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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks (Round 2!)

Happy weekend everyone!  Back with round 2 of my picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  (You can see round 1 here if you missed it.)  Such a good sale this year!  For those of you who don’t have a Nordstrom card and are patiently waiting, the sale opens to everyone on Friday.  Woot woot!  And I know a lot of items and sizes are selling out, but keep checking back if you love something because a lot of times they re-stock things.  Alright.. has everyone gone to the bathroom, do we all have a snack?  Have I been spending too much time with my children this summer?  Yes. :)  But this is a long post so we need to be prepared.  I have my popcorn.  Let’s do this.

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{Sunshine Sweatshirt/Good Vibes Jogger Pants}

So yeah.. we’re kicking things off with pajamas.  But not just any pajamas.  Good Day Sunshine pajamas!  I mean how could I resist.. right!? :)  You all know my love for Make and Model so I was thrilled to find so many cute new pj’s on sale this year!  I love this brand of lounge clothes because they are so comfortable and a great fit.  Plus they’re light weight so I can wear the pants year round.  But since this cute sweatshirt is a little hot for summer I bought this too..

{Gotta Have It V Neck Tee/Good Vibes Jogger Pants}

LOVE this tee.  Such a fun 80’s vibe that totally reminds me of clothes I wore when I was a little girl.  I had a pair of pants with a rainbow just like this on the pocket.  Clearly it had to come home with me.  For memory sake. ;)

{Gotta Have It V Neck Tee/Raw Hem Ankle AG Jeans/Chuck Sneakers}

This tee also looks really cute with jeans.  I love tops that I can run around in all day and then keep on to lounge in in the evening.  I have two pairs of AG jeans that I seriously LIVE in (you see them in every single fashion post) and they are both on sale!  The pair pictured above (Raw Hem Ankle) and the Stilt Cigarette Skinny Jeans.    Seriously love them.  Hands down my favorite jeans!

{Brushed Hacci Sweatshirt/Good Vibes Jogger Pants in Black}

Sorry.  Ignore the lightsaber.  Quick visit from Kole while I was taking pics. :)  And this is the last lounge wear pic!  But these were so soft I couldn’t resist.  (Seriously you won’t want to take this sweatshirt off!) I had to sneak all the pj’s past my husband.  He tells me every year at this sale to just not come home with more pajamas.  He thinks I have too many.  But if you ask me, pj’s are like notebooks and throw pillows.  You can never have too many.

But I don’t think he’s asking me… ha. :)

{Zella High Waist Crop Leggings/Zelfusion Water Repellent Vest/Free Run Distance 2 Running Shoe/Wool Shag Rug}

I’ve loved my Zella gray high waist leggings so much I was thrilled when they went on sale!  Got a black pair to exercise in.

And I fell hard for this darling white vest!  Perfect for cool morning walk/runs.  I’m wearing the Zella Siesta Studio Tee under it.  Great top for every day or to exercise in.  Also on sale!  I’m hoping this outfit inspires more exercise than I’ve been getting lately.  I’m determined to get back in shape after letting things go the past few months.  A topic for another day!  The struggle is real.  {sigh}

So you can see this vest from the side.  So cute right?!

I like it with jeans too.  And my new white Nikes from the sale.  Also meant to inspire more exercise. ;)

{Feathers Contour Bra/Rose Dream Bra/Sublime Full Fit Bra/Seamless Bikini/Wool Shag Rug}

K.. feeling a little silly posting this picture and I almost didn’t, but since I recently showed you everything in my bathroom drawers (clearly we’re that tight) and since a good majority of my readers are women I feel like I would be doing you all a  disservice to not share my favorite brand of bras that are on sale right now. :)

Natori bras are amazing!  Such a great fit and the 3 I bought are perfect to wear under tees.  I’ve loved this brand for a long time.  They are a little pricey so I stocked up while they are on sale!  Also the seamless bikini underwear pictured above, while not the cutest, are also amazing to wear underneath fitted clothes.  No lines and they are SO lightweight.  They are also pricey (you’ll see why if you get a pair!) so now is a great time to try them or stock up if you already use and love them.  Also Spanx are on sale!  YEA!  Love my spanx.  Most moms do. ;)

{Vince Camuto Karinta Block Heel Bootie/Madolee Over the Knee Boot}

My favorite shoes from the sale!  They come in other colors.  I already have similar shoes in black and a deeper brown so this color will be perfect for Fall.

