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Friday Fashion/Favorites (on a Sunday.. again) :)

Happy weekend everyone!  I hope yours is going well!  My kids get the whole week off of school for Thanksgiving and I honestly look forward to this week all year.  Thanksgiving and Christmas prep are the best!  I shared this picture on IG last week when our tree went up.  We were all fanning out the branches on the tree when one of my kids decided to turn on “Yes Virginia There Is a Santa Claus” and there went my help.  Ha!  I have to admit, I love that movie too so we all took a mini break from the decorating. :)
Then back to our Christmas music and we picked up where we left off!

My kids have been making so many fun homemade decorations and I love it.  They are making the house so festive.
Seeing them excited about this time of year is definitely a favorite of mine. :)

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When I was young, my parents always gave me and my siblings a pair of Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve.  I love that tradition, but I wanted my kids to be able to wear and enjoy their pj’s through December so when my kids were little, I started giving them their Christmas pajama’s around Thanksgiving.
I bought these adorable Santa pj’s from Nordstrom for my little buddy this year and was so excited about them I gave them to him a little early.
Aren’t they darling!?  As you can see, they were a hit!  I told you I have about 10 seconds to get a picture of this boy before the silliness begins.  This month he has lost his first two teeth.. one right after the other on the bottom.   This picture just makes me smile.  :)
Ok.. speaking of pajamas!  Last year I was shopping at Nordstrom and discovered PJ Salvage pajamas and they were honestly one of my favorite discoveries.. ever.  These were my Christmas pj’s last year and I have LIVED in them!  My husband likes to tease me every time the polka dots come out.. because they come out year round.  But I don’t care.  :)
I’m having a Christmas pajama party at my house this year!  So excited.  Christmas pj’s are one of my all time favorite things.  I need to take a pic in these, but I know they will sale out fast so I wanted to share the pair I bought this year.  For the bottoms I bought the PJ Salvage Polar Fleece Lounge Pants.  They come in so many cute patterns!  I had a hard time deciding but finally went with the pair above.  These are my favorite and the same fit/style as my polka dot pants from last year. They are fleece and are seriously so comfortable!  I never want to take them off!  (They fit true to size.. I got a small in the bottoms.)  
For the top I bought the matching “Adventure Awaits” Graphic Henley top.. not as Christmassy because I know I’ll live in these all year.
To live in through December and for my Christmas pj party I also got this “Oh Deer” top .. seriously adore this!  (I got the top in an XS and it’s just right for pj’s – fitted but still a bit loose and comfortable so order your regular size.)  This top comes with these cute Thermal lounge Deer pants, but I like the material of the Polar Fleece Lounge pants and the way they fit at the bottom of the leg.  Just a personal preference!  All PJ Salvage pajamas are extremely cute and comfortable!  This OK but First Presents pair is also adorable if you prefer shorts.

Since we have to get out of our pj’s and actually get dressed most days – major bummer ;) –  here are a few cute new sweaters I’m loving…
This Ruffle Shoulder Sweater is darling.  It’s selling out fast and there are just a couple of sizes left.  (I’m wearing size 2)  Wearing it with my black Paige Jeans I’ve had for years and my favorite black peep toe booties.
Ruffles are big this year and I love the detail it adds to this sweater!
This Asymmetrical Ribbed Sweater is also darling and it was just marked down half off!  So cute!  Comes in 3 colors and I’m wearing the xs.  Wearing it with my dark AG jeans and Melaya over the knee boots.

This Ribbed long sleeve turtle neck top is perfect!  Such a great fit and it’s also on sale for 40% off!  (When I ordered it the xs was sold out so this is a small petite.)  Wearing it with my Koral open toe booties.


