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A Day In My Life

Every year in January I put up a survey on my blog asking what you’d all love to see more of on Sunny Side Up and guess what the number one thing is that I always hear back?  A regular day!  Never what I’m expecting to hear, but I get it!  It’s always fun to see how other people live and how they fit in all that they do.  So friends, this is it.  Today I’m sharing what a typical day in my life looks like.  You can bet it will be beyond glamourous. ;)  I’m joining my friends Amy and Christy at Magnolia Lane and a group of fun bloggers in this series so there will be lots of fun “day in the life” posts to check out!  It’s always the best to get ideas and learn from each other.

I picked a day last week and documented the whole thing from start to finish.  I used my cell phone for a lot of the pics during all times of the day (not just good lighting times) so this truly is real life in all of it’s grainy glory. Grab a snack!  My days are long. ;)  Here we go!

Our alarm goes off at 6:20 am and my husband has to roll me out of bed.  I am a night owl and don’t like early mornings!  He gets in the shower while I fumble my way upstairs to wake my girls.  Ellie is usually up and going already, but Addison (pictured above with a blanket over her head) is like me and never wants to get out of bed.  Sometimes I get back in bed with her and we both snooze for 10 more minutes until we nudge each other and convince ourselves that we have to get up. :)

Once my girls are both up and going I go back to my bedroom to put on my workout clothes and then I head to the kitchen to start making breakfast and packing lunches.  El gets lunch at her school, but Ad and Kole still like to take a lunch despite my on-going efforts to convince them that school lunch is amazing and lunch from home is of the devil.  Lunch packing.  I am not a fan.  I always have the kids set their lunch boxes and water bottles out on this counter the night before so I’m not searching for them the next morning and sometimes (if I’m on my A game) they get the packing started the night before with things that won’t go bad.

Then in the morning I finish them.  I’m struggling this morning because Kole doesn’t want the leftover pasta I was planning on using so his lunch is looking rather pathetic with a cutie orange and animal crackers as the main dish, but it is what it is at this point!  We need groceries.  Kole usually wakes up on his own at some point while I’m making the food and then the girls and Kenny come in the kitchen and everyone (except me) eats breakfast.  Then I help the girls round up their things and get out the door by 7:20.  Most mornings (if my husband doesn’t have an early meeting) he takes the girls to their middle school on his way to work.

Kole’s school starts a little later this year and we have 45 minutes after breakfast before we have to leave so my new plan for this year is to get my workout done most mornings before I take him to school.  I let him turn on his favorite Lego show and I sneak into my husband’s office.  Kole is loving this new plan too. ;)

Last school year Kole’s school started at 8:00 so I went to an 8:15 class at Orange Theory after I dropped him off.  (Do any of you workout at an OT?  Crazy good workout!).  But this year Kole is at a new school that starts at 8:30 so I can’t go to my class.  I don’t want to take the 9:20 class because I have too much to get done during my kids’ school hours and can’t have exercise take up the whole morning, so over the summer we bought a new treadmill and my plan is to do a quick 30 minutes on it before I take Kole to school.  I still may do an OT class once a week and I usually run with friends one morning a week, but this will be a quick something for most busy days.  I’ve been decorating Kenny’s office and it was looking so good until I plopped a huge treadmill in there.. ha!  Not my best decor accessory. ;)  But it works!  And he could care less.

After I exercise I finish helping Kole get ready and off to school we go!  He has to wear a uniform this year – little polo shirts and tan shorts that he’s not a fan of, but I help him accessorize with fun shoes/backpack so we make it work. ;)  I chat with moms/friends at his school after walking him in and then head back home.

This is the morning rush kitchen mess that is always waiting for me and even though I need to shower and have tons of work to do, I can’t do anything until I’ve cleaned my kitchen!

I put an egg on the stove and while it’s boiling I start cleaning.  I know – one boiled egg is a lame breakfast!  But I am never hungry in the mornings and would love to just skip breakfast all together if it weren’t for the whole “you have to eat breakfast.. it’s the most important meal of the day”.. spill.  So I make myself eat an egg and call it good.

{Kitchen pictures and sources in this post}

I get the kitchen looking like this again.  Ahhh.  Much better!

Then I style a few things in my bay window because it has been empty and I want the house looking good for a party we are hosting over Labor Day weekend for 70+ people – my daughter’s dance team and families.  (Which we had and it was so fun!  Pics coming later.)

