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Organized Hair Tool and Bathroom Drawers

Organized Bathroom Drawers

Friends!  I’m so excited about today’s post!  I’m finally sharing the rest of my organized bathroom with you all that includes how I organize my hair tools and my vanity bathroom drawers.  If you missed my first post on my master bathroom organization (how I organize my towels and make-up) you can see it here.  Today’s post (all about my vanity drawer organization) includes one of my favorite drawers in my house.  YEA!  Happy I’m finally getting around to sharing it with you all. :)

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Organized Bathroom Drawers

{Master Bathroom Pictures and Sources Here}

On one end of my master bathroom I designed a vanity.  I’ll be honest.  I have yet to sit at this vanity to get ready.  I like to stand at my bathroom counter to get ready and I don’t know if that’s just from habit (I never had a vanity before this house!) or just because that’s me, but someday I might decide I like to sit down to get ready and if/when that happens, my vanity will be ready. :) For now, it’s a beautiful space to organize all of my jewelry (jewelry organization in this post) and a few other things I’m showing you today.

Organized Vanity Drawers

Ready to see the inside of these drawers?  Let’s do it…

Organized Travel Products

But wait.  I’m not ready yet. ;)  First I wanted to show you this picture.  The past two years I have been traveling a lot more than my norm.  Aside from our yearly family vacations and trips to grandma and grandpa’s house, I started traveling a lot for my blog.  It has been so fun and a real growing experience for me, but also crazy to be continually packing and unpacking.  I wanted to make getting ready for trips as easy as possible so I bought these cute little travel containers from Target, filled them full of my favorite every day products (I’ll share them at the bottom of this post) and then used my trusty label maker (on sale right now!) to label them all.  Next I organized a little “travel drawer.”

Organized Vanity Drawers

The left side of my vanity is all dedicated to travel supplies.  Mini containers with hair products, mini soaps and deodorant, toothbrush holder and a container for vitamins.  Because I turned 40 this year.  So now I’m old and need vitamins. :)

Organized Travel Supplies

Mini toothpaste, floss, hairspray, extra contacts.. everything I need for a trip!

Organized Vanity Drawers

I have absolutely loved having everything for travel organized in this top left vanity drawer!  It makes getting ready for a trip and unpacking from a trip SO easy.  I especially love that I don’t ever have to wonder if I’m forgetting something.  My make-up is all in this drawer and travel supplies are all here so I know I have everything I need.

The next drawer down (not pictured) holds extra travel supplies for when I run out (more soaps, etc.) and then the bottom vanity drawer..

Organized Vanity Drawers

holds all of my make-up/travel bags.

Organized Vanity Drawers

The drawer on the top right holds extra random things like an older Clarisonic (this is the new sonic I use now) and elastics for when I do my girls’ hair in this bathroom.

The next drawer below looks like two drawers but is actually just one really deep drawer.  My fav!

Organized Hair Tools

I was so excited when we built our house to design a drawer just for my hair tools!  I sketched a picture for my carpenter and he made this beauty happen for me.

Organized Hair Tools

Organized Hair Tools

Four spots for my hair tools (blow dryer, two sizes of curling irons, one flat iron) and then open spots for all of the cords.

Organized Hair Tools

Then we talked to the electricians and put a plug outlet in so that I can plug them all in inside the drawer if I’m sitting at the vanity to get ready.  Which I don’t do yet.  But might someday. ;)

Organized Hair Tools

Organized Hair Tools

Is that not organized perfection!?  Makes my heart skip a beat every time I open it!  The best part is that I can put my hair tools away while they are still hot.  My counter stays clean and I don’t have to worry about little hands touching things that might burn them.  Bonus. :)  There is room in the open spaces for cords to add hair tool attachments or other hair supplies if I ever wanted to, but they just hold mostly cords for now.

Organized Vanity Drawers

The top two middle drawers are empty so that completes the tour of my organized hair tool and vanity bathroom drawers!

On a random note, and because we are talking about all things travel, I have to show you my new favorite luggage.  I’ve been on the hunt for new luggage for about a year now and recently bought this Ambuer 2-Piece Spinner Luggage set.  SO excited about it!  It’s everything I was looking for.  Lightweight, but durable.  Easy to roll in an airport, unique color so it’s easy to spot at baggage claim (I ordered Rose Gold but the set comes in other fun colors too!).

And the inside!  The large suitcase is HUGE and I love that there is a flap on the left side that zips up over your clothes and has space for shoes and extras.  There is also another zipper pouch you can see on the right side of the suitcase.  Organized luggage compartments galore!  Makes me giddy. :)

The small travel size suitcase has the same shoe pockets and compartments.. just smaller. :)  I just bought the 2-piece set, but you can also buy the 3-piece set if you wanted a bag in-between these two sizes.  Had to share in case any of you are traveling a lot and looking for good new luggage too!  This is one of the new favorite things I just added to my updated Favorites Page.  Some of my recent Fall favorites (also on that page) are 40% off like this dressthese over the knee boots and these booties I’m especially in love with!

Organized travel drawers, organized hair tools, organized luggage and Fall favorites on sale!  This post is making me really happy.

