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Fresh Ideas for Fall Tour

It’s Fall friends!  Well.  In my house it is anyway. :)  So excited to be sharing some of my fall decor with you today!  I’ve been decorating up a storm and now instead of 20 folders full of pictures/projects to share with you all I have 25.  I seriously need to get busy posting.  Forget food.  And showering.  And sleep.  And after school pick-up.

Well.  I’ll still pick the kids up I guess.  And take care of them in-between posts. ;)

Today I’m excited to be joining some of my favorite friends for a Fresh Ideas for Fall Home Tour!  Wow.  That was a lot of F’s.  I’d tell you who the tour is featuring, but I think I’ll just let you just read that for now since I’ve never been good with tongue twisters.  (Can you tell I’m up too late again?)  If you are visiting from my talented friend Bree’s blog ZDesign hello and welcome!  I have no doubt her Fall decor blew you away.  She is one of my most favorite decorators ever!  And a favorite friend.  Love her.  Ok.. on with the tour!


To be honest when I started working on this post I was planning on sharing three decorated rooms with you.  This is a “Home Tour” after all.  But after some sorting and editing I decided I’d just share two rooms.  After more sorting and editing (and giving myself a serious lecture about my excessive picture taking.. again) I ended up deciding to just share my family room.  I know you all have busy lives and not enough time to go through a post that takes 30 minutes to read.  Make that 45 minutes when I’m rambling because I’m tired.

Did you all know I ramble when I’m tired?

Moving on.  With my tired rambling.  And my now “Room Tour.”

This should be fun. :)

My family room decor this year is simple but all sorts of cozy.  My favorite.

You all know I love switching around my console table.  Just a few simple changes and Fall has arrived!  I used my favorite faux turning leaf branches to decorate with a lot this year.  They are back in stock and always sell out quick!  I’ve had a lot of questions about them on Instagram.  I usually use just two branches in large vases.  Sometimes I use three, but usually that is too much because each stem is so bushy and full.  They are beautiful and the colors add so much warmth.  They are sitting in this Kora vase (medium) that I’ve had my eye on for a while and finally bought.  I love pulling them out every Fall!

I kept my mantel simple too.

These Cinderella pumpkins are my absolute favorite!  I get so excited when I see them popping up in grocery stores.  I just placed them here and there on my mantel and added more of my turning leaf branches in-between them.  Honestly one of my favorite Fall mantels and it took no time at all.  Which is good because no time is about how much time I’ve had lately. ;)

Sometimes when I style my family room shelves they look a bit cluttered to me.  I really wanted them streamlined this year so I kept them them pretty similar on each side.  My favorite Vintage Wood Oval Trays on the top full of mini white pumpkins, my mom’s vintage books in the middle (that I’m still “borrowing” from her – thanks mom and maybe you want to just give them to me? :) and then on the bottom I added two favorite pictures of my little buddy at his first pumpkin patch.

He looks like a little cabbage patch doll in this picture!  Which reminds me of another picture..

Oh my word.. I laughed so hard the day I walked around the corner and saw this sitting on my mom’s couch.  Life with two older sisters!  #poorkid  #oneofthedolls

Sorry.  Got a little sidetracked there. :)

A fun pumpkin pillow and this beloved throw from PB make our reading chair nice and cozy.

I wasn’t ready to say good-bye to white hydrangeas yet this year!  I know they are more summer than Fall, but since San Diego is still hot and will be through October I decided I could get away with it. :)  I added some acorns in a wooden bowl to bring us back to Fall.

Huge thank you to my acorn pickers. ;)  (You can read more about that little ongoing adventure here.)

I added another Cinderella pumpkin to my side table and then my favorite purchase of the year!  How pretty are these Pheasant Pillows!?  LOVE them.  I bought two for this room and am going to order two more for my living room.  I love them that much.  They have all the fall colors in the design plus some blue which works great with my existing pillows.  And remember my Bliss throw from the Nordstrom sale?  My family’s new favorite – the kids love them too.  (And I’ve loved hearing so many of you also love them!)  I bought six of them to give as Christmas gift this year and this is the third color I’ve decided I need to keep!  It’s the “Ginger/Mango” color – a burnt orange that is perfect for Fall.  I have a feeling that come Christmas I’m going to be buying six more to give as gifts.

