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Kole’s room (the beginning!) and a special night

I have so many projects going on around my house right now my head is spinning.  But it’s a good spin. :)  My three main BIG priorities this year were to get our garage organized, my master bedroom decorated, and Kole’s bedroom decorated.  All three of those projects are in motion right now (yea!).  I’m also working on a spring table setting, multiple gallery walls, completely re-organizing my office, and I’m half way finished with my new system for storing kids’ school/art work.  Oh!  And it’s Kole’s birthday party this Saturday and Easter on Sunday.  Add every day life with my kids to the mix and I might be going just a tad crazy right now!  The funny thing is that I’m seriously itching to jump in and start organizing my closet.  I might start tomorrow morning.

Hi.. my name is Erin and I can’t finish a project before starting five new projects.  Admitting it is the first step right?  What is wrong with me!?

Don’t answer that question.  I don’t want to know.  :)

Aside from my issues, today we are talking about Kole’s bedroom.  Finally.  I’ve had so many questions about his bedroom and the reason I haven’t shared it on the blog yet is because there hasn’t been much to share!  We moved the girls’ old bunk beds into our guest room when we moved into our new house and put him there temporarily.  We did this because the kids’ rooms are all upstairs and he was still so little.  I wanted him close to my bedroom (the guest room is just down the hall from our master).  Now it has been a couple of years and I feel like he is ready to make the move upstairs with his sisters.  Especially since he doesn’t really sleep in his own bed anyway.  Ha!  I’m hoping a new “big boy bed” and room will help with his little night wandering problem.  If not, I’ll have to add a comforter to my living room sofa. ;)
Last Saturday my husband had just returned from his morning run when he was recruited to help my carpenter (who because of my love of wood work is now the 6th member of our family).  They carefully carried one board at a time up the stairs.
Let’s get this party started!
Shiplap!  Makes me giddy just typing the word!  Chip and Joanna would be so proud. ;)  This is Kole’s bedroom and for the past two years we have had just a guest bed and a few doll houses in it.  All company has slept here since Kole was occupying the guest room.  I have a vision for what I want his room to look like and that vision includes a focal wall with shiplap.  I was so excited to finally get things started!
Half way done!
My son, as always, was a huge help.  These two go way back.  :)
Here is a peek of the other side of his bedroom.  The hallway you see leads to his closet and bathroom.  Aside from the window seat and pull out drawers I put in this space it is such a glorious blank slate!  Can’t wait to decorate it all.  Kole is excited too.  He wants those two pink doll houses OUT.  :)
shiplap-wallHere is what the wall looks like finished!  I debated bringing the shiplap all the way around to the wall on the right, but then decided to just stick with one focal wall.  It still needs to be painted, but I have my carpenter doing one other little thing next weekend in my hallway and then I’ll get everything painted at the same time.  (Oh yeah.. another project in motion I didn’t mention.)  Stay tuned for lots of project updates!  And let’s all just ignore the fact that updates might be all you get because nothing ever gets finished around here.
In other news.. last weekend my girls and their dad went to our school’s annual Dad/Daughter Dance.  Such a special night and one they have all been looking forward to.
I gave my girls their Easter dresses a week early so they had something new to wear for their big night.  El wore the cute floral Gap dress I shared Friday in my Favorites post.
Ad felt like a little princess in her new embroidered dress from Nordstroms.  I looked at a lot of dresses for this special night, but these two were the winners.  I love mint, El just wants to be comfortable, Ad loves fashion and dressing up fancy.  We were all happy. :)
I ordered corsages too.  Love this picture. :)

sweatheartsball (El’s black shoes/newest version of Ad’s pink shoes)

And this one.  Headed to the dance!
A friend who was at the dance sent me these pictures the next day.  They are such treasures to me.
My heart skipped a beat when I saw this one.  Aside from my two looking so happy together, I saw all of those dads in the background dancing with their daughters and before I knew it I had a huge lump in my throat.
Love these three too much.  Such a special night!

One they will always remember.


xoxo, Erin
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47 thoughts on “Kole’s room (the beginning!) and a special night

  1. You had a lump in your throat looking at picture of all dads dancing with their daughters and I had tears in my eyes looking at that same picture. So adorable .
    I love el and ad dresses, both of them looking very cute.
    I can’t wait to see kole bedroom and master bedroom.

