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Fashion, Favorites and a trip to remember

Happy President’s Weekend everyone!  I hope you’ve had a good one!  Ours has been one for the books. :)  We have a tradition of taking our girls skiing in Utah over this long weekend every year and this year we were planning on taking Kole for his first time.  We bought him ski clothes and had him all signed up for ski school and he was excited to go.. until he found out his cousins were going to be at my mom’s house and begged to stay with them instead.  So we dropped him off and away we went with just our girls excited for a long weekend of skiing.  These pics are from last year.  Last year we had perfect weather!  Sunny but cold with lots of snow.

We even tried tubing for the first time and had a blast.  This year?  Not quite the same story!  We got there our first morning and suited up in our ski clothes, got all of our ski gear and finally hit the slopes.  We rode up the first lift and it was COLD and WINDY.  Like not fun cold and windy.  We skied down the hill and when we went to get on the lift again they closed it!  The weather was too bad.  Then they closed another.. then another.  They closed almost every lift because of the wind.  We took a shuttle over to the one lift that they had open, took one look at how snowy and windy it was and how the chairs were rocking back and forth and decided to call it a day.  We only skied down ONE hill!  I didn’t even get a picture.  We were so bummed.  And so cold.  We went back to the lodge and after checking out the weather for the next day (even worse) we turned in our ski gear and decided our trip was going to take a new course!  A warmer one hopefully. ;)

We were determined to have a fun trip regardless so we made a new plan!  First swimming and the hot tub back at our hotel because we were seriously FREEZING.  The warm pool and hot tub helped, but then it was time to walk back to our room and the pool was in a different building.  We were all standing by the lobby door soaking wet in our towels strategizing how best to do this.  I was telling the girls “K… when I say RUN take off as fast as you can but don’t slip!..”  There was a group of guys checking in to the lodge watching us and they were cracking up.  We told them we were from southern California and weren’t used to this frigid snowy weather and they said we looked too good to not get a picture.  Ha!

They followed us outside and snapped this with my phone and then we all had a good laugh between chattering teeth before we followed my plan and RAN (without slipping) to our cozy room.  A funny memory from the trip we are still laughing about. :)

We turned on the fire and all showered and then called room service and pulled out some DVD’s we had brought and made beds on the floor and had a huge dinner/movie party.  It was such a fun night with our girls.  The next morning we woke up to a blizzard and we loved watching the snow fall from our cozy room by the fire.  Snow is so much fun when you’re watching it from the inside, right?  :)  Finally we packed up and drove off the mountain.

We stopped on the way to my mom’s to visit my husband’s grandma (love her!) and then it was back to my mom’s for the rest of the weekend.  We had a fun couple of days there and are now back home in San Diego.  It was a great weekend.  Not the weekend we originally planned, but a fun trip nonetheless.  I’m still bummed we didn’t get to ski, but we definitely got our snow fix and it’s a trip we will always remember.

Alright!  Time to talk fashion and favorites!  But first two things: First I have to thank you all for your sweet words about my recent “10 ways to keep your marriage strong” post.  I loved hearing from so many of you!  So thanks for that. :)  And second: my blog is sort of mid makeover at the moment!  I’m working with a friend to get it all wrapped up, but it’s not quite finished so ignore anything that looks off and don’t try to check things out in the header quite yet (home sources, etc.) because it’s not done!  But hopefully will be soon. :)

Ok.. clothes!  And home decor!  There are some cute things coming in and cute things on sale I’m loving right now.

(affiliate links used)

This turtleneck I mentioned my sister gave me for Christmas is darling.  So soft and such a good fit.  I also love that it’s lightweight so I can wear it in the Spring before it gets hot.  I’m wearing it with Kenny above and here with my little buddy at his class Valentine party. :)  It’s still available in solid colors and is on sale for a great price so I just bought another one in the grey.

Speaking of my little Valentine.. still leaving him notes in his lunch until he gets old enough to be embarrassed by them. ;)


You all know my obsession with finding the perfect tee’s.  Well I found another one. :)  This is the “Whisper” cotton v-neck and it’s perfect.  Long and lightweight and I love the length of the sleeves.  V-neck is always a must for me.  I picked up a few different colors.  It’s still a bit cold to wear them without a jacket, but they will be perfect for spring!

