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Kitchen decor ideas for Spring!


Today in San Diego it rained all. day. long.  Crazy rain!  Outside it was dark and cloudy and cold.  And rainy.  And wet.  Because rain tends to be rather wet. :)  But inside my house?  It feels like Spring!  I’ve been making some colorful updates to several rooms in my house and today I’m joining some talented blog friends for a “Styled for Spring Tour” to share some kitchen decor ideas for Spring!  YEA.  If you are coming from Kathleen’s fun blog Lindsay Hill Interiors (or any other blog on the tour for that matter) welcome!  So happy to have you here. :)

A lot of my Spring kitchen decor is the same as last year (you might remember my “kitchen re-fresh” from last May) but I did switch out a few things.  When we moved in our house over three years ago I bought some gray rugs from Target for our kitchen that have been great, but they were starting to look pretty worn.  It was time to replace them!  I wanted something that was neutral (because I’m constantly changing my decor!) but that would also add something fun to the kitchen.  Hmmm.. a great neutral that’s also fun.. let’s see.. wait!  I know.  How about some black and white stripes?

I can just see the surprise on all of your faces right now. ;)

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I’ve been so in love with the striped rug in my upstairs laundry room that I decided to bring it into my kitchen to give it a try and what do you know?  I was in love.  :)  Aren’t they fun!?   It’s ok if you don’t like them.  One of my daughters (Addison) wasn’t sure.  She said she loved them but that they also made our kitchen look like a pirate ship.  Ha!  That made me laugh.  I’m head over heels in love with the new look – and I’ll sing yo ho ho to prove it. ;)

I love the way these rugs compliment my favorite colors (blues, greens and corals) so well – really stripes compliment any bright colors.  These rugs have definitely become favorites of mine.  They are the Olin black stripe Dhurrie rugs from Crate and Barrel.   I ordered the runner (2×6) for this spot in front of our largest sink (that’s the exact same rug I have in my laundry room) and then I ordered two shorter rugs for in front of my islands (the 30×50’s).  I also ordered rug pads for the two smaller rugs because we get the most traffic in those areas and I didn’t want the rugs sliding around.  So there you go.  You too can have a pirate ship kitchen if you want one.  Eye patches for all!

K – I’ll stop now. ;)

They also work great with the coral rug in my nook.  Bright dishes are back in my glass cabinet and of course there are lemons popping up here and there.  It wouldn’t be Spring in my kitchen without lemons!

These beautiful pots are also new (from my photoshoot with BHG!) and I planted some herbs in them.  You know.. to look pretty use when I cook.  ;)  They smell so good!  I’m a little nervous about keeping them alive so cross your fingers for me.

{similar tiered basket}

I kept this fun tiered basket basically the same.

But I changed up this corner.  I’ve had my eye on this beautiful coral lacquer round tray for a while now and snatched it up when it went on sale.  It’s so perfect for this corner and I love the pop of color it adds.  A simple plant, my oil and vinegar jars and some favorite bowls and done!  Spring in the corner of the kitchen. :)

Because I added the striped rugs I felt like my striped utensel holder was overkill (even I know when to chill on the stripes..) so instead I used another one of my favorite white kitchen canisters (it says tea on the other side of it.)  I turned it around and added my wooden spoons.

This is what this corner looked like last Spring.

And today.  Small changes and I love both looks.  But it’s always fun to mix things up!  We don’t always have control over circumstances in our lives, but we can certainly control a happy corner in our kitchen.  :)

You might notice an unplanned Spring accessory in a few of these photos.  Can you spot it?  My cell phone adds a nice touch on the island don’t you think?  Ha ha.. oops!

I switched the decor around in my butler’s pantry too.  Mostly just so that I could add my favorite new mixing bowl and my marble/wood serving board.  The Thankful and #5 sign are staples on this shelf and are from Caroline’s fun shop.

One more pic of my new rugs.  They make me happy. :)  And a few more I took of Spring the kitchen…


I hope this post gave you a few fun kitchen decor ideas for Spring!  I’ll be sharing more fun Spring updates around my home soon so make sure to sign up for my e-mail list if you haven’t already so you don’t miss a post.  Good things are in store. :)  I love this time of year.  Happy Spring decorating everyone!


