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Boy’s Space Themed Bedroom

*This post is sponsored by Walmart and affiliate links are used. All opinions and product selections are my own!

Boys Space Themed Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

Happy weekend everyone!  Ok.. I was going to wait on this post (it’s sponsored by Walmart just like my last post!) but I’m honestly too excited to share with you a fun little re-fresh we gave Kole’s room!  And when I say “we” I mean me and Kole. :)  We worked on it together and just finished it today.  It turned out SO cute!  Some of you might remember when Kole played the part of “the sun” in his school play on the planets last Spring.  He has been OBSESSED with planets and the sun and the moon and black holes and the galaxy and all things space ever since.  So when I saw Walmart’s new Flower Kids Collection and all of the cute space art prints that were available I could not get on board fast enough.  (This collection is also by Drew Barrymore just like the Flower Home collection with my cute dishes!)

Boys Space Themed Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

This is Kole’s bedroom wall “BEFORE”

Boys Space Themed Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

And here is the “AFTER!”

Boys Space Themed Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

Aren’t the wall prints adorable!?

Boys Space Themed Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

{Astro Boy Galaxy Party}

This print is my absolute favorite!  I love that the planets are balloons.  I love the deep blue background and all of the splashes of color.  I also love how large it is!  (About 26×38 so it fills up a lot of wall space.)  Great quality.. easy to hang.  It looks so good in his bedroom and is perfect for my space obsessed little buddy. :)  I also picked up this wire clothes hamper to hold all of Kole’s swords.  We did a major toy clean out before school started and I needed something to hold the favorites he hung on to.

Boys Space Themed Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

{Moon Phases/Solar Orbit}

We added this fun Solar Orbit print to his dresser and then this Moon Phases chart to the right side of his wall.  He loves the Phases of the Moon chart!

Boys Space Themed Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

And just because we loved the colors we also added this fun Retro Lightning print to his industrial shelf.  We went through all of his books and only kept favorites and then Kole helped me style his shelves.  He’s very proud of his trophies and wanted them displayed along with his favorite orange fox bank and his beloved Dog Man books. :)

Boys Space Themed Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

{Lab Equipment Chart/An-Atom-y of an Atom}

I couldn’t say no to these fun Science prints because they fit this wall by his window seat so perfectly and I love the way they look!  Bonus if they help him remember the difference between a proton and a neutron. ;)

Boys Space Themed Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

These prints actually work perfect with Kole’s original dark navy bedding, but that comforter is SO hot and heavy (with flannel sheets!) so at the beginning of summer I had already bought an inexpensive comforter and sheets with all things space on it to use in the summer.  (This comforter bedding set is very similar!)

Boys Space Themed Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

I picked up a couple of Burnt Orange Pillows for his window seat to accompany favorite friends. :)

Boys Space Themed Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

{Similar Rug}

And just like that his room is complete!

Boys Space Themed Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

Isn’t that Astro Boy print fun!?  I’m obsessed!  It adds so much personality to his room and I can’t describe it but it’s just so.. Kole. :)

Boys Space Themed Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

{Similar Round Mirror}

Boys Space Themed Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

Decorating the few blank spots in his room motivated me to finally put some pictures and art work up on his pinboard.  I’ve had this pinboard hanging in his room for years!  Every night when I tuck Kole in bed I think “I really need to get some pictures up on that board..”  Seriously what’s wrong with me!?  I should have done if forever ago.  I finally developed some of his favorite pictures and hanging them took all of 10 minutes.  Such a small thing but I felt major victory getting that done today!  Ha!  It’s the little things. 

*Top left picture is our family zip lining in Kauai.. the sweetest. :)  

Boys Space Themed Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

I’m thrilled with how his room turned out!  Honestly the new Flower Kids line is adorable.  So many fun things for girls’ spaces too!

Boys Space Themed Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

The VERY best part about this bedroom?

Boys Space Themed Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

Is my sweet space loving “sun” who it belongs to. :)

Other Flower Kids Favorites..