It runs a little big so you can size down for a more fitted tee.  Nothing fancy, but I’m always happy in my favorite jeans, my favorite necklace and a favorite tee. :)

This long sleeved tee by Free People is another recent fun find.  It’s casual and comfy and I really like the blue!

It’s double layered but the layers are sewn together at the top.

I look silly here!  But wanted to show you a side view of it in the black so you can see how cute the double layers are.  I ordered it in black and blue to see which one I like best.  I like them both!  Of course I do. :)  But I have a lot of black already so I think I’ll be responsible and just keep the blue.  Probably.  Maybe.  Or I could keep them both.  Just an option..  ;)

Ok.. do you all remember one of my all time favorite tops from this Fall?  This Hanna Split Neck Top has been a serious staple for me.  It’s the shirt I just want to reach for every day and I wear it all the time.  This picture doesn’t do it justice!  It’s so cute with the hem down the middle and the layered look at the bottom.. and I love the way it fits!  Really cute tucked in a little in the front.

I was at Nordstrom a couple of weeks ago and saw that they have my favorite shirt in short sleeves for Spring!  Oh my word.. I can’t tell you how excited I was!  I seriously want one in every color!  Isn’t the white tee cute!?  The white is a bit see through (I find that most white tees are) so you will want to wear a tank or a thin white tee under it.  I don’t buy many white tops for that very reason (I don’t like all the layers!) but this shirt was worth one more layer to me. ;)  I love it with my Koral peep toe booties (which were just marked down btw!).

Peep toe booties also look cute with capris or rolled up jeans btw so they will be fun to wear into Spring too!


Of course I bought it in the black too.  #noshame

You can’t see the detail on the top in this pic, but trust me.. it’s cute.  This really is a top I know I’ll wear again and again.  I also ordered my tanner bar necklace in silver a few months ago because I wear the gold so much.  It looks so good with this black top!

This is another darling top that I want and am trying to resist.  And because of my obsession with stripes and all things white and black I also want this throw, this pillow, this pillow and these vases.

And this purse!  Too cute right!?  On the wish list!  My favorites in black and white:

I’ve also been in LOVE with this purse for quite a while now and have dropped more than one subtle hint to my sweet husband about it.  I have a birthday coming up (a big one!) so I’m hoping he reads this.  (LOVE THIS PURSE BABE.. is that subtle enough for you?) ;)

{rug/chair/lamp/pillow/wooden oval tray}

My shelves are still so bare and now that we are home from our trip I’m excited to start decorating for Spring.  I picked up this fun coral pillow for some inspiration!

I think it will eventually make it to my mudroom, but the options are endless because coral is my favorite color to accent with for Spring/Summer and it’s all through my house.

This is another cute pillow I have my eye on.  I have it in red (you can see it in my Christmas decor below) and now PB has it in navy.  Home.  My favorite. :)

PB is having a big sale this weekend (like most sores are!) and you’re all going to think I’m crazy, but look what I picked up on major sale.  It’s a Santa countdown!  Because who doesn’t love Christmas in February!?  I know.  Most people not so much.  But me?  I can go there.  Especially for a darling magnetic countdown that is such a good deal.  (It’s big you guys!  And just Vintage beautiful.. I can’t wait to use it next December!  Totally bought this one for me the kids.)

{Coral and Ivory Ileana towel/Coral and Aqua towel/Coral Chevron Towel}

More Spring coral inspiration!  World Market has darling towels right now and they are such a good price!  I buy most of my towels from World Market because I love their fun patterns and designs.

The rugs and towels in my girls’ bathroom are also on sale this weekend if you’re in the mood to brighten your bathroom for Spring!