It’s also perfect to layer under a vest or scarf.  Wearing it with my favorite quilted vest that’s also on sale!  All of my favorite clothes are marked down right now!  Makes me want to celebrate. I don’t know why.. I bought them all at full price.. ha!  But I’m happy for any of you who can pick up a good deal. ;)

Ok.. LOVE this Contrast Crewneck Sweater!  I ordered the stripes above and the blue sweater with gray and with stripes on the sleeve, but it’s fitting pretty baggy (this is an xs) so I just ordered it in a petite size to see if that works.  I really hope so because it’s so comfortable and I love how the sleeve contrasts.  That’s my favorite thing about Nordstrom.  I just ordered two different sizes.. free shipping and they’ll be at my doorstep soon!  If they don’t work, free and easy return.  I wish all stores were that easy to work with!
Another sweater I’m so excited to wear all winter is this Mock neck sweater.  I love the neck on it!  It comes in lots of colors.. clearly I’m obsessed with green at the moment.
I’m wearing an xs and probably could have gone with the xxs because it runs big so order one size down.  It looks cute tucked in a bit in the front.  Perfect Thanksgiving Day sweater.. tuck it in before the meal and un-tuck after.  Although I’ll probably add my favorite stretchy leggings instead of jeans.  Thanksgiving is serious business. ;)
I also bought it in the grey!  I bought them both thinking I’d return one of them but I kind of want them both now.. no surprise there.  ;)

A few more favorites I found while doing some on-line Christmas shopping!
One of my favorite purses is back in stock!  I tried to order this Vanity Saddle Bag during the Anniversary sale last year and it sold out the first day!  I was so bummed.  Clearly a very popular purse.  I hope Santa remembers how much I wanted it. :)
This initial pendant necklace is such a great gift idea!  Beautiful necklace and getting someone’s initial really personalizes the gift making it extra thoughtful.  I love gifts like that.
Did you know Ugg makes socks!?  They do and they come in all different styles.  I want to get this pair of fleece lined socks for gifts for a few people this year so I just ordered me a pair.  You know.. to make sure they’re comfy before I order several more.  I’m nice and always take one for the team like that. ;)  Can’t wait to try them on with my PJ Salvage pajamas!
I haven’t taken a picture in these Adidas Superstar sneakers yet but I have them and can’t say enough about how comfortable the are.  They are so popular this year and I was seeing them pop up all over the place so I finally ordered a pair a few months ago and I get it now!  Such a perfect comfy shoe to run around in all day and still look stylish.  I love my Chucks, perfect for running to pick up kids or to the grocery store, but they aren’t good shoes for lots of walking.  These are!  A great gift idea for teens too.  El thought my shoes were pretty cool. :)
Last year my mom bought me a set of really nice make-up brushes for Christmas and I thought it was such a great gift idea!  Something all women would love, but maybe not splurge on themselves.  I had some nice brushes, but they were over 10 years old so it was nice to replace them with brand new brushes.  This set above for eyes by Sigma is is a great one and a good value.
If you want to spend a little more, this whole set by Sigma is an amazing value for good make-up brushes and has great reviews.

Ok friends!  Busy week with lots to do!  I hope you are enjoying this time of year with your loved ones.  I can’t wait to be with all of my family in a few days.  :)

*Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  And as always, for making holiday shopping such a breeze.

xoxo, Erin
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20 thoughts on “Friday Fashion/Favorites (on a Sunday.. again) :)

  1. My Elie just bought the Adidas shoes today! Lucky for her, she fits in a kids size. A lot less expensive. The girls also got the polka dot PJ Salvage pajama bottoms last year for Christmas. So comfy.

  2. Hey Erin,
    Just wanting your opinion-do you think the dark brown boots match with different colors vs. say taupe? I’ve been wanting to order a pair of boots, but can’t decide on which color of brown I should get. I notice that you have 2 pairs of the dark brown boots and that is why I was asking unless that was your only color of choice.
    Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the week with your kids! 😊

    1. Hi Kim! I think dark brown boots go with pretty much everything! Definitely with taupe. I just loved the style of both of my brown shoes so I went with them, but I have boots/booties in lots of shades of brown and they work with just about everything. I don’t think you can make a wrong choice! Happy Thanksgiving to you too. :) xo

  3. I loved this post and seeing your kids so excited for the holidays. That’s just the best, isn’t it?
    I love your fashion posts. You always look so cute! Any chance you would ever do a post featuring some glam dresses for a party?

