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5 recent favorites

Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{large Akimbo tote/jute rug}

Well! It has been a week! So many end of the year activities. I am running on dry shampoo and little sleep and don’t know if I’m coming or going anymore. I know all moms feel me. This time of year is not for the weary!

I’m a little weary. Ha. So quick post today! I’m sharing 5 things I’m loving recently starting with this cute large tote! I shared it in the collage in my last post but here is a better pic of it. I gave it to a friend for her birthday and just love it. Nothing like a stylish bag that holds all the things and this one comes with a smaller bag inside too. It also comes in a medium size. So cute!

Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{seagrass glasses/salt & pepper shaker/seagrass pitcher/not pictured but fabulous – seagrass salad bowl/*also sold here}

*faux peonies and other shelf sources can be found here.

Talk about a perfect set of dishes for summertime. I couldn’t love this seagrass dish collection more! I saw them last year and waited too long to get them and they sold out so when I saw the collection on-line here this spring I didn’t hesitate! I bought the salad bowl too and have already used it multiple times! You can remove the seagrass sleeve on everything except the pitcher and put them in the dishwasher so they are easy to clean. Later I saw them back on-line at PB too. When not in use they are beautiful kitchen decor on an open shelf or inside a glass cabinet. Or just out on your kitchen counter/island on a tray! They would make a beautiful Mother’s Day gift.

Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Ok.. remember my beloved navy herringbone kitchen rugs? I love them so much I still have them even though I’m not using them! Just couldn’t part with this set in case I want to pull them out again.

Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{playroom sources}

Then there is my malta striped rug that is so beautiful! I wish I could say that it’s still in my playroom and that my playroom looks like this but sadly no. Kenny bought a ping pong table and there went this cute set up! I’ll have to share a pic soon of just how NOT cute this room is at the moment. But it’s full of teens most days so practical won in this space! Anyway.. back to my rug. It’s currently in our guest room! It looks so beautiful there. One of my favorites.

I’ve always loved Dash & Albert Rugs and so many cute styles are on sale today for WayDay! You can find them all here but I rounded up my favorites below!

Rugs On sale (


1- black/ivory striped rug   2- geometric area rug  3- herringbone area rug

4- diamond chenille rug   5- malta striped rug   6- jute striped rug

7- marlo striped rug   8- geometric area rug   9- la mirada rug

Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{Addison’s room sources.. still unfinished.. ha.}

Addison’s cute nightstands are also on sale along with so many other great home items! Wayfair is having their big WayDay sale that only lasts two days a year! I’m getting this post up with just one day left so act fast if you see something you want. I rounded up some other favorites below like my eucalyptus garland I use every year from September through the holidays. Love a good home sale!

Wayfair Sale (


1- toy organizer   2- stone pot planter   3- makeup organizer

4- eucalyptus garland   5- oriental rug   6- garden bench

7- dinnerware set   8- nightstand  9- dining table

10- market umbrella   11- pot planter   12- shelving unit


Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{the boy, the mole, the fox and the horse}

Ok.. this is a horrible pic of me but I had to share because this book! A friend gave it to me for my birthday and I read it immediately (it’s a quick/easy read) and then sent her this pic of me in a puddle of tears when I finished to thank her for such a thoughtful gift. (Her message to me on the inside was so kind I was crying before I even started the book!) It is just the sweetest simple story that weaves in life lessons about love and hope and the true gift of friendship. It’s a book for everyone.. young and old and I adore it along with the friend who gave it to me.

That’s a wrap! A cute tote, summer dishes, beautiful rugs, good home sales and a charming book that felt like a warm hug. 5 things I’m loving right now!

What are you loving lately?


xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “5 recent favorites

  1. Oh the wild and crazy end of the school year mania is upon you. I thought I might be past that since my kids are out of public school, but then I got a job as a classroom aide and I’m feeling it in a different way. LOL Good luck, Erin. You can do it and look fabulous doing so! It’s always fun seeing your favorites. Thanks for sharing. I’ve heard of the book you shared, but never read it. It must be pretty special. Especially coming from a special friend with a lovely note. How wonderful to have such a special friend. I hope the rest of your week goes well! Thanks for all you do. I appreciate it and you!

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! Oh my word.. a classroom aide – you’re definitely in the thick of end of the year madness too! So much fun. I miss working in Elementary schools.. they have a fun energy. :) Enjoy things winding down! (Winding up first.. and then winding down..) ;)

      1. The cake mix is seasonal so there is a chance that it could be sold out. I always buy multiples of their seasonal items as they don’t last long. Good luck! And I sent that link so you could see what the box looked like. There’s no way I paid that much for a cake mix! 😂

  2. I am loving my Hello Fresh subscription. I know you always say you “don’t cook” and I AM a cook so that is why it took me so long to try it out. With these buys days I literally get home, open the fridge, choose a meal, and it is ready within 30 minutes, I promise!! I can’t get over how well we are eating and so no “misses”.
    I’m also loving our sunshine here in East Tennessee :).
    I adore that tote you gave your friend! I’ll look into that book too :)

    1. Oh I love that Jenni! Nothing like sunshine to improve your mood right!? We tried Hello Fresh too! It didn’t work for me but I think that’s because there was still so much cooking involved.. ha. ;) I would be all about a subscription where the meal comes hot and ready! xo

  3. Erin,
    I am sure your playroom has seen more decorative days however, if the ping pong table keeps the room full of teens WHERE YOU KNOW just WHERE THEY ARE and WHAT they are DOING it is certainly worth it! Thats the trick-swimming pools, ping pong tables, SNACKS-then you know they are at YOUR house where you can keep your third eye on them even while your back is turned ;-D
    Erin, you guys have this down pat!
    End of school year-how well I remember. I actually thought it would be a great idea to buy stock in dry shampoo!
    This will be a hard summer for you, both emotionally and physically to launch the first born…….
    Enjoy as much as you can and TRY to ignore the many NOT so enjoyable parts b/c its gone before you can turn around and then its engagements/weddings and just when you hang up your mother of the shoes, little ones start coming once again and you get to have a DO OVER! THATS exactly when God gives you a wink!
    It is an exhausting, messy, sometimes (often) confusing life we signed up for and are living but also unbelievably BEAUTIFUL!
    Take care and keep the dry shampoo out of your eyes ;-D

    1. Sharon! My computer is a blur because I’m tearing up as I type this after reading your comment. I’m so emotional already! Not quite ready for this launch even though I know that it’s time and in some ways are both ready and in other ways we will never be ready! I love your advice and I’m going to try to enjoy as much as I can. I have no doubt you are right and before I know it we will be knee deep in weddings and grandkids! Seems so crazy to imagine we are here (didn’t I just become a mom myself!?) but here we are. I’m grateful for your advice kind words and will definitely be needing your virtual shoulder to cry on soon and to remind me that it’s all going to be ok. I’ll keep the dry shampoo out of my eyes but send ALL the tissues just in case! :) XO

  4. Erin,
    I have a correction! ;-D
    That was supposed to be: “hang up your MOTHER OF THE BRIDE SHOES” !!!!!!
    A New England term for when the last daughter is married!
    Mine were recently hung up! Hmmmmm they COULD come out IF my cousins daughter gets married as her mom has very sadly passed. The weddings, my friend, will also be a sad/happy, maddening, confusing and crazy time!. It happens so quickly. The youngest daughter became engaged on the heels of college graduation!

  5. I hope you’re enjoying the summer with your family! This is a great round up of some fun finds, Erin! I will definitely check out that book for a summer read. Thanks for sharing!

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