I also love these Prasata Booties.  So cute!  I have narrow heels and they kept slipping out (hate that!) so they didn’t come home with me.  But a favorite for sure.

{Classic Plaid Shirt/Tanner Bar Necklace/Jeans/Boots}

Love this classic plaid shirt!  So cute.

{Quilted Vest/Similar Striped Tee (also on sale!)/Jeans/Boots}

And here’s a better pic of my favorite vest from last year that’s re-stocked and on sale again this year!

I have this vest in navy too – yes I love it that much. :)  Wore it for family pictures a couple of years ago.  My kids look so little to me in this picture!  Time needs to slow down.

This little V-neck wool cardigan is darling!  Comes in lots of colors.  A lot of times cardigans like this pull at the chest, but this one is a perfect fit.  Fitted but not tight.  And so soft!  (True to size)

And a few pics of some of the things I shared in my first sale post.  The lighting in that dressing room was so bad so here are a few favorites without the fluorescents!  This shrunken leather bomber jacket is one of my favorites from the sale.  So beautiful in person and so comfortable.  I love that you can move in it!  Sometimes moto/short jackets are stiff and it’s hard to move your arms around (hate that) but not this one!  I don’t know that I love these boots with it – too similar in color – maybe a darker brown?  I got lazy trying this stuff on for you all.  I’m used to taking my fashion pics as I wear the clothes.. not so many at once!  This was a workout. Ha. ;)

While we’re on the subject of cardigans.. ahhh!  LOVE this one from Barefoot Dreams!  So perfect for chilly days and seriously the softest material EVER.  I got it in black but it comes in lots of colors.

This is the other Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan I came home with.  I had a hard time choosing which color to get.. they are all so beautiful!  I brought home Stone.

Seriously these 2 cardigans above are like being wrapped up in the softest blanket!  My best attempt to show that with the above picture. ;)  Last Fall I bought several cardigans and I wear them all the time either with jeans or over my pj’s when the house is cold.  One time I was wearing a favorite cardigan and Kenny told me I looked like Mr. Rogers.  (Had to laugh at that one.)  Ever since whenever I put on a cardigan he starts singing “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood..”   

So glad he amuses himself.  Ha.

Last cardigan (Ruched Bell Sleeve) I shared earlier but wanted you to see it in better light.  I love the style of this so much!

The sleeves and pockets are my favorite!

Had a visitor mid photo shoot.  Back from volleyball practice. :)

So you know I went on a major purse spree around my birthday last year (purse sources in this post) and I got my Tory Burch bag for Mother’s Day so I couldn’t justify a purse or bag during this sale.  But they definitely had a few I wanted!  Love this Crossbody purse on sale that is so similar to my navy purse above!  These are my 5 favorite bags from the sale..


And we can’t forget the HOME department!  I’ve loved my fringe pillow and there is a similar pillow on sale that comes in navy and gray on sale.  So cute!  I ordered it in both colors to see what works best.  I have a spot in mind. :)  Here are my favorite sale items from the HOME decor department!

My Mia Pink Sonic is also on sale!  Just mentioned that in my last post on bathroom organization.  Love this.. I’ve used mine for years.

{Black Soft Lace Up Sneakers/Old School Navy Vans (need to lace them!)/Navy Tennis Sneakers/White Adidas Sneaker}

And I got some new shoes for the Mr.  Last year I bought him a pair from the sale and he has LIVED in them.  He usually tells me to not buy him anything but this year he asked for shoes.  Progress! ;)  He was due for a few more and already has a lot in brown so I went with navy, black and white.  They have a great selection of shoes on sale for men this year.

And a few things I got for my girls for back to school before I sign off!  We aren’t keeping all of this.  I always pick out my favorites and then let them my girls try everything on and just keep what fits and what they love.  Things sell out so quickly during the Anniversary sale so I buy heavy upfront and return later!

