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Master Bedroom (the beginning!)

Friends!  I’m finally sharing pics of my master bedroom!  Kind of.  Well.. almost. :)  Before I share the “for real” pics of my master bedroom all decorated I thought I’d back up a step and show you the beginning of this space because it has had a bit of a transformation!

So – back to the beginning..

Our master bedroom during the building process.  My little contractor kept us right on schedule. :)

“I’m envisioning an airy, light filled room.. spacious yet cozy.. with a vaulted planked shiplap ceiling.. and perhaps a  custom window seat.. wait.. make that two custom window seats.”

Kole always has the BEST ideas.

Someone found his sisters!  Day job is over.

My kids loved playing in this room when we were building.  It was tucked away from the busyness and the construction crew and I often found them all three together in this room riding their scooters or playing tag whenever we were at the new house.  The room had good vibes from day one. :)

I did want our bedroom to feel spacious, but also cozy with lots of light.  I ended up doing the same shiplap vaulted ceiling with beams that I put in our family room and loved how it turned out!  What I didn’t love.. was the paint.  After choosing paint colors and making so many decisions during building for every room in my house I reached a point of major burnout.  I had no clue at the time what colors I would use to decorate my bedroom so I picked a grey with blue tones and called it a day.  I knew the second I saw it up on the walls that I didn’t like it.  Because of the light in this room the grey gave off a purple tone.  It made the room feel darker and I immediately wanted to re-paint!  But I just couldn’t tell my husband.  We were putting out fires right and left and stressed out dealing with a lot of bigger issues (so typical when you build!) and I didn’t want to hit him with one more thing.  I decided that I would just wait until I was ready to decorate this room and figure out paint then.  After the stress of building was behind us.  Timing is everything ladies.. ;)  I also decided to wait on getting a light fixture for this space until I was decorating this room and knew what direction I was going.

We had a beautiful bedroom set in our previous house that we’d had for years.  Headboard, nightstands, dresser and hutch.  It wasn’t the style/look I wanted in our new master bedroom, but I had planned on moving it into this space anyway knowing that it would be a couple of years before I would get around to decorating this room.  On move in day our movers brought my bedroom set out of the big truck and asked me which room to put it in and I just decided on a whim I didn’t want to bring it into the bedroom.  We didn’t need the dresser because our closet was big enough to hold all of our clothes and why go to all the hassle when I knew we would be moving it all out at some point?  My mother-in-law had always loved that bedroom set so I made a quick executive decision and told the movers to just leave our entire bedroom set in the garage.. we would give it to Kenny’s mom.  My husband said “that’s fine.. but what do we do for furniture in our room for now?”

We moved in the mattresses and an old black side table from our last house and called it a day.  We planned on at least getting box springs to lift the bed up off the floor.. but never did.  Did I mention we were burned out at this point and just didn’t care?  It looked like this for over a year!  And we kind of liked it this way.  It reminded us of our early married college days when we were too poor to even go out to dinner.  Ha. :)  Our friends all teased us and cracked up when we would give tours of the house and get to this room.  It was such a beautiful space and then there were our mattresses on the floor with an old dated comforter, one black side table and a random ottoman that I bought for the family room and then didn’t love in the family room.

We had so many spaces to furnish and as you all know.. I’m a slow decorator. :)  It was nice to just not think about this room for a while!

So I didn’t. :)  Instead I decorated our family room, our kitchen, the formal living room, our dining room, my office, the girls rooms.. pretty much every room but our bedroom!

But I was excited to finally decorate this room at some point and starting pulling ideas together.  When we were designing the house I drew pics of these custom benches with pull out drawers (they aren’t attached to the wall and can be moved) and I couldn’t wait to decorate them with pillows.  I wanted something with simple legs that fit the style of our home.  Kind of cool to draw a picture of something like that and then see it come to life.

A few more pics of this space..

This is the hallway leading to my bedroom..our master bathroom is the door on the right.

I also designed this custom linen cabinet with a mirror and had my cabinet guys build it for me when they built the benches.  This mirror and our bathroom door on the opposite side might look familiar to you.

J crew checkered shirt (Sunny Side Up)

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Hello fashion Fridays. :)

The french doors in our hallway lead to our back yard.

Finally it was time to start working on the master!  I picked out our bed, nightstands, bedding and pillows first.  Then I knew I had to re-paint.  I gently broke the fun news to my husband when he was in a particularly good mood one night.  He gave me the ok but said that I better pick something I loved because we were NOT paying to paint this room a third time.  Pressure!  I looked at so many options.  I really just wanted something softer and lighter than my original paint color.  A nice light background for the colors I was decorating with.  I chose “Balboa Mist” by Benjamin Moore as the winner (sample on the far left) but I was afraid it was too light so I had it darkened 20% and went with that (middle color).  It was just a tad warmer.

I never know if I’m going to really love a color until it’s all over my wall (the hard part about paint!) so I’m pretty sure I held my breath this entire morning.

By this point I was in love!  The room felt so much lighter and brighter!

This paint color is a perfect soft, neutral “greige” (color between beige and gray).  It looks like a beige in these pics, but with my furniture/fabrics in the room it looks like more of a gray.

Which you’ll see.. in my next post. :)

xoxo, Erin
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32 thoughts on “Master Bedroom (the beginning!)

