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Easy Cashew Chicken

Easy Cashew Chicken (Sunny Side Up)Happy Monday friends!  I’m switching gears just for today and going totally out of my comfort zone to share a recipe with you all.  That’s right.  I cooked.  At least a time or two last month.  And we all know that when I cook it has to be documented.  Try to contain your excitement for what’s to come. ;)  This easy Cashew Chicken is actually a recipe I shared years ago on my blog.  It’s one of our family go-to meals because everyone loves it and it’s SO easy to make.  Definitely worth sharing again!

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This is all you need!  Chicken, broccoli, cashew halves, rice and the secret ingredient – General Tso’s Sauce and Glaze.  Can you see why I like this recipe?  5 items.  That’s about my max.

A close friend told me about this General Tso sauce and it’s delicious!  My grocery store stopped selling it a few years ago so now I order it on Amazon.  I always order this pack of six for a great price and then I can make this meal every 3-4 weeks.

Ok – quick disclaimer before I share how to make this.  I take pictures of food about as good as I cook.  Maybe even worse (if that’s actually possible) so let’s please remember before viewing these pictures that I am NOT a food blogger and aside from making cool pyramids with my sauce jars like I’m in the 5th grade, I know nothing about styling food.  Or taking pictures of it.  

Thank you and carrying on now..

Step 1 – Cut the chicken in pieces and cook it.  I cook as many chicken breasts as I can fit in this pan which is usually 4-5.  (This is my least favorite step that I’m always happy to have behind me.)

Step 2 – When the chicken is cooked, pour a bottle of General Tso’s sauce on it and stir.  (I like this step.. suddenly without much effort on my part the chicken is starting to look and smell fancy.)

Step 3 – Set aside some of the chicken if you have a family member with nut allergies.  (I love you and you’re welcome Addison.)

Step 4 – Pour in the can of cashew halves and stir.  As many as you like!  (This step is my favorite because the chicken now looks and smells really fancy.  Your mouth will start watering and you might start thinking about sneaking off into the pantry and closing the door and eating the whole pan yourself instead of sharing at this point.  Not that those thoughts ever cross my mind.)

Step 5 – Boil some rice.  I prefer Boil-in-Bag brown rice.  You pop a few bags of rice right in the pan and they only take 10 minutes to cook.  Plus there’s no mess!  Brilliant.

Step 6 – Boil some broccoli. 

Step 7 – Place everything on a plate, take a lousy picture of your easy Cashew Chicken in bad lighting with blurry rice and over cooked broccoli (I over cook my broccoli every time) and then serve!

Step 8 – Have your husband snap a picture to document an evening when nothing was burned.

I look so happy in this picture don’t I?  That’s because the cooking is done.  And with leftovers plus a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich night or two, I’m off the hook for a while. :)

I hope you enjoy this Easy Cashew Chicken as much as we do!  I’ll be back to chat with you all tomorrow.  About home decor, not chicken.

Whew!  Looking forward to that.


p.s. Getting questions about the pans I use! You all know I’m no chef so there might be something better out there, but I have used these pans for YEARS and love them. :) I linked to sources below!

xoxo, Erin
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42 thoughts on “Easy Cashew Chicken

  1. Yeah a recipe finally and it looks delicious and so easy!!! You’re just darling and I giggled through the blog this morning. Please share more of your family favs.

    1. Thank you so much Sue! You are too kind. :) These recipe posts are SO out of my comfort zone, but I’ll try to share more! Just for you. ;) xo

  2. Looks like an easy meal! How many chicken breasts for the one bottle to sauce did you use?
    I will try it.

  3. You are so funny, Erin! This looks delicious. And easy to prepare. I want to make it when I get home to the family. Thanks for sharing it. Great job! :)

    1. I hope you like it Jeanne! Thanks cutie! Take care of yourself. I’m sure your family is anxious to have you back! Sending hugs and prayers your way sweet friend. xo

  4. This looks delicious Erin! I will def be making this for a quick night meal. How much chicken did you use for one recipe?

    1. Thank you Rose! I always just use as many chicken breasts as I can fit in my frying pan which is usually 4-5. I hope you like it! xo

  5. OK – you’re hysterical and I love this recipe and can’t wait to try. PS I burned the garlic bread yesterday. :-)

  6. You’re so funny Erin. Good job cooking dinner! Might I suggest pan roasting your broccoli? It’s easy, tastes better and then you won’t over do it.
    I cover a cookie sheet with foil (for easy clean up) then lay your broccoli in a single layer, toss with about a tablespoon of olive oil, a little garlic (if you like) and some salt and pepper. 400 degrees, just keep an eye on it, I usually stir it once while cooking (if I remember). Once I started cooking my broccoli this way my kids started devouring it instead of complaining, it tastes so much better, is never soggy and I’ll never go back. Depending on what I’m serving it with sometimes I sprinkle some fresh grated parm cheese on top at the end. Yum! Try it, I promise you’ll never boil broccoli again!

    1. K you’re a genius Josie! Oh how I wish you could just come over and show me a few things! In the kitchen and with Lightroom! :) I’m going to try this next time I make broccoli so be expecting a call from me because no doubt I’ll get confused or mess something up along the way. Ha! ;) Love you! xo

  7. This looks delicious and easy is always a plus on busy weeknights. Thanks so much for sharing. Your pics look great and you are the cutest! xxoo

  8. I think your Cashew Chicken looks and sounds delicious! If you don’t mind a suggestion about cooking veggies, I have an easy answer. The Pampered Chef Microwave-steamer is so easy and cooks veggies perfect every time. Even my “Chefy” son approves, or maybe he’s just being nice because I always allowed him to be my kitchen helper when he was just a wee lad! Anyway, you absolutely deserve a pat-on-the-back!

    Warm hugs,

    1. Thank you Carol! Ok I’m looking that up! Getting so many good ideas for ways to improve my broccoli today.. ha! I love it! And I love that you cooked with your son. :) Thank you sweet Carol! xo

  9. Yummy! My daughter is allergic to all tree nuts (especially cashews and pistachios) and sesame seeds so I feel your pain 😞😞😞😞

    1. It’s tricky isn’t it Lucy!? Ad is allergic to eggs too so we have to be SO careful about what she eats. Kind of scary! xo

  10. I’ve been making this for years, thanks to you! I can’t find the sauce packets at my grocery store either! Good to know Amazon has it in bottles!

    1. Yea! Love that you love it Meg! And yes! Had to find it on Amazon when my grocery store stopped carrying it. I about panicked! Ha ha.. ;) xo

  11. This was a huge hit in my house. I served this over some Cauliflower Fried Rice with veggies. My kids loved it. I can see this becoming a new favorite. Thank you so much!

  12. Just wanted to drop in & let you know that I’ve made this dish twice since reading your post & it’s been a hit with the family! I love that after a busy day of working, I can have an easy, tasty dish on the table in no time. We love roasted veggies so I serve mine with roasted broccoli; throw some broccoli florets on a pan, toss with a bit of olive oil, salt & pepper & roast for about 20 min at 450 degrees. Easy peasy! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Love it Allison! This made my day. Thank you! So happy your family likes it! The roasted broccoli sounds amazing. What time is dinner? I’m coming over! ;) xo

  13. You are so funny! And totally speak my language in the kitchen. Ugh! But thank you for sharing – can’t wait to try this nice easy recipe!

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