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Decor Updates with Barn Light Electric!

Happy Monday friends!  Remember my upstairs laundry room?  And how in my first post about this space I told you all how excited I was when I found my light fixture on-line?

I went on and on about the fun schoolhouse pendant that not only gave me the look I wanted in this space but also came in the exact shade of green that matched my cabinet paint perfectly.  The day this light fixture arrived at my house was a very happy day. :)  I ordered this light from an on-line store I’ve loved for years called Barn Light Electric and couldn’t be more excited about partnering with them on this post!  When they reached out to me to collaborate I had a major pinch me moment because I seriously LOVE their products.  Their Primary School House Stem Light in my laundry room has always been my favorite part of that room.  I was able to pick out a couple of fun things for my house from their website (like I said.. pinch me!) and I’m excited to show you what I chose and how I’m using it in my house!

Does it surprise you I headed right to my favorite color combo again? :)  I can’t get enough Jadeite in my life.  And white with a black stripe?  Perfection.  Barn Light Electric started carrying Porcelain, Enamel and Copper Dinnerware a while ago and I’ve been eyeing this Dipped Enamel Breakfast Set for so long!

Major upgrade from the plastic Target dishes we’ve been using for breakfast since my girls were toddlers. :)  I love that they are enamel because aside from their fun vintage look, they won’t break!  My kids are older now, but I still try to avoid glass dishes in the kitchen when I can.  Plus my dad always had an enamel set of dishes in our camper we camped in as kids growing up so they bring back fun memories for me.

We’ve been using them for breakfast this summer and have loved them.  This is a typical look at breakfast at our house most mornings.  Except for all of the flowers that are usually in my family room.  I brought them in for all of you. ;)

El and Kole always want fruit and toast (Kole’s with cinnamon!).  Ad is my cereal girl.  Some mornings if my husband has time he makes scrambled eggs or pancakes.  Once in a while I attempt scrambled eggs or pancakes, but that usually ends with pancakes that are too doughy or scrambled eggs that are half burned so when I’m in charge I often stick to cutting up fruit and toasting the bread.  On cute new enamel dishes.  ;)

When I started snapping these pictures I told my kids “ignore me and just eat your food.. act like you usually do at the breakfast table.”

So they did.

What I should have said was “ignore me and just eat your food.. but instead of acting like you usually do at the breakfast table, sit up and pretend like you have manners.”

Manners?  You mean like not putting elbows on the table and chewing with mouths open and cutting out shapes in our bread (because heaven forbid we eat the crust!) and laughing hysterically at who knows what.

Yeah.. bad plan to tell them to act normal for these pictures.  Ha!  They don’t know it yet but after sorting through 20 pictures that look just like these I’ve decided we’re starting table etiquette 101 at breakfast tomorrow morning.  Thank goodness my teaching skills are better than my cooking skills.  There’s no hope for my doughy pancakes but there’s still hope that these three will turn out ok. ;)

While using my new dishes for breakfast every morning has been fun, what I really love is how cute they look styled on my butler’s pantry shelf!  I wanted to re-style these shelves for summer and they make perfect accessories.  So fresh and clean and I love just pulling them off this shelf to use each morning.

I kept the rest of my shelf decor simple.  Lots of white and a fun plant for summer.  Lemons always. :)

I wanted the jadeite set to match the other jadeite in my kitchen but these dishes come in so many colors!  That’s one thing I love about everything Barn Light Electric sells.  Most items come in a large variety of colors so you can get a custom look for your home.

Want to see what else I picked out that I’m so excited about!?

Lamps for Kole’s room!  Oh my word.  I couldn’t love these lamps more!  I actually knew I wanted lamps from Barn Light Electric for his room from day one before I even started decorating this space, but I kept debating color and style and just hadn’t pulled the trigger on ordering anything.

Once I decided his room would be navy and gray with pops of orange I knew the direction I wanted to go with the lamps.  This collaboration couldn’t have come at a better time because I’ve just started accessorizing his room and was ready to order!  I chose two Drake Retro Desk Lamps in orange.  I was a little worried about the orange being too red of an orange so they sent me a sample of the color (they have amazing customer service!) and then I could tell it was perfect.

You can really customize these lamps.  I ordered the largest stem and the largest shade because I wanted the lamps to stand out and I knew I had plenty of wall space, but you can get them in a smaller size.

They are huge in person!  And amazing quality.

I honestly couldn’t love them more.  They give Kole’s room such a fun pop of color.  Exactly what this space needed!  Kole loves them too.  We have been reading The Magic Treehouse series together every night with his new lamps on. :)

I have a few more fun things I’m adding to his room soon so I’ll keep you posted on progress!  You can see my first post on his room with sources here.

Huge HUGE thank you to Barn Light Electric for sponsoring this post!  I just couldn’t love their products more.  You have to check out their wall sconces (I’ve got a major crush on this copper gooseneck light at the moment!) and all of their ceiling lights.  Too much fun.

Alright.. signing off for now!  I need to get some rest since I have a serious date with my kids in the am at the breakfast table.


*This post was sponsored by Barn Light Electric but all opinions and thoughts expressed are my own!  Love them. :)    

xoxo, Erin
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35 thoughts on “Decor Updates with Barn Light Electric!

