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Bring on Fall!

Friends!  I’ve missed you!  Crickets on the blog lately because the past two weeks have been just short of insane around here wrapping up summer and starting a new school year.  Plus with the situation going on in Texas and Louisiana right now it has been hard to focus on a lot else.  I am so heartbroken to see the devastation taking place.  We have had to evacuate our home in the past two different times because of California wild fires so I know all too well the feeling of panic that comes when your neck of the woods is in danger.  To see what some of these people are going through.. words can’t describe.  I have several friends who live in Texas and have had to evacuate.  I’m so grateful they are safe and I’m so grateful for organizations who are taking donations so that we can feel like we are doing something to help.  If you live in an area affected by the floods please know you are all in our constant thoughts and prayers!

I know I said my favorite organized drawer was coming (and it is!) but because of life and recent events I got completely behind on my blog schedule (seriously.. why did I even attempt a blog schedule during the summer!?) so now I need to play catch up first.  That post is coming soon!  Along with TONS of other organization!  I’m really excited about everything I have to share with you all this Fall!  Summer was light on computer time but heavy on project time – lots going on around here and I’m so excited to finally have a minute to breathe and post about it all!

{Porch sources are in this post – along with how the porch was decorated last year for Halloween!}  *affilliate links used

My girls started school Monday!  6th and 8th grade.  Middle School!  I can’t believe it.  One in a sweatshirt hoodie and one in a dress.  Typical! :) (Btw.. Ad’s dress is so cute and on sale right now for just $24!)  They were both so excited to see their friends and meet new people.  I always give my kids the same advice continually throughout the school year…  to never be afraid to ask questions and to look for the kids who are new or need a friend.  Addison came home from the first day and said “mom.. I made sure to reach out and was really nice to the new girls and included everyone, but does your advice apply to boys too?  (Nose crinkled up)  Do I have to be nice to the annoying boys?”  Ha ha.. I told her yes!  You don’t have to invite them to sit with you at lunch, but you can still be nice. ;)  I guess I should be grateful that she still feels this way about boys because I know all to well that her opinion of them will change before I’m ready for it!

Speaking of boys!  My little buddy started 2nd grade today!  I just dropped him off a few hours ago and while it feels wonderful to have a quiet house and a minute to catch up, I’m already missing him.  I can’t wait to pick him up and hear about his first day.  He chose his red shirt and couldn’t wait to wear the new shoes I let him pick out last week.  He said after we bought them “mom these are my favorite shoes I’ve ever had.. can I sleep in them?”  Ha!  He loves them because they are velcro (this kid does NOT like to tie shoes) and he loves the shade of blue.  Picture is with a buddy who is starting Kindergarten today. :)

I’m sharing a few new Fall favorites with you today from Nordstrom!  (Huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!)  I wanted to get this post up today before all of the organization/decor posts because I found some CUTE things and I know sizes will sell out fast if I wait!

{Sarah Print Wrap Top/Jeans/Booties/Necklace}

We are having a major heat wave right now!  So typical San Diego.  It gets HOT when things are cooling down everywhere else.  This is a great transition to Fall top because it’s lightweight.  Also very slimming because it ties just above your waist where most women are the thinnest!  Plus it’s half off and just $21!  (Btw.. for size reference because a lot of you ask, all of the tops in today’s post (except one) fit true to size and I’m wearing an XS.)

{Adidas Trefoil Jersey Tee/Jeans/Pink Adidas Sneakers}

Loving this simple Adidas Tee!  It’s fitted and flattering and just perfect for every day running around.  Nordstrom has so many cute new Adidas tops/sweatshirts in for Fall!

{V Strap Tee/Jeans/Booties/Tory Burch Leather Tote/Tory Burch double wrap logo bracelet}

This is another simple and fun tee I’ve been running around in.  The V strap at the top is so cute!  This is the one top in today’s post that doesn’t fit true to size.  It runs BIG!  I’m wearing an XXS and it’s still loose so order one size down!  I’ve been using larger bags like my Tory Tote a lot lately because of all the school forms.  SO many school forms!  Paper organization was a huge summer priority for me.

