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A bit of mom randomness

(Lovely picture. Addison was being…well…Addison.)

We moved Addison from her toddler car seat into a booster seat this weekend. I don’t know why that was the change that did it, but all I’ve been thinking about since then is how big she is all of a sudden.

Didn’t she JUST look like this? Like yesterday? Every mom says…”it goes by so fast” and
when you’re in the everyday trenches of being a mom to little ones – no – it does NOT feel like it is going by fast. In fact, some days go by painfully slow. But, alas, one day you move your baby into a booster seat in the car and there you go. All of a sudden she isn’t a baby anymore. And it suddenly feels like it IS all going by fast. Too fast.
I’ve been remembering a lot of things lately as I get ready to have another baby. Things like how good Pampers Newborn Swaddler diapers smell (before baby wears them of course), how much STUFF babies require, and how NOT fun the last month of pregnancy is. Mostly though I’ve been remembering things about when my girls were babies. I remember being so overwhelmed with love for Ellie that I was nervous about having another one. How could I ever love anyone as much as I loved Ellie? It didn’t seem possible. And then I had Addison. I’ll never forget the first night I spent with her in the hospital. She was sleeping next to me on the little rolling table bed and woke up and started fussing. I began talking to her and she just stopped. And her little head turned toward my voice. It was so obvious she knew me. And right then and there I was smitten. Completely overwhelmed with love for her. I cried and cried. And it was then that I totally understood how women can have six or more children and love each and every one of them more than life itself.

There are a lot of challenges that come with being a mom to little ones – the sleep deprivation, the constant clean up, the sibling rivalry, the struggle over every little thing from getting the kids dressed in the morning to getting their teeth brushed at night. But in between all of that you have these wonderful little moments. Quick fleeting moments when you make a connection, when your kids are laughing together, or when they say or do something so incredibly sweet. And you know it’s all worth it and you remember how much you love being a mom.
I love sharing these happy moments of my day with Kenny each night. So fun to have someone else who gets it. The other person who loves your kids as much as you do. When we’re hanging out each evening we always talk about what Ellie said that was so funny or what Addison did – that most likely wasn’t funny at the time but now that it’s over – is pretty funny. ;) We talk about things we’re worried about – Addison is a horrible eater – is she getting any nutrition at all? Ellie has a hard time staying focused in school – is she picking up on everything she needs to learn? Then we talk about how proud we are of them, how close the two of them are to each other, how much we love them and want the best for them.

I’ll be honest. I’m really nervous to have a third. Not nervous about the same stuff that I was nervous about with my first two. Not at all nervous that I won’t love this little one more than life itself. Not even nervous about having a boy (although maybe I should be!). Just nervous about the juggle. Will I be able to handle three? To keep it together? Will I still have enough time to be a good mom…and have a little time left over to be me? Will I ever organize, scrapbook, exercise, or blog again!!?? Sounds silly I know. But it’s doing those little things that I love some of the time that allow me to be a good mom the rest of the time.
My goal is to just take it one day at a time. That’s really all we can do as mom’s, right? Focus on and remember the good. Be grateful each morning for a new day to spend with my little ones who mean so much to me. Life is good. Being a mom is great. And if remembering this doesn’t help me survive, at least I won’t be pregnant anymore!!! (Cue the cheers in the background…) :)

xoxo, Erin
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26 thoughts on “A bit of mom randomness

  1. Erin-this is my favorite post of all time. You beautifully summed up what every mom feels. From being overwhelmed with motherhood to it slipping away to quickly, from loving one child to loving multiple, and sharing these thoughts with the one person who cares as much as you do.

    We have talked about this a lot. No, having three will never be like having 2. But having 2 was never the same as having 1. But you will adjust. And you will find a “new normal.” (my favorite new term!) And you will exercise again!!!! I am living proof! You can do this. Enjoy it. It will be over way too fast. Now I need to go to bed!!! :)

  2. Hi Erin, I have just a little bit of advice for you, in your post you were wondering if you would ever scrapbook or exercize or post again, just remember that you need to take care of YOU and give yourself YOU time. If you dont frustration and exhaustion will set in and you wont even realize it. I do daycare and I have seen this in many of my moms, they work all day and come to get their children tired from work and go home to work until bedtime and then colapse exhausted. I tell them all the time to take time for themselves and it takes awhile but they finally get it. OK hang in there and take care, only a couple more weeks and your little boy will be here. just remember YOU TIME Donna ND

  3. I loved this post! You wrapped up the essence of motherhood in a few beautiful paragraphs. Everything you said was SO true. You will do great with 3 little ones!