Boys Space Themed Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

1 –  Animal World Map   2 – Love at the Zoo Wall Art   3 – Rainbow Decorative Pillow

4 –  Retro Lightning   5 –  Astro Boy Galaxy Party    6 –  Moon Phases Chart

7 –  Star Map Porthole   8 –  Periodic Chart    9 –  Day at the Zoo Wall Art

10 –   White 6 Drawer Dresser   11 –  An-Atom-y of an Atom   12 – Lab Equipment Chart

xoxo, Erin
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31 thoughts on “Boy’s Space Themed Bedroom

  1. Oh my goodness, Erin, this is fantastic! What a special line that Walmart is carrying. I have a daughter who would be a teensy bit jealous if I showed Kole’s room to her! She love everything space! She’s the one who is going to be an engineer and work in aerospace. Just the other day she was telling me about some space info she learned and it’s from an encyclopedia of space she bought at Barnes and Noble earlier this summer. Seriously, my kid is reading for fun a space encyclopedia. Anyway, I LOVE the prints you found and all the decorative elements to finish up Kole’s room I can see he is one happy space trooper! It looks awesome! Well done, Mom! :)

    1. Jeanne! I LOVE that your daughter is also so into space! And seriously.. reading a space encyclopedia book for fun? Give yourself a pat on the back mom. ;) Kole is the same way.. just so into it all. I hope it lasts! I’m so happy you like his room re-fresh! We had so much fun putting it together. :) Thank you sweet Jeanne! xo

  2. Love how this turned out, Erin! Looks like the perfect space for Kole. I’m a big Wal-mart shopper, but wasn’t familiar with the Flower line…. some seriously adorable stuff there! Makes me wish my kids were younger :) Thank you for showing us home decor options in different price points.

    1. Thank you so much Clare! Isn’t the Flower Line (both for kids and adults) adorable!? I’ve loved so much of it all. Walmart has seriously stepped up their game in the home decor department! And I know.. this collection made me wish my girls were still little! So many cute things they would have loved. I’m so happy you like Kole’s room! Thank you again! xo

  3. The room turned out so cute! Love the new art work on the walls. I would also love to know the source for the furry beanbag chair in the corner, if possible. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you so much Liz! I’ve had a few questions coming in about other things in his room that he has had for a while so I’ll link it all in a post this week! :)

  4. This is such a nice “space” Kole looks so happy! You always do such a nice job with your decorating! Another project off of your list!

    1. It is a nice “space!” Ha! Now why didn’t I think to use that? ;) Thank you so much Noreen! You are such a sweetheart. Yea for another project DONE! Always a good feeling. :) xo

    1. Thank you so much Katrina! I’m so happy you like it! I’ve had a few questions coming in about other things in his room that he’s had for a while so I’ll link it all in a post this week! I need to look up that fan source and remember where I got it! xo

  5. It’s really nice!! I love the Science prints and “astro-boy” with his balloons too!
    Your son is a lucky space lover in this cool bedroom.
    I know a pre-teen here by my side who is still an everything space addict :)
    Kole and you have done a good job.

    1. Thank you so much Emilie! Isn’t that astro-boy print adorable!? My absolute favorite. :) So happy to hear your son is still a space addict! I’m really hoping it sticks with Kole too. Thanks again! Your sweet comment made me so happy. :) xo

  6. Oh this just makes me so excited to get together again!! Jens LOVES space too!! He got an astronaut costume and helmet for Christmas that he loves, which will make Halloween really easy this year! He loved seeing these pics! “He has a BB8 bop it like me! And he has Dog Man books!” These two will have so much fun getting together again. Love you guys!

    1. Josie our boys are two peas in a pod! Love that Jens is into space too! And of course.. Dog Man. Ha. :) We can’t wait to see you guys again too and I owe you some pictures! I’ll text soon.. love you! xo

  7. Hi Erin,

    The room looks awesome love the theme and how you styled it all. Can you tell me where you found the picture frames on his nightstands?

  8. Cute! I would love a link to those orange side lamps. Maybe it’s in here and I”m missing it but I couldn’t find it.

  9. Wow, this looks amazing! Walmart? They have really stepped up! I never shop there, I’m a total Target girl, but I just ordered three of these things for my son’s playroom (he’s almost 9 and loved the science prints!)

  10. Hi Erin,

    Love everything about this room, the colors coordination, prints, all goes together so well. I was wondering if you recall where you got the gray pouf in the corner?


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