I add some lemons to a wooden bowl and a new plant.

Then I take this pic to share on Instagram at some point.

{Master Bathroom Pics and Sources}

Kitchen is clean so I head to my bathroom to get ready for the day.  My bathroom wasn’t quite this clean but I forgot to take a pic of it. Although I will say that ever since I organized my bathroom drawers I have been doing a pretty good job putting things away immediately and keeping it clean!  Definite improvement. :)  I shower fast (and don’t wash my hair) and get ready.

(affiliate links used)

I wear my favorite jeans, go to booties, tassel earrings I’m loving right now and my recent favorite ruffle tee that has been on major repeat this month.  This is the time I usually take my Fashion pics – right after I get ready and before I’ve wilted from the day’s activities. ;)

{Office pictures and sources}

Then it’s time to get to work!  During the day I work at this window desk in my office/craft room.  Lots of fun things help me stay organized!

I have multiple planners – which aren’t necessary but I’m a planner/notebook addict so there’s that.  :)  In one of them I have my blog content planned out for a month.  I always get side tracked and never follow it exactly, but it’s a good outline to go by.

This is an older to-do list, but using it just to show you – I always have a running to-do list going (one for my blog and one for every day life) and then I highlight the top three things for each day.   When they are done, I highlight three more and just keep going!

I also have a Visual to-do list in my office that I refer to for larger projects I’m working on.  You can read more about that here.  I have more desk organization coming in a post soon because this post is already too long!

At my desk I answer e-mails, make phone calls for the upcoming party and appointments for the kids I need to schedule, answer blog comments, etc.  I am giving a fun gift to a friend at the party that involves everyone sending me e-mails so I spend some time working on that too.

Time for lunch so I make me a quick turkey sandwich with baked lays and strawberries.  Typical lunch I’ve been eating for years!

Once in a while I mix it up and make me a salad instead of my turkey sandwich.  And then I always add some sort of candy or treat after.  Because I wouldn’t want to be too healthy. ;)  I usually take my lunch back in my office and eat while I keep working.

At this point it’s 1:30 and good lighting so I head to my guest room and take pics for a progress post coming soon.  (One of the things highlighted on my blog to-do list!)

Then at 2:00 I have the countertop guys scheduled to come and install the counter in our theatre room.  (Progress on that space coming too!)  I meet with them and get them started and end up staying upstairs with them to show them where to drill holes for the faucet, sprayer, etc.  At 2:45 they are still working but I have to leave them to finish while I run to pick up my kids from school.  My work day is over so anything I didn’t finish will be put off until late!

I pick up this cute boy and hear all about a fun Science gummy bear experiment he did in class and how they also read his favorite story Teacher from the Black Lagoon and how his new school is the best school ever (yea! #momwin) and can he please have some food immediately because his lunch didn’t fill him up (sigh #momfail).

After chatting about his day he does the usual and requests “Thriller” from his play list.  A long time favorite song.  Halloween – we are ready for ya. :)

We head to the girls’ school to pick them up.  I quickly answer IG questions while I’m waiting in the carpool lane.  Then when the girls come I drive straight to Addison’s play practice.  She finished Alice in Wonderland on a Sunday and started a new play on Monday!  I leave Kole with Ellie and take Ad in the building she has practice (that also conveniently has a little food shop) and buy her a smoothie for a snack because she won’t be home until 7:00.

She meets some friends that are also in this play and I snap a picture and give her a hug good-bye.  They have 10 minutes to eat before practice starts!

I get in the car and El and Kole beg me to get them pancakes at our favorite bakery.  We usually have to rush home for El to do homework before dance, but she assures me she finished most of it during ISPE (she gets a study period at school instead of taking PE because of all the dance she does outside of school – love that!).   Plus she only has 2 hours of dance tonight instead of her usual 3-4 hours so pancakes it is!  I never order me anything because there is always left overs.  :)  We have a good chat and I hear all about Ellie’s day at school.  She is keeping the middle school drama at bay and I’m proud of her.  While El and Kole are doing a word search I hurry and post something on Instagram.