  4. I weaned Mack (14 mos) last week and I am missing my baby so much! He hardly snuggles now because he’s so on the go all the time, climbing and exploring. His little personality is emerging and he’s changing before my eyes.

    I almost had a breakdown last night after the girls left their milk cups at the edge of the table and Mack grabbed one and spilled milk all over my freshly mopped floor. I expressed my frustration and stopped just shy of crying over spilt milk. This morning I am feeling chagrined about my outburst. I think the constant messes and never having a clean home is one of the most frustrating things about mothering young children. I keep trying to remind myself that before I know it they’ll be teenagers, never home. My house will be clean, but quiet, and that’ll be kind of sad.

    When I had my third child, I really felt a transition to “Ok, this is it. All I can do now is be the mom.” But I adjusted, as Ann said, to my “new normal” and I’ve made it a priority to spend a little me time each day. The best thing you can do is schedule time with Kenny each week to watch the kids while you take off and recharge, even if that just means going to Target without kids (heavenly, right?).

    You will love that little boy so much, and you’ll love watching your girls go ga-ga over him, that you’ll soon forget what life was even like with just two. You’ll do awesome!

  5. Great post! I feel the exact same way about being a mom. It is overwhelming and then you blink and the baby stage is over. Then you blink again and they are going to school! It is crazy.

    I hope you are feeling good! I guess as good as a woman about to have a baby can be! :) You will be a great mom of three!

  6. I’m feeling the same way lately…it all going by to fast. You will be such a great mom of 3, I just know it.

    ps. I keep wondering everyday if it will be your welcome baby boy post. any day now right?!

  7. What a sweet post. Your family is adorable. I have been watching for your announcement that your new little one has arrived! It is so refreshing to read your post today. I am due with my FIRST baby girl this Friday! I am so excited and nervous all in one:) I can’t wait to meet her and just love on her! Best of luck with your new baby boy!

  8. So well said!!! I know exactly what you mean, I struggle everyday with the juggling act. Somedays are better than others. I was so worried when I found out I was pregnant with Emery. I was struggling with 4-how would I take care of 5??? But she has been so much fun, all my kids just are crazy for her. Somehow things work out, not always the way you plan them, but most days my kids are still happy and I guess that’s what reallly matters.

  9. Hi Erin, I continually get chills when I read what you write, sometimes even choked up over the subject. I love the way you are able to express yourself in writing…because I’m feeling the same way, only there is no chance I could write like you. Thanks for that! I know you are going to be an awesome mother of three! You can do it! And, I can not wait to see your sweet baby boy.

    Love you!

  10. Love this post Erin! Reading made me remember that same fear, thinking I loved Pierson SO much, it would be impossible to love another baby the same way. It really is amazing how it happens isn’t it? We’ve been so in love with Madi and I swear I love her more all the time!

    I am so excited to see you with a little baby, (crazy!) and I know you’ll be an amazing mother of 3. Just don’t expect too much of yourself the first year, and you’ll be doing all the things you love before you know it. (Ok, what do I know, if I thought I could handle it I’d be doing it right along with you!) But seriously, I know you’ll do great and you’ll be looking much cuter and more stylish while doing it, than any other mom’s of 3 out there!

    Love seeing the pics of the girls! So adorable!

  11. Pictures are cute but the journaling is precious. You just made this very pregnant lady cry this afternoon. :) I hope you will be printing this and putting it with your Mother’s Day photos for this year.

    I will tell you that for me – #3 was hard. I attribute a lot of it to the total difference in hormones after having 2 boys and then this bundle of feisty pink comes along. But just like you said… It is all so worth it. I am nervous about #4 coming along and Caleb Davis starting kindergarten this fall. Will I be able to juggle all the balls – probably not. As of right now, our site has not been updated in about a week. Yes, it drives me crazy but I know that at the end of the day that spending time with my family and taking care of their immediate needs is more important. Best wishes in the days and weeks ahead. Oh and if you figure out a trick for putting on your socks… Please share!! :)

  12. Such a beautiful post. Great pictures of your cute girls. I have to agree with you, time goes by too fast. My oldest is almost eleven, and I can’t believe it. Enjoy your kids while they are little. There is no time in your life like it. Have a great day!