A few things that we loved and are keeping..

LOVE this washed and worn green romper!  I want it in my size!  Ad hadn’t been out of the pool long but couldn’t wait to try it on. :)

I bought her these pants in the Spring and she has loved them so I got another similar pair.

They are the Utility Cargo Pants and are a great fit.  Ad had just stepped out of the shower this time.  Clearly we don’t do our hair much in the summer. ;)  She also loved this black and white striped top.

And this floral print tank/tee and the Collin Skinny Jeans.

And I especially loved the Pineapple Graphic Tee so that’s a keeper for sure.  :)  El still needs to try a few things on.  Really cute stuff on sale for back to school for kids this year!  I still need to look at a few things for Kole.  They grow so quickly!  Here are some of my favorites for the girls..

This post has also grown quickly.  Sorry for the novel!  I told you you’d need a snack for this one.  And my popcorn is gone so it’s time to sign off.  Happy Anniversary Sale shopping friends!


(My first round of sale picks are here if you missed them!)  

xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks (Round 2!)

  1. Thanks for sharing this marathon of a post Erin. I really like seeing what you select. You’ve got great taste in clothes, that is for sure. I live through you on the shoes! I used to be such a shoe person, but not so much anymore. I think the boots are so fun! Looks like you had a tremendously fun time shopping and found lots of winners! Addison is getting so grown up looking! Wow. Such a cutie, though.. I know it was difficult, but thanks for taking one for the team and shopping up a storm to show us what is possible and available. You are so kind like that! :)

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! You’re such a sweetheart. Yes this was a serious marathon.. ha! But the best kind. ;) And I know! Ad is growing up so much… both of my girls seem like they turned into little teens overnight! It makes me sad how fast they are growing, but they are so much fun right now so I’m soaking them up this summer! I’m sure you are doing the same. :) Enjoy your week sweet friend! xo

    1. Thanks Alexis! Such cute stuff this year right!? I’m excited to wear mine too! You will seriously love it. It’s like a cozy blanket! :)

  2. So fun!
    I bought a barefoot dreams cardigan last year. . It’s so cosy !
    I love everything you chose abd you look great!
    I love your kiddos clothes too.. we barely got our of school bit this is the time to stock up for back to school!

  3. Hi Erin!,
    Thank you for taking time to try on all that clothes!! As for the Prasata Booties, you can just put adhesive gel heel liners they sell at Target. I have a pair of similar booties and they worked like a charm. I have narrow feet too and always have to make adjustments.

    1. Hi Debi! Such a good idea! I tried those once and they didn’t really work for me, but those booties are so cute I might need to give them another shot. :) Thanks for the suggestion cutie! xo

  4. Love your picks! I think we have similar taste in clothes, I always lean toward buying solid colors and layering things. I have to really step out of the box to buy prints! I love that cute green jumper on your daughter! It’s so darling! (And so is she). Love your blog, thanks for taking the time to write it so I have something to read at night when I have a free minute!

    1. Thank you so much Jill! I’m thrilled you pick my blog to read at night when you have a free minute. I know how precious those minutes are! ;) xo

  5. Loved this post ! I wanted to buy the cardigans but all sold out 😔
    Then tried the bras , nup , sold out as well .
    At least my hubby is happy , lol
    Guess I just keep trying ? They restock much ?
    Oh , and you have the cutest , not so little anymore , model 😉
    Hugs from Australia

    1. Thank you so much Dianne! So sweet of you. She is a cutie who’s not so little anymore! ;) Do you have a Nordstrom card? If you aren’t checking out with a Nordstrom card it will show that everything is sold out! That’s because it’s early access to the sale which is for card holders only. This Friday everyone (with our without a card) can shop the sale so if you try again Friday morning I bet you’ll see everything back in stock! Well.. most things. ;) Hugs right back! :) xo

  6. I love those Vince Karinta block heels – the detail is so cute! Are those the taupe/camel color or the deeper grey color? Thanks! :)

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