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Project Life – Addison’s Book

Just wanted to share the beginning of Addison’s book. I decided to start her book in May of 2009 because I wanted to include her third birthday party. We celebrated it during our family trip to Cancun which made it an extra fun celebration. :) I wanted to include some 5×7’s so I decided to do a few traditional layouts to include in her Project Life book.

Those are the birthday layouts. Here is her album so far…

Her cover page is the same as Ellie’s.

I had so many Cancun pictures, but didn’t want the trip to be ten pages in her album so I developed a lot of collages (I used Picasa to make them) and just cut them up and adhered the small pictures to the journaling cards. I rounded the corners to keep the look of the vertical pictures the same.

Here are the scrapbooked layouts integrated into the album. I know I’ve said it before, but this is my favorite thing about these albums. I can add any additional memorabilia and it all works. If I have time and am in the mood to scrapbook something, I can just add the layout to the album and then go back to just inserting pictures. Perfect solution for busy scrapbookers!

Fun to add some of Addison’s quotes. (Once again – just printed from my blog)

And that’s where I’m at so far! Only caught up through August. I have two weeks until the baby comes and six and a half months of her album to do. Hmmmm. We’ll see if that happens. You should see Kole’s nursery/my scrapbook room. The room is full of baby stuff that needs to be put away, half way decorated, with scrapbook supplies all over the place. Looks like a total bomb went off. When I’m not in the room messing things up even more, I just close the door because the sight of it is a bit overwhelming right now. Crossing my fingers for some extra energy to come my way. Real quick! :)

**Update – You can see how I document “school days” here.

xoxo, Erin
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19 thoughts on “Project Life – Addison’s Book

  1. Wow! You are amazing! When do you find the time to scrapbook at all? You’re expecting, and from the looks of your blog entries a seriouly busy mom of two active little girls! I’m in awe…I have to squeeze in the time to shower and brush my teeth! How long do you spend on each layout, approximatly?

  2. Oh those books look so dang cute! I can’t wait to get down to look through every page.
    Tell the girls that grandma already has her suitcase out and clothes already packed to come and see them.
    (I will need another suitcase just to put in the surprises I have for them!) I can’t wait to see all of you!
    Don’t push yourself too hard these last 2 weeks.

  3. WOW!! Addison’s book is so cool too. I love how you change it up for whatever occassion. Your scrapbook pages on her 3rd bday is adorable. Love your style. I read the cute things she says too, so funny. Do you keep a journal handy to write all that down. That’s a great picture of your husband all dressed up looking pretty!! I agree with Bonnie you should relax and not over do it. Enjoy your last couple weeks as a family of 4 with those two precious girls. Have a good week and thanks so much for sharing with us. Can’t wait to see pictures of your new baby when he comes. Good luck!!

  4. I forgot to add that I like your reward chart for the girls. I’m thinking of doing something like that soon. The kids are saying not kind words to each other lately and I want to get a handle on it before summer break starts. glad it’s working out good for your girls.

  5. You are Awesome!!! Loved catching up on your blog & checking out all your darling pictures. You are amazing! Your birthday looks like you had a blast! Excited for your family and wish you all the best these next few weeks.

  6. Do you want me to come over and help you? I am 100% not joking. I love decorating and can be your hands while you direct! We could have that room ship-shape in not time at all!

  7. Hi! I came across your blog and am loving your project life books! I used to be big into scrapbooking, but 4 kiddos later I don’t have that much time. Are these books you buy? Or have you just put them together? Where can I learn about them! Thanks!

  8. Addison’s book looks awesome! I love her 3rd birthday layouts.
    I can’t believe you only have 2 more weeks! So exciting! It will be ok his room isn’t quite put together when he gets here, he will never know. Boys don’t really care about that stuff anyway! ;)

    PS It looks like your birthday was great! The manicure without polish is a great idea!

  9. I just wanted you to know that after I write this comment, I’m going to get my butt off the computer and work on my Project Life book. The poor thing has been sitting in its box since January. JANUARY!
    Thank you for inspiring me :)

    BTW, I love that you printed out “quotable quotes”. I have kept a journal since my babies were small and wrote down cute things they did or said. I think I’m going to steal your idea (if that’s okay with you)…print them out and then put them in the Project Life book. You are a genius!
    Good luck these next 2 weeks!!

  10. LOVE it Erin! You are doing such a fabulous job! I am just so glad that you have inspired me with the printing collages idea, it’s like it never crossed my mind and now- hello perfect solution to my “I take way to many pictures but I love them all” problem. And I love how you did the b-day pics too! WAY cute! Oh and don’t worry the babies room doesn’t need to be perfect right away. As long as you know where the diapers, wipes and onsies are, you’ll be fine! I wish I could sneak down with your Mom for a few days!

  11. Such a beautiful treasure. I love that you have some of their fun quotes. My kids definitely don’t have beautiful books like this but am grateful that I recorded so many of their funny, priceless quotes.

  12. one word: STOP! Honest. really. Can you? I’m with Ann…enlist some help and energy. Please don’t require anymore from your tired little body. It is oh! so busy boy building right now. Figure out what time…we’re comin’ over…

  13. Your 2nd book looks great too.

    Just curious… We are moving things around with this new baby coming soon. Where do you keep all your scrap stuff?

    I am running out of room around here. :)

  14. Just came across your project life book… totally love how you’re doing it!!

    I was planning to do something similar for my son’s baby book (slotted pages)but I wasn’t exactly sure how it was going to look but your pages gave me some great ideas!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  15. I am very interested in how you got the tiny pix for the bottom of the journaling card…brilliant idea!

    How many pictures did you pick for your collage and what size prints to you print?

  16. I’m getting all sorts of great ideas! Do you use alot of the same pictures in each childs book if they are in the same pictures together or at the same event? Do you use one book per year or how long of a time frame would go in each project life album? Also, do you create seperate photo albums/seperate project life albums for yourself to keep of all the photos?

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