Thanksgiving re-cap

Love my mom’s house and yard this time of year.  
Such a beautiful neighborhood.  

The kids were lots of help with the leaves.  Such a novelty for them.  Palm trees tend to stay in tact in our neck of the woods.  :)

My mom breaking the bread for stuffing in her pj’s on the phone.  Comfy multi tasking at its best.  

This table was taken over by the kids for coloring and crafts.  

Family bonding time.  We always end up chatting in the backyard while the kids play.  

They were outside all day long.  
Except for when they were inside on the computer.  Kole’s latest obsession – ABC Train on YouTube.  If you have a toddler, google it and enjoy four minutes of peace.  
You’re welcome.  :)
Enjoying time with Kenny’s fam.  This pic was taken while everyone was talking to his little brother on the computer who is serving in the military out of the country right now.  He was missed.   

Time for an Oreo turkey craft!  

These little suckers are harder to make than you’d think!      
Not Pinterest worthy, but El’s turned out better than mine did.  
Fun to make and even more fun to eat.   

My girls with Kenny’s sweet grandma.  Love this picture. 
My nephew in the leaves.  Also love this picture.  
And I especially love these pictures:

A great game of chase never gets old.  At least for a certain two year old.  I have to admit – it was nice sitting this round out for a change.  :)

A Baby Garland

Me and my little sister.  Much like my girls, the two of us were thick as thieves growing up.  

And here is my beautiful little sister now.  All grown up with a family of her own.  Love these four.  If you’ve read my blog for a while these aren’t new faces.  :)  
I just wanted to pop in today to share a fun idea for a baby garland.  Carly (my sister above who I call Carbon Monoxide – long story) threw a baby shower at her house last weekend and made the CUTEST baby garland for the party.  I had to share it with all of you!

Isn’t that adorable!?  And so fun and creative!?  I love it!  They are ALL random pics of my niece and nephew.   Every single picture is a different baby pic of these two:

I know.  They.  Are.  Adorable.  Claire is my girls’ partner in crime and sweet little Jonah doesn’t go anywhere without his pink blanket.  Love that.

(btw – this is my sister’s house in the background.  She and her husband have totally  renovated their home over the past few years and it is so modern and sleek and cool.  I need to get out to visit again so I can take some more pics!  And so I can love all over these two.)

Anyway – back to the adorable baby garland!

Cut some party hats out of cute scrapbook paper and hang the pics on a string with clothespins.  So simple and easy and fun.  If you are hosting a baby shower with a room full of moms another idea is to have each mom send in a baby picture to hang up before the party.  Then everyone can guess which baby belongs to each mom.  :)  
Love it.  
And since we’re on the topic of my sister and babies, here is one of my favorite pics of the two of us – 
My mom snapped this soon after Car delivered her first baby.  Happy times.
Sisters and babies and fun party ideas.  Good topics indeed.  

Have a great Thursday!  

Our 4th

Oh it feels good to be posting again!  I took a mini va-cay from my computer while we spent the last week in Utah with family.  We had such a fun week!  I loved seeing family and friends and letting my kids run wild and free with their cousins.  It was also really nice to get Kenny away from work (even though his second wife a.k.a his iPhone was still attached to his hip).  I feel like a new person after a little down time!  I have so many things to post about!  I’m going to have to pace myself.  :)  We got home yesterday and my house looks like a bomb went off – as it always does after traveling.  But the chores will have to wait!  I’m in a procrastinating mood so instead of cleaning I’m about to overload you with pictures.  Sounds much more appealing, right?  

 We drove an hour from my mom’s to Kenny’s grandma’s for our annual small town 4th of July parade.  This picture looks like a repeat because the girls have been in the same dresses the past three years.  When they got these dresses three years ago they were a little big on them, last year on the 4th they fit perfectly, and this year they were a bit small.  But I managed to squeeze one more 4th of July out of them!  Not bad for dresses they wear once a year.  Kole was obviously not in the mood for a photo shoot as is always the case when I’m outside with my little boyfriend.

This parade is so small and quaint.  I adore it and so do my kids.
The big trucks and tractors even kept Mr. on-the-go mesmerized.  

 There was a little something for everyone.  :)

 Kenny’s sweet grandma and family.  

Kenny’s brother is in the military and is getting ready to serve 6 months in Afghanistan.  We missed him so much but had fun catching up with his wife and their two year old twins.  My girls are the experts when it comes to two year olds so they took right over.  :)  
After a fun morning with Kenny’s fam, we drove back to my parents and swam and everyone took a nap.  Loved that.  Then we had a BBQ and got ready for fireworks!

We met friends for the firework show.  I love these girls!  And their sweet kids.  These are the only two pictures I got because we were all so busy chatting.  It was a great show this year.  I got teary eyed during the finale.  God Bless America was playing and the fireworks were so beautiful and the girls were on our laps (with their dolls in their laps) and we were surrounded by friends we love.  It was the best.  It was even worth all of the teasing I got the next day from my husband and brother.  But you know – I’ve learned with those two that they’ll give me a hard time regardless so if I want to cry during a firework show then cry I will!  :)

The rest of our trip was just as fun as the 4th.  My dad (in his oh so happy retired state) spent hours filling the sand pile with new sand the day before our arrival…

 A perfect shady spot for the kids on a hot summer day.  

Kole always sticks his tongue out whenever he is in deep concentration playing with his trains and trucks.  I get such a kick out of it.

The kids spent hours in the pool and sand pile.
Happy kids.  Happy care-free grandpa.  
Notice the pink around El’s lips and eyes.  The girls had just given each other make overs before hopping in the pool.  :)

This is my dad’s new project.  He is building another garage in their back yard.  His new “office” now that he is retired.

 Next on his list is a tree house for the grandkids.

Wild diaper bandits were re-united.  My dad is moving his garden over because of the new garage and these two boys took full advantage of the huge pile of dirt.

 They quickly learned that a hose made for even better times. 
 We all had a good laugh watching them slip around in the mud together.

I so wish I would have taken a picture of them before we sprayed them off with the hose.  They were covered in mud.  Head to toe.  Such a mess!  A bath in grandma’s tub quickly followed that little adventure.  :)
My mom caught this sweet moment with my camera.  My girls love to play on this rock with their dolls first thing in the morning in their pajama’s.  They must have been taking a little break. 

Dinner with my cute friend Josie!  It worked out that we were able to get together on her birthday.  We decided that needs to be a summer tradition.  I love catching up with my friends who I don’t get to see all the time.  I didn’t get to see them all this trip because we spent two days doing new house stuff.  So much to do so little time!  Guess I need to plan another Utah trip soon.  I could think of worse things.

Yes.  My “the end” 4th of July pic once again.  
Because I’m all about traditions and this one never gets old to me.