Heading back home!  I snapped a picture of the pic that has been on my car dashboard for years now.  That’s how old my kids were when we bought our van!  Babies.  My husband is trying to get me to buy a new car, but I’m sentimental (about the van and this picture) and am not moving very fast on that one. :)

I notice our pretty tree blossoms on our side yard pulling into the house and stop to take a picture.  I never regret taking a minute to appreciate the little things. :)

We walk into the house and El heads to her room.  Kole changes out of his school clothes immediately – ha!  Then he needs a little down time to play so I find myself with 30 minutes before I have to leave again to take El to dance.  Kids are fed and happy and I have just enough time to fix this mudroom closet that has been driving me crazy!  We let it get messy over the summer and I could barely open the door.  I quickly pull everything out, decide I don’t want to use the stacked organizer on the side anymore because it’s taking up too much room, re-organize everything, and put it all back nice and neat.


I start a load of wash downstairs and run upstairs to check on El and see if she’s ready for dance.  Then I start a load of towels in the kids’ laundry room before we head out the door.

Kole isn’t excited about getting back in the car (poor kid gets driven around a lot!) but he does it and we take El and drop her off.  Her water bottle says “I can’t, I have dance.”  Pretty much sums up her life right now.  :)  It’s getting close to 7:00 so we then drive to pick up Addison from her play practice.  On our way home we stop at the grocery store to get a few things so Kole can have a better lunch experience and actually get full the next day. ;)

You can see he was thrilled about that decision.  This kid just loves to go grocery shopping.


Luckily his sister keeps him entertained and cheered him right up!

We get home and I unload all the groceries and get the kids taken care of and I’m getting tired.  This is always the hardest part of the day for me.  I’m just starting to wear down from all the go go go and I still have a lot to get done.  It’s around 8:30 and I’m home for the night so I change into my favorite pj pants and pull my hair up in a top knot and immediately I feel better. :)  This is how I look every single evening once I’m home for the night.  Whether that starts at 8 or 10 or 6:30.  Once I’m done running kids around, my pj’s are on and my hair is up.  And yes – I recognize that my top knot is huge.  I have super thick hair and in college I wore it like this for dance practice (college dance team) and my friends all called it “the mushroom.”  Ha. :)

I head upstairs to get Kole in bed and toss the towels in the dryer.

Kole wants to read before his shower instead of after tonight.  We read together every night before bed and are loving the Magic Treehouse series right now.  We take turns reading and a lot of times I stop at a cliff hanger on purpose so he’ll want to keep reading in bed.  I’m tricky like that.  :)  Reading, shower and prayers with Kole and then I’m back downstairs wondering how in the world my kitchen looks like this again when I had it spotless this morning…

The roses were a fun surprise left from a friend.  I start picking up and realize that it’s 9:00 and I haven’t eaten dinner and am hungry.  I forget my own dinner a lot because we are so busy in the evenings so then I start eating/snacking too late.  It’s a problem!

Kenny had a dinner with clients so I heat up the rest of some fajitas we had left over for Addison and grab a Lean Cuisine for me.  This Chicken and Broccoli and Pasta is a good one!  You can probably tell by now that I’m not much of a foodie.. ha!  Most definitely why I don’t love to cook.  I’d rather just make a quick turkey sandwich and be done any day. :)

While my dinner is “cooking” in the microwave I clean the kitchen and load the dishes.  Again.

{Organized Bathroom Drawers}

I kiss Addison and get her up to bed and then eat dinner.  Then I head to my bathroom to take out my contacts because my eyes are hurting.  I always take off my make-up at this time of night because I stay up late and am too tired when I finally make it to bed.

Kenny walks in the door with Ellie (thank goodness he always does the super late pick ups!).  She wants something to eat and I want to cry because the kitchen is finally clean.  But I make her some food anyway and we talk about dance.

Kenny brought in the mail so I sort through and toss most of it and then find this.. my Christmas porch was featured in an upcoming Country Living Christmas Magazine!  I love fun mail. :)  Aside from the feature thinking about Christmas instantly cheers me up!  (Btw.. because a lot of you have been asking, my kitchen is supposed to be showing up in BHG in Spring of 2018!  They are slow to get things published, but I will definitely let you all know when it’s out!)

Back to our day!  Does it ever end?  El needs help with some math before she goes to bed and that is ALL Kenny.  I’ll keep helping Kole with his sight words. ;)  It’s about 9:45 at this point and I am finally sitting down to start working again.  This is when I write and post!  When my kids are at school I keep up with e-mails, complete projects and photograph them, and run errands.  All of the computer part of my blogging happens after my kids are in bed (which used to work out so well when the kids were little and all in bed by 8:00!  Not the case anymore.)   I get my second wind right about this time of night though so I’m good.  I start editing pics and adding my watermark and writing.  El finishes math and heads to bed.  My husband and I offer each other a tired “oh hello babe.. how was your day” just before he crashes on the couch.  I turn on the TV for company more than anything else and work on my blog until around midnight or 1:00 am.  If I can get at least 5 hours of sleep I’m good to go.  I always tell my husband to go to bed without me but he doesn’t like to.  So he sleeps on the couch in his clothes until I’m done and then I wake him and we head to bed together.  He’s out again before I get my teeth brushed. :)

Then at 6:20 am the alarm goes off and we do it all over again!

