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Mens Fall Clothes (gift ideas for the men in your life!)

When Nordstrom reached out and asked me if I was interested in partnering with them on a post about mens fashion two quick thoughts ran through my head.  The first one was “awesome.. I just already bought Kenny so many fun clothes for Fall!”  Followed quickly by my second thought which was “shoot.. now I’m going to have to photograph him in them..” I knew all too well that a photoshoot featuring my husband would be more work than it was worth!  He is so sarcastic and takes nothing I do seriously.

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{Cotton/Cashmere Pullover/Sperry Gold Cup Sneakers}

Perfect example.  First picture we took.  I said smile and he did this.  Then when I told him he was going to have to take this serious and help me out he answered “babe.. I’m the new face of Nordstrom.. don’t give me any grief.”

Then he laughed at himself which always makes me crack up too and before I knew it we were laughing and getting absolutely nothing done.

Pretty much how I envisioned this experience going down. :)


Just when we had stopped laughing and were ready to try again a little someone appeared outside and wanted to join the party.


I decided at this point ‘if you can’t beat em join em’ and just gave up trying to control the photoshoot.  I started snapping pictures of whatever they threw at me.  :)


I did manage to catch a few sweet moments between the two of them.  Love my boys!  Even though they both drive me completely crazy. :)  I also really love this cotton/cashmere sweater.  SO much that I bought it in two colors for him!


He was a good sport and agreed to try it on in both colors for me to make up for his earlier shenanigans. ;)  Isn’t the teal fun!?  I loved the teal and the tan, but it also comes in a grey and a darker blue.  Kenny is lucky that he can dress pretty casual at his office for work so this is the type of stuff he wears every day.  He’s had these shoes for almost two years.  They have held up so well and are still his favorites!



{Vista Waffle Knit Tee/Sperry Gold Cup Sneakers}

The rest of the pictures I just snapped of Kenny when he was wearing the clothes I wanted to share with you all.  Much easier than a planned photoshoot with this one!  Getting ready to make the morning eggs.  He makes me and Ellie scrambled eggs for breakfast most mornings and some evenings when El comes home from dance hungry.  Bad things happen when I try to scramble eggs.. ha!


{Barstol Aviator Jacket/Ecco Lace Up Sneakers}

This was a few weeks ago when he was heading to the mountains!  Which sounds so nice right now because we are having a massive heat wave.  He hasn’t been able to wear his new jacket since but I know he will wear it out this winter.  Especially when we visit family in Utah.  I love this jacket!  It’s lightweight but also really warm and comfortable.  The color is a favorite too.  I was excited when I found this for him.


{Crewneck Sweater/Newel Quilted Vest/Cole Hann Grand Pro Tennis Sneaker}

I buy my husband a new vest every Fall because I love him in them. :)  This crewneck sweater looks good on its own and is perfect for layering.  When I bought him Cole Hann shoes in blue last year I wondered how much he would wear them, but they look good with so many outfits!  He wears them all the time.


{Slim fit non-iron sport shirt/Sperry Gold Cup Sneakers}

I was waiting one morning before he headed out the door to work to take a picture of him in this sport shirt, but his “hang on two seconds while I check this e-mail” turned into minutes and I couldn’t wait.  So this is what we got.  Pretty typical scene in my house anyway. :)  LOVE this shirt.  The slim fit dress shirts from Nordstrom are our favorites for him because they have such a nice flattering fit and are comfortable.  This one doesn’t wrinkle much either.. bonus!


{Textured Colorblock Sweater/Cole Hann Grand Pro Tennis Sneaker}

This week we had our family pictures taken.. ahh!  What an exhausting ordeal that always is!  Getting everyone in coordinating clothes and cleaned up and to the correct location on time.  Then smile and look your happiest when everyone is completely exhausted and over it before the photoshoot even starts.. sounds familiar!?  Ha ha.. :)


But we made it!  Took pictures in 90 degree heat with my boys in sweaters, but they survived and if I can just get at least one pic of everyone smiling for a Christmas card this year I’ll be a happy mom!  Fingers crossed.  I snapped these pics with my phone when we were done with the photoshoot.  Boys were in great moods after it was all over!