  13. So beautifully said Erin. Somehow you will juggle it all. And you will be a great mom to three. So excited for you! Can’t wait to hear about his arrival. Will pray for a healthy delivery all around.

  14. For what it’s worth, the adjustment to two kids was way harder than the adjustment to three or even four for that matter for us.

    You can do it!

  15. You say it so well. You’re going to be a great 3 kid mom.

    Love all those pics but my VERY favorite is the one that shows Ellie jumping in mid air, all blurry. Classic Ellie!!!

  16. Oh my goodness what a beautiful post sharing so much of the feelings of a mom. I am at that place now of thinking — where did those years go by – so fast. Although as you describe remembering being in the trenches and so grateful I was home with them but some days … Thinking about you and hoping baby comes soon.

  17. This was a sweet one Erin. I don’t know if it’s just because I love you so much, but I feel like your girls could be mine. I see those baby pictures of them and I miss them! Those were the years that I knew them and got to see them often. Give them a hug from me. I especially loved the pics. that showed how close they are- it SO reminded me of my 2 girls. It made me want to take more pictures! Loved this post!

  18. Amen to all of these comments! I just read The Happiness Project and the author said “the days are long and the years are short!” It’s so true! Having 3 is hard. No sugar coating it! BUT, I wouldn’t change anything. You’ll make it…I can tell! You are so amazing with your children! As you’ve noticed, I don’t blog like I want to. I haven’t made it a priority, but I get the things done that I want to each day (most of the time!). You’ll make it, you’ll make it, you’ll make it! AND it will be worth it!

  19. Hi Erin,

    I keep checking your Project Life blog to see if your baby has come yet. Finally decided to check here and so glad I did. I love your last post on becoming mom to 3. It was so sweet and true. I worried these things too when I had my girls then a BOY!!! It is a little difficult at first since your just use to going with two bigger kids not needing to worry about feedings,naps,etc. Just relax at home those first few weeks and let everyone get to know one another and form that bond. Make sure to say yes to anyone who wants to help no job is to big or to small at this time. My sister would even come and fold laundry and put it away for me. Take lots of pictures and keep a journal nearby to write all these special funny things you want to remember for later. Make time for you even if it’s just 15mts. while hubby/grandma/friend watch kids. Take naps when you can and eat often and good. I kept all snacks and drinks down low where my girls could reach them if I was feeding Sam so they didn’t need help. Every day for Sam’s feeding in the afternoon I told my girls to watch a movie and I rocked and feed Sam till he’d fall asleep or just lay there staring at hime and enjoying this time between us and my girls knew not to ask for anything or intrupt. I loved that time with him it only lasted about 5 weeks but it was what I needed since I knew he’d be the last baby. I also did a lot of the middle night feedings because I knew he’d be the last and I loved every single late night with him, his doctor thought I was nuts when at 3 months he started sleeping thru the night. I missed him being with me and wasn’t ready to give it up well it only lasted till he was 5 months and rolling everywhere so back up we were again. Sorry this is so long just wanted to give you some tips. I can tell just by your photos and stories what a great mom you are and yes you will have enough time and love to take care of all your cute babies. Please let us know when he arrives nothing special just a quick note. Good luck and hope it all goes fast and easy on you.

  20. Don’t be nervous! Well, you can be, because I have been with EVERY single addition. But three is SO great. I LOVED having three! It’s not hard! I really felt like I IMMERSED myself just completely in motherhood. There was nothing else…saying NO was so much easier. Hunkering down as a family…really really putting your family unit first. It felt like we were all closer than ever. You can do it…you are such a great mom….and you have 2 awesome moms-to-be to help out. Boy, will they love their baby!

  21. Oh Erin…You write so good!! You can sum up in words the exact emotions that are felt! It is so sad how fast it goes by! I just took Abbie to register her for Kindergarten today… What? Where did that 5 years go? I, too felt like she was just my baby girl with big brown eyes and a little to notch on her head!! You are going to have so much fu with that new baby…and you will know how fast it goes by, and so you will soak in every moment of it. Savor the smell, of the baby lotion on his feshly bathed skin, the little scrunched up legs and tiny little bum on your chest, the little squeeky sounds he’ll make…it just goes by WAY to fast!! WHY?? Why do they have to be kids so much longer than they are babies?? And then, why do they have to be adults so much longer than they are kids?? It just isn’t fair!!

    Loved you post!! Thanks!

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