So is the rug in my powder bathroom.  I also have this rug in Kole’s bathroom and this is reminding me I need to take pics of his bathroom to show you!  Add it to the list. :)

{Sidney two-tone rectangle basket with handles/Sidney two-tone totes}

These baskets are another favorite I have been meaning to share with you all and keep forgetting.  I wanted these the second I saw them because we all know how much I need more baskets, right?  #likeaholeinthehead  As soon as they went on sale I couldn’t resist!  I keep moving them around and can’t decide if I want to keep them together or split them up.  I love the slouchy, casual look of them.  They look good everywhere!  You’ll be seeing them pop up in my house soon. :)

Ok last favorite and I’m too excited about this not to share it even though it makes me sound like a dork.  I’ve never liked fancy restaurants and one of my favorite places to eat is California Pizza Kitchen.  It drives my husband nuts because he always asks where I want to go on date nights (hoping I’ll say somewhere new and different) and I always say CPK.  They have a salad I’m in love with.. the Waldorf Chicken Salad to be exact.  It’s my all time favorite!  I also love their Avocado Egg Rolls even though I don’t love avocado and I pick the avocado out of them.  Something else that drives my husband nuts.. ha!  I’ll be pulling out avocado and he’s like “what?  too much avocado in your avocado egg rolls?”  while he shakes his head..  :)  Anyway.. I’m getting off track!  Sometimes I make salads for lunch so last time we were at CPK I asked our waitress if they by chance sell the salad dressing that goes on my favorite Waldorf salad (totally thinking that was a dumb question) and what do you know.. they do!  For only $4.00!  So I bought some and used it all week on my lunch salads and they tasted so good!  That was a happy discovery.  :)   If you happen to have a CPK near you try the Waldorf Chicken Salad!  And don’t go thinking that I’m all healthy eating salads for lunch because I usually follow them up with this..

Another favorite of mine and the reason I can’t lose the 5 pounds I want to lose.  {sigh}  Oh well!  If eating chocolate chips and peanut butter (and my favorite CPK salad dressing) is wrong..

then I don’t want to be right.


xoxo, Erin
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28 thoughts on “Fashion, Favorites and a trip to remember

  1. Love the photo of you all in the cold! We stayed in a lovely hotel a couple of years ago with a spa but to get to the spa you had to walk outside from the hotel to the other building in slippers and a dressing gown – not great when it’s cold and raining!


    1. Thank you Jenny! Oh my word.. it’s SO cold when you are running from one building to the other all wet and in snow! A spa would feel pretty good after that for sure. :)

  2. So glad you made the most of your trip. The weather doesn’t always cooperate, but you look like you had a blast anyway! Love all your finds (as always). Darling clothes and beautiful home goods. That coral pillow is perfection. You made me want to go shopping. xxoo

    1. Thank you so much Pam! It was definitely a “turn lemons into lemonade” trip.. ha! :) Wish we could hit the mall together! I know we’d have a blast. :) xo

  3. Love the coral world market towels! Silly questions-hope this makes sense. How do you display the towels since they are one by itself? At first when I saw the photo I thought they were hand towels. We have towel bar racks in our bathroom and I usually just do two solid white towels on the rack since my husband and I each use our own towel. If I only put one on the towel don’t know if it would look weird. I only have solid neutral color bath towels so would love to be more
    Adventurous and get some spring colors!!

    1. Hi Sarah! I bought two of each! They are hand towels! Except the towels in the top/back of the pic.. those are large bath towels. You’ll see how I’m using them all soon when I start sharing how I’ve decorated our bathrooms for Spring. Definitely get some towels in fun colors! They brighten up the whole room. :) xo

  4. Oh My Gosh, Erin! Do you know the gruff I take from my family for eating chocolate chips in peanut butter? I am so glad you shared this today! You have totally validated my favorite snack! No wonder you are my fave!


  5. Fun post .. and what a shame about the ski trip but that just means you will have to take another one!
    I love your home picks this week. . So cute ! And I’m wondering where you have 5lb to lose

    1. Thank you Heidi! I know! I hope we can try again this year! I love skiing. And I definitely have 5 lbs to lose.. it all goes to my butt! Ha! I hide it well in my fashion pics. ;) xo

  6. Yeah for the new design of the blog! Love it!
    And, for the first time it hasn’t crashed while I try and read it from my iPad! Usually I can only read the first 1/3 of each post then it crashes.

  7. Where did you ski? We are headed from Orange County to Brian Head this weekend…our first Utah ski trip! We are taking our big girls and leaving our youngest 2 behind. Hoping for good weather!

    1. Brian Head! Kim it’s our favorite! My husband and I are from St. George and grew up skiing Brian Head. Season passes every year. :) You will love it! It’s a great ski resort for kids. Just check the weather before you go. ;) I hope you have the best time! xo

  8. Great post Erin, and glad your trip ended up turning out great. I can’t believe how much snow the mountains have been getting! And how much rain we’ve been getting! Glad you got home safely and I LOVE the new design on the blog!!!

