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Kitchen Messes, Bedroom Tree, and All Things SANTA

Ahh!  5 days until Christmas!  I’m not ready.  I am ready!  But I’m also not ready.  Anyone else feeling the same!? :)  Another random picture dump today!  I share a lot of clean kitchen pictures with you all so I thought I’d share a couple of pictures of what our kitchen looks like most weekends.  Messy and full of kids. :)

This last weekend the girls had friends sleep over.  They made slime and watched movies and jumped on the trampoline and built a fort.  Kenny made everyone breakfast the next morning.  Kole fled the scene in an attempt to get away from all of the giggling madness.  I took pictures of the girls and the mess.

After breakfast everyone followed Kole’s lead and took off and it was just me and the disaster.  Which I was fine with because at least I got out of cooking. :)  I rolled up my sleeves and got to work.

Kitchen Christmas Decor

Ahhh.. back to clean.  Like Christmas magic.  It lasted all of 10 minutes.

blue and pink Christmas tree

A few years ago I bought 3 little Christmas trees for the kids’ rooms.  They’ve left them empty and just enjoy the lights every year but this year Ad decorated hers.  She did it all by herself with some leftover ornaments I had laying around plus a few old favorites.  She used a blanket for a tree skirt.  It turned out so cute!

pink and blue teen bedroom

Then she made snowflakes for her wall. :)

pink and blue bedroom Christmas decor (Sunny Side Up)

I thought she did such a cute job making her room festive for the holidays and am so proud of her decorating. :)

Pink and Blue teen room Christmas Decor (Sunny Side Up)

Pink Desk in Teen Room (Sunny Side Up)

You can see Ad’s full room with sources in this post.

Pink and Blue Preteen Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

Her room looks especially pretty at night.

Kids Christmas Bedroom Christmas decor (Sunny Side Up)

There’s just something about a room with a Christmas tree in it isn’t there?  :)

Pink and Blue Teen Room (Sunny Side Up)

Snowflake Wall (Sunny Side Up)

Speaking of snowflakes.. :)  Last year my girls’ created a winter wonderland on our staircase.

Santa Pictures on Door (Sunny Side Up)

And we hung our Santa pictures on the closet door.

Santa Picture Display Wall (Sunny Side Up)

This year I hung our Santa pictures on the stair wall and the girls were going to surround them with snowflakes.  But they got started and then burned out on the snowflake cutting.. ha!  So we left it like this.   With just a few happy snowflakes on the sides. :)

Santa Picture Display (Sunny Side Up)

I was trying to make a Christmas tree out of the pictures.  Not sure if you caught that.. because sometimes I can’t tell either, but that’s what I was going for.

Santa Picture Display Wall (Sunny Side Up)

On a sidenote.. this blank empty hall to the right of my stairs needs something doesn’t it?  I have a few ideas.  Add it to the list of 2018 projects!

Santa Pictures (Sunny Side Up)

These Santa pictures are my favorite.  I see my kids growing up right in front of my eyes every time I look at them.

visiting Santa (Sunny Side Up)

Of course we had to keep the tradition going. :)  We always visit the Santa at our local mall.  He was pretty cute with my kids this year and reminded El that even though she’s a teen now she isn’t too old to keep the tradition alive and get a picture with him.  I had just been telling her the same thing on the drive over so we both shot each other a look when he said that.  Santa knows ALL things. :)

Santa Visit (Sunny Side Up)

Kole is so excited for Christmas and had a good chat with Santa about why sometimes things he wants like real snakes can’t happen.  (What is it with my kids and snakes!?)  Thank you again Santa!  Whew.. he really had my back this year. :)

Utc Mall Christmas shopping (Sunny Side Up)

After our Santa picture Kenny met us at the mall and we did some serious divide and conquer shopping!  Kids wanted to get something for each other and we had a few friend gifts to pick up.  I love our mall!  It’s outdoor and always so festive this time of year.

