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Office Christmas Decor with Container Store Gift Wrap (and a giveaway!)

**Giveaway at the end of the post is now closed.  

Friends!  Today’s post is making me slightly giddy. :)  I’ve partnered with The Container Store to share some fun ways I’m using their gift wrap in my home this holidays season!  Yes.. you heard that right.  I’m partnering with The Container Store!  Ahhhh!  (Angels are singing in the background in case you didn’t catch that..)  You all know how I feel about The Container Store (my home away from home!) so this is definitely a pinch me moment for me and my little blog.  That isn’t so little anymore but still feels that way to me. :)  You know their saying “Contain Yourself!”  That’s how I always feel when I walk in their store!  I try to contain my excitement and honestly can’t!  That place is too much fun.  I’ve been buying their gift wrap for years so I’m thrilled to share their new Christmas collections with you all today!  They are darling!

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Snowflake Christmas TreeDo you remember my cute little mudroom tree that was new last year?  I was so excited to decorate it again this year!  This mudroom leads to our garage and car so we are in and out of this room 20 times a day.  This little tree makes us all so happy when we are rushing around it. :)  (And no.. we don’t use the dutch door much this time of year (two doors in this room!) so it works to have the tree in the corner.)
Container Store Gift Wrap Supplies

I LOVE red, black, tan and white colors for Christmas so I used paper and ribbon from their Signature Collection and their Alpine Collection.  I love the way they tie in so well with my tree decorations!  Now friends.. I am NOT a skilled gift wrapper.  (Ask my sister who is so good at gift wrapping.. she teases me about my gifts every year!)  I can’t tie big pretty bows and I don’t like to spend a lot of time decorating gifts that will ultimately be torn apart.  That’s why I love these collections so much!  Everything color coordinates and looks so cute together.  Even if you’re not a fancy gift wrapper it looks like you are!  They make it look like you spent a lot of time putting together the perfect gift when really it was done for you.  I’ll take it. :)

Container Store Gift Wrap

One things I’ve always loved are The Container Store’s gift tie-ons.  Such a fun and easy way to dress up a gift and then they can be used as Christmas tree ornaments so it’s like a little mini gift on top of your gift. :)

Container Store Gift Wrap

I always use their chalk labels too!

Christmas Gift Wrap

Christmas Office Decor

This year The Container Store gift wrap was so cute that I decided to use some to decorate my office for the holidays too!  I’m so excited to show you.. come in come in! :)

Christmas Office Decor

Aren’t things looking all sorts of festive in here!?  Ellie walked in a few days ago (she didn’t know I had decorated the office that morning) and suddenly yelled to me in the kitchen “Mom!  I love this room!  It’s making me so happy and excited!”

Mission accomplished. :)

Chalkboard Office Decor

I put some Christmas books in our baskets on the wall so that I can easily snag one to sit down and read with Kole after school.  Even my girls still love hearing their favorite childhood Christmas stories!

Christmas Office Decor

Then I used some cute gift tags from the same gift wrap collections I mentioned earlier to make this fun display on our chalkboard!  You could make something similar for a fun advent calendar to count down the days before Christmas.

Christmas Tag Advent Calendar

I’m thinking we’ll use it to write down all of the fun activities we want to do during December (make our annual pretzel hugs, visit Christmas card lane, deliver an anonymous gift to a neighbor, etc.)  and then we can pull off a tag once we’ve done that activity and try to fit everything in!

Office Christmas DecorAt the top of my chalkboard I added a cute wreath and these ice skate tie-ons.  Love them!

Office Dutch Door

Office Christmas Decor with Container Store Gift Wrap

More fun Christmas decor on my shelf.  :)

Office Christmas Decor

I love this fun red polka dot gift wrap so I used it to cover my mini chalkboard and add a fun pop of red.

Decorated Office with Container Store Gift Wrap

My sweet baby snowman pops up all over my house every holiday season as most of you know. :)  I so wish I could just have one or two days with Kole that small again!  I would hold him and smell him all day long.  Moms with babies.. I know you are in the thick of it and most likely so exhausted all the time like I always was when my three were little.. but try to see past it and know how quick of a stage it really is!  Hold them and love them and smell them and enjoy them as much as you possibly can every single day!  — K- where did that rant come from!?  Sorry.. baby pictures of my kids do that to me.  Ha!  Back to my office decor after a minor detour. ;)  

Decorating with Wrapping Paper

Office Christmas Decor

Holiday Office Decor

Wrapping paper is such an easy, inexpensive way to decorate!  I love the color pops and whimsy the cute Santa and Dinosaur gift wrap bring into my office.  They are especially fun for a kids’ space.  Try switching out pictures in clip boards and frames on your wall with wrapping paper for a fun holiday look that’s easy to switch back when Christmas is over!

Christmas Office Decor

Built in office cupboards

Moving on to the other side of the room!  I should have warned you about the picture overload at the beginning of this post but I figure you all just know that will be the case with my posts by now. ;)

Christmas office decor

Merry Christmas wooden blocks over my computer and El added the Santa screen saver. :)

Container Store gift wrap

And more gifts!  This room turns into our gift wrapping station during the holidays so you can always find lots of gifts and tape and scissors and wrapping paper in here!  It’s usually not this tidy. ;)

Container Store Gift Wrap

I used more gift wrap from the Signature and Alpine collections to wrap these presents in my office.  So cute!

Container Store Wrapping Paper

Isn’t this paper fun!?  And I know Kole will play with this cute little dinosaur tie-on more than he’ll play with what I have wrapped inside the box!  I’m keeping the owl for our tree. :)

Displaying kids Christmas artwork

I used the space on this wall by the door to hang up past Christmas pictures my kids have drawn.  Their artwork makes me so happy!  Best decor around. :)  I always get asked how I hang things to my walls like this and my secret is painter’s tape!  I use blue painter’s tape to stick so many things to my walls!  It peels right off and doesn’t leave a mark or hurt your paint.

Container Store Christmas office decor

So that’s it!  A little Christmas in my office.  I hope you enjoyed the tour. :)  You can find office sources in this post.

Gift Wrapping Station

You can also check out this older post to see how I organize my gift wrap with baskets and tags from The Container Store!  This little station makes wrapping gifts a breeze.

Container Store gift wrap

Huge thank you to The Container Store for sponsoring this post!  And for coming up with such darling gift wrap that makes wrapping holiday presents so much easier!  And a lot more fun.

NOW!  I have some fun news for all of you!  The Container Store has given me a gift card to give to one of my readers for $150!  YEA!!!  My mind is racing with all the fun you can have with $150 in The Container Store this holiday season!  To enter make sure you are subscribed to my blog (subscribe at the bottom of this post if you haven’t already) and then leave your name and a comment on this post telling me one thing you are excited for this holiday season!  Good luck sweet friends!  

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Christmas Gift List, Gifts for the Kids, and Christmas Gift/Wish List!

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393 thoughts on “Office Christmas Decor with Container Store Gift Wrap (and a giveaway!)

  1. Hmm I think I’m most excited about seeing Christmas lights up — they always give my house that special glow and make me smile when I see them on trees in shopping centers!

    1. Looking forward to time with family and time to relax and slow things down a bit in life. Would be nice to have some snow, too!

  2. This Christmas season I’m excited to really try and enjoy the season! I’m hoping to be organized enough to truly sliwcfiwn and savor time with family and friends :)

  3. I am excited to have Christmas week off this year. It will be nice to spend that extra time with my 7 year old daughter.

  4. Such a beautiful space Erin! I’m excited to spend the holidays at our home this year! A rare treat! Hoping for a relaxing holiday.

