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Simple Easter Tablescape

Happy Monday friends!  Back at it.  We had a busy weekend in LA (at a dance competition for my oldest) and were up at 5:00 am two mornings in a row so I’m dragging big time!  The show “Dance Moms” was being filmed at the competition so that added some excitement (and televised drama) to our adventure.  Ha!

But that’s a story for another day. :)

Today I’m sharing a very simple Easter tablescape.  SO simple.  Like I threw this together in 15 minutes simple.  If you are hopping over from French Country Cottage welcome!  So happy to have you here.  Our friend Lory at Designthusiasm has rounded up another great group of bloggers to share Easter Entertaining ideas so there is lots of inspiration to come!

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My dining room has felt like a bit of a blank slate lately and I’m still trying to decide which direction to take it.  I love my neutral rug in this space, but I do feel like if I keep it in this room I need to add more color to the walls, cabinets, something!  {Btw.. I still get e-mails daily about this rug.  It’s my all time favorite (I have it in my family room also) and you can find it here. You can also read all about it in this post.}  For now, a little seasonal table decorating cheered up this neutral space immensely. :)

My faux Spring branches and mercury eggs were hard to photograph with all of the light we get through these windows!  But they are so beautiful in person.  The eggs just sparkle in the light.  Makes me want to leave them up all year!

I just shopped my house for everything here – I know most of you have seen these items used before!

I added some colorful Spring bowls to match my bench pillows and then filled my favorite beloved lanterns with more eggs. Because you can never have too many eggs at Easter time.  Or too many boots in the Fall.

But that too is a story for another day. ;)

I also added a couple of friendly little bunnies.  Because I love them.  For the kids.

This simple Easter tablescape is making me so happy.

The only downside to having my table decked like this is that now I’m feeling some pressure to actually cook something for Easter dinner this year.

Or maybe take out Chinese food would add that pop of color I’m looking for in this room?


Sources are pictured below!  If something was sold out I tried to find a similar item.  You can also shop my favorite clothes and home decor in the “shop my favorites” tab in my header.

Next up on the tour is Lory at Designthusiasm!  Also remember to check out the amazing line-up of bloggers below.  A new group will be sharing Easter entertaining ideas every day this week!  Lots of inspiration if you are hosting Easter dinner this year.  And remember.. you can still have a pretty table regardless of what you serve.  I’m always living proof of that. ;)

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xoxo, Erin
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56 thoughts on “Simple Easter Tablescape

  1. How’d your daughter do at her competiton? I hope you/she had fun despite the early start times! Not sure if I’d be thrilled to see that production at a competition, hope it wasn’t too distracting. Your table looks beautiful. Those eggs hanging from the branches are lovely. I also like the speckled eggs in the lantern. Such a pretty tablescape. Simple, but very, very pretty. I think it fits with your style quite nicely! Giggled at your idea for adding color. You are so funny! :) Have a great start to your week.

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! I do tend to like simple when decorating. You know me well. ;) I know.. I’m not a fan of that production at all! My girls love to watch the dancing but I don’t let them watch the mom’s arguing. It’s ridiculous and now that I’ve seen how they make the show I know how staged it all is. Crazy! I don’t understand the appeal of that one. But El did great and we are so proud of her! And happy to be home. We took Kole and I don’t think we’ll make that mistake again. Long days for him! He was such a trooper but that is a lot of sitting still for a 6 year old little boy. ;) I hope you have a good Monday sweet friend! xo

  2. How did El do in her competition? Dance Moms drama…can’t wait to hear that story! Love those eggs, they add so much class and fun. Great tablescape in a gorgeous dining room. Hope you can slip away for a little nap today. xxoo

    1. Oh my word Pam.. the drama is so staged! Hilarious. El did really well! We are so proud of her! But man it was a long weekend for the rest of us. I think Kenny and I will divide and conquer next time. We took the whole family and that was just too much dance for Kole to sit through! Poor kid. :) A nap today would be a dream! But never happens around here. ;) Thanks cutie! So happy you like the table! I hope you had a good weekend! :) xo

  3. Maybe the room could use another neutral that’s still a color? What about navy as the other neutral? You could do damask linen curtains in a navy/white and then you can do navy plate chargers and maybe paint the back of the cabinets navy. It could be a good “base color” and it would go well with whatever accent color you seasonally rotate (like coral and golden yellow).

