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White Master Bathroom (ready for Spring!)


Hello hello friends!  Welcome to the Decked and Styled Spring Tour hosted by Bree at ZDesign!  If you are visiting from Just a Girl and Her Blog (or any of the other fun blogs on this tour) I’m so happy to have you here!  Bree and Abby are both close friends of mine and aside from loving them to pieces I also love their blogs!  I’m so happy to be joining the two of them along with other talented friends to bring you more ideas for Spring decorating this year.  YEA.  Such a fun time of year to spruce up our homes, isn’t it!?  (Check here for some fun Spring updates I added to my kitchen if you missed my last post!)

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Today I’m finally sharing my master bathroom with you all.  What’s the occasion?  Our white master bathroom is ready for Spring of course. :)

When we built our home I knew I wanted lots of storage in our master bathroom (mostly to make up for all the years I lived in small places without enough bathroom storage!). ;)  I designed some tall cabinets on each side of our vanity and decided to make the top half of them glass to store pretty things and add some color to this mostly white space.

I just recently added some of my favorite baskets (the large size) to these cabinets and some new favorite towels above them.  I’m sure I’ll add more to these cabinets at some point, but I recently organized my bathroom and am loving having very little on these shelves (and nothing in the baskets at the moment!).  The basket ads some texture and warmth and the towels add a small pop of color.  Mission accomplished. :)

Bathrooms are some of my favorite spaces to add seasonal decor because it doesn’t take much to transform them.

I recently brought my favorite Chevron vase and apple blossom stems (you might remember them from my living room Spring tour last year!) into my bathroom and that along with my new towels made the whole room feel like Spring time.

I kept my bathtub shelves the same aside from adding a few new hand towels and my small dough bowl to hold sponges.  That dough bowl looks good in every room in my house!  I want three more so I don’t have to keep moving it around. :)

I have a huge crush on coral.. did you know that?  :)

Thought I’d show you behind the door next to the towels in case you were wondering what’s there. ;)  The door on the other side of the towels is my closet.  A post for another day!

When you walk into my bathroom you see my shower.  One thing I really wanted was a private shower because our kids are in and out of our bathroom all the time!  The shower looks skinny at first glance, but if you go inside the door it actually wraps around..

I didn’t get a picture of all of it, but you can see how it goes back around that wall.  Marble for days!  My favorite. :)

Next to the shower is my vanity where I have all of my organized jewelry.  The cute little stool is a new addition!

You can read details on how my jewelry organization came together in this post.

My favorite colors!  Mint and coral greet me every day in this bathroom and instantly put a smile on my face.  So do fresh hydrangeas.  :)

Here are 4 simple ways to add a touch of Spring to your bathrooms…

1- Give your bathrooms a good cleaning and organize the drawers.  This is the best way to get your bathroom ready for Spring!  (I’ll be sharing how I’ve organized mine at some point to give you a few ideas.) :)

2- Add natural elements to bring in texture.  (Things like baskets and wooden bowls and sponges are my favorite!)

3- Buy a few new colorful towels.  Even just a couple of new inexpensive hand towels in a bright color can add a lot to a bathroom!

4- Add some flowers!  Real or faux or both like I did.  Flowers always represent Spring and bring life to any space.

I always do those 4 things to our bathrooms around this time of year to welcome Spring.  It’s an instant upper to walk into a clean and decorated bathroom. :)  I’ll be sharing other bathrooms in our home with you this Spring along with how I organize them all so stay tuned!  Coming soon to a blog near you. ;)

Here are sources for almost everything in my bathroom! (Or something similar if what I have is sold out.)

*Paint color is ICI paint “Silver Trophy”  

Next up on the tour is my darling friend Shauna at the House of Silver Lining.  Shauna is so much fun and her home is beautiful!  Plus she just made a fun announcement on her blog!  Make sure to check it out along with the rest of my friend’s Decked and Styled Spring Tours!  Inspiration galore.

I never get tired of saying that.. ;)

xoxo, Erin
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61 thoughts on “White Master Bathroom (ready for Spring!)