I bought this textured color block sweater for Kenny for pictures and I love it so much!  Can’t wait for it to cool off so he can wear it again.  Such a nice sweater and he loves the way it fits.  I told him I was so jealous of his role in family pictures.  He met us at the location from work and just put on what I gave him to wear.  That’s it!  His role.  I pick a photographer, pick a location, put together coordinating outfits for the whole family (which moms know is a lot of work!), get me plus all the kids ready and out the door on time (which moms know is an even bigger amount of work!).  Then I’ll choose the picture to use, choose a card, get them made, update addresses, get the envelopes addressed, mail them out.. etc. etc. etc.  Kenny meets us somewhere and puts on a new sweater.

Like I said.. jealous. ;)  Lucky for him I LOVE giving and receiving Christmas cards so it’s worth the work to me!

*Btw.. Kole is wearing this cute fleece sweatshirt and these Chino Pants.  I forgot to include them in the recent boys Fall fashion post I wrote!  My post on girls Fall fashion is here too if you missed it.  The whole family is taking turns being the new face of Nordstrom.. Ha! ;)


These boys just don’t know how good they have it! ;)

Huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post and for keeping my husband comfortable and looking his best!

And to my babe.. thanks for volunteering to be “the new face of Nordstrom.”  I don’t know about that.. but I do know I’m lucky to have you.  Sarcasm and all.



xoxo, Erin
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42 thoughts on “Mens Fall Clothes (gift ideas for the men in your life!)

  1. So I just added every single piece to my cart. I am getting it all for my husband for Christmas! He is a physician, but wears dress clothes to work every day and he is in dire need of some new pieces!! Theses will work for weekend wear too! Thank you so much!!

    1. Yea Susan! Thank you! I’m so glad you found some fun clothes for your husband for Christmas! Kenny was in dire need of a few new things too. It’s so nice now that we can do it all on-line, isn’t it!? So happy you liked our picks! xo

  2. Kenny was a good sport for going along with this! He actually could easily model with the best of them. Kole too!

    1. Oh you are sweet to say that Kelly! He really was a good sport on this one! He had to help me with this post and get family pictures taken the same week.. I owe him big time! Ha.. :) xo

  3. Awwww…what a great sport your husband is, especially since this is not really his thing. You captured some great shots, even if they weren’t exactly what you had envisioned. You got some real life photos of him actually moving about in the clothes, which is a great testament to their functionality and comfort. So, yeah, I get him being the “new” face of Nordstrom. And I did think that was a great line. Noticed he wasn’t wearing a boot. Does that mean his ankle is better? I sure hope so! Also, you are SO right that guys get to just show up and look handsome. They don’t really get all that goes on to making their life effortless!! Ha, ha! My girls would say that makes them “triggered”.. Do your girls use that term? They mean it as they get annoyed or frustrated at a situation, usually something minor. Like when your hubby didn’t necessarily cooperate with you, you would say, I’m so triggered. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of what your husand is like/does. Hope you have an awesome day!

    1. Thank you Jeanne! I was going to mention his boot and totally forgot! Yes! He has had it off for a while now and his ankle is doing so much better! Still not 100% but he just started exercising again yesterday and it’s on it’s way to normal. :) I haven’t heard triggered! But so happy we are keeping each other up to date on this stuff.. ha! Or trying to anyway! ;) xo

  4. After all that blather, did I even say he looked pretty darn good in each of the fashions you picked out for him? You have great taste!! :) xo

    1. Seriously! They have it SO easy! Meanwhile.. I’m sweating to death running in circles trying to get everything ready.. ha! No justice. ;) Thanks cutie! xo

  5. Great picks! I hate shopping for my husband so nice to have some things to choose from without much work. Would Kenny want to share if he’s a medium or a large in most of these sweaters? He looks similar in build to my husband. Thanks!

    1. Isn’t it nice to be able to shop for them on-line!? I used to not love shopping for Kenny either but now it’s so easy because I can just pick out stuff I like and click click click! :) He is a large in everything! So happy you found some fun things for your husband Karen! xo

  6. Erin, Kenny looks so handsome in his new duds- I am due to get Dave a few new things this season and he too gets to dress relatively casual for the office. As the new face of Nordstrom, Kenny nailed those looks! haha- I will especially be checking out that blue zip sweater- SO handsome!

