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Barn Door TV Cover

Hello friends!  I am typing this post in the Denver airport right now. :)  My husband and I have been on a trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary and it has been a blast.  SO cold here!  But the Fall leaves are gorgeous.  Now I’m heading to NYC for the Better Homes and Gardens Style Maker event.  (Sharing updates on Instagram/Stories if you follow me there!)  My sweet parents are holding down the fort taking care of my kids and getting them everywhere they need to be while I’m gone.  Bless them!  I dumped a lot on them this week and hope they are still standing when we get home. ;)

So excited to finally share pics of our new barn door TV cover!  I first shared an update on this little project here and am happy to report that it is now one project checked off the list.  Only 2,742 more projects to go. ;)  When we were designing this outdoor space while we were building we were excited to have an outdoor TV for the kids in the summer and for when we have people over.

What I didn’t think through was that we would need to protect that TV from any wind, dust, etc. so we ended up with this not so cute gray plastic cover over our TV that I wasn’t very excited about.  This is what you see out of all of our family room doors and windows and it was a bit of an eyesore.  I knew some white barn doors (and a little shiplap!) would look so much better so I called our carpenter Chuck and we got to work designing barn doors to cover the TV.

Here’s the sad part of this story.  When the barn door was half way finished and soon after I first shared this project with you, Chuck had an accident.  He was working on a house in our area on an outside upstairs deck and he fell.  From basically the roof to the ground.  I was in shock when I got the news about his accident and I cried on and off for three days.  He was hurt badly – in critical condition – broken bones and needed several surgeries.  It was awful.  Chuck feels like family to us so we were all devastated.  Long story short (months later) he is doing so much better.  Right now he is in a rehabilitation center healing and walking and getting back to himself.  We are so grateful he is alive and will recover.  Maybe not to 100% but pretty close which is a miracle after the fall he endured.  SO so grateful.

Chuck introduced us to another carpenter he had worked with who picked up where he left off.  He was so great to jump in and help us finish this project and our theatre room cabinets!  I told him he had some pretty big shoes to fill. ;)  When we originally discussed this TV cover, I wanted doors that would swing open to the side, but because of limited space Chuck thought we should go up with the door.  Our new carpenter couldn’t quite figure out how Chuck was going to make the door slide up smoothly (Chuck figures things out as he goes along and I have no doubt he could have made it work!).  But after discussing options, we decided to leave the shiplap and start from scratch with the doors.  We came up with a way to have the doors open accordion style to the side and I’m thrilled with how they turned out!  So!  Without further rambling.. here are pics of our new barn door tv cover.  YEA. :)

So much better than that plastic gray cover!

This pic above shows how they bend and open.

And this is what they look like open.  We are still working on a way to attach them when they are open so they don’t swing if there is some wind..

and you can see that the left door is a touch higher on the bottom.  He got a little carried away sanding and is fixing that too.  Ha. :)  But other than that we are done!

I ordered these pretty recycled glass jars a few months ago and had white hydrangeas on this table most of the summer.  Love them.  The jars and the white hydrangeas. :)  (This glass jar is the large size.)

I feel like it was just what this space needed to finish it off!

My outdoor rug was two years old and looking a little faded from the sun.  I was about to pull it out and start looking for something similar since this exact rug sold out, but I flipped it over and it looks like a brand new rug!  I’ll link to similar options I was considering at the bottom of this post.  Looks like I can wait another two years. :)

This project took on a life of its own and ended up taking a lot longer than I thought it would, but I’m so happy with how it turned out in the end.  The barn door TV cover completed this space and it makes me smile every time I see it out of the french doors in my family room.

I can’t wait to have Chuck over to see it when he’s back in the swing of things.



The outdoor furniture and poufs are from Restoration Hardware and I’ve linked to similar rugs/pillows that are on sale because ours have sold out. (affiliate links used)

xoxo, Erin
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30 thoughts on “Barn Door TV Cover

  1. Love how these turned out! And so thankful Chuck is on the mend. I know how much he means to your family. We had THE BEST TIME with you two this week!!! Can’t wait until our next adventure! Have a great time in New York! XOXO

  2. Happy Anniversary! I hope you two had an amazing time on your trip. Too bad you were too far away to meet. That would have been something! More exciting for me than you most likely. Ha, ha! I am SO sorry to hear about Chuck’s fall. So scary. And I’m relieved to hear he is recovering so well. I’m sure he’s going to like the solution the other carpenter came up with. When the doors are closed you can barely see the line where they fold (at least in photos). Great solution! Good luck figuring out how to keep them from swinging in the wind. Huge Command Hooks?? (being silly, sorry). Have fun on your next trip! Hope I can keep up somewhat on IStories…marching band season is in full swing here and I’m not getting much down time. LOL Hope you had a safe flight home and weren’t too scared by Lucifer, the blue horse with the red eyes on your way into the airport. :)

