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Favorite Fall Accessories!

{Fringe necklace (similar), Treasure Pendent Necklace Set, Arrowstack Necklace, Madewell Earrings}

Mid week!  We’re making it and on the down hill slope.  I hope you’re all doing well today. :)  I’m sharing a recent obsession I’ve been having lately!  Not with cute notepads, planners and to-do lists.. although my obsession with all things stationary certainly isn’t ending.

{Similar Fringe Necklace/Vince Camuto Blouse/AG Jeans/Gray Booties (on sale!)}

I’ve been in love with Madewell accessories for a while now and wanted to share a few of my favorite jewelry pieces that I’m wearing over and over.  They always have the cutest necklaces!  The pink fringe necklace above recently sold out but this necklace is similar and so cute.  Rose gold and pink are so in right now and while it’s a color that doesn’t look great on me, I love that I can still accessorize with it!

I’ve had these Madewell earrings for a while now and they are nice quality and go with everything so I’ve been looking at other pairs to order.  My favorites are these halfmoon fringe earrings and the Stembend Ear Jackets (another beautiful go to pair that would work with anything).  And how fun are these Friday Stud Earrings!?  They are making me wish it was Friday right now.  Those would be happy earrings to wear at the end of each week. :)

{Slim Bell Sleeve Tee/Treasure Pendant Necklace Set/AG Jeans/Booties}

Can’t say enough about this Treasure Pendant Necklace!  When I ordered it I thought it would be one necklace, but I was so excited when it came and I saw that it’s actually three separate necklaces.

Each of them has several places to latch in the back so they can be a variety of lengths (you can see that in the first pic of this post) and they are NICE quality.  So beautiful and I love the various styles of the chains and gold.

I’ve been wearing them all together, different combinations of two and on their own!  I love that I got so many new looks out of one necklace!  This is the longest and the shortest together.

{Corset Seam Tee/Treasure Pendant Necklace}

And just the middle on its own.  So cute, right!?  I love the shortest necklace on its own too!

This Friday, Saturday, Sunday necklace is also adorable.  Wear them together or one on each day of the weekend!  I have this in mind for a Christmas gift for someone. :)

{Scalloped Hem Sweater (just re-stocked!)/Arrowstack Necklace/Black Skinny Jeans/Black over the knee boots}

Then there’s my Arrowstack necklace that I first shared in this fashion post.  Definitely a favorite.  I was surprised at how heavy this necklace was when I got it!  Nice quality.  (Btw – this scalloped sweater was just re-stocked in all sizes!  So cute!)

{J Crew Every day Chambray Shirt/Black Skinny Jeans/Black Boots/Arrowstack Necklace/Medium Leather Tote}

I’ve worn it with so many different outfits!  Just adds a little something to basics. :)  This Medium Leather Transport Tote is another Madewell favorite.  I’m always a sucker for a simple, good quality leather bag!  This tote is such a perfect size for every day.  Plenty of room, but not too big to use for a purse.  I got it in “English Saddle” but it also comes in a tinted blush, maroon and black.

{Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan/AG Jeans/Madewell Leather Tote/Similar Fringe Necklace/Booties}

I love this bag with a good cardigan!  I’ve been so excited to wear my cozy circle cardigan so I tried to wear it last week but by 11:00 in the morning I was sweating!  Had to take it off and just wear the white tee.  {Sigh}..  Fall – San Diego is ready for you to show up!

{Raven Choker Top/Madewell Leather Tote/AG Jeans/Booties}

This is another recent favorite blouse that I LOVE this leather bag with!  It just goes so well with everything.  Perfect Fall staple.  Madewell has a lot of great Fall bags.

This Madewell Canvas Tote is another bag I recently ordered.  So fun and casual and a great price!  This color is backordered so I am waiting patiently. :)

Huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  And for carrying so many fun clothes for Fall!  And especially for carrying Madewell accessories!  Love them.  :)

And while we’re talking fun Fall accessories.. at this very moment my countertop is full of mini white pumpkins from my grocery store.  The groceries can wait!  #timetodecorate #priorities  Ha. :)

My husband is also currently modeling the latest and greatest must have Fall accessory.  {Sigh}  Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that he broke his ankle!  A friend accidently dropped something very heavy on it and he ended up having to get surgery.  On our 20th wedding anniversary!!  {Sigh.. yet again}  Needless to say we are celebrating at a later date. :)  I have had my nurse hat on and last week was crazy to say the least taking care of him and the kids.  But he is doing great now.  Up and around on his crutches and he has a little scooter for the house.  That my kids are zipping up and down our hallways on. ;)  Thank goodness it was his left foot so he can still drive!  And thank goodness he is a total trooper and the best patient I could ask for.  He was laughing at something I said right before I took this picture so he’s looking extra cheery about his situation.  Ha!  I assure you that it hasn’t been all roses.