We are in a busy stage right now with our kids and our jobs and a lot of days I am just doing the best I can to keep my head above water!  But we are happy and our kids are healthy and doing great.  We have a wonderful life that I’m very grateful for and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Except maybe hire someone to make the school lunches.  I’d change that little routine if I could.


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xoxo, Erin
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53 thoughts on “A Day In My Life

  1. I love it Erin! I am the same exact way about the lunches :) If there is one thing I love most about summer it is NOT having to make lunches! Thanks for sharing your day. XO, Amy

    1. Right!? Lunch making should be banned for life! Ha ha.. my least favorite chore. Thanks again for including me in this fun series Amy! Loved it. :) xo

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this post! I really enjoyed reading about and seeing one of your typical days, start to finish. You have me exhausted just reading about it, LOL. Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Ha ha.. that made me laugh Holly! No doubt I usually end the day beyond exhausted! But happy exhausted. :) I’m thrilled you liked this post! Thanks cutie! xo

  3. Of course I loved this post Erin! And yayyy for your feature in that magazine so cool!!! I don’t have much to say tonight I’m heading to bed, but when I saw your post on IG I said, lemme go ahead and read it now, so glad I did! oh btw isn’t it crazy how that works with being in the magazines? I’m sure that will be BHG’s best selling issue from all of your readers buying a copy :-)

    1. You are such a sweetheart Aria! Thank you! So glad you liked the post! And I don’t know about that with the magazine issue.. but SO sweet of you to say. You are TOO good to me. :) xo

  4. Erin–you are one busy lady! It does get a bit better as they get older. My son started driving this year and that has been a game-changer for me. He handles the late-night dance pickups (score!). My daughter has the same water bottle (Covet Dance, I think?) and yes, that saying is so true, especially as Nutcracker season has started. I sure wish she could get a study hall instead of PE; that idea makes too much sense!
    You might be juggling, but you do it beautifully. Thanks so much for sharing your day with us!

    1. You are so sweet to say that Christy! Thank you! I love hearing that it gets easier. I have friends who have one driving and they say the same thing.. life changing! I’m excited for that, but the thought of my oldest behind the wheel on California freeways completely terrifies me! Yikes. :) Love that your daughter is a dancer too – I remember that! I bet our girls would get along famously. :) Thanks cutie! Loved being a part of such a fun series! xo

  5. Well this explains a lot…like how you stay so perfectly thin and beautiful at all times. You ate like 500 calories! Love you Erin! You’re amazing.

    1. I’m laughing so hard at your comment Shari! You know better than anyone how I can go to town on a mushroom pizza! Ha ha.. trust me! I make up for those calories every time we hit Sammys. ;) Thank you my beautiful friend. Love you right back! xo

  6. Erin! I absolutely loved this! What a great post! You look adorable in a top knot, and we are total night owl twinsies! My hub does the same thing- sleeps on the couch next to me and I wake him up when I’m ready for bed! Love you, friend! Can’t wait to see you soon!

    1. Love that Haneen! I always tell Kenny that he is incredibly sweet or incredibly lazy when it comes to staying up with me and sleeping on the couch.. ha ha! Thanks for stopping by! I’m getting so excited to see you! YEA!! Coming soon! :) xo

  7. This was seriously one of my all time favorite posts…lol.. why do we love to know what others do in their days! Haha. I think it’s always so interesting.

  8. I’m am so tired after reading that!!! Oh Erin, that use to be my life. School, dance, baseball! I miss it. You would think I could slow down now. That’s just not my reality. Like you, I get my second wind around 9:00 and I get a lot done between 9-12. As far as dinner goes. I’m not a foodie either. I’m happy with a bowl of cereal and strawberries on some nights. Your great mom Erin. It’s the best job in the world.!

