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Shiplap display wall

Sharing a fun new update at my house with you all today!  It’s a shiplap display wall and I’m so excited about it!  Remember when I had my carpenter put up shiplap in Kole’s new room?  I loved it so much that I decided we needed a little more of it.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get enough white molding/planks in my life. :)

I have something similar in our formal living room.
I designed this framed planked wall when we built the house to display a gallery wall of pictures.  Since the gallery wall hadn’t happened yet (because I’m a S-L-O-W decorator) I used it to display our Christmas cards last December.
I loved that display so much!  I wanted to put up my gallery wall in this space, but I wanted something similar to this to display Christmas cards and other fun things.  So I decided to create another display wall.
I had been going back and forth on what to put on the wall in this spot between my office and powder bathroom and then it hit me!  That would be the perfect spot for some shiplap.  I drew my carpenter a quick sketch and he got to work.
Then I had my painters paint it quick when they came to paint Kole’s room.  Quick and easy!
And here it is all finished!  I decided to go with wide horizontal shiplap to mix things up from the one in our formal living room.  This spot is a more casual area and I think the shiplap fits better in this space.  The display wall in the formal living room has vertical planks with no space in-between.  That wall looks a bit more.. well.. formal.  :)
I’m really excited about all of the possibilities this little shiplap display wall holds.  Of course I’ll use it for Christmas cards each year.  And the kids’ school work.  And I’m thinking holiday displays!  The possibilities are endless.
I’m also excited to spotlight my kids on their birthday months.  Do some of you remember this aqua frame from the archives?  :)  I painted a frame in my previous house and used it to display all sorts of things.  This was El’s birthday spotlight.
And Ad’s.
And Kole’s. :)  You can see other fun ways I used my happy little frame in this post.  Just remember that post is an oldie when you look at my fabulous decor. ;)
west-elm-blue-jars-2 copy
This shiplap display wall sits right by the new shelf I just styled (sources here).  I love that this corner of my house is finally coming to life!
I get lots of questions about my floor plan which we aren’t sharing for privacy/personal reasons (thank you for understanding!).  But for those of you who are wondering about layout, here is a look at how this part of my house comes together.  I took this picture from my mudroom.  Our downstairs laundry room is on the right.  Then a few steps into the hallway is our powder bathroom on the right.  Then a little further down is my office… also on the right. :)  Stairs are on the left and that opens into our main family room/nook/kitchen.
I’ve also had a few questions about the fixtures in our hallway.  They are the Hundi Lanterns from Pottery Barn.  Yes they collect a little dust and you have to clean them every few months.  No that doesn’t bother me.  Yes I think they’re worth it. ;)
You can see from this picture how that hallway from the mudroom opens into our family room.
Kids were spread out having “reading time” when I was taking these pictures.  The only 30 minutes of calm during our summer days.
And I’ll throw this picture in because I took it that same day and why not?  :)
My shiplap display wall is a bit bare at the moment but that will change soon!  I have so many family pictures I’ve taken over the years.  Eventually I’ll have more of them framed and hanging on the walls of our home, but for now this display wall will be a perfect spot for a few of them to shine each month.


xoxo, Erin
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48 thoughts on “Shiplap display wall

  1. Oh the possibilities for that shipllap wall. Your house looks so good Erin. Can’t wait to see what you do with your magic touch. xo

  2. Hi! I just recently came across your blog and I love it. Your house is absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about it. Can you tell me where you got your curtains in your family room and also, what kind of hardwood floors are they?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you so much Michelle! I’m so happy you found me. :) My curtains were custom made. If you shoot me an e-mail I can send along the info. of where I ordered them from. My floors are also custom, but if you type “hardwood floors” in the search bar of my blog a post all about them will pop up. :) xo

  3. Fabulous idea to have that shiplap added to that particular spot, Erin. It’s going to be so fun to see what you put up there to see throughout the year. It looks right at home there! I DO remember that teal frame you use to put your picture displays in. Great photos! Have a great day. :)

  4. So fun chatting with you yesterday! Love seeing all these new angles of your home Erin…gives me so many ideas!😉 Don’t stay buried in DVD organizing all week now! 😂

  5. Erin it turned out beautiful! Love all your ideas on what to put up there. Celebrating the kids birthday month is brilliant. You could also hang a framed chalkboard and add sayings to it depending on the season/holiday. Can’t wait to see all the great things you do with your new shiplap!!

