Priorities and new kitchen rugs

It’s Monday!  And for a change I’m actually greeting this Monday with open arms.  Last week was a tough one around here.  My little buddy has been sick.
SO sick.  I snapped this pic with my phone just before his Xray.  Soon after our Dr. told me he had pneumonia and an ear infection in each ear.  :(  I pretty much held him for three days straight.  It’s so hard for me when my kids are sick.  It’s hard for all moms.  For obvious reasons it’s hard – forget about anything you thought you were going to get done.  But worse than that, it’s just hard to see them not feeling well.  You wish you could take all of their pain away.  But you can’t.  So you just hold them and love them and take care of them and get up in the night with them and feed them and clean up after them and then hold them some more.  A favorite quote of mine kept running through my head whenever I felt frustrated that nothing on my to-do list was being accomplished.  
I wrote about this quote last March and think of it often when I face hard days as a mom.  I love it and believe it 100%.  Thankfully my little boyfriend is doing MUCH better and next week will be a happier one for both of us.  I just know it.  :)  
While not much was accomplished around the house last week, I did somehow manage to get my floors clean enough to take some pics of my new kitchen rugs!  

I found them at Target.  I’ve been looking for some kitchen rugs with color for a while and just couldn’t commit to anything.

 When I saw these I knew they’d be perfect.  At least for a while until they get trashed or until I can make up my mind on other options (whichever comes first!).  The long, skinny runner fits perfectly in front of one of my sinks.

And the shorter 4 x 2 1/2  rugs work great for in front of my kitchen islands.  
 I know.  More grey and white.  But color is coming soon.  I promise.  

Aside from being in a grey and white rut, I seem to also be obsessed with this trellis pattern.  
Now I have it in my kitchen rugs, a rug in El’s room (pics coming soon), the nook light, and on my staircase.  Oh my word!  Just remembered I haven’t showed you my finished stairs yet!  I’ll take pics of them soon too.  I still have a lot of our new house left to share!  It’s all coming.  As soon as my kids are 100%.  Priorities.   

Hope you all have a happy and HEALTHY Monday.  And if you’re feeling low, head to Target.  They have cute rugs.   Plus that place always seems to cheer me up.  Like I said – priorities.  


One step forward, three steps back

I have had so much help this past week packing and moving.  SO much help.
Some of my “help” is especially sneaky.  
And especially helpful.  
 What would I do without all of this help?
Perhaps actually get something done.  

A good buddy and a fireplace

I adore this picture because I adore the two people in it.  This is my little buddy with one of his favorite buddies – our finish carpenter Chuck.  Chuck is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met.  
Every morning when I need to head to the new house I say to Kole “it’s time to see Chuck and the diggers!” and he races to the car.  Chuck is so good with Kole.  He shows him his tools and saws and the two of them chat about hammers and spiders and diggers and all sorts of things of the utmost importance to three year old little boys.  

Chuck’s kindness to my son isn’t the only reason I admire him.  He is so amazingly talented.  I explain to him what I want things to look like and then like magic!  He makes it happen.  His woodwork and attention to detail have blown me away.  Here are a some pics of my family room fireplace in progress…

 Now you can see why I adore Chuck as much as Kole does.  When I picture it all painted and finished with Christmas decor on the mantel I can’t help but grin from ear to ear.  :)

And a few more pics of my little man and his “diggers.”  He will be so bummed the day this house is finished and there aren’t trucks and a construction crew around to entertain him 24/7.  I will be a bit sad too.  So may people who have worked on our house have become good friends of ours.

Kole being a “scary monster.”  We play out this scene about oh…  3,728 times a day.  
 This outfit is a favorite of mine btw.  Whenever Kole has it on I tell people he dresses like his daddy – business casual.  :)
Happy Monday friends!  


I was at the new house from 11:00 am – 8:00 pm.  I had meetings with the tile guys and the counter top guys and the balcony railing guys and the landscaping guys and the finish work guys and the exterior paint guys and my builder.  He’s a guy too.  That’s a lot of meetings with a lot of guys.  So many issues were worked out and so many details were discussed and so many notes were taken.  My head is spinning and I am truly worn out.

Where were my kids during these meetings?

In school and then home with their dad.

Aside from the two hours they were riding scooters through the house.  
These are crazy days/evenings for our family.  All routines are tossed out the window.  Homework is rushed.  Dinner is rushed.  House is always a mess because mom isn’t around to clean it.  Kenny and I have so much on our minds right now and are beyond excited to wrap up this process.  We are very much looking forward to a little more normal around here.  A time when we don’t wake up in the middle of the night rambling about the door hardware bid or the shower back splash.  A time when we have conversations that don’t involve electrical outlets and concrete pavers and paint swatches.  A time when we aren’t so distracted and scattered with all we have going on.  It will be a good time indeed!
In the meantime, the kids seem to be enjoying our new “normal.”  
To them this is all one big PAR – TAY. 
So I am going to put on my party hat and press on!
Maybe it’s time I buy myself a scooter.