Maybe that’s why my husband wasn’t as excited as I was about my early Christmas gift shopping. Ha. :)

This pretty bird pillow is new too but I can’t find the link!  Behind it is the Washed Velvet Pillow in “Ember.”  A darker burnt orange color and so soft.  PB has so many fun new pillows in for Fall!  And I know.  I needed more PB pillows like I need a hole in my head but when their seasonal pillows come out they get me every time.  Plus you can just buy the pillow cover if you want and switch them all out.  So easy and no body has to know.

Not that I’m hiding them from a certain someone.  A certain someone who doesn’t agree that buying good seasonal decor is a true investment.  He’s clearly confused.

And hasn’t visited PB in the Fall.


So that’s it for the family room!  Like I said, really simple this year, but enough Fall colors and pumpkins and books and cozy pillows and throws to really bring this beautiful season inside.

Ahhh.. I can smell my pumpkin spice candle just looking at these pictures!  Most likely because it has been burning 24/7.

But still.



Make sure to check out my darling friend Tam’s blog CitrineLiving.  Her seasonal decor is always stunning and timeless.   Isn’t this living room gorgeous!?  So fun to see everyone’s personal styles come out in these tours.  I hope you enjoy getting Fall decorating ideas from the rest of my friends!  I know they will all inspire us!  I’ll be back with more soon.  Lots more.


xoxo, Erin
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48 thoughts on “Fresh Ideas for Fall Tour

  1. What a comfy, cozy room Erin. It always looks great, but you chose some fun new items that just up the cozy factor. Love tho Cinderella pumpkins. Glad to see you survived the photo taking risk you took. Adore your new pillows! And those burnt orange blankets. Makes you want to snuggle up and sip a hot cocoa (not in to the pumpkin spice everything, sorry). Only I remember Fall in Southern CA…it doesn’t get cool-ish till after October. LOL Kind of frustrating, huh? They are starting to use the S word here…s n o w. Sigh…not in my neck of the woods yet, but in the mountains. Not ready for that. Anyway, thank you so much for taking all the wonderful pictures of your gorgeous room and sharing in your own fun and fabulous Erin style. Always makes me smile. Hope your husband is recovering well with his ankle/foot. Have a happy day! Happy Fall (almost…guess it’s official tomorrow) ;)

    1. Hi cutie! Ugg.. yes! Still hot through October here. My kids are always sweating in their Halloween costumes. It is cloudy today though so I’m pretending it’s super chilly outside! I’m a good pretender. ;) So happy you like all the coziness.. Fall is such a fun season to decorate for! We are heading to Colorado soon btw! You need to e-mail me what area you’re in! Are the leaves turning there yet? I hope so. :) xo

  2. Erin I love how you do fall! Your house does look so warm and cozy! I don’t use much orange but this burnt orange shade that’s in your throw and pillow is so pretty with blue!! And that Cabbage Patch pic is the absolute best :) ……

    1. Thank you Lisa! Isn’t blue and orange fun together!? I usually use coral so much so the burnt orange is an easy swap out for this time of year. So sweet of you to stop by.. I loved hearing from you! Happy Fall cutie! :) xo

  3. LOVE what you did with your built-ins!! I love the streamlined look and maybe I could steal this look (built-ins or shelves of any kind confuse me and make me crazy!). I’m a simple girl and your decor for fall is simply wonderful!

    1. Yea! Copy away Dawn! I’m so happy you like them! Book shelves and built-ins can be so tricky to style! A lot of times I think mine look great and then I see my pictures of them and feel like they are just too busy. I’m finding less is more when it comes to shelf styling! Sounds like we both like simple so it’s a good way to go. ;) Thanks for your sweet comment cutie! Happy Fall! xo

  4. Gorgeous, Erin!! I love simple seasonal decorating – obsessed with your console and mantle! This looks so cozy and inviting! :)

    1. Thank you so much Kaitlin! I’m so happy you like it all! Cozy and inviting are the best words for Fall aren’t they!? You made my day. :) xo

  5. I love, love, love what you did with the mantle! I love simple. Those pumpkins and lanterns are gorgeous. Hit it out of the park once again, Erin!
    I feel ya with the weather. We are usually around 70 degrees this time of year. We are having a heat wave of 90+ and high humidity right now. Crazy!

