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Fall Wreaths (9 under 90!)

Hello friends.  It has been a strange week at our house!  Addison started school Tuesday but my other two don’t start until next week so I’m “sort of kind of” trying to get back in a routine for one daughter and still having late night swim parties for the other.  So tired from staying up late and getting up early!  It has also been tech week for a play Ad is in (she’s playing Matilda in the play Matilda this weekend!) so I’ve driven an insane amount getting her to rehearsals and back in traffic – her practices have been close, but the theatre she’s performing in is over an hour away.  My house is a mess because I started taking down summer stuff and pulling out Fall AND on a whim yesterday I decided Kole’s entire room needed to be de-cluttered and started pulling it apart (I added some cute stuff to his walls I’ll be sharing soon!).  My parents are coming from Utah to see the play so I’ve got a few hours tomorrow to “sort of kind of” get things put back together around here.  Should be a party.  That’s what’s going on at our house.. what has your week been like?  :)

Thank you so much btw for all of your kind comments and e-mails about our theatre room!  I love it when I hear from so many of you.. it always makes my day. :)  A follow up post is coming but I’m short on time tonight so let’s quickly talk Fall Wreaths!

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Fall Wreaths (9 under 90!)

{Wreath/Round Bread Board/Square Bread Board/Candle/Similar Crock here and here}

Nothing says “Fall” like a fun wreath and I recently bought 2 that I’m so excited about!  This Eucalyptus wreath might be one of my all time favorites.  It’s so beautiful and I’m loving it over my stove!  It instantly added so much warmth to my kitchen.  It also gave me a good excuse to cook less this month. ;)  All joking aside, Fall is the only time of the year I “sort of kind of” enjoy cooking.  It’s so fun to have something warm in the oven or crock pot when it starts to get cooler outside!

Fall Wreaths (9 under 90!)

The Eucalyptus wreath I just bought is really similar to the Eucalyptus Berry and Pine Wreath I bought last year for Christmas.  (You can see I still have the ribbon on mine because I’m going to hang two of them in my dining room again in December!)

Fall Wreaths (9 under 90!)

{Eucalyptus, Berry and Pine Wreath}

I love this wreath too and it’s back in stock!  It’s a little larger and fuller than my new wreath and has more going on with the berries and pine.  The pine gives it more of a Christmas feel to me but this wreath I just bought works for Fall or Christmas.

Fall Wreaths (9 under 90!)

K is this making anyone else excited for the holidays?  Just me?  I can live with that. :)

Fall Wreaths (9 under 90!)

{Maple Eucalyptus Fall Wreath}

This is the other Fall wreath I bought.  So beautiful.. I LOVE the warm reds and yellows this time of year.  I always decorate with traditional Fall colors because we don’t get to see enough of them in San Diego.  If I could invent a Palm tree that changed colors and dropped its leaves I’d be all over it and my yard would be full of them.

Fall Wreaths (9 under 90!)

{Similar Twig Wreath}

Clearly I like to hang my wreaths in the most practical places I can find.  Ha.

Fall Wreaths (9 under 90!)

Fall in the mudroom a few years ago!  Love this time of year.

I rounded up 9 gorgeous wreaths – looked at SO many and these are my favorites!  I have to apologize though.. there are two wreaths that popped up last week at $89 and now they are $99!  (WHAT!?)  So technically my 9 under 90 is really 9 under 100.  Oops!  Sorry about that!  Maybe we should call this wreath collage “9 under 90 sort of kind of.”  ;)

So many fun looks to add a splash of Fall to our homes.  Which one is your favorite?  #3 is my top pick this year!  Ok.. off to bed.  Busy cleaning day tomorrow. ;)  Happy Friday!

Fall Wreaths (9 under 90!)

1 –  Bittersweet Twig Wreath   2 –  Oak Leaf Wreath    3 –  Eucalyptus Wreath

4 –  Cotton and Twig Wreath  5 – Fall Abundance Wreath   6 – Maple Eucalyptus Wreath

7 –  Eucalyptus and Olive Half Wreath   8 –  Mussaenda Leaf Wreath   9 –  Seeds and Berries Magnolia Wreath

xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Fall Wreaths (9 under 90!)

