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Spring/Summer Family Room Decor

Family Room Spring/Summer Decor (Sunny Side Up)

It occurred to me last week (during the fleeting 2 hours that I had my house clean) that I never shared a Spring tour of any sorts on the blog.  I’ve been focusing my attention on a few other rooms in our house so I didn’t make any huge changes to my decor this year.  But small updates are also fun and like I said.. the house was clean.   It had to be documented. ;)  So here are a few pics of what my family room is looking like this Spring/Summer!  When things are perfectly clean.  Which is usually just on Friday mornings since Thursday is my main cleaning day.  By Friday afternoon the kids are home and the weekend hits and I say good-bye to perfectly fluffed throw pillows. :)

Family Room Spring/Summer Decor (Sunny Side Up)

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The new art in my family room is probably the biggest change in this space.  I wanted to bring more pink and coral into the room for Summer and love this fun print!  It wasn’t too expensive so perfect to play with for a season or two.

Family Room Spring/Summer Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{thatcher stripe chair/celine throw/chair lamp/moroccan basket/palermo throw/bliss throw/rose abstract white frame}

It’s a bit modern and doesn’t really go with the mirror so my fireplace mantel is still a work in progress.  It’s such a hard space for me to decorate!  First because it’s seriously huge.  Second because it’s right next to my decorated console table so I feel like it doesn’t ever look good when I start putting too many things on it.  Vases with flowers and things like that just look like too much because I already have that on my console.  But even though it’s not “done” I’m really loving the pop of color the art brought into the room!

I said to Kenny “what do you think about the new art?  Too modern?  Doesn’t really go with the mirror right?”  He answered “yeah.. maybe take it down.  Whatever you want.”  (He hardly even looked at the art.  He clearly cares so much about our fireplace mantel decor.)  Then I said half under my breath “or we could take down the mirror and do something else there..”  ready to bolt out of the room at a moment’s notice because I knew he’d pay closer attention to that comment!

Family Room Spring/Summer Decor (Sunny Side Up)

He answered like I thought he would.. “you’re kidding right!?  Please tell me you’re kidding.”

Our mirror was such an ordeal to hang and clearly the battle wounds are still too fresh.  I’m kind of wanting to switch it out but I knew he wouldn’t be too enthused about that plan.  It’s ok.  I’ve learned with my husband how to slowly introduce an idea I know he won’t love so that even though he doesn’t think he’s warming up to it.. he really is.  I’ll just softly throw it out there a few more times and let the idea marinate a little and then wait until the right moment when he wants to do something I’m not jazzed about to offer a fair trade.

I haven’t stayed happily married for over 20 years by mistake.  There is serious strategy involved. ;)

Family Room Spring/Summer Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{similar lamp/black stripe vases/similar console/similar baskets/similar faux flowers/hall light fixture}

Family Room Spring/Summer Decor (Sunny Side Up)

Family Room Spring/Summer Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{textured correll pink pillow/navy velvet pillow/stripe tassel pillow}

I did get a couple of new Spring pillows and I know I say this all the time, but I really do love the way simple changes like that makes my space feel brand new!  Our couch has seen better days and this week I’m putting on new slip covers.  YEA.  The linen fabric I chose for this couch wasn’t my smartest move with kids and you can probably see in this picture how hammered it’s getting (it looks worse in person!).  I was going to change the covers a couple of weeks ago but then decided to wait because my parents were coming into town and that usually means lots of take out and late night conversations on the couch.  I didn’t want to feel worried about keeping new couch covers clean!  Although the new fabric I chose is going to be much better for that sort of thing.

Family Room Spring/Summer Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{tasseled olive pillow/araya pillow/navy velvet pillow/similar throw/mateo side table/pacifico pot/capri candle/faux fig}

Family Room Spring/Summer Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{white tray/similar wood tray/marble coasters/blue sea glass beads/blush sea glass beads}

I picked up this Azalea at the grocery store right before Easter and it still looks so beautiful!  I can’t believe how long I’ve kept it alive.  I’m trying to take such good care of it because it’s just gorgeous.  All of the various shades of pink are making me so happy in this room!

Family Room Spring/Summer Decor (Sunny Side Up)

Family Room Spring/Summer Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{ticking stripe throw}

Family Room Spring/Summer Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{comfort roll arm couch (couch details in this post)/similar coffee table here and here/wool jute rug}

Family Room Spring/Summer Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{wood oval tray/similar navy vase/white and natural vase/ceramic rose vase/rose botanical print}

Pops of pink on the shelves to welcome Spring and Summer!

Family Room Spring/Summer Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{vintage wood oval tray/quatrefoil stand/paris print}

Family Room Spring/Summer Decor (Sunny Side Up)

I hope you enjoyed this little non-tour Spring/Summer tour!

Family Room Spring/Summer Decor (Sunny Side Up)

I know I’ll enjoy touring this space on the blog again tomorrow.