  5. Hi Erin, Love, Love, Love, your decor! The one thing that excites me this holiday season is to be able to decorate our new farm house! And then to spend time with my family and friends in beautiful surroundings,

  6. Besides just taking in time with the family, I’m kinda looking forward to not having to make school lunches for a few weeks – lol!

  7. Erin, your office looks so good. There are so many things that excite me around the holidays. Decorating and the kids.. going to see lights in our pj’s. But that Hallmark Ch. it does me in every year. I know your right there with me. Enjoy these weeks coming up. Xo

  8. I am so excited to cozy up with my kids in front of the fire (with some hot cocoa of course!) and Christmas music! :)

  9. I’m excited about all of the twinkly lights. It just makes every room more cozy and inviting.
    I love your office Erin, you decorate so lovely!

  10. Oh how fun!! There is something so special about wrapping gifts with a movie playing , lights twinkling and fire place on!

  11. I am most excited this year to experience the season through the eyes of our three year old. She really gets “it” this year and everything we see Christmasy she loves and gets so excited about. Ornaments,trees, Santa’s we’ve seen, she would have it all in our house if I’d buy it.

  12. For the holidays, I am excited to move into our newly built house in 2 weeks and use your decorative inspiration!! And of course, a trip to the Container Store is a must, whether I win or not! :)

  13. This will be our last Christmas in this house since we are building our new home. So excited to enjoy this last holiday here & reminisce about Christmases past here. We won’t be doing too many decorations this year, so I don’t have to unpack and repack everything along with all the other packing!!

  14. I love your office & holiday decor! I can’t wait to decorate this weekend. The thing I’m most excited about this holiday season is baking cookies, ice skating and visiting Santa with my soon. Our years of Santa are numbered as he gets older, so I have to soak up every last experience this year!

  15. So darling! Can’t wait to wrap presents! I love it so much that I ask my friends if I can wrap their’s too. I have friends who despise wrapping presents and I love it and I’m pretty good at it and it’s my favorite thing . Always great to make someone’s life easier and do something you love at the same time.

  16. That turned out so cute! Such a beautiful office space 💕. I love all the family traditions the best at Christmas! My kids always remind me of them and they make Christmas so special❤️🎄

  17. My favorite thing about the holiday season is that my excitement has definitely rubbed off on my daughters :) they are 1 and 4 and their eyes beam
    At every holiday decoration,sparkle, and twinkle light! Yeah!! :)

  18. Erin, I just love all of your gift wrap selections…love the black, white and red! Thank you for sharing and for showing us some other fun ways to use gift wrap other than just on gifts:)…you’re so creative!! Great post!!!

  19. Erin, I, too, love the Container Store. I now take a list so I don’t go on sensory overload. Their Christmas section is fabulous! There’s no guesswork in trying to find all that goes together.
    Love all your organization ideas!

  20. I can’t wait to spend time with my family this holiday season to celebrate the birth of Christ and to bring in the new year with my loved ones by my side.

  21. Great post and such a cute room. My family is looking forward to going to the North Pole experience in northern AZ for the first time. Seeing Santa in his “hometown “ is a great way to start the season.

  22. I am so excited to see my 2.5 year old this year! I think he will really get into things this year, and it will be so fun to watch!!!

  23. I looking forward to spending time with family and just Christmas Day, everyone is so happy and jolly! Plus my mom cooks one delicious meal for the family, can’t wait!!

  24. I am excited to watch my kids open presents on Christmas morning. It is the highlight of Christmas for me to see their joy and excitement. I pick out a different wrapping paper for each child that matches their personality or hobbies/interests. It is a fun tradition for me!

  25. I’m soooo excited for so many things: excited to watch my two year old enjoy everything, excited for experience our last Christmas as a family of 3, excited to see all our family, excited to give the gifts I’ve been carefully planning, and excited to celebrate the birth of Jesus. So much to love about this season!

  26. Great post, Erin!!! Loved the pops of red in your office! It looks great! I’m looking forward to seeing all the decked up Christmas trees in all the stores! I enjoy that every holiday season:)

  27. My youngest son is almost two this year, making these holidays extra special. He is going to be so into all the decorations and fun tradition. I’ll bet $10
    hes not going to be to into Santa yet though. That beard can be intimidating ☺️😉:

  28. I can’t wait to watch Christmas movies with the glow of the Christmas tree lights in the room! It’s my favorite time of year!! Also can’t wait to decorate but I’m holding out until after thanksgiving haha!!

  29. Love your holiday decor! So beautifully simple and festive. I am thrilled this holiday season to have our first ride on the Polar Express! 🎅🏼🎄

  30. I’m most excited about seeing my girls’ sweet faces bursting with excitement when they wake up on Christmas morning!!

  31. I Love The Container Store!!! They don’t have one in the city where I live, so I only get to visit it if I travel. I will never forget the first time I walked into The Container Store. I felt like I had come home !

  32. I am excited to spend family time together. The kids are off school and my husband has time off work. Spending time with my family always makes me happy!

  33. I’m looking forward to spending time with my husband and kids as we celebrate our favorite traditions!

  34. I know The Container Store is your happy place so I know you were stoked for this post! It’s my happy place too and I loove their gift wrapping items. Aside from having the tree up, wrapping gifts is actually one of my favorite parts of the holidays. As long as it’s not all on Christmas Eve! lol But I enjoy using nice hefty paper that coordinates and creating big bows out of wired ribbon. I’m looking forward to it :-) So this was right up my ally! – Aria

  35. Absolutely love your office! I am so excited for my whole family to be together this Christmas and bake Christmas cookies:) love making memories!

  36. Your office looks so lovely! I am looking forward to baking and having my college girls home for Christmas!! 🎄🎄🎄

  37. I’m excited for Christmas candles, time with family, and all the twinkle lights! LOVE your blog and so excited for all your Christmas decor posts!

  38. Staying up late and watching Hallmark movies while wrapping gifts is one of my favorite things about the holidays! This year I’m excited to have a cozy Christmas at home with my family!! -Cassie

  39. Oh I am so excited for Christmas!! I love this time of year. All the family tradition, yummy food, Christmas Lights, and family. But my most favorite is shopping for everyone and seeing their face when they open their gifts.

  40. I’m excited to have some relaxing time off to spend with friends and family! I’m also excited to see how you decorate the rest of your gorgeous home!! ;)

  41. Just when I thought I couldn’t love The Container Store more…
    I am beyond excited this holiday season to create new memories shared with my husband and five-year-old daughter in our new home in a brand new city.

  42. Anxious to have family gathered together. Sweet cookie making traditions and hopefully some long walks while enjoying Michigan snow.

  43. Love your style! I’m excited for all the pretty things, spending time with friends and family, my 3 year old’s excitement, and celebrating the real meaning of Christmas. ❤️

  44. I always enjoy putting Santa stockings together. I sneak them and pre fill them numerous times throughout the season to see how everything is fitting and looking! My kids are the prefect age for believing in the magic of Santa so I will embrace it while I can!

  45. I am excited to snuggle with my little kids as we watch a Christmas movie.
    I love that you have kept your kids’ artwork from years past. That is such a great idea!

  46. It’s my son’s first Christmas this year. I’m so excited! And I’m also excited for my other two children to spend it with their baby brother. Baby’s first Christmas!

  47. I enjoy the giving aspect of Christmas most and am trying to get my 5yr old excited about picking gifts for toy drives, the giving tree at church, donating to St Judes, etc and helping those less fortunate.

  48. I’m most excited about watching my kids get excited about the season. They’re at such a fun age! And twinkle lights, can’t forget those!