    1. Yea! SO happy you like it Pam! Thank you! So sorry about your heat wave.. the high humidity is the worst! Hang in there. It’s cloudy outside here today – still hot, but I’m looking out my windows and pretending it’s super chilly. ;) xo

    1. Ahhh! So many cute pillows! I can’t go in that store without leaving with a pillow or two.. it has become a seriously problem.. ha! :) Thanks cutie! So happy you liked the post! :) xo

  6. Hello. Beautiful fall decor

    a FYI. Acorns have a worm inside called acorn weevil. Just in case you walked by the bowl and saw it moving! 😊

    1. Thank you sweet Kristen! So fun hearing from you today! I know.. aren’t those dolls funny? He just blends right in. ;) Happy Fall cutie! xo

  7. Hi Erin, I Love your house, love your blog…can you tell me about your floors and how you take care of them? What is your floor care routine shall we say…products you use to keep them so shiny?? Thank you in advance ! Sally

    1. Hi Sally! Thank you! SO sweet of you. I linked to a post all about my floors below! I use my central vac to vacuum crumbs every day (sometimes twice a day!) and then once a week I mop (or my cleaners mop – depending on the week) with a product called Bona. It works so great. You can find it on-line or at Target. There is a mop they sell with it too that I use. Hope that helps! :)

  8. Erin!! What a gorbekhs setup you have – perfectly cozy for your gorgeous family room! You know how much I love your gorgeous home, every detail always gets me! And I love your mom’s books too ;) Thank you for the sweet share my friend!! Love you! Xo

  9. Erin your house is so inviting and warm! I just wish I could ring your doorbell and plop on your couch and enjoy it all in person! I just love you my friend and am wishing you a wonderful Fall with your darling family! xoxo

  10. I love your Fall decor Erin! The simplicity of it all is very eye pleasing. That new throw and pillows look great! I still like using hydrangea for Fall. We have a bush that I definitely need to start cutting and I’m planning on using them for my Fall decorating that I’m planning to start soon, I hope. The turning leaf branch from PB is something I so need!

  11. Erin, I LOVE how you do fall! This room will always be one of my all-time favorites and I think its fall look is its best! Your mantel is perfection!!! And every year I say that I need to et some of your faux leaves – this year I’ve got to act on it – they are amazing! Can’t wait to see you in a few short days!!!

  12. Erin! This room is SO lovely! I love your mantel! Obsessed with your ceiling! Your console is always so cute! And I love your writing! I’ll take tired rambling any day! Hugs! Can’t wait to see you next week!

  13. Your home always looks beautiful, Erin, but Fall is my favorite, so I adore these Fall tours. I especially like your mantel with the large pumpkins. I could live in Fall colors all year long (weird since we don’t actually have a Fall season here in AZ), so I love to see pops of beautiful Fall colors in your home and many others who have more neutrals most of the time.

    Loved seeing your “Cabbage Patch Baby!”

    Have a lovely weekend!

  14. Your home is so gorgeous! Thank you for teaching me art of not overdecorating. Does that make sense? (: Clean and simple is perfect!

  15. Erin, your family look looks so gorgeous, cozy, and ready for fall! Loving your similar shelf styling, and, I cracked up at your little cabbage patch! How priceless! I can’t wait to see you SOON! xoxo

  16. Hello! I am a fairly new follower of your blog and love your mirror on your family room mantel. Can you please share where you got it? You also have a sweet way with words!

    1. So sweet of you Lori! Thank you! So happy you found me. :) That mirror was from Pottery Barn but it is a few years old and has sold out! I’ll definitely mention it on my blog if it ever comes back in stock because I get a lot of questions about it. Sorry that’s not much help! xo

  17. Erin, this room looks so cozy and festive! I love how it is all fall-ed up while keeping to relatively neutral colors that just blend so well with all your normal accents. Great inspiration as always!!

  18. Oh my golly when I scrolled down and came upon that picture of the dolls I laughed and said what the heck, how did that get in there. Then I read about it and laughed even harder. Made my day. Love the rest of the fall decor too. Seriously beautiful and doable!

  19. I love love love this room. I love your pillow on the sofa with the white and blue trellis. Can I PLEASE ask who the fabric is by???? Thats is exact fabric I would love to make drapes from. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

  20. Hi! I love your blog and style so much! I would love to know where your lanterns and that wire basket on your mantle are from? I just have to try to copy your style – I love it!

    1. You are so sweet Karie! Thank you! Unfortunately I’m not much help with those items. The wire basket was a Home Goods find and the lanterns were from Tai Pan (a Utah based store) years ago. Sorry that’s no help to you! xo

  21. Hi Erin! Can you tell me where your white tray on your coffee table is from. Thanks so much! Happy New Year!

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