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Mermaids and More

So have you all seen the new Barbie in A Mermaid Tale movie? No! Really? It’s been out for like 5 days now. ;) It’s of course all the rage at our house. My girls got all the mermaid dolls for Christmas this year so they have been patiently waiting for this movie to come out since December. We bought the movie last weekend and since then they have been busy watching the movie, acting out the movie, begging for baths to play with the mermaids in the water, pretending to surf on my furniture, begging to go to the beach, and drawing pictures of the surfer/mermaids.

Gotta love a good Barbie movie. I know we all do. :)

Speaking of tub toys I finally got around to organizing ours. I have a “to organize before baby” list I’ve been slowly working off of when I find a minute here and there.

I found a minute the other day by throwing Addison in the tub to play while Ellie was at school. She happily splashed around in the water while I hauled to get their toys straightened.

Ahhh. Much better. I should have taken a picture of the ‘before’ because this cupboard was a sad sight.

Cleaning their bathroom cupboards felt so good that I decided to tackle our closet – Kenny’s side. My side stays pretty orderly. Kenny’s needs to be re-organized…well…too often. Addison got out of the tub, but continued playing with the mermaids on dry land while I worked.

Goodwill garbage bags at the top of my stairs are always a happy sight. :) About five more areas on my list left to tackle. Tomorrow – the spice cupboard. Bring it on.
xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “Mermaids and More

  1. I’ve been hyperventilating at some of the sites in my house. I’ve had to breathe slowly and remind myself that I can’t do it right now, walk away, walk away. I think I might use your tub idea this afternoon. I haven’t used that trick in a while. You’ve got feel good having this done. Good luck with the rest.

  2. I love. love. love. cleaning, straightening, organizing! Gives me such joy and I feel sooo good afterwards. I get bummed when everything is all tidy because there is nothing to straighten and organize! Ha!

    Best wishes in the coming weeks! ;)

  3. Hi there, your post made me laugh because your life is so different than mine. I’ve got two boys and we do not play with mermaids.Ha.

    I always tackle my husbands side of the closet before mine. His is just easier.

  4. You go girl! You can do it! I have some spots around here that I will be tackling in the next day (make that week) or so before this baby arrives. Ahhh… A big pregnant (me – not you) Mama nesting. Is there anything better? :)

  5. Oh – I feel SO out of it! I did not even know about this movie .. the sad part of my litle girl being grown up and no grand girls yet, sigh! At our house it is the opposite – Steve is alwasy helping me get my closet organized. Love to have some bags to take to the DI — such a great feeling. Good luck with the rest.

  6. So, really, how does the Mermaid movie compare to the others? I’m only getting Madi the best ones you recommend. So far she LOVES Swan Lake and Princess and the Pauper! And I have to admit I quite love Princess and the Pauper too, and I love it even more when she goes around the house singing the songs. So let me know if this is one I need. (I know I need Diamond Castle, but I keep hoping to find it for $5!) What would I do with out you, huh?

    And great job on the organizing, as always! You are my hero, as always!

  7. Look at you, with that nesting energy! You have no idea how, when you show little girl toys, my heart melts for this long ago years.
    That closet looks SO perfect! That’s the ONE area of our home I didn’t get to…my husband’s side of the closet!

  8. But Erin, really…how much organizing could your hardly used spice cupboard need??? :) Sorry, I just love to tease you.

    I tease you because I’m so jealous!

    I’m just amazed that you have room under that sink for just toys. My kids’ cupboard is filled with lotion, shampoo and feminie hygiene products.

    And, you’ll be happy to hear that Eden is watching that movie right this minute. She got it for her birthday. (From what I’ve seen and heard it’s totally weird but whatever keeps her happy.)

    Keep up that great nesting! But, don’t over do.

  9. i can only imagine how organized your home is going to be once Kole arrives. you’re already really organized to begin with. that wonderful talent coupled with nesting is going to put your home in tip top shape! awesome. one less thing to think/worry about once that sweet baby boy is here.

  10. Erin – I’m impressed with your nesting bug this late in the game. Your closet looks great! I love how girly your girls are, it cracks me up.

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