J crew checkered shirt (Sunny Side Up)

{J Crew Plaid Shirt/AG Jeans/Kiandra Uggs/Similar Uggs}

I was wearing this outfit again because it’s such a favorite.  Every single thing I’m wearing is on sale!  SO many cute things are on sale at Nordstrom right now.  I couldn’t help order a few last minute sale items this morning because you can still get everything delivered by Christmas!  YEA.  Also for my local friends.. the Nordstrom at La Jolla UTC SCAL has a really cool 24/7 buy on-line pick up in store service that lasts from now until Christmas Eve.  So convenient if you are still doing last minute shopping!  You don’t even have to go in!  You can just text from curbside and they will bring your things out to you.  Not a bad way to shop. :)  It’s available at other locations too so check here if you are interested in seeing about doing that at your local Nordstrom.

utc mall (Sunny Side Up)

Kenny snapped a picture of us before we started shopping and then took this pic when we were done.  Whew!  Always a marathon shopping with kids!  But everyone was still smiling so I’ll call the trip a success.  Love these three.  And my sweet husband who was balancing all the bags when he took this.  Shopping with the kids, carrying all the bags AND taking pictures.  Now that’s a good man. ;)

I’ll share a few things I love below that are marked down!  Happy last minute shopping and wrapping and decorating and cleaning and baking and anything else you are up to getting ready for the big day!  I’m off to go make Christmas Pretzel Hugs with my kids. :)

*Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post and for making last minute shopping so easy for us all!  (Affiliate links used)


xoxo, Erin
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7 thoughts on “Kitchen Messes, Bedroom Tree, and All Things SANTA

  1. Oooh I made some pretzel hugs last night to give to a few coworkers today. Your post the other day reminded me of them and I was trying to think of a little something, something to give to them. Thank you for that! Oh golly what a fun post. Enjoyed you keeping the kitchen look real! Loved the pictures of your daughter’s room How fun that she decorated that tree. And so beautifully. And how awesome that Santa had your back big time this year! That Santa is one cool dude! What a lovely mall you have in your neck of the woods. That fountain is beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing, Erin. Gave me a big smile this morning. Oh and there is finally some white stuff falling from the sky this morning. Yesterday it was in the 60s. Today…getting to the 20s I heard. Yikes! Hello Winter! Hope you have an awesome day. :)

  2. I love the idea of Christmas trees in the kids room! Your daughter did a great job decorating! What size are the trees and where did you get them? Are they pre-lit? Do you decorate your sons?

  3. Such a cute tree! I would love to have a little tree in our master bedroom but there’s no space for it. I would settle for a live little cypress tree though. The lime green color is so refreshing on the eyes. Next year the plan is to use it for decorating our bedroom. I feel the same way as you, I was ready a week ago with all the gifts wrapped, but then had to get a stocking stuffer today for the hubs. Family from Cali arrives tonight and another from Florida arrives Saturday. I’m prepared but I’m already pooped from all the cleaning, wrapping, menu planning. Here’s hoping to have more energy when the celebration actually starts. Merry Christmas Erin and to the rest of your family!

  4. Enjoyed the post. The kids are so cute! Love seeing them in the postings. They remind me of my children.
    I have a question regarding the white shutters in your daughter’s window. Where did you ge them? Who fabricated them? Are you happy with them? I’m slowly replacing the window treatments in our home with these but they are so expensive! I’m getting them from hunter Douglas. I wondering if there’s another company I should look into….. a friend of mine has them by Graber and are so flimsy!

    1. Hi Brenda! So sorry I just saw this comment! Somehow it got buried! I got my shutters through a company in southern Utah my mom used when she built her house. I am so happy with them and could definitely give you their info. if you want it! The only issue is sometimes it’s hard using people who aren’t local. One of our blinds needs to be tweaked and we can’t call them to come over and fix it. :) But let me know! Our pricing was similar to Hunter Douglas (I know.. SO crazy expensive).. but e-mail me if you want their info! Happy to send it to you. :) xo

  5. How do you attach the snowflakes and pictures to the wall? I’m always too afraid to put up something temporary, but love the idea of being able to do it.

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