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Pink and Aqua Blue Preteen Girl’s Bedroom

Alright friends.  Today I’m sharing Addison’s pink and aqua blue bedroom.  FINALLY.  I seriously can’t believe I’ve been in my house 3 years now and haven’t taken pictures of my girls’ rooms sooner!  Part of the reason I waited so long is because is they aren’t finished!  I kept thinking I would finish them completely and then put pictures up on the blog.  But I’ve had a recent epiphany and have realized two things.  One: If I wait until they are finished I might never post them.  Ha. :)  And Two: According to my recent survey most of you want progress pics!  So progress is what you’ll get. :)  Here is Ad’s blue and pink bedroom mostly decorated and a lot cleaner than it usually is. ;)

(Paint color and sources are all at the bottom of this post!  Affiliate links used.)

In the Fall I shared my girls’ desks that we had custom made to fit this small space between their bathroom doors and windows.  I also shared how I brought their old bulletin boards back to life with new fabric.  You can read details about that here.  This is what Ad’s desk area looks like now. :)

Her bulletin board holds recent pics and a few other special things.  The calendar is old but Ad still likes to rotate the pictures.  Time for mom to get on that and make a new one!  (camera print source)

Her desk holds a few notebooks, a special picture of her and El with their dad..

and pins to add more to her board on a whim. :)

I really wanted fun fixtures in my kids’ rooms but my girls LOVE their fans and use them often so I searched high and low until I found these fans that I loved.  I can’t remember where I got them, but I will try to hunt down that info. and add it to this post.  Details on her bed!  The headboard was custom made.  For the bedding I bought this down comforter from Target and the blue duvet cover from Serena and Lily.  They don’t make this color of blue anymore!  El has the same duvet cover in pink.

The “You are my Sunshine” quote has been a bit overused, but this sign is special to us.  When Ad was in preschool her teachers would do a little singing time on the rug with parents before the day started.  El was in Elementary school at the time and I was pregnant with Kole so that was a fun Ad and mom bonding time.  We would sing this song along with a few others every morning and I always whispered to her that she was my sunshine.  Most mornings she could barely fit on my lap because my stomach was so huge!  Then she’d have to pull me up after singing time and we would laugh.  It was our special little morning routine and when I saw this sign later that year I bought it for her to remind her that she’ll always be my sunshine.  She loves having it over her bed.

She also really wanted a pink chevron rug!  I can’t remember where I purchased this but you can find one almost identical here.  And yes!  I love rugs in bedrooms even on carpet!  It’s a great way to add some personality to the room.  This picture is driving me crazy though because that rug needs to be slid a little further back up under the bed.  My OCD  took over and as soon as I saw this pic I marched up into her room and fixed it. :)

The two pillows in front of the shams were custom (I let Ad help pick the fabric and we had her initials monogrammed on one of them.)  The cute flower pillow in the front was from Target a few years ago.

{New version of lamp/similar frame/nightstand/striped boxes were from Home Goods}

The clock was also a Home Goods find!

In that wall space to the right of her bed I’m hanging a large frame.. (it’s sitting in the playroom at the moment!).  The door in this picture is her closet door.

We organized her closet before school started this year and I’m happy to report she has kept it clean since then!

I looked high and low for a bookshelf I loved for my girls’ rooms and finally decided on this Elsie bookcase from PB teen.

I actually found a higher end version that I loved, but it cost a lot more than I wanted to spend so when I came across this one that was similar with the cut out geometric shapes on the sides I was thrilled!  I really love this bookcase.

I haven’t spent much time styling these shelves.. Addison really likes to just keep a lot of her books here.  I’d still like to find something cute to go on the top of the shelf.  
I love these colorful canvas bins and bought two for the bottom of this shelf.  I just labeled them “Addison’s Stuff” so that they can be catch alls for whatever she wants to put in them.  Kids have a lot of catch alls, don’t they?

I’m picturing a fun, colorful gallery wall on this blank wall between the doors.  Can you see it?  Pictures of Ad and family and friends and other things that make her happy.

