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Spring Decorating!

Happy Monday everyone!  I’m so excited to be joining some of my blog besties to share some Spring decorating with you all today!  If you are joining from Megan’s fun blog Honey We’re Home hello and come on in!  I love having people over. :)

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

I have to admit that until a couple of weeks ago my house was looking pretty bare!  I took down Christmas and then went in for a not so fun knee surgery in early January and as you can imagine the house didn’t change much for a good six weeks.  Survival mode is always a good time, right?  If the counters were occasionally wiped off by my poor, exhausted husband I called the day a success!  I’m still limping around, but am finally feeling good enough to be cleaning and decorating a little.  It feels SO good!  Like I’m me again. :)  You won’t see any major changes.. just a few small Spring updates that are putting a smile on my face at the moment!

(All room sources are linked at the end of the post!  Affiliate links used.)

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)


My style is always fairly casual, but I wanted my family room to feel a little more on the crisp, clean side vs. a complete farmhouse feel for a change.  I swapped out my old frames for some white frames and I moved the vintage books I’ve had on my shelves for over a year and replaced them with a few simple accessories.  I still love the coral accents in this room (especially for Spring!) so I bought this beautiful rose print to add more coral to my shelves.  It helped give this space the crisp look I was going for!

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)


I’ve had a larger faux fiddle leaf fig in the corner of this room for years and loved it so I wanted to find another one for my husband’s office.  I searched on-line and found this faux fig and ordered it and when it came I fell in love all over again!  I decided to keep it here for a change and I put the other faux fig in Kenny’s office and they both look so good!  Either of them are great options if you are like me and can’t keep a plant alive to save your life.  #thestruggleisreal

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

Speaking of plants.. I was getting groceries the other day and found this darling little rose bush that matched my home too perfectly to be left behind.  I’m praying it will make it through the month!  Isn’t it cute!?  Another new addition are my pillows.  These large white pillows with small navy designs and coral tassels might be my most favorite pillows ever.  At least this season. :)  This cozy striped throw is also new for Spring and will be perfect to transition into Summer.

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

{Woven Araya Pillow/Embellished Shape Pillow}

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

{navy Grainsack pillow}

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

Simple decor on the right shelves also!  I bought this Paris print before our trip to Paris over a year ago and am happy to finally have it displayed.  The coral throw over my chair is the one I’ve had in my master bedroom.  Such a pretty throw with a herringbone pattern and it comes in lots of colors for Spring!  On a side note if you’re a flower lover, this book (displayed on my shelf) is so good!  I get lost in the pictures alone.

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my mantel!  It’s such a hard spot for me to decorate because it’s so big.  I took down the magnolia wreath and am loving the clean look of just the mirror.  I still love my lanterns, but need something to go on the right.. always a work in progress around here. :)

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

Hydrangeas are every season to me. :)

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

Getting my black and white striped fix on my console table.  I love color but can’t say no to a good black stripe.

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

Which is why these fun vases had to come home with me the second I saw them.  So pretty full of faux Spring blossoms!

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

I added a touch of Spring to the kitchen too!

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

If you saw my IG stories last week I attempted to switch out the dishes in this cabinet and ended up creating nothing but a great big hot mess.  I absolutely hated it!  So I put everything back how it was.  Sometimes change isn’t a good thing.. ha. :)

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

But I did mix up the tray and added some of my new navy gingham dishes.  Love these!  So cute for an Easter or Spring/Summer table setting!  They come in yellow and blue too.

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)One thing I’ve found decorating with plants and flowers is that if you have a few that are real sprinkled in with all of the faux, everything looks even more real!  This faux topiary looks real on its own but even more next to my real small plant.  That will most likely kick the dust within the week. ;)  I added some of my antique rolling pins to a basket in my window.  I collect them because they remind me of my grandma Ellen (who Ellie was named after).  She was an amazing cook and would always make me the best homemade noodle soup when I was a little girl.  I loved watching her roll out the noodles!  I know she looks down on me from heaven when I’m making Kole Ramen noodles for dinner and just shakes her head.

Maybe the rolling pins will help..

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

I added more little faux plants over the stove and called it good!

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

It’s the little things. :)

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

The rest of my gingham plates are on this butler’s pantry shelf.. ready for Easter!