  6. It looks so great and so many things you can display!!.. even a great fresh magnolia wreath.. ooh the possibilities lol

  7. Hi Erin, I came across your blog on Pinterest and wow!! Your house is absolutely amazing!! My husband and I have been working on a floor plan for our home we want to build and I think I’ve changed my floor plan about a million times!! :D oops! Would you mind sharing with me where you found your floor plan or if you guys created it yourselves? I’m so excited to follow your blog and check out all your amazing ideas!!

    1. Hi Josee! Thank you! I’m so happy you found me. :) We designed our floor plan with an architect (created it ourselves). Not the fastest and cheapest way to go, but we got things exactly how we wanted them. ;) Good luck with your new home! So exciting! :) xo

  8. Thank you for sharing your lovely home. I especially like the color combination with the dark floors. Do you know the grey paint color?

  9. Love your blog and your style!! I notice that you have said you won’t share floor plans for privacy reasons. Kudos to you and I totally respect that decision! Wondering thought if you could share a bit more of the reasons behind it? What is it about the floor plans that is private, is it size of the house (no measurements?) or layout for home intruder reasons? We are thinking of sharing our floor plans and I am wondering if I am overlooking something. Sorry if I am being nosy, I just don’t quite understand!

  10. I love the shiplap, Erin! I think it’s great that you changed the direction in the two display walls. Skip and Joanna would be so proud! I adore the turquoise frame that you had used to display birthday memories of your children. Now I would have to have 6 of those for our 6 grandchildren, because I would never be able to remove the photos! I have some of those special 12×12 display frames for album layouts that you really should rotate once-in-awhile…nope, have had those in my craft room for 5 years and doubt they will ever get replaced with new layouts!

    1. Carol I’m laughing! I’m the same way. I always have good intentions of rotating things like that around and then never end up doing it! Ha! Hopefully I’ll be better with this shiplap display. :) Thanks cutie! Enjoy your weekend! xo

  11. Hi Erin – I LOVE this idea!!!!!! I think I have a perfect wall for something like this. I also love the dimensions you chose! Any idea what size pieces of wood were used for the project? Thanks!

  12. Hi Erin, loved this. I was wondering about the layout, do you mind not having the kitchen by the mudroom entry to carry groceries in? Most layouts I’ve seen have the kitchen on the outside and the family room on the inside and I’m just curious how you like it this way! I love your layout!

    1. Thanks Whitney! That doesn’t bother me at all because it’s all so close! You just walk in the mudroom, down the hall and into the kitchen (which is sort of like one huge room with the family room). I love that the mudroom isn’t too close to our living areas because it’s always a mess of shoes and backpacks and all sorts of stuff we bring in and out! :) xo

    1. Hi Kristy! Type “favorite paint” in the search bar of my blog for a post about all of my paint colors! Paint can be so tricky! Good luck! xo

  13. Hi Erin,
    I am trying to design/build a display board similar to yours. Could you help me with the dimensions of your molding? Width and thickness? Also, did you use a plywood for the planks or something thicker?

    1. Hi Dru! I’m traveling right now so unfortunately I can’t measure that wall .. so sorry! If you are still working on it and can shoot me an e-mail after the new year I’ll measure the width/thickness for you! We used MDF. :) xo

  14. I am having a message board with shiplap designed for our house. Do you mind me asking what you are using to attach the pictures….for example Wire and clips or tape, etc.

  15. Your home is gorgeous! I apologize if someone had already asked but can you share any detail about the carpet on your stairs?

    1. Thank you so much Kelly! I’m so sorry.. I don’t have the info. for that carpet! I just picked it out at a carpet store when we were building. I wish so badly I had written it down because I get asked about it all the time. Sorry that’s not much help!

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