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Food and Cooking...or lack thereof

Feta and Tomato Dip

Hello friends!  How is your week going so far?  Good I hope.  Summer is moving right along isn’t it!?  Part of me wants it to slow down and then there’s another part of me that is getting excited to have a little structure back in my life.  That part of me usually hits around 7:00 pm after a full day of entertaining kids when everyone is tired from fun in the sun and Ad and Kole start arguing over who started their previous argument first.  Ha.  Good times. :) 

Last month I shared a favorite recipe with you all (our Easy Cashew Chicken) and you were so sweet!  E-mails came pouring in from so many of you who have tried it and love it and are adding it to your family’s favorite recipes.  Seriously that made me so happy to hear!  That a non-chef like me could make dinner time just a tad easier for someone. ;)  So I’m going to try to share more favorites like that with you all.. maybe one a month?  By the end of the year I’ll have shared everything I know how to cook.. ha. Kidding!  Kind of. :)

When we were in SLC over the 4th a few weeks ago, aside from acting like a dork with my husband.. (seriously what is this pose!?), my sister and I cooked up a huge feast.

Well.. I shouldn’t say my sister and I cooked.  She and her husband cooked up a huge feast and I assisted as is usually the case with family get togethers.  I always get the “chop this Erin” or “stir this Erin” or “entertain the kids while we cook Erin” types of jobs.  And they work just fine for me. :)  This year I begged my sister to make the Feta dip she makes every year when we are all together over Christmas.  I was craving it!  It’s SO good you guys.  And so easy to make.  I snapped some pictures along the way to show you all how to make it too.  If you haven’t had this yet you have to try it!  Btw.. my mom snapped this picture of us looking so triumphant just before we broke into a laughing fit over something like we usually do.  Isn’t my sister’s kitchen cute!?  Her home is so modern and fun.  I shared some other pics of her house in this post if you want to check it out.

Ok.. I’m calling this Feta and Tomato Dip for obvious reasons.  All you need is Olive Oil, Feta Cheese, Roma Tomatoes, Green Onions, Greek Seasoning and a fresh Baguette.  My sister has been making this every December for over 10 years but found it on-line so we didn’t invent this!  We just love it. :)

I’ll show you how to make it step by step since that’s how I need to see all things recipe related. :)  First!  Pour some Olive Oil onto a platter.

Then chop your tomatoes.

And put them on top.

Dice the green onions..

And add those too.

Stop and take a quick picture of your cute niece because whew!  A lot of cooking has been going on and we need a break to do something fun.. like photography.  ;)

Add the crumbled Feta and then sprinkle the Greek Seasoning on top.

That’s it!

Stir it up and serve with slices of fresh bread.

Is your mouth watering yet!?  It’s SO delicious you guys!  And I don’t even love tomatoes.  But I LOVE this dip.  I could eat it all day long.

If this is a new recipe for you I hope you enjoy it too!  (Thanks for letting me share it Car!  And for making it every time we’re together after I beg you to..) 

Now.. time to make breakfast for my kids.

Feta and Tomato Dip anyone?


xoxo, Erin
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26 thoughts on “Feta and Tomato Dip

  1. It looks magically delicious! Thanks for sharing, Erin. Summer is flying by, isn’t it? You have a fun looking family. Guess that’s where that happy nature of yours comes from. :) Have a wonderful Wednesday! :)

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! They are a happy, fun family for sure. ;) You are a sweetheart and I think you will love the dip! Let me know if you try it! And I know.. summer is flying. I can’t believe it’s almost August! When do your kids start school? xo

  2. Delicious and easy! Love it! I am always looking for new appetizer ideas. I always get asked to bring my BLT Dip, so this will be a nice addition to the recipe box. Thanks cutie!! xxoo

  3. Yum-looks great… what is in the Greek seasoning? I’ve never noticed that before… I’ll have to look for that next grocery trip…

    1. It’s such a great seasoning Paula! I’m going to look for it and post more about it! Lots of questions coming in about the Greek seasoning. :)

  4. Can you purchase the Greek Seasoning in a regular supermarket? I’ve never seen it. I live on the East Coast.

    1. I think you can Karen! I know my sister bought it at her local grocery store. I’ll do some digging and see if I can get it at mine or on-line and mention it on my blog soon! xo

  5. This dip is amazing! I am exactly like you…not a tomato fan, but I love this dip! I made it for girlfriends a couple of years ago and have been making it ever since! Love your sisters kitchen! so cute!

  6. This has nothing to do with your feta dip, which looks to die for, but is your island a custom gray color or is that something you can share? Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Hi Erin! I stumbled upon your blog via Pinterest (it was the post about your mudroom) and I have really enjoyed reading through all your posts for the last few days. You do a great job letting your personality and love for your family shine through your writing and it’s a pleasure to read your posts. I told my husband I’ve found my organization twin! I have never met anyone in my life who enjoys cleaning like I do! I also got a kick out of how you had two girls and then a boy, we did the same, thought we were done and then were surprised with a little bonus baby boy last year :) We are also starting the process of building a house (hence my Pinterest search) so I am thankful for all your tips on that subject!

    1. Hi Holly! Oh my word we DO have a lot in common! Thank you so much for the sweet message! I’m so happy you found me! Love that you got a little bonus baby. Kole’s dream! He tells me all the time he wishes he had a brother. :) Good luck with your new build! So exciting! xo

  8. Just finished eating a plate of this! Delicious,!! Definitely a keeper and will be making it again! Thanks for sharing this recipe. We loved it!

  9. AS a Greek I totally recoment this.Have no idea what this Greek seasoning is.But I am sure I can raplace it with some salt,oregano and pepper.

  10. I made this dip this passed weekend when we had some friends over for dinner. I’m happy to report that it was a hit! Not only was it yummy, but it was quick and easy to put together, could be made ahead of time and used up my homegrown tomatoes🙂
    Definitely a make again! Thank you Erin (and your sister) for sharing it!!!
    BTW, I live in NC and had no problem finding that exact Greek seasoning blend at my local grocery store.

    1. Yea! So happy to hear that Helen! Thank you! I bet it was so good with homegrown tomatoes! My parents have some from their garden too so I need to remind my mom to make this dip with them! xo

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