It would make me happy if this magical wall would hang itself since it has been on my to-do list for 3 years now. ;)

And back to her desk!  The door next to her desk leads to my girls’ shared bathroom.

If you are new to my blog (welcome!) you can see their full bathroom here and how I recently organized the drawers here.

My girls’ rooms get so much light from their french doors and windows!  They are bright, happy places to hang. :)  I debated using drapes in these rooms, but decided to go with plantation shutters when we built the house and they have been perfect to keep out the hot sun or to let it shine through.

This is a picture I found of the door shutters soon after we moved in before they had put shutters on the windows.  Ad and Kole look so little!

Most of our toys stay in our playroom, but you can usually find a doll or stuffed animal or two hanging out in this corner in a homemade bed of some sort. :)

So that’s where we’re currently at with Ad’s pink and aqua blue bedroom!  When we were building the house she begged for blue walls and a pink bed and a chevron rug.  So that’s what she got. :)  I’m sure we’ll be tweaking and adding to and updating this room for years, but she’s pretty happy with how it has turned out.

And I’m pretty happy with how she’s turned out.


ROOM SOURCES are below!  I tried to find a few similar options for things that are sold out or were custom made.  Paint is “Windswept” by Dunn Edwards (DE5749).

Bed: Custom – similar options here and hereDown ComforterDuvet CoverYou are my Sunshine Sign – Desk: Custom – read about it here or see similar options here and hereDesk ChairNightstandsLampsBookshelfCanvas BinsSimilar Chevron Rug – Pillows: Custom – similar here and here.

xoxo, Erin
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52 thoughts on “Pink and Aqua Blue Preteen Girl’s Bedroom

  1. What a dream room! It looks like such a comfy, cozy, bright and happy place! Perfect for your happy Addison! I adore all the touches you added to make this room hers. That desk, I want one! That sign over the bed. Ahem, I remember singing that to my Amy, as well as Good Morning Beautiful, some words modified. That sign is fabulous. What a fantastic bookshelf. And that clock! Love. Oh my gosh, I had no idea they made ceiling fans like that, SO cool(haha)! As I said a wonderful, bright and happy space! Totally LIT (sorry, could not resist) ;) Thanks so much for sharing! Have a great day! Hugs!

    1. Ha ha.. well now I know it’s a hit if you’re calling it “lit”.. ;) Thank you so much Jeanne! You are a sweetheart. I’m so glad you like it! :) xo

  2. What a sweet room for a sweet girl! I am dying over those French doors and all the natural light. GORGEOUS! Do the doors lead to a balcony? What a great space for any preteen. Love it all! Can’t wait to see El’s room. xxoo

    1. Thank you Pamela! They do lead to a balcony! Although it gets so hot in the summer (they face the sun) that they aren’t on it very much. But they have gorgeous views! I’m so happy you like Ad’s room! Thanks again sweet friend. :) xo

  3. So cute! A color like that is on my daughter’s room walls and I love it. I am about to transition her from a nursery to a little girl room so I got a lot of great ideas from this post on what goes together. I really don’t want to repaint her room a different color!

  4. Hello. Love your posts. Where did you go to get custom pillows made? Local shop, through a designer, etc. Thank you.

  5. Wow, this is so adorable! This is exactly how I picture my little girls room when she gets a little older (currently 4). That headboard too!! I have been looking high and low for something cute like that so thank you for the inspiration! Love your home and every.single.piece of decor you have!! And I’m with you… LOVE the rain, enjoy!

  6. I love how she matches the room perfectly in the last picture! The room looks beautiful- you’ve given me some great ideas for my daughters’ blur and white room!

    1. Ha! I know! That wasn’t even planned! I snapped that quick last week while she was practicing. She clearly loves pink and blue. :) Thanks Anne! I’m so happy this post gave you a few ideas! xo

    1. Thank you for being so patient JC! ;) I’m going to try to be better about sharing where I’m at with spaces this year even if they aren’t done. :) So happy you like the colors! xo

  7. This room screams “happy” and “inviting.” Perfect for your darling girl. I can see a gallery wall of family and friends between the doors! My daughter, who’s 13, just picked out new bedding for her room. She went with the Lucky Clover duvet and shams from PB Teen. She loves all shades of blue, and previously had turquoise and hot pink in her room. Next, we need to find some new furniture, as she still has her baby furniture that converted to a full size bed. I wish that I had “any” say in how my daughter’s room looked. :-) Fabulous job Erin!