    1. My mom says the same thing! She remembers this stage well. Such a busy time but I know I will miss it someday. LOVE that you are a night owl like me and that reminds me of how you would always be the first to comment on my posts at like 1:00 am when I’d post them.. ha ha! That’s how we became close! Chatting back and forth when the rest of the world was sleeping. ;) I just love you Cathy! xo

  9. OMG you are awesome!!! I’m tired just reading about your day, but it’s what us mommies do for our babies (I have two, who are both is several activities as well, and I can’t believe how much time I spend in my car.). Btw if you are ever in the mood to change out your pillows and are going to get rid of the extra pillows in that mud room closet please let me know. I would love to take them off your hands 😉👍☺️ Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us.

    1. Thank you Celine! Kids keep us hopping don’t they!? I feel like from 2:30 until about 9:00 I’m living in my car too! Crazy. I hear it goes by quickly and I know I’ll miss it some day so I have to try to enjoy being a chauffeur. ;) I’ll let you know if we ever switch out our yard pillows! ;) xo

  10. Oh my gosh, Erin. All that driving :o (can you tell I’m not a fan of driving?!)

    I have a question – does Ellie take supper with her to dance? Or eat afterwards?

    My life seems to revolve around food – my family all has to eat at least 3 meals a day. My twins eat more, it feels like all the time!

    1. I hate driving too! Such an unnecessary evil. ;) El usually has a snack before and a light dinner after dance. It’s kind of a crazy schedule because her classes are always right during dinner time! xo

  11. These are so fun to read!!! Get yourself an egg cooker Friend :) No more pots, boiling water you don’t need. . .and it will let you know when it is done. It is so small I store mine in the cupboard. You’ll love it. . .promise. You could even throw in a couple extra eggs and put them in Kole’s lunch :) Have you read how Shay Shull (Mix & Match Mama) does her school lunches? She has said it “saves her sanity”. I feel you. . .my kids are older now so they are all on their own as far as lunch goes — ha! Fourth grade was my cut-off for preparing their lunches for them. . .my 14-yr-old still complains that “no one will pack my lunch”. . .his wife will thank me one day :) This was a fun read. . .and a time of life that you WILL miss one day. . .all the running around. . .half of mine drive now so sometimes I feel a bit left out :(

    1. Thank you so much cutie! K – I’m looking into the egg cooker for sure!! And I know you are right.. I will totally miss it someday! I try to remind myself of that every day when I reach the point of passing out from exhaustion.. ha! ;) xo

  12. Wow, Erin! You pack a lot into your days! I knew you did because that’s what moms do, but whew! That is a lot. :) And very familiar. It’s definitely a busy season of life for sure. I thought I was busy driving, but you sure have the edge there. LOL Thank you so much for taking the time to share your day. It was really fun to read. You are a cutie and I enjoyed seeing you all casual, too. I hear you on the math work. That’s on my hubby, too. That was a super cute picture in the van. But, oh honey, I’d be jumping at the chance for a new vehicle! I am so ready to give up my van! :) Hope you are getting into a good school routine. Ours is going pretty well. But I had an extra day off from work on Tuesday and it made me miss the days when I didn’t work at a paying job. LOL Hope you have a good rest of your week! Thanks again! Hugs!

    1. I know.. Kenny thinks I’m crazy about the new car thing. Part of it is that I just never have time to even think about it! Thanks so much cutie! Happy to hear I’m not the only mom passing off math homework duty.. ;) XO

  13. This was so fun to read, Erin! My children are high school and college age now but I remember many days like these. I enjoy seeing your beautiful home, and especially love your organization. And, your handwriting is the best!! : – )

  14. Hello! I love reading your posts because I’m not a very organized person but also hate clutter… I have 3 kids also, 6,7,and 9 yrs and I am a taxi service in the evenings 5 days a week like yourself and love every minute of it. Some of your routine has inspired me to change a few things about my day so this has been really helpful. I have one big question though…. WHERE is your COFFEE or fuel??? I’m so jealous if you can get by without it. I only have one in the morning but it’s my favorite part of the morning and I look forward to it.

  15. You are busy, busy!! I hear ya about school lunch. I make Lauren help me make hers the night before…it helps a little. :)
    I swear chauffeuring (is that a word) kids around is a full time job. A night off is like Christmas.

    And just for the record…I love your mushroom topknot! My hair is so fine that I can barely get a doughnut hole. xxoo

  16. LOVED this post Erin! You just proved you are for real and doing what a momma does best :) I’m right there with you on the schedule. Life is BUSY!!! You are doing an awesome job and I just love your family! :) And I totally agree with you on the lunch packing – the WORST! :) Have a super day!