  49. One thing I have always done and look forward to is pulling out all the Christmas books we have collected over the years, including ones from my childhood and my husband’s. Our girls are grown now and we have a grandson who now looks forward to looking at books Mimi and Papa and his mommy and auntie used to read. I also spied “Christmas Mouse” book— I have that book also from my childhood!

    Sorry for the long post…. I loved how you decorated both rooms!,

  50. My husband and I and our two boys spent last Christmas travelling through the US and Canada. As much as we loved our White Christmas, we really missed our family on Christmas Day. This year we’re all looking forward to being back in Australia and catching up with beloved friends and family and spending Christmas Day at the beach!

  51. I LOVE all of your decorations! Those tie-ons are my fave! 💖 Also, your ideas for the chalkboard is great! What I look forward to the most this holiday season/Christmas is cuddling up on the couch with my husband and our three daughters & begin the tradition that I loved as a child…. which was watching marathons of holiday movies (classics & new ones), while eating popcorn out of those 3-compartment tin buckets decorated with Christmas images & sipping on hot chocolate. My girls are ages 4, 2, and 11 months. I think it’s a great time to start. Xoxo! 🎄🎁🍿☕️📽

  52. Love your office, it is so amazing. I’m most excited for Christmas Eve. I’m making nativity costumes and surprising my family with them on Christmas Eve. I know the boys will be so glad not to have to wear a cheetah robe and towel on their head. Merry Christmas.

  53. So many inspirational ideas! This year I’m most excited about experiencing our Christmas traditions through my children’s eyes. I have a 3 year and an 18 month old so Christmas is so fun and exciting for them!

  54. I am most excited to see my kids so excited! I have some little things I’d like to do with them throughout the month, and I can’t wait to watch them have fun!

  55. I came acrossed your blog a few days ago and haven’t been able to stop reading it! I’m most looking forward to spending this Christmas season with my family enjoying our Christmas traditions.

  56. Oh my gosh, right when I saw this post on Instagram I knew I had to come check it out because one of the things I look forward to most is gift wrapping!!! I am a wrapping paper hoarder and my husband just laughs and rolls his eyes when I come home with more around Christmastime. I love all of it, the paper, the ribbon, the accessories and tags…’s a problem.

  57. I’m looking forward to more intentional time spent with family and friends! We always seem to make more time to spend with those we live around the holidays than the rest of the year.

  58. I’m excited to start decorating early for Christmas and enjoy it as much as I can in our home. Especially because I’m most excited we’ll be spending our Christmas with a big family reunion in Orlando! I can’t wait to see dear family and check out all the magical decorations at all the parks! Have a happy holiday season!

  59. Im most excited about spreding holiday joy to people around me by helping out in my community and spending good quality time with family and friends.

  60. So inspiring to see your decor, Erin! I am excited to have three toddler grandchildren from around the country here for Christmas!

  61. I am building a house that will be done in a few short weeks. I can’t wait to put up my Christmas decor and hang stockings on the mantle (the first time we’ve had one)! What a fun giveaway!

  62. I love what you have done so far for your Christmas decor! I love your tree design. The most important thing to me is really taking the time to slow down and cherish these sweet moments with my kiddos as we make fun memories together.

  63. Erin! SO excited for you!!! How fun and awesome for you to get a sponsor from the Container Store!! I always swoon over pics of your office and it looks so perfect decked for Christmas!!! Love all your touches and love the kids’ artwork!
    I’m so excited to get my tree up this year!!

  64. So excited to see more posts leading up to Christmas! I can’t wait to spend time with family, pick our tree, decorate, bake and deliver our favorite Christmas cookies, and go skiing! ❤️💚🎄🍪⛷

  65. Last year we all had the flu, so I’m really excited to be healthy this year (fingers crossed). I’m also super excited that Christmas Eve is on Sunday so we can set the mood on focus on the the Savior.

  66. Most excited is wrapping all the Christmas books we have for the kids and starting our countdown to Christmas by opening one every day. :)

  67. I’m looking forward to watching the *magic* of Christmas unfold in my 4 year old and 2 year olds eyes. Love this time of year so so much!

  68. This Christmas Season- I am excited that we are heading to Whistler with our family and that the kids will create fun memories with their cousins :-)

  69. First of all ,thanks for your wonderful nlog,it inspires me.I must say I am looking forward to spending time with my family,I have 3 grandchildren and I must say they brought Christmas alive in our hearts again.

  70. Excited to spend Christmas morning with our grandson. He’s 2 this year so it will be wonderful to see how he reacts to the morning surprises!

  71. What a fun post, Erin! Loved seeing all the ways you’ve used the gift wrap and accessories. There are some wonderful prints available. I think your wrapping looks terrific. It’s a lot like mine. LOL I’m not a fancy wrapperer either. You’ve got some great ideas, like using the wrap on the clip boards and the advent with the tags. Smart and clever! That Santa screensaver is lovely. I really like the traditions that go along with Christmas. It gives a sense of connectedness to the past and evokes feelings of warmth and love.
    Thank so much for sharing, Erin. I know this was a match made in organizing heaven for you! ;)

  72. I love so much about Christmas, but especially look forward to setting up our Christmas train set with my kiddos:)

  73. Love everything you do! Such a beautiful space. I have two little kids, but it’s the first year that they really understand what Christmas is. We created a “holiday bucket list” and plan to do something fun each day leading up to Christmas. So I’m looking forward to sharing the joys of the holiday with my kids and my sweet husband.

  74. I am excited to have time where there is no school for my kids, no work for my husband and we can just all be together. The Container Store is my happy place too!

  75. I am excited about how much fun the lids have during the holidays. Every decoration, craft, family event and little light makes them all so happy! I love the joy.

  76. I’m excited for family time around the fire place, cozy PJ time around the tree, and going to Christmas eve church with our family.

  77. I am so excited to start decorating. I try to wait until after Thanksgiving but some little pieces have been sneaking out of the bins :)

  78. I look forward to spending more time with family, decorating and I especially love wrapping gifts!! Christmas is such a magical time 🎄

  79. Such a beautiful space! I’m looking forward spending the holidays with my family …and seeing all of the holiday lights everywhere!

  80. Oh! This is all so Cute! What a great job you did! I am most excited for Christmas lights at the zoo with my kids this year. It is such a fun tradition we have. Also, making cookies! Always cookies! 😂😉

  81. Love how the little touches make such a huge impact on your design! I’m most looking forward to the smell of a Christmas tree and the bright lights!

  82. Hmmmm, what am i looking forward to this Christmas: family, friends, baking, cooking, relaxing with hot coco, reading, Christmas songs, snow, cool weather, egg nog, Christmas lights and decorations, wrapping presents, sharing presents, believing, holiday festivities, wonderful holiday scents in the house, fresh pine, Christmas mass……all good things!

  83. I’m looking forward to my college freshman coming home for Christmas and enjoying some family time, making cookies together and seeing friends and family.

  84. Oh I am also obsessed with the Container Store! I couldn’t possibly choose one thing about Christmas I’m looking forward to. It’s just that cozy feeling spending time with family and friends.

  85. We moved recently but we’ll get to see some old friends from our old city this holiday season. I’m really looking forward to that!

  86. I look forward to the cooler weather (we live in the South…), the house clean and decorated and midnight Mass with the family!

  87. I am most excited about decorating every corner of the house this year. I am totally inspired today after seeing your blog post about your office xmas decor. I especially love creating little vignettes all over the house!