    1. Thank you Shmyla! I know.. such a sweet picture! Something about dad’s with their little girls just melts me. Bedroom progress is coming! Not sure when, but it’s coming. ;) xo

  2. Oh gosh, what a great post, Erin! So excited for you to have moved forward on some of the projects you lined up. Hey, if you don’t get done right away at least you’ve gotten a little bit done, right? But I have the utmost faith that you will see it through! The shiplap looks awesome! I think you’ve got some new frame worthy photos there of your handsome and helpful hubby with your beautiful daughters! One of my daughters would dearly love the dresses your daughters are wearing. (the other daughter of mine is completely averse to any kind of dress, haha) She loves that color blue!! I smiled at the photo from the dance. So heartwarming to see all those dads and daughters dancing. Hugs from blizzarding Colorado. We have a snow day today!

    1. Oh my word! A snow day sounds so fun right now Jeanne! It’s nice here, but when you always have nice you kind of itch for cold stay inside the house weather. :) Yes! I’m feeling good that at least my projects are in motion. I just need to focus on one thing long enough to finish it. So hard for me! El is the same as your daughter.. only wears a dress when she HAS to and it has to be comfortable. That girl would live in pj’s if I let her. Although that doesn’t sound so bad to me either. Ha! Thank you! Enjoy your snow day cutie! Drink some hot chocolate for me. ;) xo

  3. Hi Erin,

    Im trying to pick a grey “neutral” paint to run through the main part of my home but Im having a challenge finding the right shade. Im considering SW “Alpaca” but its a little lighter than I prefer on the walls. Would you mind sharing the color of your walls in your main living space halls, etc.

    1. Hi Jenelle! Greys are SO hard! Try “Seattle” by Frazee (now Sherwin Williams). It’s the main grey throughout my house and I LOVE it! xo

  4. I am somewhat new to your blog and love your home. Just completed my new home with similar colors and finishes. Eagerly waiting to see how you decorate the rooms, especially your master. A quick question? I noticed your black and white striped rug at your door. I have several similar rugs in my house from HomeGoods or TJMaxx but the white area gets dirty so easily and they are all labeled ‘don’t wash or dry clean’. What? How do you clean yours? I’m tempted to wash them, can’t leave them out like they are, what have I got to loose at this point? Thank you!

    1. Hi Dianne! So happy you found me.. nice to “meet” you! My striped rug was was from HomeGoods too and I have the same problem! I’ll probably try tossing it in the wash at some point (and laying it out to dry) because like you said.. what’s to lose? I think I only paid $12 for it. :) It was such a good deal I actually bought a few of them so I’d have back ups if the wash didn’t work! Fingers crossed our rugs stay in tact! :) xo

  5. Your hubs and daughter dancing together and him putting the corsage on her wrist… oh my just a whole load of sweetness : ) Kole’s room is gonna be so cool. (Was shiplap even a thing before Chip and Jo? lol) Happy Birthday to him this weekend and Happy Easter!! What a wonderful time of celebration : )

  6. That wall is lookin’ good! I wish our school did a daddy daughter dance – I know my 6-year-old would be in heaven! I have some questions for you, is email the best way to contact you so I don’t hijack your comments thread?

  7. I can’t wait to see what color you choose to paint the shiplap. We also have a wall project in our guest bedroom and plan on doing board and batten. I imagine the shiplap would be so much easier to do. Please finish yours so we can decide which to do. Your family is just so sweet!

    1. Thank you so much Debbie! I am planning on just painting it white. :) Hopefully I’ll have progress pics to show before too long! xo

  8. Hi Erin, Love the photos of your daughters and husband. I think El looks like your husband and Ad like you. Your all so cute! I am wondering what kind of floor and what shade it is. I am also considering a grey for the walls, but hubby likes beige. Our house is in the mudding stage right now. We have so many decisions to finalize on yet. Have a Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you so much Vickie! The floor in Kole’s room is carpet and it’s sort of grey/beige! So is his paint. I don’t remember carpet details but the paint is “Himalayan Trek.” A great compromise for you and your husband. :) Good luck with decisions. I know how stressful it all be! Enjoy your Easter! xo

    1. Thank you so much Bree! Thinking of you today styling my living room shelves. Mostly just wishing you were my next door neighbor! :) xo

  9. Oooh I wish I could come hang out …lol drink the diet coke lol!!!!
    Koles room looks awesome!
    OK the daddy daughter dance is the cutest ever .. love it

  10. The shiplap wall is going to be awesome! I like that you’re working on multiple projects and share updates as you go. So glad your husband and daughters had a special night together. Those pictures are great!