  1. Erin, I love the bathroom and all the touches of Spring! A very happy place to get ready every day that is classic, elegant and will never go out of style! Would you mind sharing how you keep all the beautiful marble clean? We just got new Master Bath with lots of marble (floors, shower, counter) but I am finding it very tiring to keep clean. We wipe the shower down after each use which doesn’t seem like a lot of work (and I probably should be doing anyway) but when you are in a hurry it adds a lot of time. Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated. I love your whole house and your blog! Thank you for sharing with us!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful spring bathroom inspiration, Erin! I LOVE the vase and blossoms! We recently built a house and I sort of modeled my bathrooms and kitchen after yours so I’ll have to tag you with those pics soon–I know I am a total copycat! #takeitasacompliment ;-) I also found it interesting/cute that even though you have a sit-down vanity area, you store your makeup brushes by the stand up vanity sink–you are probably the same as I am. After so many years of putting on makeup standing up, that is the only way I roll. When we were designing our bathroom I didn’t create a sit-down vanity area because I know that about myself ;-). I DID include a soaker tub for myself because, hello, four kids… Calgon, take me away…. ;-)

    1. Ha ha.. yes! That was totally me with the soaker tub.. I just couldn’t do the freestanding clawfoot tubs even though I love the look! I enjoy my baths too much and they aren’t as comfy. :) And I totally put my make-up on standing up! I’ve used the vanity to do my girls’ hair and it’s nice to have the option.. but yeah.. I never sit down. At least not yet! I am turning 40 soon so we’ll see what happens.. ha! ;) I’d love to see your kitchen and bathrooms! Flattered you got some ideas from me. :) Thanks cutie! xo

  3. ERIN!!!! I loooved this post!!! I always like a peek at a new space and I am in love with this bathroom!! I mean what can I say? I smiled the whole time!! I love the shower and the sink area it’s so my style! and seeing the other spaces together with the vanity and the tub… just love! I also really like the sconces next to the mirrors. I love how much light this bathroom gets. Anyway, I wont blab on like I’m not at work lol just wanted to say yasssss to this post :-)

    1. Aria! You always put a smile on my face. :) What a sweet comment! I’m so happy you like it all. Thank you so much! :) xo

  4. Your bathroom is beyond amazing, Erin! I love all your storage and that shower is to die for. Such beautiful design and all of the spring touches are perfect. Thanks so much for sharing! I never get tired of seeing your beautiful home. xxoo

  5. Love your bathroom! I’m in the middle of a remodel myself – where are your sconces from? Love them!

  6. Love your bathroom! Would you mind sharing where your hand towel and bath towel hooks/rings are from? Also, how many stems did you buy of the Crate and Barrel flowers? Thank you! Love everything you post! :) xo

    1. Thank you so much Christen! I’m running out the door but I’ll look up the info. on the hooks/rings (I can’t remember!) and add that info. here tonight. I only have two stems in that chevron vase, but I bought 5 total because I love them so much! ;) xo

  7. All the heart eyes for that shower!!! What I would give!! Loved the entire bathroom and seriously if you could just copy and paste your entire house for me I would appreciate it :) Love getting all the inspiration from your posts and trying to replicate in my home… doesn’t look nearly the same LOL.

    On another note, I haven’t seen Jeanie post on your comments for a while. I always enjoy reading her lovely comments. Hope all is well.


    1. Thank you so much Lacey! I’m thrilled you like it! A copy and paste house sounds like great idea to me! Ha! ;) I know! I’ll have to reach out to Jeanne if we don’t hear from her soon. She always has something kind and funny to say. :) xo

  8. Erin, Love it! You have more storage in your bathroom than I do in my entire house so I may be slightly jealous…but in a still happy for you jealous way.

    How did you put the towel rings through the glass?

    The spring posts are cracking me up because the last 2 days, we are having the most winter weather we have had in a month.

