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Playroom Update! (take two!)

Ahhh!  I did NOT mean to go a week without posting on the blog but it has been crazy getting back in to our new school/after school routine this year.  The first couple of weeks are always a little challenging aren’t they?  Fun and exciting for the kids but also exhausting and emotional.  I’ve also been trying to figure out my new routine with this schedule.  I try to batch tasks as much as possible to make the most of my time so I’m tweaking and re-tweaking things to figure out what will work for me.  Last week I accomplished a whole lot of tweaking and not much else.  Ha. ;)  This is our first full week and I have no doubt we’ll all be ready for the weekend once it rolls around!

Playroom update (rattan chair) Sunny Side UpToday I’m excited to share my second playroom update with you all!  (You can see the first post on transforming this room here.)  We now have a light fixture!  And a new chair!

Playroom update (rattan chair) Sunny Side Up

I shared this Sayan Pendant light fixture soon after I ordered it but I didn’t have it hanging yet and it sold out right after.  It’s back in stock again (yea!) and I’m not surprised that it keeps selling out.  I LOVE this light fixture.  It adds so much texture and is great quality for such a reasonable price.  I wanted something casual for this space and am so happy with the vibe it brings into this room!

Playroom update (rattan chair) Sunny Side Up

I also wanted something that would match this Hanging Rattan Chair!  Isn’t it fun!?  I’ve wanted to put this hanging chair in our playroom for years now.. ever since I first saw it on-line at S&L!

Playroom update (rattan chair) Sunny Side Up

{Montecito Pillow Cover/Surf Stripe Pillow Cover/Del Mar Cotton Throw}

It’s so beautiful and I love that you can pile pillows and blankets on it to look (and feel!) cozy.  These are some of my favorite pillows/throws at the moment and I’m having a hard time keeping them in the playroom!  They want to be in every room in the house.  Especially this Fall. :)

Playroom update (rattan chair) Sunny Side Up

As you can imagine the new chair has been a huge hit with the kids!  You can’t tell in the pictures but there is a decent amount of space behind the swing so there is definitely room to have some fun.  Not out of control bust the wall fun (as I explained in detail multiple times!), but definitely room for a good back and forth. :)  My girls and their friends all hang out in this room and the theatre room when they come over so for teens the chair is a great spot to hang out and chat and laugh.

Playroom update (rattan chair) Sunny Side Up

For Kole?  Well.. this is his favorite way to use the swinging chair.

Playroom update (rattan chair) Sunny Side Up

But that doesn’t happen as often as he’d like because this is how his mom prefers that he use the swinging chair. ;)  Either way it has quickly become his favorite new spot in the house which makes my day.  I knew I loved the chair so I’m thrilled my kids love it just as much!

Playroom update (rattan chair) Sunny Side Up

I had my friend snap this pic when she was over the other day so you could see the size of the chair (I’m 5’3 and 1/2) and it holds up to 300 pounds so safe to say it’s nice and sturdy!

Playroom update (rattan chair) Sunny Side Up

{Topanga Linen Throw}

Which is great because kids shouldn’t have all the fun right!?  :)

Playroom update (rattan chair) Sunny Side Up

I’m so excited about the new fixture, hanging rattan chair and my two new throws and pillows for this space!  Next on my list is to decorate the walls, add accessories and bring in some COLOR.  There are a lot of various shades of blue going on and I’m still trying to decide on the best accent color for a room shared by boys and girls.  I’ll keep you posted on what’s going on in this space as soon as I figure it out myself!

Playroom update (rattan chair) Sunny Side Up

In the meantime.. you know where you can find me. ;)


xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Playroom Update! (take two!)

  1. How cool is this update to the room! The cautious mom in me worries about holes in the wall because of an over exuberant sitter in the chair(or it falling from the hook), but the child in me absolutely delights in the whimsy of the chair. LOVE that you have a picture of you spinning. Awesome room!

    1. I’ll definitely have to watch for exuberant sitters.. ha! But my kids know to tell friends not to go crazy or it’s the end of the swing. ;) Thank you so much Jeanne! Happy you like it and I hope you’re having a good week so far! xo

  2. I looooooove this! And I love the chair! Eek that was such a fun picture of you twirling! :) My kids have been begging for a hanging chair in their rooms too, so I’m thinking maybe a shared one in the playroom would be a win-win! Have a great day, Erin!

  3. Love this room – especially the swinging chair! :) Looking forward to whatever else you decide to add – I know it will be lovely!!

  4. What a fun space for teens. I have five teenagers–yikes! I love all of your throw pillows throughout your house and in the new playroom, too! Do you know what kind of pillow inserts you use for the throw pillows you have that aren’t custom made? I’ve been struggling with polyester fill that seems to full and down/feather blends that are very flimsy and not firm at all.

    1. Hi Tamara! Thank you! Oh my word.. 5 teens! I will pray for you! Ha. ;) My favorite pillow inserts are from Pottery Barn, Serena and Lily and Lauren Haskell Designs. Those are the inserts I use over and over for all of my pillow covers! They cost a little more, but hold their shape while still being really soft to lounge on. :)

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