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Kole’s Nursery

Finally finished Kole’s nursery. I had my last doctor appointment today and will be checking into the hospital next Tuesday, March 30th. Cuttin‘ things a little close. :) Here’s the before:

and here’s the after:

A bit more boyish. I ordered the turtle crib bedding from Baby Gap on-line. After this post when I asked for help finding bedding, my mom and several of my blog commenter’s recommended Baby Gap. I didn’t even know they sold crib bedding! Thanks again to everyone who gave me on-line sites to check out. It was so fun shopping for this.

I kept the frames up and just put new pictures in them. I’m sure I’ll replace them with pictures of Kole at some point. Time to turn my scrapbook table back into a changing table!

I found these cute little green bins to hold diapers and books.

Bought all the baby supplies and organized the drawers. I’m finally feeling prepared!

I can’t get enough of these Newborn Pampers. They are so tiny and smell so good!

Of course, the other half of the room is still a scrapbook room.

Half of the closet is mine. Full of scrapbook supplies.

And half of it is his. Full of clothes and baby supplies. Kole will learn the concept of “sharing” at a very young age. :)
xoxo, Erin
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52 thoughts on “Kole’s Nursery

  1. Kole’s room looks so cute I just love all the green! I can’t wait to see what this little guy is going to look like. Boy does time fly by fast.

  2. DARLING! Glad to see reason won out over the lawyer mumbo-jumbo! Are you being induced or having a c-section? Have a wonderful birth day! I’m one of those wacky women who loves my time in the hospital after having a baby. Such a tender time for me and my hubby and the sweetheart we created together. Good luck!

  3. It looks great! I love the colors. I will be getting in the nursery/my scrapbook corner this weekend. Sad thing is… Emma Lee will be getting 1/2 the room for and the new baby will be getting the other 1/2. No real room for Mommy’s scrapbook stuff at this point. No worries… We are adding on a whole ‘nother room just for my stuff and our school so I guess I can wait a little while until that is finished. Have a great weekend and enjoy these last few days with your girls.

  4. Oh Erin, I’m so excited for you!!! The room looks GREAT and Turtles are such a cute idea for a boy room. I can’t wait for you to have this little guy. I hope it all goes smooth, good luck to you!!

  5. That is the CUTEST bedding ever! I absolutely love the big green bows! How perfect for Kole’s mom who also loves green.

    Everything looks so cute and organized. You are ready.

    Looking at that stuff made me so baby hungry but this time I don’t feel that way for my own baby, just other people’s!

    Hope it’s ok if I come to your house and hold him when he’s like 3 days old.

  6. His room is darling! I had no idea Baby Gap sold cribbing either. So excited for you to not be pregnant again and see that little guy. It’s so exciting to see what a boy will look like, isn’t it?
    By the way, would you be bothered if I used the name Kole? I suggested it to Rob and he really likes it! And of course I love it too.

  7. Ok, you so down played how cute the room was going to be!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! I love the navy and green!!! Turtles are so fun and different!

    But I especially love how straight those Turtle pictures are hanging! So even. So perfect. What is your secret??? :)

  8. Darling! And I know what you are thinking…if you surround him with turtles, it may slow him down some. It will not! Yay boy baby!! You can come now…:)

  9. His room is absolutely darling! I sure can’t wait to see pictures of him in his turtle crib…best of luck to you in the coming week. Rest up! Enjoy your girls! Go on a date with Kenny! And then, on Tuesday…enjoy baby Kole. Love you!

  10. Good luck on Tuesday. The room looks darling. We weren’t as prepared with our 3rd and 4th. Jeff was out buying stuff while I was in the hospital and even after we got home.

  11. very CUTE and you are super organized! can’t wait to see pics of the little guy…

    we are going to drive to Utah in may so that we can ‘hopefully’ see baby drew! maybe we will run into you guys then! good luck :)

  12. Erin! I seriously can not believe you are having a baby in just a few days!!! It seems like we were just having one of our many baby conversations…2 kids, 3 kids….and now you’re about to be a Mom of 3!!! I’m going to be dying that I can’t come see you right away! You are going to do so great.

    Kole’s room is looking absolutely darling, love it.

    Enjoy this weekend to the fullest with the girls! We love you all and are so excited for you!

  13. Love, love the bedding. I wouldn’t have thought to look there even though I have seen it when I have looked on their clearance pages, duh!

    You look totally prepared!!

  14. Everything looks great!! You did a great job and I know everything will go wonderfully Tuesday!! Have a great weekend with your little family of four :)

  15. It’s about time!! I have been waiting for this post for weeks! I’ve been so anxious to see what bedding you chose. It’s way cute Erin- I’m glad you were able to find something to work with the green walls- love it!! He will now be able to sleep in style (which is very important!)
    I’m counting down the days for you Erin…only 4 more left. Wow! I can’t wait see pictures. GOOD LUCK on TUESDAY!!!! And just keep telling yourself “last one!!” :)
    Love ya

  16. Erin, I’ve been reading even ‘tho I’ve been retarded about both blogging and commenting. I’m proud of you, girl! I love the name Kole…and he is so lucky and blessed to come to your family. You are a fantastic mom. You’ve taught your girls…and husband well. And life with him being a baby, I think, will be a time you will now come to really enjoy. I finally learned that with Mckay, my youngest. All your hard work is about to pay off…I’m so excited for you!!!

