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Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List!

Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

How is the holiday shopping going friends?  Have you started?  Are you done?  Haven’t even started to kind of think about going there?  Ha. :)  I hope my Gift Giving Printables have been helpful!  (You can snag them here if you haven’t already.)  I’m not there yet, but I’m still hoping to have my Christmas shopping mostly done before December hits.  So far I’ve bought most of my gifts on-line and that has made things so easy!  What did we do before there was on-line shopping!?  On my list of things I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving. ;)

Today I’m partnering with Nordstrom to share holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list!  I have spent a lot of time rounding up my best, favorite items for the whole family!  One thing everyone in my family gets each year for Christmas (and they always have!) is a new pair of shoes.  Because #1 – I’m a shoe lover. :)  And #2 – because my kids are usually due for a new pair this time of year.  Their feet grow so quickly!  I’ve rounded up my favorite shoes (a lot of them are on sale right now.. YEA!) along with other fun favorites I have and love.  I’m also sharing a few things I’ve already bought this year to give to others.

So if you’re on my Christmas list, stop reading NOW. 

I mean it.. I love you but stop reading and go away.  :)  

Ok friends.. let’s do this!  I divided my favorites into gifts for the women in your life, the men, and some fun ideas for the kids.  I hope my round-up of holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list gives you a few ideas this year!

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Gift Ideas for Her

Favorite shoes for women that would make great gifts..

So many of my favorite things.. 

Best Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life!

Favorite shoes that would make great gifts for the men in your life.. 

Other favorite gift ideas for men.. 

Gift Ideas for Girls

Favorite shoes that would make great gifts for the girls.. 

Other favorite gift ideas for girls.. (younger and older!)   

Best Gift Ideas for Boys!

Our favorite shoes for boys..

Other favorite gift ideas for boys..  

Huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  And for carrying such an amazing selection of gifts for the whole family.  You are making my holiday shopping SO easy this year.  Bless you.


xoxo, Erin
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20 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List!

  1. Wow! That was a lot of work! I am not even ready for Thanksgiving next week let alone even thinking about Christmas. Today at school we are serving our Thanksgiving lunch and after school my kids have meetings and activities that last until the evening. By the time I get home, I am wiped out! Ha! I have purchased two gifts, total. It’ll get done eventually. Thank you for the ideas and links, Erin! I hope you have a fantastic day!

    1. Oh I so get it Jeanne! You are normal! I have to be early for the blog to give people ideas or I wouldn’t be this on the ball with things. Also December gets so busy with my kids! I’ve learned in past years that if I’m early with the gift shopping I can enjoy the season more. :) But yes! You will get there! We all will. And I’m so excited for Thanksgiving next week! YEA! Enjoy your day too sweet friend! xo

  2. I think you just finished up my lists for me! Awesome collection – thank you so much for always making me aware of all the things I never knew I needed to have, lol.

  3. I already purchased the Nike’s for Jeremy and I’m ordering the tic tac toe game. and wooden mixing set. Berkley, will love it.. Thanks for these idea’s Erin. Is it bad that I may want to add a couple of things for me too from that list.? ;) we will see how much control I have. xo

    1. So cute Cathy! I hope they love them! And I know.. that’s the only bad thing about all the holiday shopping.. one for them.. two for us. ;) xo

  4. I always look forward to your gift idea posts!! You’ve definitely been helpful in the past as my little boy is about 4 years younger than Kole. And now I have a little girl to look to you for inspiration too!!

  5. Erin, I want to thank you for your time spent on this. I for one (and I’m sure there are SO many more) truly appreciate it. Such GREAT ideas! I’ve really been enjoying your posts-it’s like a treat for me when I take some time for myself! Anyway, I want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas dear friend! Blessings!

    1. Kimberly! What a sweet comment. Thank you! I’m so happy this post gave you a some good gift ideas and I’m thrilled you are enjoying my posts! It makes me so happy that you stop by when you are able to finally relax and enjoy some down time (I know how rare that can be!). That means a lot! Happiest holidays to you too sweet friend! XO

  6. There are so many gift lists out there but I have to say this is one of the BEST ones I have read! You have such a great variety of items and prices- there really is something for everyone! I have 5-6 things I am going to be getting for my family- WOOHOO!!!! Thanks! PS. oh yeah…totally added those UGG socks to MY list!

    1. YEA!! Thank you Erin! I’m so happy this post was helpful! And yes.. those Ugg socks had my name all over them too.. LOVE them! Happy holidays cutie! xo

  7. All these adorable little boy toys are making me so sad!!!! My son is 10 now and all he wants are video games and nerf guns and virtual reality gadgets!!! He would have LOVED that pull apart construction truck!! You know what? I’m just gonna buy it and make him play with it! That can be his Christmas gift to me! 😂 Thank God my daughter is still 7 and still loves FUN gifts!

    1. Ha ha.. I SO know how you feel Lucy! My girls are the same now and I really miss the days of princess dresses and barbie dolls. We still have our 7 year olds and will have to hang on to that this year! ;) Enjoy the holidays! xo

  8. So, first I have to say that my daughter said to me yesterday…”mom that lady from sunnysideup has a lot of great ideas because I know you use a lot of them.” I answered “Yes!!!”
    I was looking forward to your shopping recommendations today, but I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong because on this particular post, I don’t see any links for each of the “gift ideas…”
    Please let me know if there is another way to view these. I want to take advantage of cyber monday sales. I just purchased of your last post… blankets and joggers =))))

    1. Oh that is too sweet! I wish I could give your daughter a great big hug! ;) Thank you! Makes my day you like my ideas. :) I’m so sorry you are having link issues! Are you viewing on mobile or desktop? They are pictures of the items and sometimes take a minute to pull up. I’ll look into it.. let me know if it starts working for you! xo

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