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

I’ve had so many questions about my black and white striped rugs and if they wash well.  They do!  I’ve washed all of them multiple times in my washer (even though they say not to!).  I always wash my kitchen rugs and lay them out to dry.  The only issue is that the first time you wash them they will shrink a little.  It didn’t bother me at all.. I just cut the rug pad a little shorter.  They are still plenty big!  But something to be aware of.  They are the same rugs I have in my upstairs laundry room and on my front porch.  I’m a fan. :)

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

I kept the decor simple in my kitchen nook too.. just green apples in my dough bowl.  Next to hydrangeas of course. :)  Two of my three kids are obsessed with green apples lately so that was an easy decor decision!

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

Time to open these french doors and feel the cool breeze of Spring!  Pretty much feels the same as the cool breeze of winter, summer and fall for us in southern Cal, but who’s keeping track? ;)

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

Like I said, no major changes around here.  Just a few new plants, a few new pillows and a clean kitchen.

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

All this girl needs to feel normal again. ;)

If you are new, below are a few other spaces in my home that always feel like Spring!  You can also head here to download all of the paint colors throughout my home.  Thanks for stopping by!

Master Bedroom Reveal! (Sunny Side Up) vaulted shiplap ceiling, plantation shutters, custom window bench seats, linen cabinet, french doors, wood floors, marble fireplace, sitting area, desk work space.



Spring Tour! (Sunny Side Up)


*Update – Getting lots of e-mails about this rug in our family room.  I wrote all about it in this post on the rugs throughout my home!   


All this girl needs to feel normal again. ;)

Next up on the tour is my darling friend Courtney at A Thoughtful Place.  Courtney has such a beautiful home and warm personality!  We live about an hour away from each other and are lucky to get to meet for lunch once in a while to catch up!  Always a treat.  I know you will love her as much as I do!  Also be sure to check out the rest of my friend’s Spring tours!  So many fun ideas to welcome this beloved season. :)



xoxo, Erin
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59 thoughts on “Spring Decorating!

  1. I think some type of greenery would balance out the space on your mantel. Tall and green and for each season, add a pop of color with one or two flowers (which ever season it is)!

    Happy decorating,

    1. I thought of that Holly but the fireplace is so tall that I don’t want something I have to take down to water and the faux options for something the size I would need haven’t been great! If you ever come across something that would work let me know. It’s such a tricky spot! Thanks for the suggestion cutie! xo

  2. Erin,

    I love your home. Everything just looks so beautiful. I love your colors. Wish my home could be so clean looking like yours.

    You decorate so beautifully too. Thanks for sharing. Hope your day is blessed.

  3. Erin! Simply gorgeous as always!! These spring tours are fabulous as its still cold and snowy in CT so I am loving the inspiration (and hope to do the same soon!) for spring! I adore the coral color…I tend to gravitate to yellow in spring to match our blue rug but I think I might see how a light coral looks!
    PS. I am sure you have been asked this a million times but your photos are spectacular- what kind of camera do you use?

    1. Hi Erin! Thank you so much! It’s so fun to start thinking about Spring isn’t it!? And really.. coral is such a fun color to decorate with! It adds a nice pop of color against greys and blues. Plus it just reminds me of Spring and Summer. :) I talked about the camera I use in this post below..

      It shows a picture of a smaller camera I use when I travel, but then below that I linked the more expensive camera and lens I use for my blog pics. I hope that’s helpful! You are so sweet to say that about my pictures.. thank you! And stay warm! xo

      1. Thank you for the reply and the link to the cameras! So very helpful and i am excited to upgrade beyond my iPhone LOL!!

  4. Everything looks so fresh and pretty, Erin. I’m on a real plant kick right now, but some places around our home just require faux. I am so glad you are feeling more like yourself and that knee surgery is fading into the background!


    1. Thank you so much Carol! I love the look of real plants too! I wish I didn’t struggle to keep them alive! I’m just in such a busy stage with my kids that watering the plants somehow doesn’t get prioritized. I guess keeping my three kids alive is all I have the energy for.. ha! ;) Happy Spring sweet friend! xo

  5. Oh, Erin. Your home! It’s so so beautiful. The breakfast nook gets me every time. I want to come over with my laptop and work there for a few hours. Sound good? Love the pops of coral, too. Really so pretty. Well done, my friend. xo

    1. Thank you so much Courtney! You and your laptop are seriously welcome anytime! I’m so proud of us for pulling this one off! Ha ha.. ;) Can’t wait to hang out with you next month! xo

  6. Love this, Erin! Your home always looks so inviting! Loving the new vases and shelf décor too!

    On another note – I don’t think I realized how big your fireplace must be until you mentioned the large mantel. Comparing it to the chair next to it, it does seem big! I think we need a picture of you in front of it for scale ;)

