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Easter Fun

Last Saturday morning the girls were playing so nicely together upstairs that I didn’t want to call them downstairs to the table for breakfast. I just didn’t want to interrupt the flow. Nothing like a calm, drama free morning. Plus I was too lazy to make much for breakfast.

So instead, I pulled out this Easter tin I bought for sugar cookies…

and filled it with “breakfast.” My girls love to have blanket picnics so they were delighted to be eating breakfast upstairs for a change. Saturday’s should be less structured, right?

The Easter tin was especially fun because they loved guessing what each Easter picture was under the food. And don’t forget the toothpicks. What is it with kids and toothpicks? If I give my kids a tooth pick, food is suddenly MUCH more interesting. A little trick I use to get them to try all kinds of stuff they wouldn’t normally eat.

See. Gotta have the toothpicks.

Speaking of Easter and food, my little candy arrangement is long gone. I was tempted to buy more candy, but thought better of it.

so instead I bought this festive little Easter tree. I’m loving the sequined sparkly eggs! Can’t wait for Easter this year. Since it’s right around the time I’ll be bringing home a new little chick. :)
Here’s wishing everyone my favorite kind of weekend. One that’s lazy and drama free!
xoxo, Erin
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23 thoughts on “Easter Fun

  1. No wonder fondue has stayed so popular through so many years. It all started with a childhood toothpick fascination. Happy Weekending, E!

  2. You are such a cute mom!! How funny you mentioned toothpicks this morning. Last night at dinner my girls wouldn’t eat their pancakes, strawberries, and bananas. So I whipped out the toothpicks and suddenly their plates were empty! They loved eating with them.

    Thanks for your sweet comment about life after law school. I really needed to hear that yesterday. I’m still getting over the fact that we aren’t going back to SLC and it’s hard. I wanted my girls to grow up around their families so badly. BUT with that said, I’m just grateful he got a job :) We will make our life full of fun down in AZ. I just might have to re-read your comment on those hard days :) Thanks again for being so encouraging!

  3. You are such a GREAT MOM!!! I’ve NEVER let my kids eat with toothpicks…what’s wrong with me? Well, I guess there will be plenty of chances to make up for it! Thanks for your good example!

  4. That does look like a fun breakfast. I have to admit that I hardly ever make fun little snacks like that for my kiddos. I will definitley be doing that more. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  5. Cute idea! Gotta try it.

    Sequined eggs are from Pier One right? I had not been there in *ages* but was there in search of pillows last week and somehow ended up spending a fortune on Easter decor (including those eggs) . . . cute stuff!

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Easter tree!!!! Love it!!!!! That is so cute!

    I can’t wait to hear/see what you are hanging this afternoon! The laser level hasn’t been requested for a long, long time! :)

  7. What a fun idea — it sounds like you capture so many wonderful moments with your girls! Yes I have the same challenge with keeping a candy dish full … constantly emptying it! Oh, love that you will be bringing home a new little one for Easter! Exciting! (Neat that your dad went to USU also. They didn’t do so well at the game today. Still love my school.)

  8. I love those tins. I do that “snack” meal in a mini muffin pan every now and then and it seems to work like a charm. I like how yours had a holiday twist.

  9. Yeah! I’m comment number 20, do you even have time to read these comments?
    Yes, toothpicks. They love them at Costco, why did I not think to bring the idea home.

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