  17. Phew !!! You are super busy !
    Got tired just reading this but loved it ! What a great idea for a series . I’m off to check out the other girls posts but first …. weird question but
    What are all those taps for at your beautiful kitchen sink ?
    Hugs from Australia

  18. Oh my gosh! What a busy busy day – but so sweet and fun! You are just a total doll – beautiful in and out. Loved reading this, sweet friend!!


  19. Whew!! It wore me out reading about how busy you were all day!! haha! This is one of my all-time favorite posts of yours – we got to see the real-life Erin in action! Wonder Woman!! You have such a busy life with so much going on. I admire how you organize your TIME, as well as your home! Congratulations on your front door / porch being featured in the magazine! I can’t wait to see your kitchen featured in BHG! Thank you again for sharing your lovely family with your readers!!

  20. I loved reading this! Your days are crazy just like ours!! I feel so much better knowing that I’m not the only one cleaning my kitchen 10 times a day!! Exhausting! I keep telling my husband this is the most crazy our lives are ever going to be and when we are older and the children are grown up, we will yearn to have these hectic days back again!! Our son used to hate being dragged around to dance classes and riding lessons when he was younger and now he’s the worst culprit with all his swimming and football training! It really is a juggling act isn’t it?! So happy to hear you say at the end that you are all happy and enjoying life though – I remember reading a book written from the perspective of an old man (Water for Elephants) and he talked about the ‘halcyon days’ when his kids were young and life was crazy – it really stayed with me, these are our ‘halcyon days.’ sounds like you are making the most of every minute! You have a gorgeous family xx

  21. Loved the day in the life post!! PHEW I was tired at the end of it! LOL Quick question — I noticed that you have the same washing machine that I just got about 3 weeks ago. Do you ever hear it make a ‘thumping’ sound and the door shakes when its doing the rinse cycle? I don’t know if it’s normal and just trying to adjust the clothes so they are not out of balance or what. I am terrified the door is going to pop open LOL! Anyway thanks for sharing your day!

  22. You are busy. I used to be a teacher but now that I stay home with my boys, 5 and 1, and I feel busier than ever. I also think I put pressure on myself to get more stuff done. Since my husband works from home or travels he sees how I never stop. At least he appreciates everything I do and on those rare days when I need to crash during nap time, he encourages it. He actually encourages me to rest more but I love to cook and that’s my dinner prep and cleaning time.

  23. Hi Erin! I just had to tell you what an inspiration your blog has been to me this past year. A year ago we sold our house & started building our dream house. We are under 2 months out from moving in. Its been a heck of a journey, as you know. Whenever my head was about to explode from all the decisions & deadlines, I’d escape to your blog & it always reminded me there’s a light at the end of the tunnel & its all worth it. I have to tell you, sometimes when my designer & I are stuck in a decision, we refer to your blog! We have some similarities also, both my girls are in competition dance too! Hearing about your daughter’s dance schedule somehow makes me feel better that I’m not the only crazy dance mom. ;) It is worth it to see your child have such a passion in what they’re doing. Thank you for what you do, it has truly helped me get through this crazy year! All the Best-Jenna in Michigan

  24. I’m exhausted just reading this. Lol. I can’t believe I used to do this with my two (bball, cheerleading, clarinet lessons, ballet, scouts, etc..). I just remember that sweet kiss from my husband when he walked in from work. The best part of my day.

  25. Hi Erin,
    What a great post! I was exhausted simply reading about your day! You sure do pack in a lot and seem to do it with a smile. Thank you for sharing. I always look forward to your posts.
    By any chance we’re you ever able to get the exact color match of your Seattle Grey from Sherwin Williams? I know you’ve had a lot of requests from readers so maybe I somehow missed it. I would appreciate any info you have since I’m planning on repainting in a month or two. Thank you! :)

  26. Loved this so much!
    Your day is hectic!!

    I got married in December 2017 and only now getting into a routine that works for me.
    I lived with my parents all the time , so its new thing for me to come home after a 8-5pm office work and then have to go and exercise , make supper , prep everything for next day etc.. but I have been loving it so much

    Thank you for sharing your day

    1. Thank you so much Chanelle! I’m glad you liked this post! We are in a hectic stage for sure, but I love it too. :) It takes a while when things change to sink into a routine that works! xo

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