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Organized Master Bathroom

Organized Master Bathroom! (Sunny Side Up)

Hello hello friends!  Today I’m sharing my organized master bathroom with you all!  Well.  Some of it.  Part of it.  The part that’s organized.  Ha.  Kidding!  It’s actually all organized.  But only because this room (for the most part) is a kid free zone.  I have control.  Complete control!  It’s a wonderful feeling!  ;)

{Master Bathroom Tour and Sources}

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Let’s start with the built-in cabinets on the left!  My side of the bathroom. :)

They hold all of our towels.  LOVE the Savannah baskets from PB for organizing (on sale right now!).  I have them all throughout my house!

More towels on the bottom.

I did a major towel clean out in the Spring when I bought some new towels and tossed everything that was old and we weren’t using anymore.  Feels so good to not have cupboards that are crammed with too many towels!

Pretty much the same thing on my husband’s side of the bathroom.

Although I don’t think he’s ever opened these cupboards since I always wash/fold/rotate the towels.  Like I said.. complete control in this space. ;)

Still loving my chevron vase and coral flowers and you probably noticed I have the same set up on my living room mantel.  They have made this bathroom so bright and cheery for Spring and Summer!

K – let’s take a peek at how I’ve organized the 6 drawers with handles on the left and in the middle (pictured above)!

On a sidenote.. I was feeling just a tad vulnerable about sharing every single thing in my bathroom drawers with you all, but that feeling only last about 2 minutes and then I was over it.  When I think about the big scary “web” sometimes I pause before I post.  Then I get past it by picturing me chatting with a bunch of my friends.  Friends who love the same things I love.  Their families, their homes, organizing, decorating, list making, and maybe a good pair of peep toe booties.  I always like to picture my blog as one big slumber party where we stay up way too late talking about our favorite things.  And we all have on really cute Make and Model or PJ Salvage pjs on.  Ha. ;)

We’re all still friends right?  I thought so. :)  (Since my slumber party is actually in large part a one way conversation I get to answer questions the way I want to.)

On with the bathroom drawers!

Top left drawer holds my make-up!  I’ve been using these inexpensive Rubbermaid Interlocking Drawer Organizers from the Container Store for years to organize my bathroom drawers.  I love them!  So easy to customize for exactly what you need and easy to wash clean.  Every few years I toss them and buy new ones.

On the top I keep smaller items.. my contacts, chapstick, nail clippers, elastics and some make-up I use once in a while.

The bottom holds my every day make-up, favorite daily sunscreen and glasses.  (I’ll link to all of my favorite hair/make-up products at the end of the post!)

The drawer below my make-up was tricky for me!  It took me awhile to figure out how to best use the space because it’s such a deep drawer.  I had a lot of taller items I wanted to keep standing up but they didn’t take up the whole drawer so I finally tried putting one of my dream drawer dividers inside to corral them to the side and it was perfect!  (Dream drawer dividers are another favorite organizer I use throughout my house!)

Wash cloths take up the other side of the drawer.  I always have a wash cloth laid out on my counter top to set make-up and other things on because we have marble countertops in here and they scratch so easily.  I love my marble counters but they are definitely high maintenance and every single day I’m grateful I went with quartz in my kitchen. :)

A mirror and extra curling iron are chilling in the bottom drawer.

Top drawer in the middle holds all things night time!  My toothbrush and floss and then everything I use to wash my face at the end of the day.  I love my Mia Sonic!  I’ve been washing my face with it for years and I feel like it makes a big difference when it comes to keeping my skin healthy and clean.  I’ve been trying this TNS serum for about a year now and really like it too.  It’s pricey but you only use a small amount each night so it lasts a long time.  Then this Clinique Mask is what I love and use as a moisturizer.  Brushes and my hair clips and headband (that I wear when I put on my make-up to keep my hair out of my face) are also in this drawer. :)

I have favorite gray baskets in the middle drawer that hold extras.  Things I stock up on from Costco basically. :)

I also keep a notebook and pen in this drawer because every single night when I’m brushing my teeth I think of something I need to remember the next day that I forgot to add to my to-do list!  I like to jot my thoughts down in a notebook instead of my phone because I’m old school like that.  I’ve kept a notepad in one of my bathroom drawers since I was in high school. :)

Bottom drawer holds a few more extras I stalk up on like soap, toothpaste and deodorant.

So that’s it!  The cupboards don’t have much in them because I’m careful to only keep what we use every day in this bathroom and my husband’s drawers on the far right are organized basically the same way with his things.  We’ll let him have some privacy and just stick to my drawers.  Today. ;)  I still need to share how I organize my vanity area with you all and those drawers are my favorite!  Coming soon to a blog near you.