    1. Thank you Kathy! You are so sweet to say that! You made my day. :) I’ll have to look at holiday dresses. I need a new one for my husband’s office party this year so if I find anything cute I’ll definitely share it! And I agree.. seeing the kids’ excitement for the holiday is the absolute best. :) Enjoy your Thanksgiving! xo

  4. Erin, would you say your son’s PJs are true to size? I would love to get a set for my godchildren, the PJs are so cute!

    1. Hi Grace! So fun! They are! Kole is wearing a size 6 and they are perfect (he’s 6 this year). I almost wish I would have bought them a little big though so he can wear them next year too.. love them so much! xo

  5. Oh how fun! Your little buddy looks great in his new fun pjs. Your lounge pants look so comfy, too. And I giggled at the impromptu tree decorating break the family took. Glad you snapped a picture of that. The sweaters you found look terrific. Those ugg slippers look fabulously comfy. All around super fun post! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Thank you Jeanne! I’m so happy you liked this post! Yeah.. apparently we need a quick movie break every 30 minutes or so.. wouldn’t want to wear ourselves out.. ha! :) Happy almost Thanksgiving! Are your kids out this week? xo

    1. Hi Andrea! I don’t wash these a ton! I probably only wear them once every few weeks and then I only wash them after wearing them 4-6 times. I also don’t dry my jeans.. I always hang them to dry.. maybe that helps? Paige is a really good brand and I’ve never had fading problems with them so maybe that’s why? I’ve had them a long time! xo

  6. While I like seeing where you get your cute stuff on occasional blog posts, it seems like this now dominates the content. It’s like one big commercial. Are you planning to do any substantive posts in line with how you used to blog or just more posts promoting affiliate links?

    1. Hi! Sorry to hear you haven’t been enjoying my recent posts! This time of year because of Fall fashion (my favorite!) and the holidays (most readers like gift ideas) I always post a lot more Fashion/Favorites posts. Then in December it’s a lot of Christmas decor and of course in Jan/Feb my blog is all about organizing! So a lot of that is due to the season. As far as affiliate links go, I include them in any post where I’m sharing things readers will want a source for. That is one way bloggers are compensated for the amount of time it takes to run a blog like this, but also if I don’t include them readers always want to know “where did you get that?” It’s a lot easier to share the links in the post for anyone interested vs. answering such a large amount of individual e-mails/questions. This month I was fortunate to partner with Nordstrom on several posts so there have definitely been more fashion/affiliate link style posts than I normally write, but again that is because of the season. I hope that answers your question! If you come here more for the decorating you’ll enjoy my posts in December. :) Enjoy your Thanksgiving! xo

  7. Great finds as always. I am in the market for a new pair of shoes…those Adidas are cute. Love the gold ones too. Can I just say the olive green is your color, Erin! So pretty!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!! Our kids have school today and tomorrow, then we party!

    1. Pam the Adidas are so comfortable! And cute.. I love the gold pair too! You are so sweet to say that about olive green. Thank you! Countdown to the break! Woot woot! :) Happy Thanksgiving sweet friend. xo

    1. Hi! That garland and a lot of my other ornaments for this tree were from a store called Krumpets! You can find them on-line! :) Happy holidays! xo

  8. Oh I love christmas!!!
    My house is decorated, the fireplace blazing and christmas movies on!!
    OK.cutest pj’s ever !.. I love pj’s. Which is funny because my hubby doesn’t not. He never ever changes into ‘ comfy’ clothes ever, he’s so weird lol
    I love love that ruffle’s so cute!!

    1. Too funny Heidi! My husband doesn’t put on cute pjs at the end of the night either. They don’t know what they’re missing – ha! :) Thanks for your sweet comment cutie! Enjoy your Thanksgiving! xo

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