Next up on the tour head to my darling friend Abby’s at Just a Girl and her Blog!  Abby is my organizing partner in crime (love her!) and she just moved into a beautiful new home.  I can’t wait to see what Spring touches she added!  Also check out the rest of the beautiful homes below for more fun Spring decorating ideas!  This is going to be good. :)

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xoxo, Erin
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67 thoughts on “Kitchen decor ideas for Spring!

  1. Oh Erin, I love the striped rugs! I am sucker for stripes too. Addison’s comment made me laugh out loud though. Kids are so funny! You always find the best things to add so much personality to a space. Love your Spring refresh! Now if Spring would only get here. 56 and raining here today….tomorrow 5 inches of snow! UGH! xxoo

    1. I know Pam! I’m so anxious for Spring to get here too! Thanks cutie! Wasn’t that funny!? She cracks me up. I’ll tell Addison she made you laugh… ha! ;) xo

  2. I had to laugh about your pirate kitchen! Don’t feel bad, my husband calls me a jailbird every time I wear my black & white striped pj’s. ( they were a gag gift). I can’t help wearing them, they are so cozy warm! Love your Spring decor In our beautiful kitchen! You know I live in Florida, Right? My house is very coastal. How do I incorporate seasonal decorating with coastal decorating?I wish you lived close, you could style it forme! ha ha!

    1. I wish I could come over and help too Nancie! The first thought that comes to my mind is to just start adding fresh flowers! They always scream Spring and go with any decor! And I’d love to see those striped pj’s.. ha! :) xo

    1. Hi Barbara! I bought them from Karen who styled my kitchen for the photoshoot and I think she got them from a nursery/garden store here in San Diego! xo

  3. Love love love your kitchen. I and I really enjoy reading your blog. You almost made me spit my coffee with the pirate singing!

  4. Hi Erin, I do love your colourful decor posts, but (cue selfish request) I would also love to see a post where you show how you organise the interiors of all your kitchen cupboards. I know you’ve shown a few, but would love to see the rest to get some ideas for my own kitchen reorganisation that I need to kick myself up the butt to start! You also mentioned a while back you’d do a pantry post, is that in the pipelines?

    1. Hi Mags! Both of those posts are in the pipelines! My pantry pics have been taken.. I just need to find time to go through them all. And yes! I plan to show how I’m organizing the rest of my kitchen cupboards at some point too. All coming.. most likely in March/April. :) xo

  5. Erin, Love everything!!! but especially the striped rugs and the BHG pots–swoon! I love those scalloped edges! I have a friend who works at a garden supply store–I’ll have to see if she can source those for me. I HAVE to have them now!!! ;-) As for the herbs, you can always use them to garnish your frozen pizza slices–so fancy ;-).

    1. Aren’t those fun Tina!? I told Karen (the BHG stylist) how much I loved them and said I could just buy them from her if I wanted them. Um YES PLEASE! I loved the scalloped edges too! And I am so all over using those herbs on our frozen pizza.. now why didn’t I think of that!? ha ha.. ;) xo

  6. Those black and white rugs are drool worthy, Erin! Just gorgeous! I may have to add those somewhere in our house because I’m always such a sucker for black and white stripes! What is it about them?!

    I love your blog refresh, too! The lemons are just so cute!

  7. Love your Spring décor! So bright and cheerful! For as long as I have been reading and following your blog I never noticed that your upper cabinets have latches on them. I am curious, do you still like them? Do the cabinets all stay latched? Any issues? I love the look but not sure how I feel about having to turn the knob every time I want to open the cabinet.