Wore this top last week to school Open House.  Favorite sunglasses because #notimeformakeup.  But how cute is Kole’s smile!?  He lost both of his front teeth this summer one right after the other. :)

{Ruffle Sleeve Blouse/Tassel Fringe Earrings/Jeans/Booties}

A new favorite dressy blouse that I love so much I ordered it in two colors!  The sleeves are so pretty on this!  It’s long so I like it best tucked in the front a bit or with a belt, but it would also look cute over leggings or tucked in all the way with a high waisted skirt.  I’ve reached for this top so many times in just the past few weeks!  It’s perfect for dressy/casual events.

{Puff Sleeve Sweater/Black Stretch Skinny Jeans/Booties}

Another “I want it to be Fall but it’s not quite cold enough for sweaters” sweater. :) Love the puff sleeves!  I also ordered these black stretch skinny jeans and they are a great fit (and a great price!).  They are a bit long so I’ll have to have them hemmed at the bottom (same old!) but SO comfortable.  I’m excited about them!

{Good Vibes Tee/Black Stretch Skinny Jeans/Booties}

My new black jeans look especially cute with this beloved tee.  Good Vibes and peace to all. ;)

{Scalloped Hem Sweater/Black Stretch Skinny Jeans/Madolee Over the Knee Boots}

This Scalloped Hem Sweater I haven’t worn yet but can’t wait to!  So comfy and cute for Fall!

I especially love it with my Arrow Stack Necklace.

{Slim Bell Sleeve Tee/Necklace/Jeans/Booties}

This Slim Bell Sleeve Tee is another recent favorite!  It’s fitted and slimming and a light weight knit material.  I actually wear a black tank top (this one) under it.  It’s not totally see through, but barely see through if that makes sense. :)  Also comes in a beautiful burgundy color!

Took this picture so you can see the fun bell sleeves!  LOVE this trend.

A simple black top like this is fun to dress up with jewelry!  I either wear my Tassel Fringe earrings with it or a long gold necklace like the Arrow Stack necklace I shared above.

{Color Block Faux Leather Tote}

Brought out another favorite bag for this time of year!  I actually just bought one identical for a friend’s birthday too.  Such a great staple for just $50!  I always get compliments on this bag.  It looks a lot more expensive than it is!

It will hold ALL the back to school papers too. ;)

{Recent Kitchen Decor Post/Sources}

So I got off my computer and just took this picture.  I made myself wait to bust out my new pumpkin spice candle until my kids went back to school and today they are officially back in school!  YEA!  Wait is over.  My house smells heavenly right now!  It’s a total disaster (haven’t even cleaned up the breakfast dishes yet) but it smells heavenly. #priorities  :)

And yes.  TWO candles for Fall. I kept smelling them both in the store to decide which one to get and the lady working there said “oh.. those are the same candle! Just different packaging.” I said “Ahh! That’s why I’m having such a hard time choosing which one! Ha!  I’ll  take them both.  Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin is my favorite.”  :)

Bring on Fall!

*All Post Sources are Below!

xoxo, Erin
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18 thoughts on “Bring on Fall!

  1. The girls have grown up so quickly. Middle School already?!! I am so ready for fall and may or may not have started burning the fall candles a couple weeks ago. Girl the Salted Caramel one from WS is the bomb!!

    1. I know.. right Lauren! It goes by so quickly! I remember you telling me to enjoy it when they were just little – how quickly it flies by and it really does. My girls will be grown up and on their own like yours are before we blink! Then the two of us need to hang out. :) And I am SO going to try that candle! YEA for Fall! XO

  2. I love fall, too! I officially begin celebrating on Sept. 1st!! It is the happiest time of the year.
    I love your fashion posts.
    I hope your kids have a wonderful school year. I home school and we start next week. I’m down to just 2 kids home schooling now.

