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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Final Favorites!

Hello friends!  I am so knee deep in projects and kids at my house right now it’s crazy!  I need a distraction!  Not that projects and kids aren’t both wonderful, but sometimes you just need a break from all that wonderful. ;)  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has been a fun and happy summer distraction for me.  Did you all know there was a sale going on at Nordstrom?  Ha. ;)  Some things I ordered on-line to try a while back have come in so I’m sharing my last round of favorites from the sale!  The sale ends this Sunday night and on Monday everything will be full price again.  So sad.  Well.. for some people.  Not so much for my husband.  He will be doing a major happy dance.  I told him the other day when a few more new boxes arrived on our doorstep “don’t worry!  I’ve ordered multiple sizes in things.. there will be returns!”  He was like “um.. yeah.. not buying that anymore since every time you head to the store to return 3 things you buy 5 more.  How about I ease your load and start making Nordstrom returns for you?”  Me:  “Hmm..  Let me think about that.  Nope.  Not really a fan of that plan.  But you can ease my load by taking Kole to the park next time I make Nordstrom returns.. I’m open to discussing that option.”  

Clearly the two of us have some compromising left to do.. ;)

(Huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post and for the amazing sale this year!  Affiliate links used.)

{Tassel Earrings/ Black Tassel Earrings/ Kate Spade EarringsCubic Zirconia Earrings}

My favorite earrings from the sale!  I have the tassel earrings in a coral/orange and have loved them so much I picked up this rose gold pair on sale and also splurged on this black pair (which aren’t on sale but I know I’ll wear all the time!).  The Kate Spade earrings will be such a fun simple every day pair.  I have friends who have bought and also love these that are similar and on sale.

{Vince Camuto Peep Toe Booties/ Boots}

I started off the sale just buying a couple of pairs of Fall shoes but then a week later I tried on these…

{Over the Knee Black Boots/ Gray Block Heel Bootie}

You guys.. I never thought I could wear over the knee boots like this black pair.  I’m short, I have thick calves.. I just didn’t think they would fit right and look good on me.  But I tried on this pair on a whim and they seriously fit like a glove and are so comfortable! I absolutely LOVED them.  So excited to wear them when it cools off!  If you’ve been on the fence about boots like this too this is a great pair to try.  They really are so flattering.  I was shocked at how much I loved them!

{Scallop tee/ AG jeans/ Similar Purse/ Gray Block Heel Booties}

The gray boots were a no brainer.  I knew I’d love them the second I saw them!  And these boyfriend jeans I bought and love have been re-stocked!

Really cute with pants that roll up.

{Ruffle Bell Sleeve Blouse/ AG Jeans/ Gray Boots/ Tanner Bar Necklace}

Or with regular length jeans.  I wasn’t sure if I’d love this Ruffle Bell Sleeve Blouse because it looked kind of boxy on-line but once I tried it on I was so happy I ordered it!  Looks so cute tucked a bit in the front with jeans and I love the sleeves!  Comes in lots of colors.

{Ruffle Beel Sleeve Blouse/ Black A-line skirt/ Black over the knee boots}

It’s also really cute tucked in and dressed up with a skirt.  This skirt was another favorite find!  I knew I needed a new black skirt this Fall and I ordered two to try.. this pencil skirt from Vince Camuto and this A – line skirt I’m wearing.  The pencil skirt was just too long on me and too tight on my butt!  I tried 2 sizes and it still didn’t work for me.  If you’re tall and thin it would be a great staple skirt!  #shortpeopleproblems #bubblebuttproblems

This A-line skirt worked so much better for me.  A great length and you can see in this pic it’s high waisted and while it’s fitted up top, it’s very butt friendly.  So if you’re short or have had one too many BBQ’s like me this summer you’re still in good shape with this one. ;)

{Military Bomber Jacket/ AG jeans/ Vince Camuto Booties/ Earrings/ Necklace}

I mentioned in my last sale post that I was excited to try this green military jacket.  Love it!  I knew I would. :)

It’s thin and light weight and just really stylish and fun.  A keeper for sure!  And aren’t these earrings gorgeous!?

{Long Sleeve Crewneck Tee/ AG Jeans/ Tory Burch Bag/ Tory Burch Bags on SaleVince Camuto Booties/ Necklace}

I also ordered a few of my favorite Caslon long sleeve tees on sale.  They come in lots of colors and have been a favorite Fall/Winter staple of mine for years.  On sale for just $19!

