops there because of my bay window! It’s hard to tell in this pic. You’ll see better pics of that when I share my Christmas decor! :) xo

  3. I cannot wait to see what you do for Christmas!! I’m still in denial that it is almost Thanksgiving already. Happy decorating, Erin!! xo

  4. Odd question, but how do you store the faux branches? In a long box on a shelf? With seasonal items? I’m afraid of smooshing mine or losing track. Any suggestions would be appreciated. You are the master. ;)

    1. Hi Tara! Hardly the master but thank you. ;) I stand them up in a bin! Like a round garbage can. :) I’ll share a picture in January of how I organize them! xo

  5. Hi Erin! Thank you for bringing a smile to my face today! You know how much I adore your house; the festive simplicity makes my heart smile :) I can’t wait to start decorating my house for Christmas because like you, I can’t get enough! Sadly, the agreement with my husband is that I won’t put it up until the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving (every year I work a little harder to move it up!). But I am using this time in my storage room to start getting all my new ideas together so that I AM READY when the time comes.

    Question…how do you store all of your holiday pillows?

    1. So sweet of you Tiffany! Thank you! Your comment made my heart smile. :) At least he lets you the week before Thanksgiving.. my sister’s husband makes her wait until after and she struggles! ha! I get it! I would have it up for 6 months if I could so my husband is cool with 2. ;) You are smart to start getting ready. I put all of my pillows in an attic space we have upstairs and just stack them up and cover them with a trash bag! I’ll have to share a pic of it in January when I’m organizing up a storm. :) xo

  6. Have you ever said where you found the Roman numeral sign in your front hall? I’d love to have one made for my son.

  7. Erin love your style … When do you start decorating for Christmas.. also when do you put your tree up.. I like red for Christmas but may do my tree in white silver mantel white and silver and all red pillows throws ect what do you think/.. have any ideas for decorating for my husbands room man cave. hah. thaks for your posts you are so beautiful , lovely personality and classy…

    1. Thank you so much Shelley! What a sweet thing to say. So kind of you! I usually start decorating for Christmas mid November. This weekend I’m going to really get going. I like to enjoy Christmas decor as long as possible and because I’m usually in home tours on my blog that start early December I have to give myself time to decorate and then take and edit all of the pictures (and I take a lot of pictures.. ha!). :) Your tree idea sounds absolutely beautiful! And you should see my husaband’s office at the moment. It’s a mess of my every day decor I tossed in there! Yikes.. :)

  8. Erin, your home is absolutely beautiful!!!! I love what you did for Fall, and I can’t wait to see how it’s decorated for Christmas. The holiday season seems to go by so fast, that you have to decorate early to just enjoy it before the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Two questions: Where did you get the wire basket on the counter in your butler pantry that is holding the 2 aqua bowls? And where did you get you key hook that is hanging by the door in your mudroom?

    1. Thank you so much Katie! I agree! It all flies by in a blink and I have learned to decorate early so I can enjoy it as long as possible! I’ve had that wire basket for years! I think I got it at Tai Pan in Utah. The key hook was a bit of a DIY. I found the wood and 123 at Home Goods and added the hooks. :) xo

  9. Hi Erin,

    We are building a house. I am trying to create a mud room out of a super small space. Do you remember where you bought that white bench you have by the door?


  10. Your house is so gorgeous! I love seeing any pics. I agree – bring on the RED – never enough of that!!
    P.S. I bought a vintage large round wooden cutting board last week – pretty sure your’s inspired my purchase!!

  11. 9 home tours that’s crazy Erin! I mean from the reader point of view great but I hope you’re able to get them done without too much stress! Can I say that I would like to see some posts… of course a panty post but I for one would like to know what’s behind all the cabinetry on the wall with the fridge, I’m sure there’s some appliances and stuff hidden and I’d like to see how all that is set up. Maybe in January??? thanks in advance :-)

    1. Hi Aria! I know.. seriously what was I thinking!? Who needs sleep right? Ha! ;) YES! January and February are going to be full of organizing posts including more of my kitchen and my pantry! Promise. :) xo

  12. Hi, Erin! I have a question from your fashion post. I ordered your addison wedge booties from Nordstrom and love them!!!! Do you spray and waterproof your leather or suede booties? If so, with what? Thanks!!!!!!

  13. Hello, couple questions because everything is so clean and fresh looking. Where did you get that orange with button lumbar pillow? I just love that color!! And also, where did you get the blue bowls and pitcher that is in your kitchen cabinet? Ice been looking for that color but I’m having a terrible time trying to find them. Thanks!!!

    1. Thank you Audra! That burnt orange pillow was from Home Goods! The bowls are all from Anthropologie and a few from Michaels. Try Anthro! They always have fun colorful bowls. :) xo

  14. Hi, I was wondering where you got the orange lumbar pillow that was displayed in your mudroom? And also, the bluish, green bowls and pitcher that are in your kitchen cabinets…um looking for accent pieces like that but in having a hard time finding them. Everything looks so nice in your home

  15. Truly love your blog. My only problem with it? I didn’t discover it before we remodeled! Ugh. Seriously, when I look at it and all your beautiful decor, it makes me happy. Can you tell me a little about your curtains in your family room? Maybe you have it posted somewhere — couldn’t find it. I really like them. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much Karyn! You are too kind! Shoot me an e-mail and I’ll send you my friend/designer’s info. who I bought my curtains from! xo

    1. Hi Tess! I actually have two! They are next to each of my kitchen sinks. I’ll be sharing them in a kitchen organization post at some point soon! xo

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