  88. I’m so excited for Christmas this year because we just moved into our new house. We bought a fixer upper and renovated the whole house so noiw trying to get settled in it. So excited to decorate it for Christmas and see where I’m going to put up my tree & decorations. So thankful to wake up Christmas morning with my hubby and kiddies and be able to make these new memories in our new house! 🎄❄️🎁☺️

  89. What an adorable office space you have…especially with Christmas decor! I love it! Thank you for sharing and for the giveaway. I am most excited to see the holiday magic through my 2-year old’s eyes. We did not go all out on decorating last year since he was a new walker and we were out of town over Christmas, but this year is a different story! And to talk about the true reason for the season, which makes it all that much more joyful. :)

  90. We just bought our very first home and it’s been a long time coming!! So I’m beyond excited to decorate for Christmas this year. Just makes it a little more special for me! There’s no place like HOME ♥️

  91. I just went to The Container Store to stock up on gift wrap! Didn’t buy the dinosaur wrap but I bought the similar penguin one for my niece and nephew’s gifts! I’m usually not in a Christmas mood until after Thanksgiving but it hit early this year! I am most excited for the tradition I started last year…drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream in pj’s while watching Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas movies! Already have my DVR all loaded up ;)

  92. Hi Erin!
    I’m most excited about spending quality time with my family. I love this time of year! What’s not to love though, beautiful decorations, a cozy fire, hot cocoa, family traditions, and my sweet family!

  93. I’m excited for my husband to have a little time off and to be able to see extended family we haven’t seen in several years.

  94. Not only am I excited for my two weeks off at Christmas, I am super excited to watch some Hallmark Holiday movies!!!

  95. I am most excited about the family time. My kiddos are 10, 7 and 7 and we are always go, go, go! But once the holiday decorations are out and the house starts to feel cozier, everyone wants to stay home and just hang out together! LOVE THIS!

  96. Excited to decorate a tree with multi-colored lights! Reminds me of my childhood Christmas and also brings a smile to my college kids faces.

  97. I live in DC but am from Texas so I don’t have any family in the area. This year what I am most excited about is meeting my family on the slopes in Colorado for Christmas!

  98. There are so many things im excited for during the holidays. Im most excited about,being able to snuggle with our girls. No school project deadlines. We love touring our town and looking at Christmas lights or taking a trip to Nashville Opryland hotel. Its so magical looking at all the lights they have. Above all, being healthy. I love to decorate each room of our home with Christmas. All the decor & love we have for each other, makes it feel warm & cozy. Merry Christmas & thank you for such a fabulous giveaway!

  99. I loved your office! What a dream space to wrap gifts in! I am excited to do our families countdown to Christmas! Such a special tradition for us that hopefully will create those amazing childhood memories for my kiddos!

  100. I love your decor!! Everything makes me giddy to get started with my Christmas decorations. We bought a new house a few weeks ago that we painting, carpeting etc so I am eager to finish everything so I can get started on Christmas decor! Thank you for all the inspiration!

  101. I’m most excited about getting my Christmas tree up – love sitting by the Christmas tree and fireplace, drinking hot cocoa!

  102. I am excited to see long distance friends and family, decorate the tree, and watch all my favorite Christmas movies.

  103. Loved this post, I personally love the teal/red combo… so much, I even used it for my wedding :)
    What I most look forward this year is to spend time with family and wrapping up things at work so I can truly enjoy this time of the year. Also I have a 1.5 year old, so really looking forward to him opening presents and getting all excited with the Christmas lights!

  104. I’m most excited for my sons first Christmas! I’ve always loved this time of the year and having a new addition to our family is making it even more magical- love your inspiration of how you include your kids in your decorating and I look forward to doing the same!

  105. I love this post! I didn’t know the Container Store sold so many cute Christmas items. !!! I love decorating with pretty and/or cute paper. One time I even saved a Christmas bag from Panera (someone in the office had brought bagels) and framed it to use as decor year after year. I love your ideas!

    The part of Christmas I ALWAYS look forward to is just spending time with my family and feeling close to them. I love choosing gifts for people and seeing their faces when they open them, and also just spending time and playing some fun games after we’ve all stuffed ourselves with yummy food. :) Christmas is the best!

  106. I’m super excited to put up our stockings this year with our sweet little girl’s name on it! I’m also not excited about putting up a Christmas tree with a very mobile 1 year old, ha! Would love to win so I can wrap with the cutest paper around!

  107. I’m really looking forward to all the baking I do with my girls! It’s a wonderful time spent together and all goodies we get to gift to family, friends, neighbors and strangers!

  108. I am most looking forward to having my family home for Christmas. My oldest child started college this year and we have missed him terribly. While I’m not sure he’s homesick, Mama is definitely ready to have him home! Merry Christmas!

  109. First, I wish I had started reading your blog ages ago. I love it! And I am most excited about family time and hot chocolate lol.

  110. I’m excited because we have several family members coming to stay with us for the week of Christmas. A full house at Christmas is hectic but so fun!

  111. Cute post Erin! Your office looks adorable (as always!) all decked out for Christmas. This holiday season I am most excited to go to the tree farm and cut down our tree together as a family! :)

  112. The time spent with my family during the holidays is so valuable. After losing our son, I understand the importance of “being together” and taking each day, “One day at a time.” Merry Christmas to all!!!

    1. Carla, I’m so sorry to hear about your son. I can’t imagine. Reading your comment brought tears to my eyes. I wish I could give you a huge hug and I’m wishing you the best holiday season with your family. Thank you so much for helping me to slow down today and reflect on what is truly important! XO

  113. I am looking forward to decorating, family time, and cookies! I also second the above comment about not having to pack lunches for a couple of weeks ;-) It’s the little things!

  114. I’m excited to decorate for Christmas this weekend! And I’m working on being really intentional about savoring time with family and friends this holiday season. It’s so easy to fill time instead of invest time in others. Committed to loving on purpose instead of getting lost in to the chaos!

  115. I love all things Christmas. The way the season make me feel, the way everything looks, the extra family time. November 1 – December is the most wonderful time of the year for me! Love love love seeing your decor and getting ideas for adorable additions to my decor this season!!! This color scheme makes me feel ALL the feels!!!! Thank you for starting early and sharing with us all <3

  116. Erin, you always find such cute stuff. Love the office. I really can’t wait to decorate for Christmas BUT I’m trying to wait until after Thanksgiving.
    Thank you for the continued glimpse inside your life.

  117. I have to agree with your daughter- that room makes me so happy!! Absolutely adorable!! And I love EVERYTHING from the Container Store

  118. I think I am most excited to be hosting family for Christmas this year. We just recently moved into a larger home, and we finally have room for the whole family to come and enjoy the holidays with us. We are all really looking forward to it! I am really enjoying your posts and am getting a lot of inspiration for the new space!

  119. I am most excited about spending time at home, with lot’s of friends and family. There is nothing better than being cozy in the house with our tree lit up, dimmed lights, and that warm feeling of being surrounded by loved ones!

  120. I always look forward to having all my grandchildren together for Christmas no matter what day we celebrate; it’s usually after December 25.

  121. I love decorating our home and tree. Love seeing all the ornaments and remembering where or when we got each one.

    Thanks for your fun blog! Your house is beautiful!

