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Spring/Summer Tablescape

*Huge thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post! (Affiliate links used)
Spring/Summer Dining Tablescape (Sunny Side Up)We are a low key family when it comes to meals and most of the time we eat dinner gathered around our kitchen island, outside when it’s warm or sometimes for me (when things are really busy like during the crazy month of May) fine dining takes place in my car. :)  I know this about us so when we built our house I told my husband that we didn’t need a formal dining room.  That it wouldn’t get used much and was a waste of space.  He insisted that we add one to the plans and I have to say.. that is one debate I’m happy I lost!  I have loved our formal dining room!  This space gives me the opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone and entertain more.  I used to never have people over to eat because I’m not a great cook and it always seemed too expensive and so much work.

Spring/Summer Dining Tablescape (Sunny Side Up)

I have found that is absolutely not true!  Once I got past my own fears and just started doing it more I realized that it doesn’t matter what you’re serving or how fancy your table looks.  It’s really just about bringing people together to relax, talk and enjoy each other’s company.  I’ve had friends over to just have a big chicken salad for lunch or in the evening for pizza, chips and diet cokes!  I’ve also learned that it’s not hard to set a beautiful tablescape for guests without spending much.

Spring/Summer Dining Tablescape (Sunny Side Up)This entire Spring/Summer tablescape is from Walmart!  Walmart you guys.  I’m obsessed!

Spring/Summer Dining Tablescape (Sunny Side Up)

These beautiful pink and coral dishes are the Vintage Floral dinnerware set from the Flower Line Walmart did in collaboration with Drew Barrymore.  I’ve been adding pops of navy, coral and pink to my home for the past couple of years so I was thrilled when I found these!  (They also come in just pink and navy if you aren’t into coral.)  I got new simple white dishes for my birthday this year and had been looking for a fun floral set to entertain with that didn’t cost too much.  These are beautiful!  I’m finally passing on the dishes we’ve been using for over 20 years since our wedding.

Spring/Summer Dining Tablescape (Sunny Side Up)

I love the larger simple plates too for every day.  The set comes with these two plates, a pink bowl and a small navy bowl.  I also got these cute gingham placemats from Walmart and love them with the floral plates!  Gingham and floral is a fun summer combo.  The gingham would be cute for the 4th of July too!

Spring/Summer Dining Tablescape (Sunny Side Up)

The clear glass vases I used for my centerpiece are also from Walmart.  The two side vases were only $4 each!  I picked up some flowers from the grocery store to make these arrangements but you could also just pop in some flowers or branches from your yard.  I thought it might be fun to add some after dinner chocolates inside the small navy bowls. :)

Spring/Summer Dining Tablescape (Sunny Side Up)

Another favorite Walmart find are these cute gingham pillows!  You guys.. I’m not joking – they are big and such amazing quality for $12!  They come in other colors too.  My friends didn’t believe me that all of this was from Walmart.  I hardly believe it myself!

Spring/Summer Dining Tablescape (Sunny Side Up)

I also picked up this pretty pink throw to drape over my chair.

Spring/Summer Dining Tablescape (Sunny Side Up)

I found this beautiful navy vase for my console table and the navy ceramic side table is also from the Flower Line collection.  I keep moving it around because it looks good in so many of my spaces.. outside too!  I bought the coral ombre ceramic table for my family room.  I LOVE them and they cost so much less than I’ve spend on similar garden stools.  I still need to style my console table more but I’m so happy to have my art up!  This room is finally coming together.

Spring/Summer Dining Tablescape (Sunny Side Up)

Spring/Summer Dining Tablescape (Sunny Side Up)

I moved one of my faux fig trees in this corner of the room and this macrame basket was perfect to hold it!

Spring/Summer Dining Tablescape (Sunny Side Up)

This basket is one of three (they came in a set) and I’m going to use the other two in our playroom or the kids’ rooms for stylish storage.  So cute.. the Flower Line has these baskets in several color options!  I’m telling you this line is too much fun.

Spring/Summer Dining Tablescape (Sunny Side Up)

The new art I got for my family room is also part of the Flower Line!

Spring/Summer Dining Tablescape (Sunny Side Up)

I hope you all like this Spring/Summer tablescape!  The colors make me so happy.  We are nearing the end of the school year and are in serious countdown mode.  2 weeks for Addison, 2 1/2 weeks for Kole and 3 weeks for Ellie.  Easy breezy summer days are calling my name!

Spring/Summer Dining Tablescape (Sunny Side Up)

Time to get my husband grilling!

I’ll set the table. :)



xoxo, Erin
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20 thoughts on “Spring/Summer Tablescape

  1. Beautiful table, Erin. How neat that it comes from Walmart and is affordable. The designs are lovely. I especially like the gingham! Your dining room looks fabulous. I’m so glad you shared that you have people over for more “normal” meals and that it is more that you open your home and welcome friends than anything else. So glad your May is starting to wind down. I hope things go smoothly until the last kiddo is done. :) You can do it, you can do it…! :)

    1. I think I can I think I can.. :) We are doing great! This is really our last crazy over the top week and then things start to calm down so I’m excited about that! So happy you like the table Jeanne. Thank you! I agree.. it really is about enjoying people more than anything else. But yes! When you can decorate a pretty table for not that much money.. why not? :) Enjoy the start of your summer! YEA! Happy for you. :)

  2. Girl…you have no idea what inspiration you are to me! I’ve already told you that I’ve remodeled my bed and bath using your paint colors and accent colors. I even bought the plaid pillows in gray! Must send u pics!
    And now you’ve introduced me to the new line at wal mart. We are driving to Florida as I type this and I plan to shop the whole way down on their site!!

    1. Oh that makes my day! YEA! Thank you! I’m so happy to hear that! I would absolutely LOVE to see pics. Definitely e-mail me some! :) xo

  3. I absolutely love your table. The colors are so pretty. Where did you get the large piece of art, over the buffet?

  4. Erin, will you please share where your rug came from? I’ve been struggling with purchasing a rug for a while now.

  5. Your table is gorgeous!!!! Great job!! I can’t wait till my husband gets done building my farmhouse table! Tablescapes are so much fun!

  6. I love them all! I could use a new set of dishes and these are so cute! Would you be using them during the winter months too? We use our dishes all year round.

    1. Our family will definitely use them year round but I’ll probably only entertain with them during the Spring/Summer. I agree.. so cute! xo

  7. Love your table!! So very pretty! But I need your blue buffet cabinet! Where did you get it?

  8. Erin, I adore these dishes! Have you used them yet? I’m curious if they scratch easily? My current dishes have so many scratches and lines from silverware over the years, I want to replace them with dishes that hold up longer. Thanks!

    1. Hi Julie! I’ve only used them one time because they are so new! Good so far but I know that’s not much help for how they hold up long term. :)

  9. Hi Erin!
    Such a pretty diningroom! I also have a jute rug that I’m wanting to put in my diningroom and wondering if it’s hard to move the chairs back and forth on it? I was able to find the same pillow in my Wal-Mart today! Thanks for all your inspiration.

    1. Thank you so much Tamara! You can’t slide the chairs without lifting them just a little but so not a big deal for us because we don’t use this room for every meal. Maybe something to think about if it’s for your every day table? I would try it! You can always move it back and chances are you’ll get used to that and not even think about it. That was the case for me until you asked this question. ;)

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