When those perfectly fluffed throw pillows are forming a tent on the floor.



xoxo, Erin
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29 thoughts on “Spring/Summer Family Room Decor

  1. I really like the peps of color in this space. The pillows are pretty on the couch. I do like the draped throws, too. That azalea is lovely. Your space always looks so inviting. Had a chuckle at how you introduce ideas he may not like to your husband. Strategy indeed! Hope you have a great rest of your week, Erin! :)

    1. So happy you like the color Jeanne! Thank you! I hope you’re surviving all of the end of year activities with your oldest graduating. I’ve been thinking about you! xo

  2. Hi! Loooove your home design and decor. You’ve been a major inspiration for my home and recent den remodel! Quick question – is your couch slip covered? I love my LR couch but hate the pattern. Thinking of getting slip covers but heard mixed reviews. Would love your opinion!!


    1. Hi Christine! So kind of you.. thank you! Yes! Our family room couch is slip covered. I’m so happy we went that way because now that they are getting dirty I can just replace them with new slipcovers instead of having to buy a new couch. The new slipcovers I got I can toss in the wash so I’m hoping this couch will be easy to keep clean in the future! The only downside to slipcovers in my opinion is that they can slip around a little bit so every couple of weeks I’m re-tucking things in.. but that’s not a big deal. I love slipcovers for our main every day couch! I hope that helps. :)

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! I found the new tree and loved it so I originally bought it for my husband’s office! But when it came I decided I liked it better in the family room and the other fig I originally had I liked better in his office. Although now my original fig tree is in my dining room. (Decor is always rotating around here!) I’ll share that soon on the blog. Long story short.. I wanted two of them! :)

  3. Oh i love this room! The mirror looks great, and I totally get how you deal with home changes and your hubby:) we are preparing to move into a house we just bought on a lake and I’m so excited to incorporate a few pops of blue and coral! Thanks for the tips!

    1. Susan! You’re getting ready to move in! That’s so exciting! Kenny’s dream is to live on a lake someday.. I bet your home is just gorgeous. You will have so much fun decorating! Happy for you. :)

  4. Love your living room. The pink is beautiful. As for the fireplace mirror, I think a big, round mirror with a very thin black metal or lighter wood frame would look minimal and bold at the same time, and would be a lovely complement to the more rectangular shapes in that area.

    1. Hi Wilma! Thank you! I totally agree. Definitely something with a thin frame and I need something round whether it’s the mirror or another object on the mantel. We are on the same page! Always a work in progress. :) Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this! xo

  5. This is so adorable!! That azalea is stunning…nice work! :) I agree with you that the variety of pink accents bring a big smile. What a great space, Erin! Just darling and ready for warmer temps and hopefully lots of sunshine.

    1. Thank you so much sweet Genelle! I’m so happy you like it! Definitely ready for the sun.. we’ve had a cloudy rainy week so far and I’m ready for summer! xo

  6. I love the pops of pink in your family room. I totally need to do this in ours. I hope you won’t think I’m over stepping and you don’t have to consider this at all, but when I saw the picture of your fireplace with the new art and your console table on the side a light bulb came on. This usually happens to me when I’m decorating our house, does it happen to you? Anyway, I think your two b/w vase with the pink floral would look great on the mantle in place of the framed art. Then on your console table a shallow wide basket can take the place of the vases. The new basket would tie perfectly to the baskets on the shelf below and it can have chocolates or pink petals or what not. I’m voting for chocolates myself. Love your home Erin!

    1. Thank you so much Debbie! I love hearing ideas! I’ve actually tried the black/white vases up there! I liked them better on the console but am definitely looking for something like them that would work. Your chocolate idea is genius and needs to be implemented ASAP! :) So sweet of you! xo

  7. I love the pops of pink. When I see your chair beside the fireplace, it makes me realize how large and impressive the fireplace must be. I would never be moving that mirror!!! Such a welcoming space!

    1. Ha.. my husband is definitely feeling the same! Mirror won’t be moving anytime too soon. ;) I’m thrilled you like it Jane. Thank you so much! xo

  8. Just an FYI the cozy ticking stripe throw from pottery barn in on sale for only $18.99, such a steal. Erin your home looks gorgeous as always.

  9. Hello! Always love your posts! Can you says what brand the ceiling light fixture is? I’m sorry if I missed it! Thank you for your time!

    1. Hi Louann! Thank you! That fixture was from Jeremiah Craftmade. It’s over 5 years old though so I’m not sure if they still sell it or not! xo

  10. I love your home! It is very clean and bright.

    Can you please tell where you got your curtains..I love the design!

  11. I have your Anthropologie pot on my coffee table and absolutely love it. I’m looking for a faux plant to go inside of it. Can you tell me which one you have?

  12. Erin, I’m just now reading these comments. I’m newer to your blog and really enjoying catching up! The big vases with the black stripe would look great on the mantel. But then you are right–what to do with the console table. Would you even put them on the mantel just to show us how it looks:? It does seem like they would be perfect up there. But of course now they are in the theater room, right? Maybe time to get more big vases!

  13. I have been looking for this perfect paint color but have not been able to match it. Are you able to tell me what it is?

    Thank you so much


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