  122. What a wonderful giveaway!! I was just eyeing some storage from Container Store for my office. Erin, I love that tree in your mudroom! It is so beautiful and really makes the home welcoming.
    I adore this time of year and always look forward to so much! We always decorate the day after Thanksgiving! Blast the Christmas music and make hot cocoa. I look forward to family dinners with everyone, going to see Christmas lights, waching Christmas movies, baking cookies…shall I go on! I just LOVE the holidays! xxoo

  123. I’m most excited for time spent with family and watching our 3 kids faces when they come downstairs Christmas morning! :)

  124. I am most excited about having the time at home with my kids and Christmas Cookie baking!

    Erin – I would love to see a Christmas decoration storage blog from you after the holidays!!! You have so many great decorations, it must fill lots of storage bins! I would love to see how you put it away and how you keep it organized!

    Thanks, I really enjoy your blog and seeing pictures of your beautiful home!!!

  125. I think I’m most excited for the holidays because I get to spend them with my brother (who lives in NYC and I only see him twice a year) and starting new Christmas traditions with my own little family! Happy holidays!!

  126. I am most excited about this Christmas season because it is our first Christmas as a MARRIED couple! We recently got married on October 1st, so each upcoming holiday is even more special. I can’t wait to be back with our families to reminisce on our wedding and create more unforgettable memories. It may also (fingers crossed) be our last Christmas as a family of two. I hope you have a magical Christmas, Erin! Cheers xoxo

  127. I’m looking forward to the animated light show in my neighborhood. For some reason I missed it last year but this year I hope my friend from Michigan will be here and walk down there with me to enjoy it.

  128. We are excited that our new home is almost ready. We had thought we might be in before Christmas, but it’s looking more toward the new year. What’s excites me most every year is the kids’ reactions to gifts and the food! Thanks Erin

  129. Our family enjoys all things Christmas. There is a local Hand Bell choir that we go listen to each year. We love the music. I love your blog.

  130. Last year my father passed right before Christmas, so this year I am excited to decorate the house and host our family Christmas celebration. I am planning something really fun for everyone and can’t wait!!!

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that about your father Danean. So difficult.. especially right before Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful year celebrating in your home and I know you will all feel his love so much! Sending a huge hug your way! XO

  131. I am so excited to spend time with my family this Christmas! Especially my two boys who will be home from college for the holidays.

  132. I am most excited about going to Texas for a long break! I didn’t get to use most of my vacation this year since it was so busy at work so I’m scrambling to use it up at the end. I can’t wait to get away from the cold of Boston and to see my parents for Christmas.

  133. Erin,

    Love your decorations. The wrapping paper looks awesome the way you displayed. I wouldn’;t have thought to do.

    I love Christmas, the celebration of Jesus’ birth, the Christmas songs, Christmas decorations and lights, time with family and giving.

    Thank you for sharing your creative ideas.

  134. I’m excited this season to start organizing my home the week between christmas and new year’s when i’m off for 10 days!!

  135. HI Erin! I love your office! I never get to that room of my house when I am decorating but after seeing yours I should reconsider!
    I love when everyone is home for Christmas and this year should be one of those. We have a 1 year old grandbaby girl who is so much fun and a new grandbaby boy due 2 weeks before Christmas! Thanks for all your inspiration and excitement for all things family.

  136. Cute post – I can’t wait to pull my Christmas bins out next week (still cleaning up Halloween over here…). I’m ready to listen to A Very She and Him Christmas while baking cookies!

  137. I am excited to deliver gifts and/or mail Christmas cards with personal notes to all my clients. It is the time of year I get to find out who has had babies, changed jobs or has referred me to a friend wanting to buy a house. I’ve downsized some of my family “stuff” as an empty nester and my clients help keep me in the spirit!

  138. Your house is beautiful Erin!
    I look so forward to spending time with family and friends. The holidays have you going in a million directions but truly the memories are made with family and friends. I love that part of the holidays.

  139. Lovely holiday decorations! I am most looking forward to the family being together and relaxing together over games, movies and food.

  140. I’m most excited that I’m almost finished with holiday shopping so this year I can slow down and enjoy the season more!

  141. I will host Christmas for the first time at our home. My sister-in-law always hosted but she died of breast cancer in October so we will start a new tradition. Additionally, our son got engaged so we will have his fiance joining us for Christmas for the first time!

    1. Andrea I’m so sorry to hear about your sister-in-law. Your comment just broke my heart. Wish I could give you a huge hug and I hope this is a wonderful holiday creating new memories in your home. (Such exciting news about your son!) XO

  142. Love the idea of the children’s art work displayed on the wall! The chalkboard is adorable! Love Container Store!

  143. You know how much I love The Container Store!!! This was such a fun post. Those papers are so darling! Wish we were doing our annual Container Store shopping trip and then cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory :( I’m looking forward to family time this Christmas and creating some great memories! Love you sweetie!

  144. Everything about the Christmas season is wonderful and magical. From hanging the first decoration to the piles of wrapping paper on the floor when all the gifts are open! There is not one thing I can say that excites me, it all does from beginning to end! There is really something special about the whole holiday season. 🎄

  145. I absolutely can’t wait for Christmas this year. It will be our first with a grandchild and we plan to spoil that little girl to pieces! I love the container store!

  146. So excited to have the family together, my son got married in May so we added a daughter! Love the smell and music of Christmas!!

  147. I’m excited for all the baking and watching Hallmark movies (predictable, cheesy, and always end happy – my favorite)

  148. My children, 16 and 12 year old boys, come up with the entire outside Christmas light/decoration scheme each year. They plan from the last Christmas all year, investing some of their money in it, and come up with some pretty amazing designs. I know they may tire of this someday, and so I love seeing the sparkle in their eyes as they carry out their plan! Other than that, just hoping to carve out some special family time, relaxing and being together.

  149. I am excited to take my children to see all the Christmas lights! It’s their favorite thing to do during the holiday! :-)

  150. Where is the tray and tin cups from that holds crayons and markers? I am looking for something like that to organize my kids supplies. Thanks! :-)

  151. I adore Christmas but we are finally in our forever home after many moves in the last five years so this Christmas is extra special. My son, who is 5, is also deeply in the spirit of Christmas and there is NOTHING better than watching a child experience the magic of the holiday season!

    Here’s a little Ode to the wonderful store giveaway…
    “Oh Container Store, Oh Container Store, how lovely are your wrappings… Oh Container Store, Oh Container Store, how desperately I need thee. Your aisles so clean and organized in seasons warm and seasons bright. Oh Container Store, oh Container store, how easy you make holidays.”

  152. I like seeing our tree tucked in the corner of the family room. It makes the room look instantly cozy, festive and joyous! Thanks!

  153. CUTE post, Erin!!! I’m most excited to finish my decorating, and then just ENJOY the season. I get my shopping done very early (and the wrappings too!!), and that way I am not so hurried and rushed during this beautiful time of year. We take lots of rides as a family to see lights. Such a great time!!!

  154. I love the excitement leading up to Christmas. Seeing all the new lights that go up on people’s houses as we drive home from school and work. The sheer joy that lights up their faces on Christmas Eve and morning!

  155. I love it all: the lights, the smells, the food, the music but most of all the extra time with family and friends!

  156. I can’t wait to snuggle up with my husband and our two sweet boys to watch our favorite Christmas movies and drink hot cocoa. I’m also now excited to get some wrapping paper and festive add-ons from The Container Store . . . how did I not know they had that?? Oh what fun it is . . . LOVE this time of year!!

  157. Oh what a fun giveaway! Thank you for all your fun ideas to do with wrapping paper. I just love your taste! This Christmas I am most excited for snow, lights, gingerbread house decorating, our family traditions, play mobile advent calendar, santa’s lap pictures! Oh there is so much to look forward to but I guess my number one would be the joy and excitement on my three kiddos faces as we celebrate this most wonderful time of the year!