K friends!  Hold the popcorn.  I’m pausing our sleepover party until next time because this girl needs some sleep.  I love summer but my kids are wearing me out!  Plus I have an early appointment at Nordstrom tomorrow!  Time to find the best of the best from the Anniversary Sale to share with you all!  I’m excited.  Next post will have my first round of favorites up!

Hopefully pj’s will be included.


Favorite Organizers, Make-up, and Hair/Skin Products from this post are below!
(Master Bathroom Decor and Sources are HERE.)

xoxo, Erin
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38 thoughts on “Organized Master Bathroom

  1. This post made me so happy! I love all the storage you have in your bathroom! I have way more cupboards than drawers in my bathroom and I find them so much harder to organize!
    As always, great job! ;)

  2. Beautiful bathroom. Those towels look so plush and soft! I adore the tray and chevron vase and flowers. Adds such a nice touch. You have your bathroom so well organized. I like those trays you use. I’ve got some in my bathroom. Okay, in one of the two drawers I have in there. :) The other drawer is a mess. Thanks for sharing, Erin. Your posts always make me smile. Pass the popcorn, please. :)

  3. Thanks so much for always sharing your awesome ideas, Erin! I’m sure it’s hard to find the line between sharing enough to be useful to us readers and sharing too much. You do such a great job and I love reading your blog!

    1. Thank you so much Megan! That can be tricky sometimes for sure. I always want to share everything! :) So sweet of you. I’m so happy you enjoy my blog! Thanks again! xo

  4. Loved this post! So good to see someone else with a healthy obsession for Cherry Ice lip balm. I hoard tubes too🤣❤️! Hope you don’t mind me using your bathroom as inspiration for our upcoming remodel (no worries – we’re on opposite coasts). Hope you are having a wonderful Summer😊☀️

    1. Thank you! I would be flattered if you did use it for inspiration! You’ll have to send me a pic when it’s done.. I’d love to see it! And I’ve seriously been hoarding Cherry Ice since I was in middle school.. the best chap stick hands down! So glad I’m not alone in my obsession. :) xo

  5. Love this post and I love having a slumber party with you! I’m a night owl too and love talking about favorite things! A funny in your post stock up instead of stalk up- it made me laugh! You are cute! I’m sure auto correct wasn’t in your favor!

    1. Amy I am cracking up!! Oh my word.. can’t believe I did that. That’s what I get for posting after midnight. Ha! ;) Just changed it.. thank you for letting me know! Carry on with the slumber party! ;) xo

  6. Thank you for this post, Erin!! This came at the perfect time. I am in the midst of a HUGE clean out of our bathroom and my closet. It is overwhelming, to say the least. I am really, really trying to declutter by getting rid of all the stuff I’ve been holding onto and really don’t use or need. I honestly think having more “stuff” around causes me stress. I love how you just have your essentials and that your drawers aren’t super cluttered. It probably makes getting ready SO much easier and more efficient. That’s my goal! Thanks for the inspiration!! Hope you and your family are having a great summer.
    ~ Shannon in PA

    1. Thank you so much Shannon! I’m so happy this post is helpful! Bathroom/closet organization can be really overwhelming. I’ve been there. Many times! And I agree.. more stuff really does cause stress. It’s just too hard to stay on top of things when drawers are bursting with things we don’t use. I’ve been there before too! Good luck getting it all under control cutie! I hope you are enjoying your break! :) xo

  7. You could teach a class on organization and beautiful bathrooms! And laundry rooms, and living rooms, and dining rooms, and family collages, and… My golly girl, you are something! Love the bathroom and those deep drawers! I even showed my Addison how lovely the color combo was because we did her room in coral and mint. ;)

    1. Oh you are too kind Cindy! What a sweet thing to say. Thank you! Love that Addison has her room in coral and mint! Between her room colors and name I’m already a huge fan of that girl. ;) You made my morning! xo

  8. Such a beautiful and inspiring bathroom! Your organization tips and photos are always so helpful. I, too, am old school when it comes to lists and such. I always have to have a yearly planner to keep track of appts, events, etc. I am also one of those people that cannot get into Kindle (it’s a great invention), but I need to physically hold the book. :)

    1. Thank you so much Pam! I know.. nothing like a physical list! And I’m the same way with books! Old school and proud of it. ;) xo

  9. I love that you have a notebook in your bathroom. Brilliant. Also, thanks for sharing! There’s always a chance for someone to say something nasty or to criticize your choices, so it is brave of you to put it out there–but I think you do a fine job of respecting the privacy needs of yourself and your family vis a vis what you put on the internet. And I love how you fold your towels–only someone suuuuuppppeer particular makes sure that the edge with the least folds (and then the side with the least folds, if you know what I mean) face the front and then the side. Does that make sense? I get it ;).