  11. That picture of Kenny and Ad is priceless! Love it! I know how it is getting Kenny to give a “real” smile, and that is as real as it gets, love their big grins, having so much fun together! What a fun tradition their school has! Cute, cute pics! Miss those cute girls! Kole room is going to be so cute, what a fun idea!

    1. Thanks cutie! I know. I love that picture so much because it is so genuine! A little different from the ones I made him take in front of the door before they left.. ha! We take what we can get, right? ;) xo

  12. Chip and Joanna would be so proud of the shiplap wall in Kole’s room! Can’t wait to see it all finished….but no pressure, Busy Lady!

    I adore the photos of your sweet little girls and their day, all set for the Father-Daughter Dance. We didn’t have things like that when my kiddos were young (like back in the dark ages). But our son has gotten to do that with his youngest daughters, and I cherish the photos. Dads just seem to look extra handsome when they are escorting their daughters to these special occasions….maybe a bit of a peek into the future when they escort their daughters down the aisle! I know, WAY in the future!

    Warm hugs,

    1. I agree Carol! Dads do look extra handsome with their little girls. So precious. I have to admit that it made me think of that same thing! Future special events like weddings will be here before we know it. Glad we’re still a ways away from that. ;) Enjoy your Easter weekend! I hope you feel wonderful for it. xo

  13. I love that you were able to add the shiplap without removing the crown or baseboard trim. What are the dimensions of that pretty planking and is it tongue and groove? I love the pictures of your sweet girls with their dad!

    1. Thank you so much Heather! They all had so much fun together. I for sure wanted to keep the crown and trim! The planks are a little over 7 inches wide and it’s not tongue and groove (everything else in our house is though!). I wanted a small open space between these for more of a shiplap look. :) xo

  14. Oh my gosh, they are growing up way too fast! They are gorgeous. And, adore the shiplap!! As you know, Chip and JoJo and Waco have a special place in our hearts. We miss BU!!!

    1. I know Lauren! They are growing up too fast! Make it all slow down. ;) Happy Easter cutie! I hope you and your girls are doing well! xo

  15. You are hysterical. One that I laugh WITH and not at. I laugh because I have several projects in motions or just churning in my head that I will start one before I finish the last. Lets just say I still have paint that needs to be razored off my French doors because I had a vision to paint them black. (I must say they Came out pretty cool in a house full of white) playroom doors removed and places somewhere else to be hung, and let’s not even get to my pile of picture frames that have been staring me in the face for almost 2 years. The struggle is real. I feel ya. And I laugh with you.

    1. Ha ha.. Thanks Stephanie! The struggle is definitely real! I’m so happy I’m not the only one in over my head. ;) Happy Easter weekend cutie! xo

  16. Hi Erin, I’m a new follower after I saw a picture of yours on Instagram. I love your house and your taste in design and decor!!!! The pictures of your daughters and husband at their father-daughter dance are so adorable. I’m bummed that my daughter never got to experience a father-daughter dance when she was younger (her school never had one).

    I can’t wait to see your son’s room completed!!!! I love shiplap (huge fan of Fixer Upper)!!!! Where did you purchase your shiplap?

    1. Hi Katie! Thank you so much! So nice to “meet” you. :) I know.. I love that our school does the daddy daughter dance. They just started it last year and my girls had a conflict and couldn’t make it so I was thrilled they got to all go this year. I wish I could tell you a place for the shiplap! My carpenter ordered it for me and I’m not sure where from. Isn’t Fixer Upper fun!? Can’t get enough of that show. Thanks for your sweet comment! Made my day. :) xo

  17. Disregard one of my comments. My phone was acting goofy and I didn’t think my first comment posted. Gotta love these so-called smart phones.

  18. Love love love the shiplap! I told my husband that we HAVE to have shiplap in at least one spot in our new house we’re building. I blame Chip and Jo. Didn’t even know what shiplap was until I was introduced to Fixer Upper, and then the addiction began. Haha! Your girls are adorable, and Addison looks SO much like you! The drawers below Kole’s window are a great idea. I’m getting so many ideas from your house! I just sent your paint colors post to my husband so we can use some of those for our new house. So glad I found your blog!

    1. Hi Meredith! So sorry I haven’t shared any progress yet! It will be coming in Jan/Feb! My posts are all planned for the holidays but I’ll for sure be working on finishing his room and sharing pics in the New Year. :) xo

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