  1. Love the wreaths! Our back-to-school is also really scattered about… With 3 at three different colleges plus one starting high school this year, mine literally start back 4 separate weeks. I kind of miss the days when I had 3 at the same elementary school and a little one at home and back-to-school was a one day event :)

    Enjoy Matilda!

    1. Thank you Clare! I know.. I was thinking that too! I miss having one back to school day for all 3 of my kids. Is it crazy to have 3 in college!? Such a fun time. I always think about how that will be because it’s right around the corner for us! xo

  2. I love decorating with wreaths! I have one that hangs in our dinning room all yr. I clip pictures to it of our girls. I decorate the clothes pins with a seasonal strip of 3/8in ribbon😉 easy peasy.
    You decor is always so prettt Erin! I love everything you do.
    Im so ready to decorate for fall but too tired to think about it.
    We have ( over the last 3 weeks) been preparing for a yardsale! Every corner has been cleaned out & we emptied our shed, purged anything & everything. Nothing has b gone untouched🙈 I oftened wondered how a couple manages to accumulate so much stuff in 20+yrs. Lol! All the while, trying to make sure our kids didnt go back & pilfer through it & keep something. HA HA!
    I hope your days can slow down a bit while your parents visit.

    1. Oh my word Jennifer! You have been BUSY! But what an amazing feeling to have all of that done! Huge pat on the back! You need to take a week or two off after your yard sale before you decorate or do much of anything! Ha. :) I love that idea for decorating with wreaths and pictures! SO cute. Good luck finishing off your project.. I’m jealous! I have a few areas I really need to clean out and know that if it doesn’t happen in September it will be January before I can get to it. I need to muster up some more energy.. and time! ;) Enjoy your weekend! xo

  3. Thanks for this, I actually just took down my summer wreath this morning and thought I need to find something for fall. Perfect timing!

  4. HI Erin,
    I just came across your blog a few weeks ago. We built a house in Minnesota 15 years ago. We started building during my fourth pregnancy when we found out it was twins! Anyway, after 15 years, things are starting to need a revamp. A few years ago, my husband painted the whole living area–kitchen, vaulted foyer, nook, family room, hallways–by himself. We had chosen a gray paint. He bought all the paint and hadn’t been painting for more than a few minutes when I realized it was lavender! Gray with a HUGE lavender undertone. I have hated it ever since then but we dealt with it. He has agreed to paint again, so I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect shade of gray. That’s how I came across your blog! Anyway, I bought a sample of Seattle and I like it. (I LOVE it in your pictures). I have a few walls where, in certain bright sunlight, I worry that it looks lavender, too. In your pictures it looks pretty consistent. Do you think your Seattle paint has any lavender undertone? Would you recommend it?

    1. Hi Tamara! Seattle shouldn’t have any lavender undertones (it’s the truest grey I’ve found!) but it will look different in each room depending on the lighting! If it’s looking lavender to you in sunlight you might want to talk to someone at a Sherwin Williams and see if they can tweak the color a little for you. You are so smart to put up samples and live with them for a while first! You don’t want a repeat of what happened last time (I’ve been there done that too!). I wish I could help more! I would definitely recommend Seattle, but it’s hard to say if that’s the right color for you in your home with your lighting without seeing it. xo

  5. Love you wreaths and decorating! I live in Florida, Orlando, and it’s been so so hot! I am decorating for fall and trying to make myself believe it will cool off soon! Where did you get your wreaths? My kids are grown, youngest is 21, so I’m done with the school and sports crazy routines. Now it’s on to all my grandchildren, 16 of them from 16 to newborn!

    1. It has been so hot here too Vicki! Trying to create Fall inside my home because we sure aren’t feeling it outside. ;) All of my wreaths are linked in this post! 16 grandkids!! No rest for you! ;) But oh my word.. how FUN! xo

  6. I love ALL these wreaths!!! Quick question: the wreaths you have from Nordstrom, do they hold up well from year to year? How do you store them?
    Thanks for all the sharing you do!! I feel like you and I shop from all the same stores so it’s so nice seeing your home from season to season!

    1. Yea! Thank you so much Andrea! My Nordstrom wreaths hold up SO well.. I’ve had some for years and they still look great! Garland too. I store them all in my attic. We have a small room off of our upstairs where I keep all of my holiday decor. I’ll try to share a pic when it’s time to decorate for the holidays! :)

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