{Caslon Tees/ Vest/ AG Jeans/ Peep Toe Booties}

I love to layer them under vests or jackets.  They are a great length and not too heavy or too light.  Love them!

I also love Caslon’s long sleeve scoop neck cotton tee and they are marked down too.  Very similar to the Crewneck tees except a bit more fitted.

Tried this one on under my new Leather Bomber Jacket.

{Caslon tee/ Similar Suede Moto Jacket/ AG Jeans/ Similar Black Booties}

And under this Suede Moto Jacket I bought last year.  There is a darling similar suede moto jacket on sale this year too!

{Camo sweatshirt/ AG Jeans/ Pink Adidas Shoes/ Similar Adidas Shoes on sale}

I ordered this cute Camo Lounge sweatshirt on-line a while ago and forgot that I had ordered it!  It was such a happy surprise when it came.  LOVE it!  So cute and soft and on sale for just $31!  Great for lounging or those cold days I’m just working from home and don’t want to clean up.

{Asymmetrical dress/ Over the knee boots/ Necklace}

K – my favorite dress from the sale!  This Asymmetrical plaid dress caught my eye when I first saw the Nordstrom catalog before the sale.  I loved the look but wasn’t sure how it would fit and the material looked like it might be itchy.  I was wrong!  It’s a knit but so soft and incredibly comfortable!  Flattering fit and I found it to be true to size.  I love the sleeve length for Fall too.  I’m so excited to wear it with my new over the knee boots!

Showing a little skin here (we just went from G to PG) ;) but I wanted to show you all where these boots hit my thighs (I’m 5’3 1/2 – don’t forget the 1/2).  Can I just tell you another reason why I’m so excited about these boots!?  There are so many days in the winter when I need to dress up (for church or other events) and my legs are white and I haven’t shaved.  These boots are going to save me!  No more tights or nylons!  No more last minute scrambling to put on some tanning lotion or do a quick half shower shave!  (Am I the only one who does this?)  I’m pumped.

I was too excited to wait until Fall to wear this dress so I wore it to church last Sunday with my peep toe booties.  (Got so many compliments on it!)  The booties make the dress look a little more casual.  Peep toe booties with skirts or a dress is such a fun look right now.  I don’t love the look on me personally because like I mentioned I have short legs and thick calves, but I still do it anyway sometimes because I love my booties. :)  I actually think this looks better on me…

See how a simple black heel without straps in the front elongates my legs where the booties cut them off?  Little trick I learned years ago on “What Not to Wear.”  (I love you Stacey and Clinton.)  Short people take notes. ;)

{Good Vibes Sweatshirt/ Good Vibes Tee}

Another fun sweatshirt I ordered that still hasn’t come yet!  Sub_Urban Riot is one of my favorite brands.  LOVE the way their tees and sweatshirts fit.  I also ordered this Good Vibes tee that’s backordered and am patiently waiting for it to come.  I love this brand for my girls too!

{Good Morning Sunshine Tee}

I got my girls two Sub_Urban tees  from the sale and they love the way they fit too!  El is at a dance camp this week so Ad has been running around in them.  Good Morning Sunshine. :)

{Going Out Shirt}

And how can you not love a Going Out Shirt?  Especially one that’s casual enough for dinner with the family right after swimming with the family. :)

So that’s a wrap on the clothes I loved from the sale!  A couple of other fun things I picked up..

{Kate Spade Zipper Pouch}

As if I could pass up this cute little striped Kate Spade zipper pouch that’s on sale.. especially when it comes with mini school supplies!  Be still my heart. :)  I’m planning on using this to hold things in my purse.  Maybe receipts I want to keep, or extra cards, or my lipstick.

{Bliss Plush Throws}

And last but certainly not least.. a favorite find from the sale this year for my home decor lovers out there!  Ahhh!  So crazy about these throws!  I saw them on-line and thought they looked nice and ordered one.  When it came it SO exceeded my expectations!  They are crazy soft, the perfect length, thick and warm enough but not too heavy, and darling with those tassels.  But the best part?  They are on sale for just $25!

So I picked up 4 more for Christmas gifts!  Crazy but smart right!?  I know it’s early but I love getting my Christmas shopping done before the holiday madness hits and these throws will make a PERFECT gift.  Throws are great for people you want to get something nice for, but maybe don’t know as well personally to know exactly what they would want.  Neighbors, friends, teachers..  everyone loves and can use a comfy throw!  And these throws are heavenly.  Clearly I’m a fan of tassels. :)

I styled  a couple of them in my house.  Love the navy in my living room!

