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Life Lately!

Friends!  I’ve missed you all!  You know that feeling you sometimes get like you forgot something?  Or you know there was something you needed to do but you can’t remember what it was.  And you just feel a little off.. like something is missing.  Whenever I go longer than a few days in-between blog posts that’s how I feel!  Kind of funny.  Blogging is so ingrained in my every day routine that when I don’t have time for it I feel like I’m walking around without something important like my purse or my cell phone.  Or my left arm.  :)  That’s a long way of basically saying that I’ve missed you all and things are finally slowing down for us (this is my girls last week of school then one more for Kole – hallelujah!) and I’m excited to be back posting again. :)  Before I dive into all sorts of fun stuff on the upcoming blog agenda I thought I’d share a few random pics that I had on my phone of what we’ve been up to lately!  It has been a busy and fun month to say the least.  Lots of pics so I’ll keep the chit chat to a minimum.  Or try anyway.

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My cute friend joined the 40’s club!  We are the youngest two out of most of our friends and quite like it that way.  But unfortunately we couldn’t run from 40 forever.  {Sigh}  At least we’re in it together. ;)  Had so much fun celebrating with her!

I don’t know what it is about ugly laugh pictures but when I find them on my phone they are always my favorite!

{similar ruffle top/gray cargo joggers}

Love these girls!

Found this picture and had a lovely ah-ha moment about why my jeans have been feeling so snug lately..

Saturday morning walk with my babe.  We love our walks!  Without the kids we can actually carry on complete, uninterrupted sentences.  #itsthelittlethings

Snapped this of my boys on our way out the door to church.  Love the every day routine pics.

Hanging with these two cuties at Ad’s band concert.

Best music I’ve heard in years. ;)

Our playroom is a hot mess right now!  I have a good reason that I’ll explain later!  The good news is that Kole and his friends never seem to mind and just carry on as usual in the land of make believe. :)  (But if this picture makes you twitch like it does to me, you can see our playroom in all of its organized glory here.) ;)

Dinner in La Jolla!  LOTS of evening events with my husband this past month.  I about wore out this shirt dress (sold out) and this favorite black dress.  I was so glad I had them both to rotate!  I always love time spent with my husband but it is hard to get out of the house in the evenings on school nights.  (Moms can you relate!?)  So much going on with the kids that it sometimes feels like more work than it’s worth trying to arrange help.  I definitely decided that weekend date nights are where it’s at.

I like to keep puzzles in my closet.  Gives me a few extra minutes to get hair/make-up or cleaning/laundry done when Kole is wandering around board or impatient. :)  (Master Bathroom pics and sources here.)

 On her way to play audition call backs!  She tried out for a part in Alice in Wonderland so I sent her with our white rabbit stuffed animal.  Just to keep in the car for good luck. ;)  It must have worked because she got the part of Alice!  The play director sent us an e-mail while she was at school and we were so excited!  She had activities after school until late so when she got home El and I surprised her with the news.

El made a poster and I put on our Mad Hatter hat from a past Halloween and we had Alice music playing in the mudroom when she and Kenny walked in the door.  She was so surprised and excited.  Fun moment. :)  I’m so proud of her!

We have had such a cool couple of months on the coast!  Our “May Gray” and “June Gloom” is in full force and I’ve honestly been in cozy sweatshirts with the fireplace on while I get things done at home most mornings.  It’s a nice change from the constant sun for San Diego locals, but seriously!?  NOW it’s cold!?  Would love to have this weather in October – January when the rest of the world gets to wear a turtle neck and have pumpkin spice everything.  A little backwards around here!  If you check my favorites page half of the clothes are sweatshirts.  Just in time for summer.  Ha! :)

Outfit on repeat:  Favorite Zella leggings/Favorite cozy sweatshirt

We’ve still been having pool time, but the hot tub is getting the most use!

Two weekends ago I flew to Salt Lake City for a quick weekend with my mom and sister for my mom’s birthday!  (We were so bummed my sister in law couldn’t make it!)  We stayed at my sister’s house in SLC the first night and I got to spend a little time with my cute niece and nephew.  My niece was excited to show me around her cozy backyard “house.”  She swept for my arrival and served me some lovely tea and we had a nice conversation around the fire. :)  Love her.

Then the next day we took off to Park City!  Spent a day shopping and eating and stayed the night just enjoying some girl time.  It was so beautiful!

My mom sent me these pics of me and my sister.  Just starting to laugh at something coming out of a restaurant in this first one.

Then before you know it we were cracking up!  Oh my word.  This picture!  I only laugh this hard with my sister.  Like we’re about to die and need a bathroom STAT kind of laughing.  Ha ha.. talk about the ugly laugh in full force!  We have had more moments like this than I can count.  My mom just shakes her head.  I probably should have taken more pics of the beautiful scenery while we were there.  Instead I just have this picture to remember our trip.  Oh well.. it pretty much sums up the weekend. ;)

Then this last weekend it was show time!  All day dance dress rehearsal for my kids on Saturday and then Sunday was the big show.  I took this picture Saturday on our way out the door.  I signed Kole up for a hip hop class this year because we pretty much live at the dance studio anyway with the girls and I thought he might like it.  He was the only boy in his class and they performed a dance to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  (Anyone else have that song memorized?  Totally dating myself.)  Kole was the Fresh Prince!  K – I know I’m his mom so I’m a bit biased but seriously you guys.  He was into it and it was adorable.  And hilarious. :)

The girls danced beautifully!  So proud of these two and all of their sweet friends.

My parents came to town for the big show.  Always special when grandma and grandpa are visiting!