    I think it would be super cool to potentially use your existing settee in anther place (I know you tried it out in your entryway once?) and get like a high-back, tufted leather settee. Your elegant formal living is so bright and has some navy undertones, this room could maybe have a “handsome” feel and pull from it? Look at me willy nilly dreaming how I would spend other people’s money and giving my unsolicited opinion!

    1. Casey! You made me laugh! Spend my money any way you want cutie! Ha ha.. ;) Seriously LOVED your ideas! And navy is definitely a color I have considered! I’ll think about your suggestions for sure! I need to figure this room out, but right now I have so many other projects in the works. I always start too many things and never finish anything! :) xo

      1. I have a love/hate relationship with projects. Because STARTING them is fun. It’s ideas and planning and seeing a dream start to take shape. And I want them done, because the finished project usually makes my life easier or more beautiful.

        But finishing them? Oh bless it. That’s just… work. And nothing is as cheap as I want it to be. And everything takes longer than I anticipate. Half finished projects mock me on the reg. That’s the “hate” part of the relationship. Generally I just feel like unfinished spaces and projects (hi, I have a college scrapbook I haven’t finished for over a decade) just make me feel awful. Like I’m lazy or unfocused. And I know that’s just simply not true because I do accomplish and finalize so many things. There are just more ideas than time. Oh gosh I need to stop – we as women can be so hard on ourselves!

        I need three Caseys. Three of me should be enough to do it all.

        1. Casey you crack me up! Ha ha.. :) I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told my husband that exact same thing! “If only there were a few more of me!” So many projects.. so little time.. I completely feel your pain. :) xo

  4. No, Erin! Stay strong! Don’t cook! Order the Chinese!

    And the table is beautiful! I had to order two lanterns from PB also. I fell in love with yours. 😏 Is your table from PB also?


    1. Ha ha! Ok! You talked me into it. ;) Thank you Robyn! Aren’t those lanterns great!? I use them so much. No.. my farmhouse table was from Restoration Hardware. :)

    1. Hi Karlee! I should have put that in my post! The three farmhouse chairs are from Restoration Hardware and the two on the sides were from Ballard Designs. :) xo

  5. Your dining room is gorgeous! I need a new rug for my living room and have been considering this PB rug since I saw it in your home. I was wondering if you looked at the other 2 colors it comes in and how they compare. I’m torn b/c I have tan, beige, and gray in my living room. Just wondering what your take is on all 3 colors avail. Thank you and love your blog.

    1. Thank you Erin! I’m so happy you enjoy my blog! So sweet of you. I looked at all colors when I was considering the rug for my family room and debated getting the gray, but at the end of the day I just loved the way the natural rug looked the best. I felt like the gray would have been too much gray in my space because of my gray paint and drapes, etc. I wanted a bit of a contrast that was still a neutral. I really feel like the neutral rug I have would look good in any space with whatever you have going on! And it compliments grays well. It brings a lot of texture and warmth to the room too. I think you can order samples on line for $25 so you might want to get some to compare in your living room. But I have a feeling you’ll like the natural the best. :) xo

      1. Aww thank you so much for the info on the samples. I will definitely be ordering those but will probably the same color as yours in the end b/c it looks so good!

  6. Erin I love this table and that gorgeous centerpiece! It’s precious! Your home gets me every time, no matter what room you post! And btw – those chippendale chairs would be perfect in my dining room!!

    1. Tamara! You are so sweet to stop by! Thank you sweet friend. You made my day. :) And I know right!? Love those chairs! They really would look good in your dining room! xo

  7. So pretty! I am loving this series with the Easter tablescapes! It really makes me want to host Easter lunch!

    1. See! Just 2 of the 3,ooo reasons I love you so much Kris! Ha ha.. :) Thanks cutie! Next time we’re together the Chinese food is on me! ;) xo

  8. Hi Erin,
    I’m curious, are you getting SPAM in your replies?

    I’ve just received about 29 updates from the same “person”.

    By the way, I meant the annoying type of spam, not the tinned kind.:)

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