  1. LOL at your kids being totally normal when Mom tells them to act normal. My girls do the same thing when I say that, too. I have a feeling they do have some pretty awesome manners. Your new goodies look terrific! So happy to hear that the plates bring you happy memories. I think that fan in Kole’s room is fabulous and so are those lamps! You chose well my friend. Very well. :) Now rest up so you can get your kiddos in shape with their manners. {snort}. I say make those doughy pancakes and half burnt eggs! {insert evil giggle}

    1. Ha ha.. you make me laugh Jeanne. :) I will keep cooking my subpar breakfasts as long as the kids keep eating it. ;) So happy you love what I chose! xo

  2. His room is awesome. I LOVE Orange, got that from my grandpa. As far as your cooking, if I lived in CA still I’d be over teaching to to cook. Just the basics and you would love cooking. 😂😂😂 Really! I mean it!! Have a fabould day beautiful!! 😘

    1. I wish you could Debbie! I don’t know about loving it.. ha! But I could definitely use some practice with the basics. ;) Thanks cutie! xo

  3. Ahhh love those dishes!! Even cuter is the typical breakfast banter of your kiddos. What great memories they will have. Looks like a fun time at your house. Love the lamps in Kole’s room too…perfect! xxoo

    1. Thank you Pam! They definitely have fun together. :) Aren’t those lamps great!? I’m so happy you like them! They have motivated me to get the rest of his room finished and I needed some motivation! ;) xo

  4. So fun Erin! Congrats on another awesome sponsor! Thgise lamos look darling in Kole’s room! I can’t get over how nice and cute his room is!
    And the pics of the kids are darling, just be glad they are laughing and not fighting!

  5. Erin!!! How fun are your new lamps and dishes!!! I love BLE too and have ordered from them in the past! I also love that we both have pops of orange in our son’s rooms:). Colt’s favorite color is orange so there are pops of it every. And I’m not surprised that once again we’re similar 😘😘. Great post and thanks for sharing more about Barn Lighting Electric! I had no idea they have dishes now so that’s good to know :)) xoxo

    1. I love that too Bree! It’s such a fun color for little boys! And of course we are totally on the same page there. ;) I’m so happy you like the lights and dishes! I’m so excited abut them both. Isn’t BLE just fun!? They have so many fixtures I love! xo

  6. I’m commenting on your previous post about the bruschetta type tomato spread that you told us about! I just made it tonight and my husband can’t stop eating it! I love it too. I know this will be a great thing to serve to guests at our lake home. However, they may have to sit on the patio as it is messy? Thanks so,much for this recipe. Soooo good!

    1. YEA! So happy to hear that Terry! Isn’t it delicious!? I’m like your husband.. I can’t stop eating it! And yes.. it is a bit messy! Part of its charm. ;) Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it! That made my night. :)

  7. Those dishes! Adorable, and your kids have already “turned out ok” if they are actually eating breakfast together, and if they are enjoying their food and each other. What a great snapshot of their mornings.
    Hey, have hubs make some extra pancakes next time, and freeze them in stacks with a pat of butter between them. Then you can pull those frozen homemade pancakes “out of the hat”, microwave them, and the kids get to eat pancakes to order. It’s a win win!

    1. Ha ha.. I agree Sharon! They usually have a pretty good time together. I’m a lucky mom. :) K that is brilliant! I have a friend who told me to do that same thing about a year ago and then I forgot! I’m having Kenny make a huge batch this weekend! Thanks cutie! :) xo

  8. What a cute photo of your kids at the breakfast table! I had to laugh at your remarks because we all see what they are doing wrong! I know they are amazing kids and it was fun to see them using your darling new dinnerware. Speaking of…. what a find! The colors look amazing in your beautiful home! What a perfect choice. The orange lamps are fabulous too! So fun!!! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Jen! They really are good kids! Could use a few table manners.. but great kids nonetheless. Ha! ;) And I know.. aren’t those dishes and lamps fun!? Loving all of the color! :) I’ve been thinking about you all day! xo

  9. I had no idea that Barn Light Electric started carrying dishes – love the ones you picked! They look so awesome on your kitchen shelves too! And those lamps really ARE perfect for this room! Your kids are such cuties – love seeing them having fun together!!

  10. I have been following your blog for about two years now and have only commented once before. But i have to say that this post is one of my favourites! The real photos of your kids made me SMILE, and your witty remarks are just so fun to read. Also your son’s room are the same colors as my son’s and i just love it!! I showed it to my son who is 8, and he asked if we could buy it! I may have read the post over and over several times. Thanks for always being a happy part of my day. Keep em coming Erin!

    1. Cara! Your comment seriously made my day! Thank you so much. I’m so happy you liked this post! And I love that your son has a room with the same colors! I wish we could have him over to play with Kole. I’m sure the two of them would get along famously. :) Thank you again for your sweet words! They mean a lot to me. :) xo

  11. Oh wow I love Kole’s room. So masculine, yet boyish too!

    Loving that laundry room. Curious question….which do you use more, the upstairs laundry room or the downstairs one?

    1. Thank you Lori! So happy you like his room! We honestly use them both the same! Almost every day one of them is going. All of the kids’ clothes get washed upstairs so that laundry is never ending and everything else I wash down. The downstairs laundry room is also where I wash all of our kitchen and pool towels so it’s going non stop too. :)

  12. Your house is just beautiful! And your tastes match mine. Wish I could bring you to my house and turn you loose. :) Thanks for sharing all your great ideas.

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