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Spring arrangements

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Spring decorating (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Sunday! I’m popping in to share a couple of fun spring arrangements today! I guess these could really be summer arrangements. Or even fall for this first one. But since it’s spring at the moment let’s call them spring arrangements shall we?

We shall. :)

Spring decorating (Sunny Side Up)

I added these pretty olive branches to my kitchen and love the look. They are similar to these olive branches I usually decorate with minus the olives and with straighter leaves. Fun for a semi change. :)

Spring decorating (Sunny Side Up)

I’ve had this black terra cotta pitcher for a while and absolutely love it. It looks great with flowers or greenery in it, but also just on its own on a shelf. It looks especially good next to my beloved spectrum pitcher, but that little jewel goes with everything! (Both pitchers are on sale at the moment!) I set it all on this beautiful handwoven serving tray. Round woven trays like this are my favorite. No surprise there because I have them all over my house! I love that they work in every room – kitchens and bathrooms and living rooms and bedrooms. They look good on coffee tables and console tables and on islands and in all the corners. Staples! Candles are staples for me too so I added a candle to make a nice little grouping of three.

Spring decorating (Sunny Side Up)

{kitchen sources}

That’s option one!

Spring decorating (Sunny Side Up)

My second spring arrangement is all about these beautiful faux cherry blossom branches you might remember from last spring. They are STUNNING! And take no effort to style. I literally just plop them in a vase and the branches bend and land every which way and look amazing instantly. I love them on my black cheese board – the white and black are a fun contrast.

Spring decorating (Sunny Side Up)

I use this artisan vase over and over every season because I love both the size of the vase and also the size of the opening. It tappers in a little at the top so you don’t need a crazy amount of stems to make a nice arrangement. I have six of the faux cherry blossom branches in it now and could probably get away with just four or five. This cute little woven fruit basket is a recent find.. perfect for summer! You can never have too many lemons in my opinion. :)

Spring decorating (Sunny Side Up)

Which arrangement is your favorite? I don’t think I can choose so one is going to land on my dining room table. :)

I’m sharing a few fun Mother’s Day gift ideas below from Anthro that are all on sale this weekend! Most are items I have and love and all would make great gifts. I also added a few seasonal favorites! In other fun news Studio Mcgee’s latest collection at Target released today and there are some beautiful options for spring/summer there too. Such a fun time of year to get our homes clean and organized (who is working on my list!?) and then add beautiful spring decor for the cherry on top. :)

Happy nesting and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Mother's Day Gift Guide Anthro (

1- hand cream set   2- pitcher   3-monogram necklace

4- pacifico pot   5- wood serving board  6- decorative bowl

7- beaded jute garland   8- apron   9- capri blue hand soap

10- bracelet jewelry stand   11- brush set

Anthro Spring/ Summer favorites (

1-pacifico pot   2-maxi dress    3- half moon bag / large akimbo bag

4- chenille pillow   5- dining bench   6- navy striped beach towel

Spring/Summer Anthro favorites (

1- dish towel   2- floral scarf   3- floral doormat

4- indoor/outdoor rug   5- headband   6- rattan wrapped stool


xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Spring arrangements

  1. Love the cherry blossoms and is offering 15% off a 1st order with the code WELCOME on them

  2. Erin,
    I am on time with my comment THIS time! ;-D I HOPE!
    I love the arrangements. Farmhouse but not TOO “farmhouse”. Earthy, but not TOO ” earthy”. Earthy enough to go for it again in fall when you smell the woodsmoke from the crackling fires in the crisp air and are relishing the bright red/orange leaves appearing all around you.
    WAIT! NO, sorry! NO crackling wood fire smoke in crisp air and bright orange leaves for you! Sorry, didn’t mean to bring THAT up ;-D
    While I am struggling in my FIRST level of “fall/winter” jackets(we have at least 4 levels of jackets here: “Early fall/winter”, “FULL ON winter,” “Spring” and “late summer” jackets/coats) to get the last bit of summer out of a wind/sleet storm threatening to come through-you can fork/spoon away at some yummy item while overlooking the beach in a cute outfit with a light blouse at darling places like Georges!
    OK-WHY am I speaking of months off in the future-anyway!?! It might be that last winter has become imbedded in my brain!
    Well, anyway, I love arrangements like that, what you have done b/c, well, I can “tweak” it when the red leaves do begin to show, etc. etc. I won’t mention the rest! You can get the same smells anyway in a Yankee candle w/out the storms/cold and HUGE jackets!
    I do agree about lemons- Never can have too many- faux OR real!
    My front door is now sporting a lemon wreath. Got to get the most out of it before I go to the orange and red in the cool, crisp air with wafting wood smoke……..
    OK, sorry again! BRING ON SUMMER! Summer here is our “magic fairy”! Small, short, fleeting…. She makes putting up with the rest of our weather totally worth it!

    1. Oh your fall scene was a lovely picture in my head Sharon! I was right there with you hearing the wood crackle! And then CRASH back to reality.. ha. That you’re right.. isn’t such a bad thing after all. I’ll pull out my candle. ;) Thank you for your sweet comment and hang in there! You are SO CLOSE to warm summer days! And when it’s time to pull out the first level jacket again in the fall just head to visit! Georges on me! ;) XO

  3. Love both arrangements. Could you reply and tell us how many stems are in each of the arrangements. I’m guessing 3-4 but it’s hard to tell, and I’d love to order them for myself. Thanks so much for the beautiful ideas and products in this post.

    1. Thank you so much Deb! There are 5 stems of the olive branches (the exact amount that came in the bundle.. I ordered two but only ended up using one) and there are 6 stems of the faux cherry blossoms. So happy you like them! :)

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