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Cleaning Favorites (9 under 90!)

Spring Cleaning Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Friday everyone!  What a week.  It was full of teenage nerves and emotions at our house with lots of things for my girls ending and tryouts for new things about to start.  Kole looked up at me at one point during the week and said “mom.. I think it’s about time that you me and dad move out…”  Ha!  The funny part was that he wasn’t kidding and we almost took him up on his offer. ;)  Thankfully we all survived the week and will live to tell about it, but this mom is looking forward to a calmer week ahead!

When I do have busy, stressful weeks I tend to turn to my go-to stress reliever.. cleaning and organizing!  After girlfriend time it’s the best therapy out there. :)  I thought it would be fun to share a few recent favorites in that category for my 9 under 90 series!

Spring Cleaning Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

(All products are linked below!  Affiliate links are used.)

1 – Micro Cleaning Cloths    2 – Scrub Daddy Scrubbers   3 – Bona (4 piece hardwood floor care system)  4 – Fridge and Freezer Bins  5 – Handheld Cordless Vacuum  6 – Battery Organizer Storage Case  7 – Mop and Broom Holder  8 – Pantry Labels  9 – Wayfair Basics Laundry Sorter

Number 1 and 2 my friends have raved about so I just ordered them both to try.  Number 3 is my all time favorite for cleaning my wood floors.  I have this exact set and have used and loved it since we moved into our new house!  I just replace the main cleaner when I run out.  (You can buy refills on Amazon or at Costco).  Number 4 is a great deal on fridge organization favorites.  Number 5 is an absolute staple.  Number 6 is a recent favorite I’m loving that I shared in this favorites post.  Number 7 is a must have for broom/mop organization.  Number 8 – the cutest pantry labels I found for a steal!  And number 9 – these are on sale and a perfect solution to get your laundry under control.  I love my built-in hampers so much and these are the next best thing if you don’t have the room for built-ins.

I hope you enjoyed my 9 recent favorites!  I’d love to hear if any of these are also on  your favorites list!?

Spring Cleaning Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

I got this Dyson handheld vacuum in the Fall and I’ve loved it so much!  I use it almost every day for quick cleaning.  I’m buying the one I shared above (less expensive and it has great reviews) to keep in my bedroom/bathroom.  Handheld vacuums are perfect to have close by for cleaning out drawers, the car, small spills, etc.  I’m a fan. :)

My last (and first!) 9 under 90 post was on cute Spring sandals and you can find links for all of the above sandals here if you missed it!

Also thank you for all of the kind words about my last tablescape post!  I linked all of the dishes, etc. in that post but was flooded with questions about all of the other larger room sources so I’ll share links to them below!  My table was from Restoration Hardware, but I’ll also link a less expensive farmhouse table that I found and love.

Spring Cleaning Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Spring Cleaning Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Spring Cleaning Favorites (Sunny Side Up)


I hope you have a great Friday!  I have more to share with you all this weekend so pop back in soon!  I’m looking forward to a few days of less driving and less drama.  Fingers crossed that will be the case because I’m finally getting around to decorating a few spaces that have been on my list for years!  It would be a serious shame if Kole makes me move out before I have time to finish.


xoxo, Erin
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2 thoughts on “Cleaning Favorites (9 under 90!)

  1. Oh boy, that must have been a bit rough there that week. I’m so glad you all survived. I sure hope your girls were successful in their tryouts. :) Thanks for sharing your list. Looks great! Happy cleaning! Happy long weekend, too! Enjoy it. Hoping we both see sun. It’s been so gray and rainy here and you mentioned it was there, too.

    1. Hi Jeanne! Thank you so much! Survived the emotional week! Happy it’s behind us for the most part. We are still waiting to hear about Ad’s play (she tried out for the part of Matilda!) but we found out El made her varsity dance team today and are so happy and grateful! Whew.. it was going to be a long weekend if not. ;) Thank you for thinking of us and yes! Send us both ALL the sun! :) Enjoy the long weekend! xo

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