  7. Kenny is so stylish!! You two much have so much fun together…he seems hilarious and a blast. Love the pictures of him and Kole, so sweet. All the men’s clothes you picked out are fabulous. xxoo

    1. Thank you so much Pam! Oh my word.. he really is too funny sometimes! It’s hard to get him to stop joking around and just have a serious conversation! But I love that about him. He was a good sport to do this for me for sure. ;) xo

  8. Such a a great post, Erin! You and your boys crack me up!!!!! Can’t wait to check out all of your great picks for my hubby …I know he’ll love them💙

  9. Erin, I love this post!! Kenny (and Kole) were such great sports to do this!! Kenny is definitely a great Nordstrom model! He is so handsome, tall, and slim. You have the most beautiful family!! Thank you once again for including me into a glimpse of your wonderful family’s life!! I feel like I know you all personally!!

    1. You are such a sweetheart Jane! Thank you! This comment will make Kenny’s day! It might even go to his head too much so I’ll have to decide if I want to tell him about it and hear it all repeated… ha ha! Kidding! Kind of. ;) I feel like I know you too after our blog comment chats back and forth! I hope someday we get to meet! Would love to give you a huge hug. :) xo

  10. Hey Erin! Thanks for sharing all of these great finds. LOVED the teal colored sweater on your hubby; that’s a great color on him. I wish that I could get my hubby to dress like this. He’s a t-shirt, jeans and tennis shoe kind of guy. He works in a very casual office. Enjoy your day and I look forward to your Christmas posts : – )

    1. Thank you so much Shari! That teal colored sweater is one of my favorites too! Blue is a good color for men isn’t it!? Kenny loves t-shirts and jeans too and would wear t-shirts to work more if he could get away with it. So excited about Christmas! I’m trying to contain myself but am seriously tempted to put up a tree today.. ha ha. :) Thanks again cutie! xo

  11. I want to see your family pictures! We just had family pics taken too and I’m glad I’m not the only one stressed about dressing seven people (we have three boys and two girls) in coordinating outfits!! I’m so relieved they are done! We stopped at Moe’s for dinner on our way home and one lady came up to me and said, “You must have just had pictures taken, because you look way too coordinated!” LOL!

    1. Oh my word Laura! You had it a lot worse than I did with 7 people to get ready! TOTAL relief that it’s over! I know just how you feel. And so funny about the restaurant! Ha ha.. love it! I’ll definitely share a picture or two on the blog of our pics. If any turn out ok.. fingers crossed for both of us! :) xo

  12. Erin your boys are so cute! They’re such awesome models! These are seriously the perfect pieces for Fall…and Kenny is a true natural!! Love it!

  13. Erin, I’ve never even met Kenny but I love him! What a great sport! I’m emailing a link to this post to Jeff – he does all of his own clothes shopping and I think would love some of these pieces! Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Kris! I so want you to meet him! He would love you too. :) I hope Jeff finds some fun things to wear.. nice that he does all of his own clothes shopping! I do all of Kenny’s.. ha. xo

  14. I just enjoy your posts Erin! Your natural sense of humor shows through your writing and feels like a breath of fresh air. Sounds like Kenny has a great sense of humor too. Cole sure is a mini me of Kenny! All the clothes your picked looks great on him!

    1. You are such a sweetheart Debbie! What a nice thing to say. That means a lot to me. Thank you! I know.. Kole is such a mini me of my husband! I love it. :) So happy you liked the clothes! xo

  15. Good looking guy you have and looks like a model. I especially like the morning eggs outfit. You two are adorable!

  16. You’ve got two great boys there looking good in those clothes! They also have great smiles and I like Kenny’s hair style as well! I’m going to pick up a couple pair of the shoes for starters for my husband! I think he’s going to love them! Thanks for the great pictures and the fun commentary!

  17. Omygosh you posted this literally the day after my husband’s birthday! I wish it was a week before when I was at Nordstrom driving everyone in the men’s department crazy trying to pick out gifts lol! But it’s okay. Christmas is around the corner 😜 Your husband is such a good sport! No way would my husband take pics like that lol

    1. Ha ha.. he is a good sport for sure Lucy! I owe him big. ;) And yes.. Christmas is coming! I hope this post helps because I know men can be hard to shop for! xo

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