The true highlight of this year’s show was that for the first time my girls’ dance studio had the dads do a dance in the recital.  Any dad who was willing to volunteer!  My husband about died after the first practice class (they had their own rehearsals!).  It was a real hip hop dance and it was fast.  I think all the dads thought they would just dance around acting silly but this was serious business.

They had rehearsals for weeks!  And chose these lovely outfits to wear.

I can’t really put into words what went down with the dads dance except to say that I laughed so hard I cried and I don’t think I was the only one.  I’ll just let these pictures do the talking!

Oh I can’t even..

Seriously you guys.  I wish you all could have been there.  It was epic.  Ha!  It’s amazing what dads will do for their kids isn’t it? :)  These men were absolutely awesome.  The DVD of the show always takes about a month to come out and I seriously can’t wait to watch that dance again.  Proud of my husband for taking one for the team (my kids loved it!) and I’ll never forget this day of watching my whole little family perform. :)

Waiting to give his sisters flowers after the show.

Ad came out first!  (And are my new earrings not the coolest!?  I feel so 80’s when I wear them.. ha!  Love that.)

Showing Ad a funny picture waiting for El.

Girls with my cute parents.

And one sly little photo bomber.

Life lately!  This past month has been a good one.


xoxo, Erin
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25 thoughts on “Life Lately!

  1. These are the CUTEST pictures!!! I love the ones of Kenny on stage! He was clearly made to be in the spotlight :) And the one of you and your sister laughing so hard…the absolute BEST! It made me smile just looking at it! You can tell you guys have so much fun together!!! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Gina! Kenny was quite the dancer.. ha! Wish you could have seen it! I’m calling you tomorrow! We need to plan our trip STAT! :) xo

  2. Wow!! Busy month…May is always so crazy, isn’t it? Your “ugly” laugh pics are anything but. Truly those are the best…you can tell how much happiness it brings you to be with your sister. I love it!
    The pics of the dad dance are awesome. What a wonderful bunch of men to do that for their kiddos. I bet they secretly loved every minute of it.
    Lastly, HUGE congrats to Ad for getting the lead!! That is incredible. Can’t wait to hear all about it. xxoo

    1. Thank you so much Pam! Wish our girls could be in a play together! Wouldn’t that be fun!? :) And you are so sweet to say that. Those laughing pictures always make me start laughing again. Ha ha.. Fun to be with people who bring that out isn’t it? :) Happy summer cutie! xo

  3. Awesome! In every way this is just an awesome post, Erin. I adore reading them. Thanks so much for sharing. Congrats on inching ever closer to the much anticipated summer break! You can do it. Hugs!

  4. Omg what a wonderful Life Lately! Looks like a lot of fun going on and your husband!!! Love it!! The kids are just growing up and turning into such beautiful young people, but we already knew they had great genes. Hope you have an awesome week and let’s go summer ☀️

    1. You are such a sweetheart Lacey! Thank you! It has definitely been an eventful month.. ha! And YES to summer! Major countdown going on at our house. :) I hope you enjoy yours! xo

  5. Loved this post!
    Loved the picture of you and your sister cracking up. It made me laugh! And that is so cute and hilarious about the dad dance. It’s awesome they would do that. What fun dads! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh my word.. that picture makes me laugh every time I look at it too! We just get on a roll and can’t stop laughing sometimes. :) Thanks cutie! So happy you liked this post. :) xo

  6. How fun that the dads did a dance! I can’t even imagine any of the dads around here doing that.

    1. Thanks Jess! It really was so much fun. A lot of dads didn’t do it.. only a handful were brave enough but it ended up being such a blast that I bet a lot more do it next year. :)

  7. Erin, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos!! Your family is so special, and I feel like I know each and every one of you, even your parents! Thank you so much for sharing your life with readers like me!!

    1. Thank you so much Jane! Your sweet comments always make me so happy! At this point I’m sure you do know us pretty well! Wish you could just come over and join the party when my parents are here. :) I would love to meet you someday and give you a huge hug! xo

  8. Love this post, Erin and all of your family sharing in making memories with love and laughter! The black Zella leggings are a must, do they run large or small? They are about to be mine soon! ;) xo

    1. Oh my word Taylor.. you will LOVE them. I have 4 pairs of the black I’m wearing in that picture! I wear them almost every day to exercise or just run errands in. They run pretty true to size.. maybe a little large so if you are in-between sizes I’d go smaller. Lately I’ve been ordering 2 sizes of everything I buy on-line and just returning one! It’s always so hard to know until you try things on isn’t it!? Thanks cutie! So fun to hear from you on the blog. :) xo

  9. I love, love, love the mirror above your mantel!!! It’s just what I’ve been looking for ours. Can you share where it’s from? :)

    1. Thank you so much Emily! It was from Pottery Barn but unfortunately it’s a few years old and they discontinued it! Such a bummer. xo

  10. I love love the life lately posts!
    Ok..that pizza looked deelish and you always look amazing so don’t worry 😉….
    The picture of you and your sister is priceless, I love when you can laugh like that with someone.
    I’m heading to park city for a mission Reunion in august.. any places that are a must? Me and my 3 companies are getting together for a girls weekend!

  11. Erin, as always, I loved reading this post and seeing all of the amazing family pictures! I can “see” the love that you all have for each other! This post just made my heart happy! I wish that my daughter was still in ballet. I miss going to the recitals. Congrats to all of your dancers (and hubby)! My husband and I have started doing Sunday hikes together, and we leave the teenager home :-) I hope that you and your lovely family have an amazing summer! Thanks for sharing! xo

    1. Shari you are such a sweetheart! Thank you! I’m so happy you liked this post. These types of posts make my heart happy too. :) LOVE that you and your husband are carving out some alone time! Never easy but always worth it. Your kind comment made my day! And meant so much. Thanks again! xo

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