  158. Cute post! Makes me want to decorate for Christmas, although I am hosting Thanksgiving so I should wait. I am looking forward to making many new memories in our new home and town. Merry Christmas!

  159. Hi Erin! I’m excited to spend time with my busy husband and 10 children. I’m so ready for the laughter, sleeping in, movies and our favorite foods. Also love Christmas morning! And music! Oops. That’s more than one thing, isn’t it?!

  160. Hello Erin, I just love your beautifully decorated home. I am looking forward to Christmas movies, baking, my daughter playing her violin at Christmas Eve church service, celebrating Jesus’s birth & especially looking forward to some family time. My kids always get excited this time of year, which makes me excited too. I hope you & your family have a Wonderful Merry Christmas!!

  161. I am so excited to love on my kids who live out of state. I love that they are doing great. Hate that they don’t live close.

  162. I am so excited to celebrate this holiday season with my newly married daughter and son-in-law! There is something so warm and magical about celebrating the holidays with family and friends. I feel so blessed by all good things that happened this year!

  163. I am excited that I get to see some friends on Thanksgiving that I haven’t seen in years. It’s going to be so much fun to see them again!

  164. I love the Christmas lights, decorations, pretty gift wrap and being with family. I also love the Container Store. and. your office.

  165. Oh my goodness! I love the Container Store! Who wouldn’t? I also enjoyed seeing your Christmas decors in your office and mudroom Erin! To have so many built-ins like yours to decorate would be a dream come true! This year I’m excited to spend Christmas again with all my siblings as they come to town, one from Florida and the other from California. As my dad’s health is declining rapidly it’s going to be a bitter sweet celebration for us. I’m looking forward to start the decorating in our home, then spending family time cooking, eating, giving gifts, and praying.

  166. Thanks for the chance! I am excited to spend time with friends and family over the holidays. I am trying to be more intentional about having people over.

  167. Oh my gosh…it’s so hard to pick just one thing I’m excited about!!! If I had to pick one thing, it would be having all my kids together this Christmas! My sons are 30 and 28 and they don’t live home anymore :( and my daughter is 17. It’s so hard to get everyone together now that two of the three are on their own and have jobs, activities, etc. My husband and I are so blessed to have three great kids <3 I would just love a gift card to The Container Store!! I think I could live there…lol Great Giveaway! Thanks Erin! Janel in NJ

  168. Decorating my home. I am going to try spraying my live tree with “snow” and adding craft cotton to the boughs. We don’t have snow very often here in South Carolina. I always enjoy my 2 weeks off from the school where I work and spend that time cooking, reading and spending quality time with friends and family.

  169. So beautiful! I love how all your decorations are so simple and accessible but tied together perfectly. :) This year I am so excited about Christmas because we are first time home owners! My husband and three kids and I are so excited about decorating our first house for Christmas!

  170. I never usually am ready to decorate for Christmas before we celebrate Thanksgiving, but seeing your lovely office space and great use of cute wrapping paper makes me want to start right not! Thanks for the clever ideas and thanks to The Container Store for their generous gift!

  171. I am so excited for the whole month! I love that it’s cooler, love shopping for friends and family, Christmas baking, looking and lights, gingerbread houses…I can’t choose just one 😊

  172. I’ve told my family that when I die, I want my ashes put in a container from the Container Store. I also want my funeral to be held there. ::) Who doesn’t want to live forever organized, Christmas or not!!!

  173. I just love your blog SO much! Your house is beautiful, and because I’m such an organization fanatic, I smile the entire time I’m reading your blog posts and viewing your photos. =) This Christmas I am most looking forward to having our daughter and almost 3 year old grandson home from San Diego for 3 whole weeks!!! It’s hard having them clear across the country. (our son-in-law will be overseas this year during the holidays, a first for all of us, so that will be hard) But….this year, we are also celebrating with our son and daughter-in-law’s new baby girl, who will be 6 months old at Christmas. It’s going to be so magical, and for the first time in several years, I’m also home full time (I retired to babysit my granddaughter!!) and I will get to spend every waking minute with my family baking, doing crafts, making ornaments, listening to Christmas music, shopping, and of course eating all of the delicious food we will be making. Cheers!

  174. There’s so many things to look forward to during the holiday season. My favourite things are spending time with friends and family. This year our youngest is turning 3 (on Boxing Day) and it’s so magical watching him light up as he discovers the magic of the holidays

  175. Redoing our house and it should be done early December! So excited to get everything back in order and organized. To celebrate the holidays with a clean house!

  176. So excited this year to spend the holidays with family and friends. We just moved to Utah so I’m also excited to see the lights on Temple Square.

  177. I am looking forward to the peace and joy that seems to show itself more during the holiday season than other times of the year. I experienced that today while out shopping. Strangers were willing to help me with loading a very large rug. Our world needs more kindness every day!

  178. Your decorations are beautiful!! My favorite thing that I am excited for this holiday season is baking cookies with my mom and helping make Christmas dinner with my grandmother. Cooking was always my favorite thing as a child so it always brings me joy during the holiday season!

  179. I’m most excited for the coziness of the holidays! — Good food, christmas lights, snow, sweaters, blankets, movies, etc!

  180. I’m looking forwa rd to doing some service with my grandchildren, de orating Christmas cookies with them, helping provide Christmas for some needy families, having my house decorated with Christmas, spending time with friends and enjoying this wonderful time of year!!

  181. I’m excited to see all my grown kids on Thanksgiving day! They all can’t make it home for Christmas. Also, for Elf on the Shelf to make his first appearance. I send pics to all three of my kids of his antics and at first they thought it was weird since he didn’t arrive until they were all moved out…. but now they look forward to him too.

  182. Oh, you are motivating me to get started Christmas decorating (gasp…) before Thanksgiving! :) December is too short, so I may have to start Christmas decorating now! I am most excited to enjoy Christmas with my hubby & 3 little ones, as well as my parents, sister, and her family this year! I always love the quality time. I am also excited to be a little more settled in our home this year (last year we had just moved), and take time to start some new traditions. I love your holiday book idea, and this year put a big basket of Halloween/Fall books on the fireplace hearth in late September. I need to switch those to Christmas now!!!

  183. I am so excited for time off from school for my kids (I just love being with them and miss them during the day) and I’m excited to go home to see my parents, nieces, nephews, sister, sister in laws, brother in laws, parent in laws. There’s nothing like being home with the people who love you most and best!

  184. Hi! I have loved reading your blog for a long time now. You always inspire me! Great ideas using the wrapping paper the way you did! Beautiful!
    I can’t wait to see all the twinkle lights at night and to get to spend time with my family. It seems it’s so busy all year, but at Christmas time we always take time to be together.

  185. Great post! I agree with you on the cuddling and smelling the babies! It goes too fast!
    We are looking forward to spending time with family in a warmer climate this year! Colorado winters aren’t too bad (despite what you experienced on your chilly fall visit here) but spending every holiday with family in MN is a thing of the past and new traditions are starting as most of my family moved to Arizona this past year!
    It will be fun to open presents and then put on swimsuits to swim!

  186. We are so excited to see celebrate Christmas with our Son, his wife and our Sweet One Year Old Grandson before they leave the country for a three year Air Force assignment.

  187. Super excited for my oldest “little “ to come home from college in Ohio back to sunny Cali to give her Hugs and Kisses and celebrate as a complete family together ❤️🎄

  188. Your cute little baby snowman made me realize that although I’m always a little sad to be working on the holidays and missing some fun times with my own family and friends, I’m so fortunate to have an amazing job as a Maternal child nurse. I often spend Christmas eve helping new mothers learn to care for their tiny newborns. It’s truly magical!! :) A blessed Holiday season to all, wherever you may be.