    Look forward to seeing your closet. Hint hint ;)


    1. JC! You are the sweetest. And don’t be jealous! More house also means more to clean. ;) Those towel rings were tricky! We had our carpenter and the mirror people help us with those. There wasn’t another place to put them that made sense so on the mirrors they went! I know it’s still so cold for most people to be talking Spring but if we all talk about it enough it’s bound to happen soon right? :) Thanks for your fun comment cutie! Closet is coming some time this year! Just for you. ;)

  9. Oh my gosh Erin! Your bathroom is so gorgeous! I’ve been anxious to see the rest of it and holy cow, it is amazing! I’ve never seen a bathroom be so pretty! I love your cabinets on the sides of the sinks! What a great idea and I love how the mirrors look on the sides! So pretty! And the glass doors! 😍 I’d never thought about doing that in a bathroom! So beautiful! You did an amazing job designing that! Wow, so so gorgeous! (And huge!)
    I’m totally anxious to see you’re whole bedroom too, I’ve been hunting for new bedding for our room and I keep thinking I need to see yours for some ideas!

    1. Thank you so much Josie! I still can’t believe you haven’t seen my house in person yet! Wish you could just pop over for a few hours tomorrow! I will try to get my bedroom finished and posted soon! It has been a SLOW process getting that space finished.. and it still isn’t finished! Ha ha.. xo

      1. I know!! It’s hard to believe you’ve been there 3 years already and I haven’t been down! Hopefully this year! 😘

  10. Erin I don’t think Ive ever seen your full master bath! It’s gorgeous!! That shower! And vanity! I’m in love…your Spring touches are fresh and so pretty!

    1. Thank you so much Kris! Can’t wait to be catching up with you in person! I’m so happy we are rooming together again! :) xo

  11. This is so beautiful!! I love your accent colors and I’m so jealous of all the room you have! So pretty, thanks for sharing:)

  12. No surprise that you have dreamy, spa-like master bedroom! Love everything about it, Erin! Thanks for sharing :) Have a great weekend!

  13. I love the bathroom! We are getting ready to remodel a home in Florida and I am looking to do a white and grey bathroom. Would you please share the paint color? Thank you!

  14. Love your master bath!! Quick question – where did you find the clear glass door knobs? Love that look!!

  15. Erin, your master bath is gorgeous! Would love to know the brand of your linear chandelier and sconces – just beautiful! :)

  16. When we were buying our current house, I so looked forward to having my own vanity in our master bath! Isn’t it so nice to get ready for a night out, while sitting & carefully putting on jewelry & makeup?? Although, most of the time my 5 year-old gal pal is “getting ready” beside me, but it still feels luxurious! Your bathroom is gorgeous… matches the rest of your house!!

    1. Thank you so much Allison! It is nice, isn’t it!? Although I have to admit that a lot of the time I still get ready standing up because that’s what I’ve always done! My girls use it often though – it’s a great place to do their hair. :) We are lucky to have little gal pals. ;) xo

  17. I love the bathroom update.!Target has some really cute coral towels right now too that I just picked up. Did you bend your apple blossom stems or cut them down? I just received mine and can’t wait to display them but I wasn’t sure how well they’d bend to fit in the Audra vase.

    1. Hi April! Thank you! I did bend my stems! I bend most of my stems to make them the right height for my vases! And here is another tip.. after you bend the bottom of the stem up a bit, wrap a rubber band around it so they come easily out of the vase when you want to take them out! I’ve learned to do that after getting many bent stems stuck inside of vases. ;) I’ll have to check out Target for coral towels! Thanks for the tip cutie! xo

  18. I’m getting ready to remodel my master bathroom and haven’t found cabinets that I like yet, but I love yours! I didn’t see any information on them (might have missed it). Can you tell me where you got them please? Your bathroom is gorg and it’s giving me tons of inspiration!!

    1. Thank you so much Kathy! I’m so happy you are getting inspiration from my bathroom! My cabinets were made custom. I sketched a picture of the style and my cabinet maker made them for me. :) Good luck with your master bathroom remodel! xo

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