  10. Hey Erin! I love these type of posts (I’m still waiting on the left side of the kitchen, but I’m patient like that) so I really enjoyed seeing how your bathroom is organized. It’s so pretty anyway. I wanted to say when I get the emails to say a new post is up I am shocked everytime! I’m like look at her blogging in the summer! cus I know the toll it can take, especially with the travelling :-)
    also… when I saw this I laughed out loud at work haha:
    We’re all still friends right? I thought so. :) (Since my slumber party is actually in large part a one way conversation I get to answer questions the way I want to.)
    And I wanted to say (end with) that I fully feel you because there are some really interesting people out there and you want to be mindful of what you’re posting so I get that totally. I for one had no idea that you wore contacts. I don’t think any of us friends would blame you if when you did an organizing post like this that you just so happened to not include xyz because we fully get it. Anyway I should probably get back to work lol.

  11. Where are your bath rugs from?! I am on a desperate hunt for a pair of bath rugs that look that nice! Every time I buy a set, I leave the tags on because inevitably I have to return them because they look awful once you step on them! Help!

  12. Erin, your master bathroom is just breathtaking! Love how bright and clean it looks! I wish we had more drawers in our vanity! Luckily, we have a free-standing cabinet, so all of the towels, and extra toiletries go in there. I have to keep all of my make-up, hair care products, etc. in baskets underneath the sink. Thanks for sharing these awesome organizing tips! xo

  13. I love that we all think we are besties. . I find myself saying so many times ” oh you should see my friend Erin’s….my husband always says ” is she like a real friend or soneone you read and never met”?….men, they don’t get it..😂😂😂😂
    Anyways, I loved this. .you use your space so well.. I always have a ton of stuff everywhere so this made me want to go through my things. I’ve really learned in the past year or so to only buy and keep what I love. I’m a make up junkie and do I really need 10 foundations when I use 2.. nope.. so stop collecting them lol
    I love how everything has a place🙌

  14. I love this! I just got rid of all our old towels and replaced them with huge, white, soft beautiful towels. The entire family has been loving them, until of course my 4 yr old clogged the toilet and just kept flushing because it wouldn’t go down. I wasn’t home and my daughter couldn’t find an old towel to soak up the mess. Might have been a good idea to keep a couple old towels on hand.

  15. Beautiful! I love the glass cabinets and pretty towels. You are inspiring me to tackle my own linen closet and be a bit more brutal on what needs to be kept. I love the simplicity of this.

  16. I”m shocked that those are the only make-up supplies you have in your drawers! I have so many eye shadows and it’s been hard to throw them out because inevitably I will be looking for a color I don’t normally wear day to day just to wear on a special occasion. I’ve got all sorts of facial maintenance products as well (scrubs, different masks, etc.). How do you keep your supplies at this bare minimum?

    1. Hi Debbie! Honestly I used to have a lot more stuff too, but I’ve learned over the years that keeping things at a bare minimum is the best way to stay organized. I reach for the same favorite things time and time again so it’s easy for me to get rid of all the extra things that I hardly use. I never miss the stuff I get rid of. :) xo

  17. I honestly feel like I could move right into your home & not want to change a SINGLE thing – your eye for design & your taste is impeccable! I’m terrible at organizing my design ideas, but then I can just come to your page for inspiration because you’re wonderful about making the plans come to life.

    Slightly off topic: I remember a while back you started the garage organization. And I remember you saying the shelves & things like that were delivered. Did you ever do an update on that space? While garages aren’t usually my thing, for some reason I couldn’t wait to see the finished product of yours. 😂😂

    1. Crystal! So sorry I just saw this comment! You are such a sweetheart to say that. Thank you! That honestly means so much to me. So my garage.. ha! I’m laughing because I was on such a great roll with it but then I started taking on other projects and never finished! An update will be coming at some point! I last mentioned it in this post:

      Hang in there with me! ha ha.. hopefully coming soon. ;) Thanks again cutie! Your kind words made my day! xo

  18. beautiful! curious to know how you organize inside your shower. we have a pretty large shower and I have an obsession with things that collect in the shower (a girl needs options!) so they built ins aren’t always enough. any suggestions on how organize it all?

    1. Hi Tiffany! Thank you! I’ll have to share a picture of the inside of my shower at some point! I have a built-in cut out for shampoo, conditioner, soap and a razor and that’s pretty much all I keep there. I’ll try to include a picture of it in a post! :) xo

  19. Hi!love this!!! Question – where do you keep your hair dryer/hair products? I feel like that’s where I’m in the struggle bus with overload and disorganization!

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