I’m just that funny. ;)

{All post sources are below!}

xoxo, Erin
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18 thoughts on “Favorite Fall Accessories!

  1. I am loving the new simple, layered necklace trend!! Just my style! I am picking up that weekend layer necklace for my daughter for Christmas!! She will love it! Thanks!

    1. Aren’t they fun Susan! I’m loving that look too! So cute. And now I’m wondering if El would want that weekend layer necklace too! Such a cute gift idea.. I bet your daughter loves it. :) Hope you’re having a good day so far! xo

  2. Thanks for sharing all the fun fashion accessories< Erin! You've got a wonderful sense of style. How fun that the one item comes with three necklaces. I used to wear a lot more jewelry than I do now. I have definitely gotten out of the habit, plus my body reacts not so nicely ever since I had kids. Not sure why. So I admire on others. :) As I was reading, I got to thinking, I wonder how her husband was doing and as if by magic, there he was! Relieved to hear he is up and about and doing okay. I hope he'll have a full recovery. Such a bummer he got hurt and then had to have surgery on your anniversary. That situation is so UN-lit! Best of luck to you both as he recovers. Thanks again for sharing and hope you have a happy day. :) Hugs!

    1. That is so strange Jeanne but I’ve heard of that before! I had a friend who broke out when she tried to wear jewelry. Not fun! You made me laugh about Kenny! Ha ha.. he is doing well. UN-LIT situation for sure! But we are working with it. ;) Enjoy your day cutie! Hugs right back. :) xo

    1. Thank you so much Bethany! I know.. that Chevron necklace has been on major repeat for me! Goes with everything. I’m happy you like it too! xo :)

  3. Love, love, love those necklaces! I adore the delicate layering ones. So many combos and so cute. That bag is so cute too.

    Can’t wait to see what you do with all those white pumpkins. So excited for fall! Nice to see Kenny in good spirits, but then again he has the best nurse! xxoo

    1. Well I don’t know that I’m the best nurse.. he was giving me a hard time for babying him too much.. ha! But we are getting by. He is definitely getting the hang of crutches and back in his normal routine which is nice. Thanks so much cutie! Happy you like the necklaces too! :) xo

  4. Erin, I’ve recently found Madewell and can’t get enough of their jewelry!! I have a few pair of earrings and a necklace I just got during the anniversary sale that I’m obsessed with!! Thanks for sharing more of their goodies though…I’ll have to check out all of your links! Love this post!!! xoxo

    1. Hi cute Bree! So fun to hear from you today! :) Isn’t Madewell the best!? I can’t get enough of their jewelry lately! I’m so happy you like it too because you have amazing taste! Can’t wait to see you soon!! xo

  5. You are so adorable! I just love your blog. These necklaces are so cute, and Madewell is such a great brand. Their v-neck tees are the best! Hope your husband recuperates quickly and the kiddos are having a great start to their school year!

    1. You are such a sweetheart Lindsay! Thank you! :) K – I haven’t tried Madewell v-neck tees! I’m going to be looking for those! I’m obsessed with their accessories lately. CUTE stuff. And thanks for your sweet words about Kenny and the kids! We are definitely back in a good routine and it feels so good. Enjoy your day! xo

  6. Love that circle cardigan! I don’t have Nordstrom near me, so I haven’t been able to see it in person, but I’ve definitely considered ordering it. Anything cozy that counts as fashion is a win in my book!

    What is the texture like on it? Is it fuzzy like one of those fuzzy socks, or is it more like a combed cotton? I can’t tell based on pictures

    1. Janet that cardigan is seriously amazing!! The texture is SO soft. It has silky smoothness to it! Not rough fuzzy at all. It’s honestly the most comfortable thing I own! You will love it! Read the reviews on the Nordstrom website. It’s SO popular! Feels like you’re walking around in a comfy robe all day. Just without the house shoes. ;) xo

  7. Love all of your jewelry pics….tend to wear more jewelry in the Fall/Winter, because anything metal gets way to hot in this AZ heat! Cannot wait until it cools down a bit!

    Awww, your hubby does look like he’s being such a good trooper! I broke my ankle many years ago, when we were living in a tri-level home….I was an accident waiting to happen trying to use crutches on the stairs. I finally had to resort to the “crawl up & fanny bump down” like I had taught my children to do when they were too little to maneuver stairs. Not a pretty sight, believe me. Anyway, I hope your hubby heals quickly.

    Warm hugs,

    1. I’m with you Carol! We are ready for the heat to pass here too.. I can only imagine how you are feeling in AZ! So fun when it cools off and we can wear all the cute fall things. :) I am laughing at your stair story! Ha ha.. I am definitely making Kenny stay away from the stairs! Happy you survived that crazy situation! :) xo

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