    1. Thank you so much Kathy! I’m so happy you like these posts! And I agree.. Fall is such a fun time of year. I can’t believe it’s almost September! But I’m thrilled about it. :) Good luck with homeschooling your last two! That’s so awesome you do that.. I don’t know that I’d have the patience. You must be super mom. :) xo

  3. I live in Australia and Friday 1st September is the first day of Spring! Yah! I love those peep toe booties, so cute! Julie

    1. YEA for Spring Julie! Another beautiful time of year. I hope it’s a great season for you! And yes.. love my peep toe booties! I live in them. :) Thanks cutie! xo

  4. I didn’t see where the pumpkin candles are from?? Did I miss the link?
    Your kids are so cute! My daughter is starting fourth grade and my little guy is going into second grade starting Sept 5. I’m sooooo ready for them to go so I can have a break but at the same time I’m blue to missing them! Crazy, eh?!

    1. Isn’t that the way it always goes Brenda! I get so excited for my kids to go back so I can get some work done, but then I totally miss them when they’re gone. Mom life. :) My pumpkin candles are from Bath and Body works! xo

  5. Congratulations on making it through another summer, Erin! Great back to school photos. Each showcases your kiddos’ unique personalities. I hope they all have an awesome and successful school year. :) Time does fly. My younger daughter is now a freshman in high school and the older one is a junior. A junior?!!! Who is now practicing her driving. Looking forward to seeing your organization posts. Love to read about ’em even if I don’t always get to work with them. Hey…just found Eat That Frog in mint condition at the thrift store. Score!! ;) (Been looking for a long time, too. Patience paid off) Always enjoy your fashion posts. I really like that first top and the v strap one. You selected some real winners! I hope you have a happy day! :)

    1. Ahhh! Driving Jeanne!! That is just crazy! I’ll send a prayer your way! ;) And YEA for finding that book! It’s seriously one of my favorites and I remember tips from it all the time. Not so great at always following the tips.. ha! But they are good ones I remember. :) Enjoy your day sweet friend! xo

  6. So I guess today I will just have to go to the store and check out the scent of that candle…
    Quick question, how do you secure your signs on the shelf above your stove? I have a shelf like that and I’m afraid that a sign would fall down on me if not secured in some way, but at the same time I don’t want to ruin the white paint finish on my cabinets?
    Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you

    1. It’s a good candle for sure! :) I don’t attach my signs above my stove! If you look close you can see that it’s really leaning. I just make sure to lean/tip them enough that they won’t fall. I had one too straight up a year ago that tipped off and scratched my floor when it landed. Such a bummer! I’m sure it would be better to secure them somehow, but like you I don’t want to ruin the paint! Plus I switch the signs often. :) xo

  7. Beautiful kiddos! Hope they have an amazing school year. I am sure it is going to fly by. Again…so many adorable things. I am so excited for fall (my favorite time of year) and the fall scents. Feels like fall here today…only 67!

    The devastation in Texas and Louisiana is so heartbreaking. Lauren and I went shopping yesterday and bought toiletries and baby items to send on a semi to Houston. JJ Watt is from WI and his foundation is gathering item up here to ship down. I think this experience really helped show Lauren how if you are able to help people you must. I told her if you can’t help financially, then make sure you send prayers! God bless all those families. It is always nice to see people come together in times of need. Good to know that with all the bad, there is still a lot of good. :)


    1. Love that you took Lauren to do that Pam! I’m going to do the same with my kids too. It is just beyond heartbreaking. But I agree.. always so amazing to see the way people come together during times like this to help each other. God is good. :) I’m jealous of your 67 degree weather! That is absolute Fall perfection. Enjoy it for me! We are still sweating it out but I just come inside and crank up the air and light my candle anyway. ;) xo

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