    1. It sounds like she is off to a good start Shari! I had more say in Ad’s room than Ellie’s. El is a lot more particular about how things look and it’s hard, isn’t it!? I’m learning to let go! It’s a process.. ha! :) Thank you so much for your kind words about Ad’s room! I’m so happy you like it! xo

  8. Addison’s room is so sweet and fun…love all the bright, natural light…plantation shutters are the best! Aqua (I call it turquoise) and pink are the dominant colors in my craft room, so Ad would feel right at home! My 8 year old granddaughter’s name is Flynn Addison…love the name.

    Hope you are getting some of this rain…even more needed in CA than here in AZ, but we are getting much more than normal and lots of snow in the high country. I’ve been enjoying long sleeves, sweaters and scarves!

    It was so much fun seeing Ad’s room and getting a glimpse of her personality through what she likes displayed on her bulletin board and on her desk and bookshelves. So sweet seeing the doll in the corner….not quite ready to give up being a little girl, and I bet you aren’t anxious for that either!

    Warm hugs,

    1. Carol you are such a sweetheart! Thank you! This room fits her personality for sure. And yes! There is no hurry to put the dolls away around here. ;) xo

  9. Her room is darling! And though you say it isn’t finished, you’ve done so much and it looks so good! I just love those desks, and her bulletin board is so cute! I need to get something like that for my kids! Madi wants to re paint her room (crazy she was only 2 when we moved into our house, so of course it’s pink) so I’ve been telling her when she turns 12 we’ll do it. She also loves that blue/aqua color so I think you found the paint for me!

  10. This came at the perfect time. My 10 yr old Ella is turning 11 in April and asked for an updated room ( right now it’s hot pink and polka dots). She asked for blue walls !
    I can’t wait to show her!
    Do you remember the room size? And is her bed a double/queen?

  11. I love your Instagram and blog! You have a beautiful house and I love getting fun ideas! We just moved and I’m about to start decorating kids rooms! I think you just got me motivated.

  12. I just stumbled upon your blog from IG and did a recent update of my daughter’s room which looks so similar to the colours in your room. I have to admit, I was secretly thrilled my daughter decided to change from pink walls to a light teal blue. It looks so refreshing!

  13. Beautifully done, Erin! Addison is one lucky girl! Also, I wanted to say I absolutely love and look forward to your fashion posts! You have a great sense of style and I hope you do continue with it, I get so many great ideas from them too! xo

    1. Thank you so much Taylor! You are always so kind. I’m so happy to hear you like my fashion posts! I will definitely keep them up. :) xo

  14. So cute!! Love the colors!!
    I just had a quick idea, maybe you could find a cute cookbook holder or something like that for on her desk to hold up her music when she plays her sax there:)
    (I would like to take a mini vacation in her room):)

  15. Her room reminded me of mine when I was teenager. Aqua walls, pink bedspread, and my bed was aqua and white. Your future add on plans sounds great!

  16. Love the room! If you remember where you got the fan, please share. Also, does it provide sound as well as cooling the room? We love our fans for white noise as well as the breeze, so always looking for ones that do both.

    1. Kim I’ve been looking and can’t find that info! Shoot.. I’ll definiltey keep looking.. I know I wrote it down somewhere! They do provide noise and cool the room. My girls love that too and like to sleep with them on! xo

  17. I wanted to come back here and tell you how MUCH we love this wall color! Thank you for listing its name because it was impossible to find something like it. We don’t have a Dunn Edwards anywhere near but Sherwin Williams had Windswept in their computer (previous color match? I don’t know). Oh my gosh it’s PERFECT! I’m really toning down how much we love it!

  18. I am currently revamping my teens room for her birthday and I was just curious as to where you got the pink desk? I LOVE iT!

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