    1. Thank you so much Kaitlin! I’m so happy you like it! Oh my word.. that fireplace is seriously HUGE! I’m thinking I really should take a picture next to it! I kept telling my builder that it was too big, but he thought it needed to be that size to work in the room. I don’t know.. I think it could have been a tad smaller.. ha! Would have been easier to decorate that’s for sure! ;) xo

    1. Thank you so much Megan! You need to come and visit. We really should be neighbors! Although I have a feeling we wouldn’t get much done.. :) xo

  7. This looks so good Erin! I love the little plant pots on top of your hood mantle — simple but it works SO well!

  8. Erin!!! I love everything and of course I have that grain sack pillow cover too #alwaystwinning!! lol! Thank you for being on this amazing tour and for all that your bring to it! I love you and wish I could hang out in every one of these spaces with you! I’m also so happy the you are getting around better these days…a prayer answered for sure!! Love you bunches, dear friend!!! xoxo

    1. Bree! Are you kidding!? We have that same pillow too!? I am cracking up. We seriously need to just be shopping together every day.. or better yet – let’s just open our own store together! Now THAT would be a party. :) Thank you so much for organizing everything Bree! Such a fun group. I can’t wait to see you soon! xo

  9. Everything is beautiful. Would you please comment on the rug in living area? I have been looking at this rug and am concerned that it may not be very soft. Thanks, pct

  10. Would you consider ( or maybe you already have and I can’t find it!!) doing a post on garage organization??? I’m DYING to get into my garage once this snow melts. I want to power wash, paint and organize! I am overwhelmed with scooters, bikes, remote control drivable kid cars, sleds, lawn tools, etc,etc… it’s becone a dumping ground and gives me a panic attack everytime I go out there!!!! I’d love to see what you’ve done in your garage! I so wish you could just come over for a cup of coffee and brainstorm with me!!!! Lol!!!
    Anyway, I’d love to take a peek inside your garage…..

    1. Hi Brenda! Ok.. finishing our garage is on our to-do list for this Spring/Summer too! We started working on it and I’ve written two posts about our progress, but it’s not finished! I’ll add the link so you can see what we’ve done so far and hopefully I’ll have more progress posts coming as soon as my knee is back to normal! Our garage has given me panic attacks in the past too so I feel your pain.. ha! I wish I could come over and we could brainstorm and knock them out together too! That sure would make the process A LOT more fun.. :) XO

  11. Hi Erin,
    Your home is absolutely beautiful!!

    I’m getting ready to install a new faucet in my kitchen, but it looks like you have more sink accessories than average person. Can you fill me in on what you had installed?

    1. Thank you Charlene! We do have a lot going on by our sinks.. ha! Ok.. We have a water filter for chilled filtered water, a sprayer to clean the sink, a pump for hand soap and then there’s the thing for the dishwasher and the button for the disposal. I think that’s it! Hope that’s helpful. :) xo

  12. I’m so glad you are back on your feet Erin! Your home is amazing as always, I really love all of your new touches though! One of these days I will make it down to visit you in person, but then I won’t want to come home to my mini version of your home 😂. I keep trying to convince my husband we need to expand our dining room onto our deck, then I see your layout and KNOW that’s what we need to do! I think he’d rather build another home 🙈. Your master bedroom is stunning, I love all of your pops of color, from your pillows to your dishes, well done my friend! Xx-Jen

    1. Thank you so much Jen! That means a lot coming from you! Your home is so beautiful. I can’t wait to see what you end up doing if you build again! But you know how much I love the home you are in now. And you are welcome here anytime cutie! We are definitely due for another girls trip! xo

    1. Thank you Aria! I’m so happy you like the bookcase updates. So true.. it doesn’t take much! So kind of you to stop by and check in. :) xo

  13. So beautiful and fresh Erin! It feels like spring now just looking at your house! I’m glad you are able to get around a little more now too. I would love to know where you got the 3 little plant containers on your hood? Love me a good stripe :) Thanks!