    1. Thank you Jeanne! I would have loved to meet you! We absolutely love CO so I have a feeling we’ll be back before long. Next time for sure! Good luck with marching band season! Sounds fun and definitely busy! And I didn’t notice the horse..ha! Will have to look for him next time too! ;) xo

  3. Erin,
    Love what you did! So happy to hear Chuck will be alright. Can you tell me what stone you used on your fireplace please? I love it !

    1. Thank you so much Linda! I wish I had a stone name to give you but it was just some stone that was found not far from my parents home! Not something you can order. Sorry that’s no help! xo

  4. It looks beautiful Erin! Love the barn door style and the shiplap! And so glad Chuck is ok! I’ve enjoyed seeing him working with your family on the house all of these years :)

  5. wow! what a great use of outdoor space. did you think about putting an outdoor swing or an egg shell chair hanging from above? dream, dream away! love the barn doors covering the tv and the entire place looks so put charming and comfortable. we spend summers in san diego, ahhh, breeze and sunshine. this week in colorado has been so wet and cold. but sunshine is returning by saturday and leaves are changing to spectacular shades of fall. have a Fabulous trip to nyc.

    1. Thank you so much Lilly! Oh my word.. we loved our time in Steamboat Springs last week and it was absolutely stunning with all of the Fall leaves! Such a fun time of year in your beautiful state! Enjoy! I’ve actually thought about hanging a swing in our other backyard porch area where there is more room! But I don’t know how much we’d use it because we always hang out in this space. :) Fun idea to put one here! Thanks cutie! xo

  6. So sorry to hear about Chuck but thankfully he’s recovering. that’s so scary. I really like the barn door cover it looks like it was meant to be there :-)

  7. WOW! That project turned out amazing. I love the barn doors. Just adds even more charm to your already beautiful outdoor space.
    Hope you enjoyed your anniversary trip! We just celebrated 14 years on the 27th. Time sure goes by quickly.

    My thoughts and prayers are with Chuck as he recovers. What a terrible accident. So glad he is going to be ok. xxoo

    1. Thank you Pam! So sweet of you to think of him. We are so happy he’s going to be ok! And congrats on 14 years! I hope you two were able to celebrate together! xo

  8. Hey Erin,
    Those barn doors are amazing!! So beautiful! Nothing better than function and beauty in one :) we have similar doors in our custom built in cabinet in our family room and I love them! It’s so nice to tuck the TV away and not feel like it’s the center of attention.

    1. I agree Julia! It really is nice to tuck the TV away! Especially in this space because we don’t use it that often. Thanks so much cutie! xo

  9. That is such a beautiful outdoor space, and I love the barn doors! I’m just wondering when you get to relax….you always seem to be so busy. Stopping to smell the roses is coming to mind!


    1. Thanks cutie! You’ll have to read my new post! We had lots of down time on a trip to Colorado.. just what the dr. ordered. ;) xo

  10. Did you not get an outdoor rated tv? I am just curious because we had a pavilion built last year when we had our pool installed and had it prewired for a tv. I think we should just spend the extra money on the outdoor rated one (but they ARE expensive) and my husband wants to buy a regular one and take it down when not in use. Our tv would definitely be exposed to the elements. Everything looks GREAT, by the way and like everyone else, thankful Chuck is going to be okay! What a scary thing.

    1. Thank you so much! We didn’t get an outdoor rated TV because we knew we were planning on covering it. I just didn’t anticipate how much I would dislike the plastic grey cover.. which is why we added the barn doors. :) If your TV will be exposed I would definitely spend a bit more and get an outdoor TV! Or like you said, take it down when you aren’t using it, but that could become a pain. Tough decisions with stuff like this right!? Sounds like you are creating a fun outdoor space either way.. enjoy! :)

  11. Anyway you can share the plans on how he cut the doors and what hardware you used? My carpenter is having a hard time understanding by the pictures how the doors were made. Thanks!

    1. The hardware was from Magnolia Market but I’m not sure if they still have it on-line! You’d have to check. I don’t have plans for the doors.. he just made them w/o plans after I told him what I wanted. Sorry that’s not more help!

  12. Hi, I love this! Planing to do something similar. What did you end up doing to keep the doors from flying open and shut?

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