  17. I can’t get enough of this. How are you possibly so organized! I LOVE how you switched over the room to boy. Green and navy just looks so great. IMPRESSED to say the least. =) I’m glad I found your blog…

  18. Bring on Baby Kole! I’ve been waiting for a nursery decor post – they’re my favorite. Maybe because home projects consume the life of the Hazen family :) I love the bedding and how perfect did the green walls transfer from girl to boy. Don’t love the photo of US missing from the wall, but I will forgive that little detail! Such cute clothes all ready to go too! Can’t wait to meet the first baby boy into the family…our little gift package will be in the mail next week. Something custom made, just for him :)

  19. Darling, darling nursery. And dare I say you are the best “nester” I have ever seen!

    Good luck on Tuesday. What a fun time. Congratulations to your lovely family.

  20. Will be thinking of you on Tuesday! That is so clever how you turned it into such a darling baby boy room. It is definitely all ready! Best wishes and love the name Kole.

  21. i LOVE Kole’s nursery! it turned out perfect. that bedding is absolutely adorable…not to mention it goes perfectly with the green walls! i really just love how organized and ready you are for your little bundle of joy to arrive. you did a fabulous job on the room transformation (well, at least the half that you re-did) :).

    i’m in line behind shari for coming over and holding that little guy when he’s so tiny. i’ll leave my rug-rats home with aaron. it almost makes me baby hungry thinking of how sweet & tiny newborns are. too bad i have ZERO desire to get pregnant.

    enjoy your weekend before the big day!

    p.s. sorry i had to run so quickly today after i dropped that envelope off to you. we were off to a picnic for aaron’s work & were running late. sorry if i was short or rude! i did want to talk to you more (and now there is this uber long comment on your blog as a result!). ;) enough from me.

  22. Kole is going to LOVE his room! In the pic of the folded blankets in the drawer, my little Andrew has that same baby blue blanket on the right hand side. He drags is EVERYWHERE and can’t sleep without it!!! He calls it his “B.”

  23. You are so great! I LOVE your blog and I love how you write. You are talented! Good luck with this new adventure. I hope everything goes as well as it can! :)

  24. Erin! Sooooo cute! Look at those TINY diapers and clothes :0) Wish my 5 month old was still that little!!! Love the bedding, it matches perfect with the already green walls! It’s PERFECT!

    Thanks so much for all the San Diego info you e-mailed me, we are here right now and having a BLAST!

    Sit back and relax, enjoy your two little princess’, and make Kenny give you a massage. Tuesday is coming QUICK! CAN’T WAIT!!!

  25. Erin, the pictures of the nursery are so cute! You did a great job, and it works great with the scrapbook supplies. Good job! I wish you the best tomorrow with the delivery. We will be waiting for pictures and details. Good luck.

  26. It is adorable–I love the turtles! The green with the navy looks so nice.

    Ahhh, I miss Pampers Swaddlers. Those are my favorite diapers. Is that sad that I have favorite diapers? LOL!

    ~ Sarah

  27. I just love the nursery. The colors are great for a little boy. Having a turtle theme is so cute, I did baby ducks and a little giraffe thrown in. You have done an amazing job getting it all ready and cute for the big day. I know this is late but hope everything went fine and you are holding and loving that new baby boy right now. It really is fun to have a boy after having girls. Can’t wait to see pictures. Take care and god bless!!

  28. The turtle theme is very cute – and something not ‘everyone’ has which is nice as well.

    Since the babies are in with us for the first year or so, and I didn’t have space for a ‘nursery’ (as cute as they very much are), our laundry became a ‘laundry/dressing room’ and in there is all the Bumgenius, Baby clothes etc and the change mat is on top of the front loader… this makes it even easier to pop a load of washing in as with a NB they’re changed so often!

    Anyway, in there also is two of the four children’s drawers, hanging gear, husband’s hanging work clothes, clothes sorters etc – maximising what once was a useless space. So anyone else needing space the laundry might be another option to consider :)

    I’m off to see your laundry now, I’m curious! LOL

    Your rooms are all looking lovely. Thanks for the inspiration :)

    Kristy in Australia.

  29. Hi Jenni! Thank you so much! I got the turtle wall art with the rest of the bedding at Gap of all places! Gap on-line sells a few sets of baby bedding. It has been a while since I bought it though so I’m not sure if they still have the turtles. Hope that helps! :)

    1. Hi Lauren! I don’t have a color for that room because I just took a bin I had in that color to my local paint store and had them match it! Sorry that’s not more help!

  30. I absolutely love everything about this room! Can I ask where you got your changing table? That may be my favorite part (other than the turtles!)

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