    1. Oh my word.. I know! I’m so happy to have all the moisture! Even though it meant no skiing this year. ;) Thank you so much Lacey! It makes me so happy you like the new design! :) xo

  9. Hi Erin! I hate to sound shallow but I have to ask about your hair. I too have naturally curly hair and only wear it straight. In fact, my 4 y/o son has only seen me once with my natural hair. I noticed your pool vaca pic your hair was up. Do you go out of your way to keep your hair dry? What are your go to products? Any other hair advice? Please tell me I’m not the only one that is obsessed with keeping a perfect blowout all of the time. 😬
    Thanks, Kate

    1. Hi Kate! Oh my word.. not shallow at all! I could talk hair for days! :) The pool we were at was full of so much chlorine and I was not in the mood to re-wash and straighten my hair so I pulled it up. I do that about half the time at our own pool.. usually if I’ve just washed it. If it has been a few days and needs to be washed again anyway I dive in. :) I only wash/blow dry my hair once every 3 days or so because it’s so thick and time consuming! I’ve shared my favorite products in two past posts! Check them both out – most of the products are the same and I swear by them! Hope this helps! :) xo

  10. Ha! At least you’re buying the reduced fat peanut butter!! Oh my gosh I just made the most amazing caramel peanut butter cookie bars yesterday! You’d love them! Should I send the recipe to Kenny and Ad? 😉😂
    Ok LOVE the pic of you guys in your swim towels in the snow! That is too funny! Glad you got the pic, a funny memory for sure! Bummer about the skiing but glad you all had fun!

    1. Oh and the new makeover looks so good! Love the update and new font! So cute! I still think I need to take a pic of you in your beautiful kitchen for your blog pic though! Although since you hate cooking…maybe one in your office? Or on the couch with your bowl of popcorn? 😂

      1. Thank you Josie! Oh my word.. I could SO use some new pics of me for the blog! Bowl of popcorn sounds like my kind of prop! Ha ha.. ;) xo

  11. First, I love that your guilty pleasure after lunch is REDUCED FAT peanut butter and chocolate chips. I LOL’d at that, the reduced fat just seemed ironic. FYI–peanut butter with nutella…try it.

    Also, I didn’t think you were allowed to live in southern California if you didn’t like avocado?? Here in the Midwest we’re under the impression that all you Californians love avocado!! :)

    Glad your trip turned out to be a good one…those unexpected twists can sometimes turn into the best times!

    1. Ha ha.. Jen! Your comment made me laugh. Somehow the reduced fat makes me feel better. ;) And I know! So not Californian to not love avocado! I guess that’s the Utah in me coming out.. ha ha. :) Thanks for the smile today! xo

  12. Hey Erin, these are my favorite posts. My holiday pillows are getting out of control but I can’t stop. How cute is that Navy pillow going to be for July? at least I don’t have to by the filler because I can use the one i bought for the Merry pillow I got at Christmas. Sounds like a deal!!! Here’s my ? Do you have any recommendations for a cute but age appropriate sweat suit? I’m 39. Some days I don’t really like to get dressed until I have to go somewhere. Like if my kids have a game in the afternoon, I like to be in sweats to work around the house and then throw on my nice clothes and freshen up before I go to the game. I have loved PINK sweats but my daughters are starting to love them also and it just feels weird. I’m not trying to look like a teenager. But I do like a cute comfy sweatsuit so that I look somewhat put together to pick up my kindergartner or a quick trip to the grocery store without wearing my jeans. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Ashely that pillow will be SO cute for July! I hadn’t thought of that! K – I’m laughing because lately I’ve been looking for the SAME thing! Something comfy I can wear at home but also look “ready” enough to be running around with the kids. I’m making it my personal mission to find something cute for us! Wish me luck. ;) xo

  13. You just made my day with the news about the salad dressing! That is my all time favorite salad and I cannot wait to have the dressing at home!! I’m headed to the Gateway, CPK ASAP!

    1. Ha ha.. YEA Shannon! Too cool, right!? So happy to hear from another Waldorf Salad lover! Wish we could get lunch and enjoy that salad dressing together. ;) xo

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