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Easter in the entry!

Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed with life and everything on my to-do list I have a little trick I do that helps.  It’s a secret, but I love you all so I’m happy to share my secret with you.  Ready for it?  Here it is..

I ignore everything that needs to be done.

And I decorate one of my console tables.

True story.  :)
easter-in-the-entry-3That’s why you see a decorated console table post pop up about once every other month.  For whatever reason, moving things around on my console tables and shelves relaxes me.  It’s play when I’m tired of work.
easter-in-the-entry-11Holidays give me an excuse to mix things up, but really it’s just my secret trick to escape reality and clear my mind.  Sometimes if I have a to-do list a mile long, errands to run, a house to clean, e-mails to answer, dinner to make, kids to pick up and drop off and pick up and drop off again.. I start to feel.. overwhelmed.  Taking a little time out to do something simple I love helps me re-set.  And then I’m good to go again.  :)
I didn’t change much.  Just added these faux white cherry blossoms for Spring.  (similar blossoms here)  It looked a little stark with the white up against my white molding so I added some Mercury Eggs.  LOVE them!
So I added more Mercury Eggs.. and then some more.  All of PB’s Easter stuff is on sale right now and that’s when I snatch up holiday decor.   Minor obsession with these eggs, but they are just so shiny and pretty!  I think I’ll leave them up through April and next year I will be so excited to pull them out again.
I kept the middle wooden frame and silver framed picture the same and moved my Roman Numeral sign back from my office.  I knew it wouldn’t stay in that spot for long. :)
This cute glitter basket was on sale for 12 bucks!  I love the touch of silver in it.  Bunny bowl is from Home Goods and the perfect place for my Easter candy stash.  Easter candy happens to be the very best candy in my opinion and Spring just wouldn’t be the same without my daily dose of Chicks Ducks and Bunnies.  easter-in-the-entry-5
You can see most of the reds are gone.  That’s a sign that my Ellie is enjoying her daily dose of candy too.  She always eats the reds first. :)  Because this basket is so tall I stuffed it with dish towels!  Then I just added moss to the top.  And more eggs of course.
There you go!  After just 20 minutes of re-arranging I felt calm, collected and ready to jump back into life.  After a few more Easter candies.

Bring on the holiday!  And that to-do list.


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xoxo, Erin
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20 thoughts on “Easter in the entry!

  1. It’s simple & beautiful Erin! I love it. I agree with wanting to mix things up. I have little ornament eggs, never thought of adding to my floral arrangement. Great idea. I’m headed to Pottery Barn today due to I find the physical store has better sales couple days right before Easter. Hopefully I’ll find my Have a blessed Easter!

  2. Looks great, Erin! Those mercury eggs are so neat looking! They really pop against the neutral colored eggs. You have a great eye for decor/design and I’m happy for you that you are able to do a reset while decorating and get that break you need from the work of other parts of your life. That’s gotta feel so good! Have a great day and here’s to lots more progress! Hugs! :)

  3. Your console table looks great! I LOVE the mercury glass eggs! We’re currently in a temporary apartment so all of our holiday decor is in storage…I’m itching to decorate!

    1. Oh that’s hard! I remember that feeling when we were packing and moving during holidays. I wanted to get the Christmas tree out in our new house before I even unpacked our clothes! Ha ha.. :)

  4. Not sure why but your feed hasn’t been updating on my blog roll!!! UGH. Last post was Ellie’s birthday. Had to laugh at the sweet tart comment. Each of us has a favorite color too. Ok, now going to catch up!!

  5. Looks darling with those eggs, they are
    so pretty! Wish we did live next door and then I’d get a cute console table and everytime you redid yours you could do mine too!

    1. Thanks Josie! Oh man.. wouldn’t that be the best!? And I have you take all the pictures of both of our tables. ;) Happy Easter weekend! xo

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