    1. Hi Kristine! Thanks cutie! Yes! All latches on my upper cabinets and I love them! But I’ll tell you my secret. :) I didn’t want to have to unlatch them each time I opened the cabinet door so I had my cabinet guy glue all of the little switch things inside of them down flat. Does that make sense? They don’t actually latch when they close! I just pull them open like I would a regular cabinet knob. I’ll have to share a pic of them on my blog sometime. There’s always a way to get what you want without the hassle.. I just had to think outside of the box on that one.. ha! ;) xo

  8. Love your new accents! Your posts are always a highlight to my day. With your love of black & white stripes I have to share that Crate & Barrel’s new Outdoor collection has your name written all over it! (sorry to be an enabler, ha ha)

    1. Ha ha.. I am SO checking out their new outdoor collection now and if I happen to bring any of it home I’m sending Kenny your way! ;) Thank you so much Jill! My favorite enabler. :)

  9. Ooh I love the striped rugs in the kitchen! Oh Addie, lover her comment. Sounds like something Madi would say. And thinking about pirate ships makes me think of the pirate ship pool in Maui, and makes me miss you guys! And makes me want to go back to Maui!
    Love your darling new touches! Every time I look at pics of your kitchen window I wish I could just pop mine out like that! Love yours, that was so brilliant to design it that way! I wish you would have built first so I could’ve gotten some brilliant ideas from you!

    1. I think we both just need to build again Josie! Together next time! ;) Thanks cutie. Dreaming of our ocean view room and entertained kids on the pirate ship. We so need to make that trip happen again! xo

  10. I cannot choose just one or two things to comment on, because you taste is so drop dead gorgeous. I love, love, love absolutely everything! You home is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Ivory! Oh my word.. what a thoughtful thing to say! You just made my week (maybe my month!) with that comment! So so sweet of you. Thank you! xo

  11. Erin I love your subtle spring touches! Your kitchen is so bright and cheerful! I wish I could come over and see the pretty pops in person! I also LOVE your new website! It looks amazing! I’m so happy for you! Cant wait to see you this week!!! xoxo

    1. Randi! I wish you could come over too but what I really want to do is head over to YOUR kitchen! DYING to see how it all turns out.. what you’ve shared so far is absolutely stunning. Happy for you too cutie and I’m counting down to hang with you soon! Seriously giddy! :) xo

  12. Hi Erin,

    I’m formerly from your city and have move a few hundred miles up the coast. I never miss your blog and we have similar gray and white coastal decor. I’ve been crushing on your rug for ages. I see where it can be gently washed but I’d like to know if the ivory stripes in a busy kitchen are going to get food stains and be difficult to keep clean. I can’t seem to wrap my head around any other rug for this space. And quite possibly my entry hall also. Thank you

    1. Hi Dianne! Thank you so much for your sweet words about my blog! I’m curious about the same thing to be honest! I wasn’t sure how they’d hold up in my kitchen but I figured the only way to see was to buy them and try them out. If they last a year or two I’ll be happy. That seems to be the lifespan for most of my kitchen rugs! I’ll keep you updated. :) xo

  13. Loved your tour Erin! Your shelves are styled to perfection and I loved all the colored dishes!! I also love the rug and have been looking for one for my laundry room. I think it might be the perfect fit!

  14. Could you tell me what brand your cook top is and is it a grill as well has griddle. Do you like it? Love your house!!

  15. I know you were talking about your kitchen – but where did you get your coral rug in your nook? :-) I actually have dark cabinets in my kitchen so I think a coral rug, like yours, would be a nice pop of color.

  16. Hi Erin
    Just quick question. Have you wished these rugs? My concern is stains on the light stripes using it in the kitchen.


  17. The kitchen is gorgeous! Well done and I love how you used every possible space to add some storage. You can never have enough storage. Well, I can’t anyway. ;)

    From one San Diegan to another, I am so over the rain and Monday was the worst. I know we needed it but I am looking forward to some “70 and Sunny” San Diego coming soon.

  18. I really appreciate you including the links on where we can purchase the items in your home; thanks!

  19. So beautiful, Erin!! And I’m dying laughing over the pirate ship comment from your daughter, lol!! Always love your updates for the seasons my friend!!! Xoxo

  20. Your home is so gorgeous! I’m interested in the gray paint colors you have used throughout the house. Is there a list of those colors somewhere on the blog? Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much Wendy! Yes! Type “favorite paint” in the search bar at the top of my blog and a post with all of my colors will pop up. :) xo

  21. I ❤️ Everything about your kitchen. Can you tell me where I can find the white milk bottle that is in your three tired basket. Thank you so much!

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