  189. I am looking forward to slowing down and really enjoying this Christmas season. My oldest “baby boy” is a senior and has already enlisted in the Marine Corps (he ships off to boot camp next July), so this is an extra special, bittersweet Christmas. This one definitely needs savored and I’m going to make that my daily mantra.

  190. I am most excited about Christmas movies, Christmas decorations and the goodwill that is more present this time of year.

  191. Love your organized and festive office space! I am excited about taking my kids (4 & 6) snowboarding! (Something my hubs and I loved doing before kids and now excited to go with them). Thanks for sharing.

  192. I’m most excited about having my first own christmastree ever! All The decorating fun anderen choosing my own ornaments *.*

  193. Love your decorations, Erin! As usual – fantastic job! Can’t wait to see more! :) We are moving into a new house (for us) during Thanksgiving week, after 18 years of living in our first home. It’s bittersweet and exciting at the same time. I am really looking forward to decorating for Christmas this year. I will finally have a stairway that is open to the living room with cathedral ceilings. So, we will be getting a tall tree like yours, and draping garland along the stair rail. I always look forward to being with family on Christmas, but I am really excited to decorate the new home for Christmas.

  194. This office is a Christmas dream, Erin!! I am excited for my son to come home from college so we can enjoy some holiday family time together, doing our special holiday traditions and making sweet memories! Cheers! 🎄

  195. I am most excited about continuing the traditions we’ve started with our children. Going to the Nutcracker with my daughter, driving the lights at our Botanical Gardens, and taking my son and daughter to a Teddy Bear Tea! The holidays are such a fun time of year with young children! I love how you decorated your office and the holiday gift wrap is such a fun idea! As always, you’ve created a beautiful room! Love your blog!

  196. The thing that has me the most excited for Christmas time is the annual visit of my best friend. We only get to see each other once a year, so it’s always so exciting when she & her family come to visit for Christmas. We have lots of time shopping, eating and just laughing. Very thankful for my wonderful friend Deb.

  197. I am excited that I “have my home back”. My mom passed away 3 years ago and my husband and I were the executors of her estate. I have 5 siblings. Of course when it came time to sort pictures, cards, letters, etc. there was never a good time for everyone.
    These totes and boxes of pictures and letters were stacked in our house for over a year. Mind you, we have a 1,400 sq ft ranch and are raising 3 grandchildren. Finally, a month ago, those that could make it came to our house to divide all of those precious memories. Boxes and totes are gone and we have our bedroom and dining room back.
    We are excited to have family over and decorate as we used to for Christmas!

  198. I am most excited about sitting in the living room with only the lights from the tree on. I find it to be so relaxing!

  199. I’m most excited about DECORATING!!! I already have Christmas gifts wrapped and ready to put under the tree, but we don’t have the tree down from the attic. I ordered a new tree skirt this year from Pottery Barn Kids catalog, so I’m so anxious to get it all put together! Yay!!

  200. I’m excited to spend time with my family. My dad will mark his 78th birthday ON Christmas Day. We have a new puppy and our 3 kiddos can’t WAIT to bake cookies and pies, one of our favorite things to do together.

  201. I am ready to decorate after seeing this post! Last year I spent several weeks organizing and taking an inventory of all my Christmas decorations room by room so I know this year will finally be a breeze to decorate. My extended family comes every year for Thanksgiving so the decorations will be up by then! For me, this year I look forward to reconnecting with my family over the Holidays after four tumultuous and heartbreaking years of caring for my parents in our home until their passing (within 6 months of each other). Personally, I especially look forward to reconnecting with the wonder of the Christmas miracle and all that the meaning of Christmas brings to me!

  202. My 4 year old little buddy and I can’t wait to begin decorating together next week Wednesday – we’re planning to crank up the Christmas music, drink hot chocolate and rearrange the built-ins until they’re perfect! ;) Of course, spending quality family time (this time including the huz and 2 yr old) is also a highlight. Deck the Halls!!! Yay! Thanks for sharing, Erin. As always, it’s fun hearing how you decorate for the holidays.

  203. I’m excited to make treats for our neighbors with the kids and for a quiet moment next to the tree with a cup of coffee! I love Christmas!

  204. I can’t wait for this Christmas season because it is our first in our new home! I am excited to decorate my mantel (my first fireplace :) and to make Christmas cookies with my 2 little girls. I enjoy your blog a bunch and love getting ideas from it! I recently purchased a shirt from Nordstrom’s (the Free People Piper Two-fer tee) and my husband said “oh that’s cute, how did you find that shirt?” I said “my friend Erin has it” Lol! Thank you for all the great ideas!

  205. I love your office! What I’m most excited about and looking forward to are our family Christmas traditions, spending time with my family, and cozying up in front of the fireplace.

  206. I’m so excited for Holiday movies – especially the Hallmark ones. We have a destination wedding in the family early next year so we are not doing much for gifts this year. I’m so excited that it will be about the time spent together – baking, playing games, and feeling grateful for our family this special time of year!

  207. I love, love, love your office it is decorated so cute! I am looking forward to decorating my house for the first time!! I did not get to decorate for Thanksgiving or Christmas last year because we were living with my folks while our fixer upper was going through a renovation, so this year will be the first year for Christmas and I’m so excited!!!

  208. We are so excited about going to Disney World right before Christmas. Their decorations are amazing! We are taking a trip with my whole family so it is going to be so much fun!

  209. I’m really excited for this Christmas because my son is now 2 and is starting to understand everything. He’s been single Jingle Bells non-stop for the last couple weeks and I never want it to end! I’m also pregnant with baby #2 which adds some more excitement to the holidays.

  210. I absolutely LOVE non-traditional Christmas colors! Thanks for sharing so many creative storage solutions & showing that a little goes a long way.

  211. Hi there! I love the Container Store!! I am most excited about seeing my girls faces on Christmas morning!!🎄Happy Holidays❤

  212. The photos in this post are so beautiful I want to go dig out all my stuff and start decorating!! I am most looking forward to my girls faces on Christmas morning. We are a house of believers but it wont always be this way forever so I cherish it deeply. Oh, and Christmas cookies!!

  213. I get so excited finding new ways to share an advent calendar with my grandkids. One year I made them a large felt Christmas Trees with ornaments. Also, I made them garlands with envelopes for a little goodie and Bible verse for the season. However, my favorite one was when I used all our old Christmas books my children loved to read as advent gifts. I got all our children’s Christmas books from my daughters and son’s childhood, separated them out, wrapped them up, added a few more special treats, like puzzles, a movie, a coloring book, a new Christmas story and special candies. I put dates on all the items to open for 24 days before Christmas, put them in a big basket and gave them to my children. Each day would bring a call from a thankful grandchild, but, my favorite was the calls from my kids, surprised by the memory and remembering that special story we read together. Your books in the basket reminded me of that special advent.

  214. Super cute wrapping paper, I’m loving it! I always get excited to decorate the house for Christmas – I love how different it makes our home feel! I’ve been trying to hold off until after thanksgiving but after seeing all your cute Christmas stuff I don’t know if I can wait any longer!😬

  215. I’m just really excited to feel the spirit of the season. Christmas music, lights, cookies, all the family under one roof. Like your reminder to savor babies, i always remind myself to savor the season because it goes by so fast.