And I have a crush on this soft pink throw in my family room!  Light and bright for summer.

It has inspired pink flowers all over my house. :)  Now the only problem is that I want to keep more than one! We’ll see if they actually get used for Christmas gifts or just rotated around here. Ha..

I can think of worse things.

Just don’t tell Kenny.


Linking to everything in this post and all of my favorites from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale below!  Remember that it all turns into a pumpkin and goes full price this Sunday night.  What a sale.  All set for Fall and beyond!

xoxo, Erin
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22 thoughts on “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Final Favorites!

  1. So many adorable things! My head is going to explode. Love those tassle earrings and all the boots/booties. Those throws look amazing…makes me think of winter, curled up by the fire with hot cocoa and a good book. xxoo

    1. Right Pam!? I am so excited for cooler weather and a cozy throw! These new things make me want Fall to be here STAT. The sale was just too good this year wasn’t it!? Thanks cutie! Wishing I had time to read today now.. :) xo

  2. Fun, fun, fun, Erin. Giggled at Kenny volunteering to take your returns for you. Can totally see it given what you’ve shared of him over the years. You sure know what looks good on you. That plaid dress looks lovely…glad it’s not itchy. I’m with you on boots. I personally cannot wear them, never have been able to because of my calves. Loved the pics of your daughter. She’s such a cutie. And yay (and grrr) on starting your holiday shopping early. Those do look like comfy throws. Great job on sharing about the sale. Good luck on your other projects. :) Looking forward to seeing more about them. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks cutie! Jeanne you might want to give the over the knee boots a try! I never thought I could wear them because of my calves either but they are a really nice, stretchy fit and they totally elongate your legs! Bonus for shorties. ;) And I know.. holiday shopping. Way too early to think about, but I couldn’t pass up those throws for just $25! They were calling my name and what’s a girl going to do when that happens? ;) Hope you’re summer is going ok! We are having fun but the humidity lately is zapping my energy! xo

  3. Okay, because of you, I broke down and signed up for a Nordstrom’s card. After reading this post, it looks like I have to go shopping again. It might be a good thing that there isn’t a store anywhere near me in NE Wisconsin : ).

    1. Oh no Lisa! I’m so sorry and excited for you all at the same time! Ha ha.. :) I was talking to a friend the other day who likes my fashion posts and she was so bummed she couldn’t shop the sale early. I was like.. ok.. I know it’s not good to collect credit cards, but if there is ONE card you need to have it’s the Nordstrom card. ;) And yes! It’s dangerous to have a Nordstrom as close as I do! Although I do most of my damage on-line too. Hope I don’t get you into too much trouble. The sale was just so good this year! xo

    1. So funny you asked this because this sale always inspires a major closet clean out.. ha! I usually do a purge after the sale when I’m putting my new clothes away. I don’t let myself buy new hangers so I can keep things under control so when a lot of new comes in I have to move older things out. :) I’ll definitely take pics when it’s all organized. Hoping to share my closet sometime in the Fall. :)

  4. What color are the Kate Spade earrings you have pictured in this post? I love the look of them in your photo, but can’t really tell which color you have on the Nordstrom website.

  5. Hi! It looks like the navy throw is gone, but is the soft pink one you pictured called “pink peony” online? Your picture makes it look lovely and the one on the Nordstrom site looks …..different!! Just wanted to verify I was getting the correct color. Thank you, teacher holiday gifts, done!

    1. Hi Kim! I noticed that too! Yes! Mine is Pink Peony. It looks so much better in person! It’s a nice soft pink. And I know right!? LOVE these for teacher gifts! I’m seriously thinking about ordering a few more.. :) xo

  6. I’m loving the Kate Spade stud earrings! I’m a shorty too so I have the same problems wearing booties with dresses or skirts but I still wear them. They are so comfortable compared to heel pumps so I gladly allow my legs to look short and stubby if I will be comfortable all day. Ha!

  7. Hi Erin! Were those the berry or clear kate spade earrings? Yours almost look like a pale pink in the picture, and it’s hard to tell which is which :) THanks and as always, love your posts!! XOXO

    1. Hi Stacy! I think they were the berry or rose gold or something! They definitely have some pink in them. Thank you so much for your sweet words about my posts! You made my day. :) xo

  8. It never occurred to me that over the knee boots would fit differently on someone shorter but now that you mention it, it makes complete sense. However, the ones that you bought look great on you! and I absolutely love the military inspired bomber jacket.

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