I sincerely hope it does the same for you.  :)

Post sources are all below!  (You can find decor sources for my master bathroom here and sources for my favorite make-up here.)

xoxo, Erin
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36 thoughts on “Organized Hair Tool and Bathroom Drawers

  1. Fun, fun, fun! What a beautiful bathroom with a genius drawer for hair tools! Good for you for thinking of it and for your carpenter for creating it for you. The power strip is a great add on. Hope the cords are long enough! Really though, you are so clever to have all your travel items right at your fingertips there! I almost thought you’d have them in the bag already and all you had to do was grab it. :) And can I just say I want to squish my toes into those gorgeous rugs in your bathroom. Is that too personal and weird?. Gosh they look so soft! Your rose gold luggage is beautiful, too. Thanks so much for sharing, Erin. Hope you have a happy day! Hugs!

    1. I thought about that Jeanne! But they were too hard to store in the bag.. ha! Plus this way I can easily see when I’m running low on something and need to fill it up. :) So happy you liked the tool drawer! I want every bathroom to have one! And those rugs are soft. Not weird at all.. I think things like that all the time. ;) Enjoy your day cutie! I hope it’s a great one. :) xo

  2. You totally speak my language! Organization is my thing. I love the travel products!! I will be doing this for my daughter and I! Especially for dance season. We travel every weekend! Thanks!

    1. Yea! So happy to hear that Susan! The travel products have made it so easy to quickly pack and unpack. Plus they make it easy to see what I am running low on. I hope you both love it! :) xo

  3. I would LOVE to have a bathroom that big! OMG, I might stay in there all day:) When we “downsized” the one thing I hate is SO much less closet space and TINY bathrooms:( UGH. However, I have always sat to do my make up. So I put a vanity table in the sitting area of our master. Couldn’t live without it:) I do my hair in the bathroom, at my sink. I keep my brushes etc. in one of the drawers and my dryer in a basket in my closet.

  4. The hair tool storage is brilliant!! Definetly going to put that in my plan for when we renovate. Also LOVE the suitcases!!

  5. OK–I am a long time reader and love your blog but have never commented before…however, I am DYING to know what is in the “ENJOY” travel container?? Shower gel?? Do share!! :)

  6. I love this! My bathroom vanity is very similar to yours (actually it’s almost eerily similar), but why oh why did I not think of the hair tools drawer?! SO practical. I keep mine in a cute little caddy tucked under the vanity but now I’m staring at the entire thing wondering how I can get myself one of those drawers! :)

  7. Such a luxurious and tidy bathroom. I’ve got real envy on this one. What are the inserts in the hair tool drawer? Love your blog.

  8. Ok so this looks amazing and I’m totally doing a hair tools drawer like this when we redo our master bath in a couple of months. But I have to ask, where is all your makeup? Jewelry? Do you not do your makeup at this vanity too? Please tell us how you organize and store that stuff!

  9. I absolutely love your hair tool drawer (and the whole vanity area)! I saw it on Pinterest and it’s been my inspiration for a vanity I’m doing with my master bath remodel. It’s such a great idea! I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the metal holders for your hair tools? My cabinet guy is having a hard time finding the right sizes (especially the flat iron one). I would so appreciate any advice you can give me on that. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Michelle! Thank you! I wish I had that info. for you! I sketched out the drawer and my cabinet guy took over and I’m not positive where he ordered the metal holders from! If I ever find out (or find something similar) I’ll definitely share that info. on my blog. Good luck with your remodel! So exciting! :)

  10. Hi, Erin! I just realized that the dryer drawer picture that I shared with our cabinet guy from Pinterest is your design. I searched and found a link to this blog post. I’m having a difficult time explaining to him what I would like. I sent him your drawer as an example and the drawing came back very different. He has 5 round 5” openings and it does’t seem to be functional when it comes to tools and cords. Do you mind me asking what is the size of your drawer and what is the size of the largest circle opening you have for your dryer? Also, what is the size you use for your flat iron? I’m going to do my best to draw a picture with measurements and send it to him. I love how intentional you were with every square inch of your home. Your blog has inspired me throughout this journey. I have felt very worn down many times trying to track and design and communicate what we want through it our project. I’m learning that builders may not be used to someone who is tracking and very particular about every detail. It all matters to me because it’s our home, but I’m definitely ready for the house to be finished.
    Anyway, I would love to know about your drawer of you get a chance. Thank you!

    1. Hi Halley! Building is so exhausting isn’t it!? SO many details and things to worry about and nobody cares as much as you do! I get it. Hang in there! My drawer is 19×14 and the largest circle is about 4 inches. My flat iron opening is just around 3×3. I hope that helps! Good luck finishing your build! All of your work will pay off and be worth it in the end. :)

  11. Oh how I love this!! I’m curious, where can you get those metal inserts you used for the hot tools drawer?! Would love to find some!! Thanks!!

    1. Hi Heidi! Thank you! I wish I had that info for you! My carpenter found them for me when he built the drawer. I just told him how I wanted it and he made it happen. ;) Sorry that’s not more help!

  12. I wanted to ask where you got your insults for the hair bathroom hairdryer and curling iron drawer inside? We are having carpenters built them for our bathrooms and we want it just like what you guys have there in the pictures. And we have to provide the insults to go in them exact. Like a big round one, two little small round ones and a square one. Where do you find them??? Thank you ! If you need to reach me on my phone, heres my number: 918-691-7558. Texting would be great too! Thank you!

    1. Hi Joy! I wish I had that info. for you! I sketched out the drawer and my cabinet guy took over and I’m not positive where he ordered the metal holders from!

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