  1. Oh my gosh! What a great post. I’m excited to see the finished transformation. What I loved most though was seeing your kids! My goodness, how they’ve grown since you built the house! Wow! Thank you for the backstory about this room It looks huge and I’m happy for you that you were able to change the color. I liked the first color, but agree it was a little dark for the bright airy space Your custom build furniture is gorgeous. How exciting for you to have designed some of the furniture pieces. You are so talented! Maybe an untapped career path?? :) Thanks so much for sharing, Erin. Hope your PT is going well!! Been thinking about you and wishing you a great recovery.

    1. You are too kind Jeanne! Such a sweet comment! I know.. my kids have grown so much in the past 4 years! It’s crazy to see how little they were and it feels like that was just last week. Time needs to slow down! I’m so happy you like the bedroom! I’m also so happy I’m finally getting around to posting it.. ha! Took me long enough. I’ve had more time than usual to edit pictures with this knee recovery. PT is going well and I go in for X-rays tomorrow! Hoping that I can try to start putting a little weight on it soon. Thanks for your kind words.. you are always so good to me and it means a lot! xo

  2. Erin!! I really enjoyed this post and I liked looking at how the room has progressed! I agree with the paint color I am really liking the greige and Kole has such an eye for design ;-) Hope you’re feeling well, take care :-)

  3. Hi Erin! It’s me again, Preetika :-) Oh wow, just looking at pictures of your master bedroom takes me to a happy place. The white built-ins are exquisite and I adore your vaulted ceiling with the shiplap + beams.

    I chuckled reading about your ‘executive decision’ on the old bedroom set – I’ll have to make the same decisions for what to bring to my new house.

    I love, love your re-paint decision — the new ‘greige’ gives a very pleasing harmonious look while still allowing your beautiful white built-ins and marble mantle to stand out. I’ll have to add BM’s Balboa Mist to my list of potential colors.

    For me, my marble brick “ordeal” has come to an end! I was having so much anxiety ordering and returning samples, so I decided to go with a single veined white-marble jumbo slab for our backsplash and will use the remainder for the fireplace mantle! Our fabricator will let me go to the quarry and pick the exact slab that will be used – problem solved!

    – Preetika

    1. Thank you so much Preetika! I’m so happy you like the paint and my master bedroom! And I’m thrilled you solved your marble brick ordeal! Sounds like the perfect solution. Always so nice to check those types of issues off the list right!? Happy for you! :) xo

      1. Aw, thank you :-) Yay, it really does feel good to have it checked off. Can’t wait to see pics of how you furnished / decorated the room!

  4. I was SO excited to see pics of your master!! It is beautiful already Erin and I can’t wait to see the final reveal! Love the new color and the ceiling is to die for :) Great job as always. Hope this week’s recovery has been a little easier!

    1. So sweet of you Lisa! Thank you! I’m thrilled you like the space.. I’m glad I’m finally getting around to sharing pics of it! This week has been better for me for sure. Not a fun recovery, but every day is a little easier. :) Thank you so much for thinking of me! xo

  5. It looks fantastic! It is truly amazing the power of paint. Greys are so hard we used in in a bathroom and it reads blue at times (I may have to try your colour). Can’t wait for the final reveal. Oh my have your children have grown. Time flies by doesn’t it!

    1. Thank you so much Florence! I agree.. greys are the hardest! So tricky finding the right one for each space. And yes.. time flies too quickly for sure! Whenever I pull up old blog pictures I can’t believe how small my kids were! Feels like two minutes ago. xo

  6. Isn’t it crazy how a coat of paint can make a room lose 20 pounds? Love the new color. Can hardly wait to see the finish. We just painted our hideous dog barf gold walls in the dining room. No I didn’t choose that. The previous owners loved it I guess because it’s EVERYWHERE! All I can say is one room at a time (insert rolling eyes). All my Addison could say is “it’s about time”. ;) Gotta love kids.

    1. Ha ha.. love that she said that Cindy! Sounds like something my Addison would say too. ;) And yes! That’s exactly what new paint can do! I’m so happy for you that you re-painted your dining room! Hideous dog barf gold is no good for anyone. :) xo

  7. Erin I seriously laughed when I saw your bed, that’s awesome !!!
    I love love the new colour , you are right it’s so light and airy yet warm .. can’t wAit to see what you did with it !!

  8. Aww, way to leave us hanging!! 😜 I’m especially interested in this post and your reveal because I am in the middle of choosing master bedroom paint and furniture at this very moment. We are remodeling our master bath which is going to be gray and white. So I feel like we should continue that feel in the bedroom, but I’m honestly drawn more to beige in that room….will probably pick linen/bone colored headboard, curtains and accent chairs. (Duvet is white) So I think I need a paint that will be verstitile with both gray and beige. Can’t wait to see your reveal!

  9. Such a beautiful room! Love the color! I’m looking forward to seeing all the pictures of the finished room. Hope you are doing well with your recovery. Time really does fly……I miss my children being little,but now I watch my grandchildren grow and learn. They are so much fun! I look at pictures of my children when they were little and I can remember the days like they were yesterday……….now ask me what I had for dinner last night and I really have to think about it Ha Ha! Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful rooms. They give me so much inspiration!

    1. Ha ha.. it’s so true Noreen! I can remember some things from years ago so clearly and then struggle to remember where I parked my car! Seriously a daily struggle. :) Thank you! So happy you like the paint! xo

  10. Hi! Love the new color. Just curious though — do you recall what the name of the blue/gray/purple you originally painted your bedroom was? Thanks!

    1. Hi Corrie! Thank you! I do have that somewhere. I’m working on a printable with all of my colors so check back! Hoping to have it up soon. :)

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