  216. Hi Erin! Love your Christmas decor – especially that sign listing all the reindeer names! I am obsessed with gift wrapping and all sorts of gift wrapping tips and tools, so this post was right up my alley. This holiday season, I am taking a weeklong cruise to the Bahamas between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Looking forward to the opportunity to recharge before the craziness of the Christmas season really hits me. Also looking forward to escaping the chilly weather of Philadelphia for a bit. :)

  217. I love your office decor! So cute! I’m looking forward to traveling to see my family for Christmas and getting to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday Christmas Eve! I also have a question about the throw with the fringe from Nordstrom that was in your last post (and a few others). :) I’m looking for a throw for our room and I really like this one! Have you washed yours? How do they hold up? In my experience, throws like this lose their softness after a few washes or they shed on everything else!

  218. I am looking forward to getting all my decorations out next week! I often buy a few things on clearance at the end of the season and I don’t always remember exactly what I purchased so it’s always a fun surprise.

  219. So many things I am excited for!
    My baby’s first Christmas, moving into our home, my parents returning from a 2 year church mission, plus just the excitement of watching all my kids around this time of year!

  220. I am most EXCITED about seeing my kids get EXCITED!!! I love to pull out all the ornaments and see their expressions when a memory is sparked about one of them….I cannot wait to FINALLY decorate!!!!

  221. Oh my, what fun you have had with all that cute paper! I love how you’ve used it in so many ways besides wrapping presents. I’m with Elle, your craft room/office makes me happy, too!

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Erin.
    Hugs, Carol

  222. This Christmas I am most looking forward to spending the holidays with my family. We didn’t think my Mama would be with us this year but like the warrior she is, she has rallied and shown a great improvement in her health. She continues to fight and Lord willing she will be with us another holiday season. My daughter has been “with” our family in presence but not in heart and spirit for the past 17 years. Over this past summer she entered a drug rehab program and for the first time in 17 years she is completely and totally drug free. No more bitter, angry, oppressive behavior and disappointment. I am so, so, so very excited to have my daughter back and to get to spend a holiday with the girl I remember form so many years ago.

  223. This year I am most excited for the Christmas lights on the outside of our new home. We built our dream home 4 years ago and this is the first year since we moved that we are hanging lights. I’m giddy! You can’t rush these things… I know you can understand that!

  224. Love your blog- I am a faithful reader and look forward to your posts! I’m super excited to get this season started early this year! Going to put up my decorations before Thanksgiving for the first time! :)

  225. I’m excited for Christmas morning. My daughter is getting married next year so this will be the last Christmas with just her. Just like you said about smelling the babies, Erin, you have to savor the stages!

  226. I’m looking forward to traveling from Florida’s semi-tropical climate to a wintry Minnesota climate and to visiting with loved ones we haven’t seen in years! Would love to win a shopping spree at The Container Store because we don’t have one near the town where I live and I’m dying to shop online!

  227. I’m looking forward to my kids and 1 yr old grandson being home for a few weeks. I can’t wait to watch the baby be in awe of the tree, decorations, presents, and all the other excitement of the season, and to have his parents and my other kids all together, having fun, playing games, eating too much food, and enjoying friends and family.

  228. I’m excited about holiday baking! I love making our favorite holiday cookie recipes with my two boys and giving some away to our friends and neighbors.

  229. I am looking forward to hanging Christmas lights with my 21 year old son. We used to do it together when he was younger then he lost interest, so it is super exciting that he asked if we could hang lights this year.

  230. I’m excited for my kids to open Christmas gifts. I also enjoy having a lit up Christmas tree in the living room.

  231. I love the smells of the holidays…cookies, the pine tree, and a crackling fire. I love to wrap gifts and start early so we can enjoy them under the tree.

  232. I love the sweet and uncluttered simplicity of your office!! And the coordinating wrapping paper has inspired me to use what I have already purchased for this year, and then simplify for next!! We are taking our daughter to NYC to see the Rockets for Christmas (she is training to audition in 2 years). But I think my favorite Christmas activity is when we spend the morning on Christmas Eve at the dog shelter. We collect donations at our office all month and distribute toys and beds to all of the dogs at the shelter. They are so excited. It started 10 years ago by our daughter and we have been blessed to do it every year since. I cry every single time. It is the sweetest day ever(:

  233. What a lovely office! I know this post is about Christmas decorating but can you tell me where you bought that Office sign? I am looking for one like that for a gallery wall I am creating in my home office. Thanks!

  234. I’m most excited about Christmas shopping! I swear I’m part elf and gift giving is my love language….I love finding the perfect gifts for all the people I love.

  235. So excited to spend Christmas with my family and kids making crafts, watching Christmas movies and celebrating and eating!.

  236. Great post, Erin! I’m most looking forward to spending time with family that we don’t see as often – especially my sweet nieces and nephews! :)

  237. I love what you’ve done with all the gift wrap around the office! I’m most looking forward to relaxing with family as we’re expecting our first child just a few weeks after Christmas! I’m sure I’ll soon being paying a lot more attention to all your posts about children’s spaces than I have previously :-) Thanks for doing what you do!

  238. I love the functional office space you have created for you and your family, Erin! I’m most excited about having our first no-gift Christmas. No gifts will be given and none will be accepted. We are focused solely on being present and not running around the malls stressed out and rushing through the season. We want to feel the magic of Christmas again. Sending you and your family lots of Christmas cheer!

  239. So excited to see beautiful Christmas trees all lit up. Also the outside lights, the more the merrier! And Christmas cookies!!

  240. Well first of all, Christmas is my favorite holiday!! I just love “decking the halls” and everything else in my home! Second, winning a gift card from the Container Store would be so dreamy, and third but probably should be first, our daughter is about to have our first grandchild! So excited for that and all that the holiday season will bring! Just found your blog and I love it! Blessings!

  241. Spending quality time with friends and family. Doing things that we as a family have decided are our family traditions.
    Like making cookies, Going to the White Christmas sing-a-long. Seeing all of the houses in the neighborhood decorated. Going out to eat to celebrate the holidays.

  242. i’m excited to see my house decorated for Christmas. My husband and I love Christmas decorations and we go all out to turn the house into a winter wonderland. I love having family and friends over to enjoy the decorations with us.

  243. I’m excited to go and watch the shoppers at The Commons in Destin while enjoying a nice latte from Starbucks! The decorations are so beautiful. Most of my shopping is done, so I can relax and enjoy the season.

  244. This I am especially happy this year, as my son is recognizing the holiday elements, as in Christmas trees, Santa, and snow.

  245. I’m excited about celebrating Christmas in our newly renovated house and grateful to be out of the hotel that we lived in for 4 months during construction.

  246. I am ecstatic just thinking about the family coming to visit us for Christmas! We have two newborns in the family as well, so it will be the first time the two sweet pumpkins are meeting! And of course, we will be enjoying Christmas in the lovely SoCal sun! I’m sure we can figure out how to bring in the winter weather for them! Lol

  247. Looks wonderful!! Seeing your wrapped gifts gets me excited to shop and get wrapping! Our nephew is 13 months and will be so much fun this year! My boys (9 & 11) are excited to shop for him and play with him this year now that he is on the move. He would love the dinosaur wrapping paper! So fun! Thank you for inviting us into your beautiful home. Happy Thanksgiving!

  248. It’s been a rough year and a half, lost my mom this past year. So just plan on appreciating the family I have been blessed with this year and time together.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom Janet. That breaks my heart. Wishing you good holiday with loved ones and sending a huge hug your way! xo

  249. My husband and I have decided to give “experience” gifts this year. I’m excited to spend these experiences with our grandchildren AND I’m loving the cute gift wrap ideas to wrap up the tickets or memberships or whatever the experience is.

  250. I can’t wait to spend time with my family and friends during the Holiday season when I visit my home state over Christmas break.

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