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Summer kitchen decor

August!  I can’t believe it’s already August.  This summer is flying by so quickly.

I realized when I recently shared my summer shelf decor that I never shared pictures of my summer kitchen decor.

Either because we got busy.  Or I forgot.  Or I thought it wasn’t a huge enough transformation to share.  Or the kitchen was too messy to take pictures.

Most likely all of the above. :)

I’ve been feeling a major pull towards “less is more” with my decorating this summer.  Probably because there are so many other things filling up space in our home lately.  The kids toys are out more than usual, there are pool towels drying on empty chairs, friends’ shoes fill up the mudroom, books and movies cover my console tables and slime is around every corner.  (I’m SO over the slime!)

It’s crazy.  And I love it.  I really do enjoy a break from the hectic school schedule and having less structured, low key days with my kids and their friends.  BUT.  While I love summer, chaos can be hard for me.  Too much stuff and clutter in my home is hard for me.  So to keep my sanity the past two months I’ve really simplified my decor.

Less is more has actually become my motto when it comes to everything in my house.  Even more than usual.  Every day I find myself getting rid of more things we don’t need and putting away excess decor until I’m in the mood to have more of it out again.

It has been therapeutic for me and has helped me cope with the mess surrounding me each day that comes with having kids out of school.

Light and bright.  Less is more.

Makes it easier to enjoy the little things.


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Dish towels

Enamel dishes

xoxo, Erin
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42 thoughts on “Summer kitchen decor

  1. I hear you on needing the clutter to be controlled! A messy cluttered house drives me crazy 😜! Like you I try to decorate or organize something. Thanks Erin for keeping it real!
    Amy Hille

    1. Right!? The clutter and mess is the hardest part for me over the summer! Well.. that and fixing 27 meals/snacks during the day. ;) Thanks cutie! xo

  2. I am a less is more kind of person too. It may just be laziness on my part. HAHA! I love that rolling pin. You always find the neatest accessories. I am in denial that it is August already too. When do your kiddos head back to school? Lauren turns 11 on Friday (GOLDEN BIRTHDAY) and I have so much to do yet. Your kitchen makes me feel calm. Love your spaces! XXOO

    1. Ahh! 11 years old! Addison is 11 too. Such a fun age. Tell her happy birthday week from us! :) You have a busy week ahead of you! My kids go back on the 28th in 3 weeks which feels just about right. I’m not quite ready yet, but just last week I started feeling like “ok.. some routine around here and 20 minutes to myself might be nice.” ;) xo

  3. I totally agree. I feel so refreshed when I organized and toss items. Just the other week my husband ask me where he could locate his upcoming job’s blue prints. Well dang, I put them in the burn barrell a few days again. Oops!

  4. Beautiful as always Erin. Malking memories are beautiful too. Those are the things you can’t buy! Enjoy, these times go by so quickly. Hope your week ahead is a good one! xo

  5. I really love your kitchen, esp the built in hutch area. I appreciate the less is more approach as I do the same in my home. Your home still looks brand new! So beautiful! 😍

  6. Hi Erin!
    Yay for less is more. I love clearing things out! Some of my favorite errands involve dropping off loads at goodwill!
    Can you tell me the name of the cabinet/drawer pulls in the butler’s pantry? I think I saw the Aubrey pulls listed in another post sometime but the ones on the cabinet doors look different!

    1. Hi Chelsea! I’m the same way! Goodwill runs are always a good thing! :) The butlers pantry pulls are the same as the other pulls in my kitchen! They are the 6 inch Gilmore Pulls from RH. :) xo

  7. How do you keep your kitchen rug clean? I have a similar one with navy and cream and the cream always looks so dirty!

    1. Hi Kelli! I wash them! They shrunk just a little but came out so clean! I’m going to share that in a post soon because I’ve had lots of questions.. but yes! I always wash my kitchen rugs in the washing machine. :) xo

  8. Less is more, I do like that idea, Erin. I also really like your kitchen. It’s so bright and cheery! That rolling pin is fantastic. What an eye catching piece. Our summer break is just about over. Next week we are all back at it. We realized that my older daughter’s “break” is essentially done with, gulp, driver’s training classes the next few days (all day classes), a project FOR school and a class she will be taking this year to be worked on on Friday and prepping activities for incoming freshman round out the activities until her first “official” day of school. And the driving to and fro begins again. Ha, ha! It’s all good. The kids are just about ready, too. They like the structure of school. Enjoy your last few weeks as much as you can. For me, it’s also back to work, but there will be days off that I get that my kids don’t get, so those days will be nice and quiet. hee, hee! :)

    1. Thank you Jeanne! Summer flies by so quickly doesn’t it!? And driver’s training! Oh my word.. you’ve had your hands full. :) I hope it’s going well! Love that you get a few quiet days all to yourself! That’s the best. :) xo

    1. Thank you Anne! I think they were from Capital Lighting! I’m going to find them (or something similar if they are sold out) to put on my source page soon. :) xo

  9. Hi Erin :) Love reading your blog so much! I’m ordering the same bread boards for my backsplash and Im just wondering if you ordered the XL Round and the Medium round? They are the perfect size together! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Hi Sharon! Thank you so much cutie! Yes! I think that’s right. I know I ordered the medium rectangle board and either a L or XL in the round. The round is BIG so make sure you measure your space and it will work! You will love them! :) xo

      1. That is the one I am thinking of getting
        Another question ,where do you get your ceiling light fixtures from?
        Thanks again

        1. Hi Nanci! Which fixtures are you talking about? The silver pendants over my islands? My ceiling light fixtures are all from different places! :)

          1. I love all of them in every room in every room. can you maybe give me the top three that you like again thank you

          2. Hi Nanci! I’ll try to write a blog post in the near future with all of my fixtures and sources! Some good places to check are Pottery Barn, Barn Light Electric, Restoration Hardware and Candelabra!

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