  14. Happy sigh…so fun to see what you have been up to, Erin. Enjoyed the spring tour. So happy to hear that you are getting around better these days. The touches of coral and your new pillows look wonderful in your space. Your house photographs so well. I know it gets messy, you’ve shown the proof, but there is something lovely about the just cleaned look in your photos. I saw your IG story about that cabinet?cupboard you were trying to redo. I like it the way it is. I like the bits of greenery everywhere. I also enjoyed the little story you shared about your grandma. :) I just enjoy your blog. I appreciate the time you take to share all that you share. Have a great week! :)

    1. Thank you Jeanne! It means so much to me that you enjoy it. And I’m happy you like the cupboard how it is because it’s staying put for a while.. ha! I’m the same way.. so nice to see a clean house once in a while even though it’s not always reality. Refreshing, right!? Sometimes we just need a clean kitchen to feel like we can take on the world. Or whatever our kids are going to throw at us that day. ;) Enjoy your week too sweet friend! XO

  15. Love it all Erin! Your blog always inspires me to clean and straighten up my home as well as make small changes in decor. I’m a big fan of “shopping the house” and switching out decor from room to room so I think I may take advantage of this rainy NC day and get started on some Spring cleaning and decor. Have a great one! :)

    1. Thank you so much Shannon! I agree.. shopping the house is always a good thing! I like to shop my mom’s house too.. ha. ;) Happy Spring cleaning! XO

  16. Are your hydrangeas real or faux? Is there somewhere you like to buy faux from? I cant Keep anything alive (I kill succulents) , I’m trying to figure out one of two easy plants, but I love having Greenery and I want To look real. Love all of the spring additions!

    1. I can’t keep much alive either Lynora! I totally feel your pain on that one. :) My hydrangeas are real. I have some faux hydrangeas from Pottery Barn that look close to real that I sometimes use, but I love the real flowers so much that I usually splurge on real hydrangeas through the Spring and Summer and then use faux for most of my other plants and flowers. I’ve found that if I have a mix of a couple of real plants with my faux plants everything looks real! PB is usually my go to for faux but Crate and Barrel and Magnolia Market are other good places to look too! xo

  17. Love the clean look with pops of color! I’ was wondering if all your lemons and limes are faux or real. I was wondering about the green apples but you said your kids like to eat them so that answered my question on that. I love the look of lemons in kitchens because it freshens it up, but I don’t want to buy a dozen lemons either because I don’t think I’ll be able to use them all before they go bad, and why would I use them if I want to use it for decorating? Just confuses me sometimes. Hahaha!

    1. Ha ha.. good question Debbie! My lemons are real! All of my fruit is real because we eat it! I love lemons in my water so I buy them often. Plus we have a lemon tree so during some seasons I can get them from my back yard. :) One trick I’ve done before though if you want some just for decor.. buy some fake lemons to put at the bottom of your bowl and then just buy a few real lemons to put on the top! xo

  18. Hi Erin! I love your home!

    Any suggestions for faux plants – where to buy? Obviously, aside from the Fig trees which I am still scoping out. I have been trying to find a way to balance the fake with the real because I really kill everything – even succulents! Are the hydrangeas real – I love them too.

    Thank you!

  19. Wow, everything looks fabulous. I can’t believe your home looks this gorgeous, and you are still recovering from knee surgery. I had my right leg and foot rebroken, and reset. I had five skin grafts on that leg, and a total of six surgeries from falling of a roof 21 feet in 2000. My home did not look anywhere close to this during the almost year of recovering. I love what you did in and outside your home. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Oh my word Ivory! I’m in shock hearing about your surgeries! I’m so sorry for all you’ve been through. What a nightmare! So sweet of you to say that about my home. I have to say that if I wasn’t blogging I’m sure my home wouldn’t have been whipped into shape this fast! Ha. It looked pretty bare for the first two months. I’ve found though that I function better and feel better when my home is put together so I was also motivated to get it done just for my overall sanity and well being! Decorating was a bit more tricky this time around for sure. Recovering from surgery isn’t much fun. I hope that you’re better and all healed and it’s behind you now! So grateful you survived such a scary fall! xo

  20. Erin, your home is beautiful!

    I especially love Spring, It’s like a new beginning. Spring for me often means cleaning but this year I’m hoping to add a few new accents and you have some great ideas here. BTW, love the rolling pin basket idea :-)


  21. I’m new to your blog and this post is delightful! Your home looks so light and fresh; ready for Spring! One of the best and cheeriest surprises is the different shades of coral popping up here and there throughout your lovely home. They’re like a bright smile in every room. Thanks for sharing your creativity, it’s the inspiration I’ve needed to get my home transitioned to the new season.

  22. I can’t seem to locate the source of the fabric in your great room. Would you mind sharing? Beautiful home!

  23. Hi! I love the pendants in your kitchen, would you mind sharing where they came from? They are going to be there perfect addition to my new kitchen. Thank you

    1. Hi Sarah! Those exact pendants aren’t sold anymore, but I’m working on a post that will have similar lights to all of the fixtures throughout my house! xo

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