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Hi!  I’m Erin and welcome to Sunny Side Up!  I’m so happy you’re here. :)  I live in sunny San Diego with my husband and our three kids.  I started blogging 9 years ago as a way to stay connected and share pictures of what we were were up to with family and friends.  I’ve always loved writing and photography and blogging felt like breathing to me!  What started as a family journal, soon turned into a lifestyle blog about all of my passions – Family, Organization, Home Design/Decor, and Fashion.  Not “run way model fashion”.. more like “I’m running around all over the city with my kids fashion” and want to be comfortable and look cute while I’m at it. ;)

Wondering if Sunny Side Up is a place you’ll want to hang out?  Here is how you’ll know..

If you love home design and decorating you’ve come to the right place!  I have always loved design and I was finally able to implement all of my design ideas when my husband and I built our current home from the ground up.  We spent six months designing the home and a year and a half building everything.  We’ve lived in our new home for almost four years now and I have been happily putting my stamp on the place and sharing the journey on my blog ever since.  I love sharing design and decorating tips and ideas with all of you and was recently voted Best Overall Design Blog at the 2017 Design Bloggers Conference.  (A true honor and I can’t thank everyone enough who voted for me!)

In my blog header you can find pics of my home and more posts about our building process under “Home Tour.”  You can also find sources for everything in my home broken down by room under “Home Sources” and past decorating posts under the “Home Decor” category in my header.

If a clean organized space makes you giddy OR if you struggle with organization, but want to become more organized you’ll feel right at home here!  Organizing has always been a major passion of mine and I absolutely love finding creative ways to organize our home and keep things simple.  Sunny Side Up is full of ideas on how to organize every single space in your house along with lots of Time Management tips!  I have three kids who are busy and going in different directions at all times so I also share a lot of tips on keeping your sanity and staying on top of things.   Organization is a topic I NEVER get tired of. :)

To see past organization projects I’ve shared head to the “Organization” category in my header.

If you love fashion OR you don’t love shopping for clothes, but want some fun ideas and suggestions on what to wear you’ll find that at Sunny Side Up too!  Once every week or two I share clothes I’m loving along with fun ways to style and wear them.

To see recent fashion posts check the “Fashion” category in my blog header.   You can also find my latest favorite clothes in the “Shop My Favorites” tab in my blog header.


A few random things about me… in list format because I LOVE lists. :)  

1- I married my high school sweetheart and this September we will celebrate our 20 year anniversary (yes.. we got married young!).  We drive each other crazy on a daily basis and are still very much in love.  I know we are in it for the long haul because we survived building a custom house together. ;)  You can read about how we met and fell in love here and more about us in a recent post I wrote on 10 ways to keep your marriage strong.  My husband is my best friend and I can’t imagine growing up or growing old with anyone else.

2- I taught Elementary school for six years and loved it!  (One year in Utah, three years in Virginia and two years in San Diego – 1st, 4th and 5th grade.)  Then I had my first baby girl and made the decision to take some time off to be home with her.  When I started blogging I was a newish stay at home mom to two little girls.  Two years after that my little buddy came along and completed our family.

My three kids in 2010 with our newest addition. :)

And my three kids right now – ages 7, 11 and 13.  Being their mom makes me happy every single day.

3 Because organization has always been such a huge passion of mine, my label maker is my best friend.  If I’m happy I organize.  If I’m sad I organize.  If I’m stressed I organize.  Or I eat chocolate chips and peanut butter.  Both help. ;)

4- I’m sentimental and tear up easily.  Sappy TV shows, a sweet moment between my kids, a kind e-mail.. it doesn’t take much to make me cry.

5- I love to shop!  I’m a good shopper.  My husband loves this about me.

6- My husband and I speak the language of sarcasm.  See #5. ;)

7- I hate to cook.  Really truly don’t enjoy it.  I try for my family but if it was up to me that little chore would be banned and my kitchen would remain spotless forever.

I like this..

NOT this.

8- I am incredibly close with my parents and siblings and can’t imagine life without my girl friends.  They all mean more to me than they’ll ever know!

9-  Addicted to: dutch oven potatoes, cherry ice chapstick, black and white stripes, Christmas decor, walks with my husband, time management books, lemons, clean organized spaces, reading time with my little boy, peep toe booties, The Container Store, pajamas, any time spent with my girls (daughters, girl friends, sisters, mom), turkey sandwiches, white molding, planners, popcorn and writing to-do lists.  I don’t always complete my to-do lists, but I sure love writing them.

10- I am happy.  And content.  I love life and try to focus on all things SUNNY.  This blog helps with that immensely.  Stick around here for a while!  I just know we’ll become fast friends. :) xo



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Recent Fashion:

I keep the “Shop My Favorites” tab in my header updated with my latest favorite fashion finds so head there to see what I’m currently wearing and loving!

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